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  1. Thanks Robert couldnt for the life of me find it thanks for that now to find the lic file
  2. Ok I got it now but I did not get a reply from you untill today Thank you Gerald
  3. Well no I have thee Key but no where to put it AM just askes me to go to support to activate it I emaild and messaged Jason but no reply as yet
  4. I use a prog called Affinty photo and when I go to start it I get the splash screen and then it closes I was told that it an open cl problem but I cant find any usefull info on repairing it any one kno anything about it would be verry usefull thanks
  5. Is Jason around Im still wiating to activate AM been nearly a month now
  6. I got it just need to activate it many thanks
  7. Thank.s very much Gerald am downloading now
  8. Hello Robert found it thanks but now I have another problem it keep telling me its blocked as it can harm my pc have shut down avast and stopped windows security any ideas what could be stoping it Robert its like a never ending knightmare thank you for your time
  9. Hello Robert yes I get this but when I click the download button it doese nothing
  10. I purchaced AM two days ago but can.t find a download anywhere .allways used to be in latest updates forum
  11. Very good use of the printer Jerald nice one
  12. Good model Steve glad your all ok ,keep smiling mate
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