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  1. Thanks a lot sorry for the late reply I keep getting knocked out on the log in then have to set a new password every time thanks again steve
  2. Can some kind person remind me how to get to the weighting window please cheers Steve
  3. I am trying to install the saucy rig but have a problem /mabe missed something Iv got the point that I have the bones asighned to the points but when I try to go to mirror bones its not showing up but its in the hxt folder Im trying this in in an action window is that correct thanks for any help steve
  4. Yes Robert the cho would work fine for my needs ,dont kno why I didnt just think of that .Sorry for the delay answering but for some reason I couldnt log in.When I rener to file the charector looks sort of squoshed and short maybe its the format I render to . thanks for your help I think I lost the plot somewhere
  5. I live in Spain now and the time is all wrong for me I think but I would love to visit live answers the charector is rigged so a bit dodgy would it work by scaling it ? Thanks for your reply Robert
  6. Ive got a charector model that is to short is there away to strech it including the bones Im sure ive done this before but my memmory just aint what it used to be
  7. That's a very good way to line the decals up without all that moving them around nice one Robert
  8. ok Robert will do and thank,s for your time I just found a master0.lic file dated 23-3-2019 but it didn't work and that must be the latest one
  9. oh oh it didn't work when I put the activation key in , could it be becuas I changed to windows 10 and it donte recognise my machine
  10. I am now downloading AM I could not get to that page before for some reason I have the activation key so god willing Thanks for all your help guys your the most helpful people I know Shelton did you see the rugby great game on saterday
  11. no I don't have any other versions after changing to win 10 I lost some stuff but I don't understand why I can't dl the program
  12. ok I got the activation code but where do I put it when I download the program there is no master.0lic file on there just tried to dl it and it just keeps going back to the same page I think im going nutts
  13. thank,s Robert ill give that a try will let you know how I get on
  14. yes there was but it was only for two seconds sorry about this but page is not working properly and I have to log in every time to post very strange
  15. no it don,t find it anywhere yes I was on v19 not sure wich version it was the last on before v190j
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