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  1. congrats everyone that was a great video Robert well done
  2. ha gotcha Thanks Robert
  3. I just got the idea that newton had been changed for something called bullet sorry if im wrong
  4. I have v19 og but cant find the bullit plug in plug ins I go to plug in wizard but its not there ,can I dl it somewhere
  5. The shark looks a bit intimidating but that water looks really good Robert nice work
  6. I remember that thought it was fantastic at the time and still do
  7. Thank,s a lot these will be very handy
  8. Im using IE old fasiond I kno Ill try google thanks
  9. Gerald the link is not working to the patch video it says its an invalid file
  10. Thank you very much Jerald I have forgotten so much
  11. I have somehow managed to move all the bones in a model down ,I need to kno how to move them up again thank,s for any help
  12. steve392


    very good use of mufoof and a really nice model in a short time
  13. still fantastic lighting I remember some of these very well nice to hear from you Brian
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