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Paul Forwood

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Paul--- Actually went through this whole thread -------you are a AM amazing guru indeed. The amount and diversity of your characters ---just stupendous. You have such a gift of creation and animation !! Thanks for sharing all your work throughout this thread. And as I have commented before on some other great works --is very inspiring for beginners to see what one can do with tons of talent and skill and hard work.



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Damn kids, no respect always walkin' on my lawn

I mean why do I bother to plant my bagonias

Sorry mr Moses sir, didn't mean to crush your flowers sir.


Moses - Yeah yeah woman I'm a comin' Stupid kids, gonna pop their ball next time. Better be somethin' nice for my dinner, yellin' at me to come in.

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Thanks for the comments, guys!

I've been fighting off a cold and chest infection over the Christmas break and it has made modelling, animating and answering posts a bit difficult. I have been watching though. ;)

Improving a little every day so hope to get back to achieving something very soon.

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  • Admin

Very nice Paul!


I'm a bit surprised we haven't seen Charlie Chaplin (or Buster Keaton) show up here in animated form before this.

It doesn't surprise me to see that you're the one to do it! :)


Here's hoping the challenges of the past couple months are well behind you.

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Thanks for the compliments, everyone! :)


I had started a model of Charlie Chaplin's head years ago but it got shelved and now sits somewhere on the hard drive of an old, retired, pc. It was seeing the Buster Keaton sequences in "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore" that made me want to attempt to model and animate Charlie Chaplin. He will be a great character study and I'm sure that I will learn a lot in the process.

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