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    win 7 ultra AMDfx(tm)-8350 eight core processor
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  1. is that the same as product ID thanks for your replies guys
  2. I see in January win 7 is not being supported any more I suppose this means getting win 10 not looking forward to that and having to pay for something I don't want
  3. fantastic sculpting Marcos and love organic eggs
  4. That's fantastic yodelling I was in Germany in the sixtees and herd it many times in the geusthouses in the mountains some very good knights
  5. steve392

    subs renewal

    Thanks Robert it would be very handy as some of us are not very tecky minded
  6. steve392

    subs renewal

    Many thanks Robert got it working now but why does not say this when I download the program
  7. steve392

    subs renewal

    ok Robert will try that is that the old version lic file I need to delete
  8. steve392

    subs renewal

    ok I got the link but where do I put the key code
  9. steve392

    subs renewal

    Hello you back yet Jason ?
  10. steve392

    subs renewal

    ok AT COMIC CON haha must have missed that no probs
  11. steve392

    subs renewal

    Hi is Jason away at the moment I didn't get a download email as yet
  12. ha gotcha Thanks Robert
  13. I just got the idea that newton had been changed for something called bullet sorry if im wrong
  14. I have v19 og but cant find the bullit plug in plug ins I go to plug in wizard but its not there ,can I dl it somewhere
  15. The shark looks a bit intimidating but that water looks really good Robert nice work
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