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  1. steve392

    My scene from "Adventures with Boomer"

    That looked great Robert made me want to see more, nice face animation
  2. steve392

    Shark Week?

    The shark looks a bit intimidating but that water looks really good Robert nice work
  3. steve392

    A Fun Job I Did a While Back...

    a good way to do it nice job matt
  4. steve392

    Dusan's "Perk" is highlighted at Zippy Frames

    I remember that thought it was fantastic at the time and still do
  5. now that could be usefull nice job
  6. steve392

    old toon tests

    Well I would say that worked very well a nice idea Robert
  7. steve392

    2001: A Space Podyssey

    hehe that was good nice reactions
  8. steve392

    Storm Blinker

    He or she has a lot of character.Hope you will do a short animation with it and show some emotion now that's got to be dificult
  9. steve392

    Someone to drive

    Looks a good face and I like the clothing good stuff
  10. steve392


    looking really interesting
  11. steve392

    The Lonesomest Ranger

    Good looking character and I really like the renders good stuff Mark
  12. I agree the guy on the horse needs to move a little but looking good
  13. steve392

    Free simple models inside.

    Thank,s a lot these will be very handy
  14. steve392

    Silly Clip Using Arny Head Model

    like the movement lol