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  1. I think you could do that now. Since you only need the Z translation channel, a non-relevant channel on the same bone could be given an expression that calculates the acceleration.
  2. Stitch in a loop from which a wing will be extruded... I added a couple CPs near the front edge so i can define the shape of the bone inside the skin better... Now I can extrude that loop out to make the patches for the wing... This theory of the wing flap is thought to be inaccurate today, but I'll do it because it's iconic... extra CPs for knobbier joints...
  3. Steffen seems to have fixed this. I was able to load and render with the two sample plugins you had in the bug report. Keep your eyes peeled for v19k when it becomes available. Thanks for discovering the issue, Roger!
  4. Try this... clip4900BoneMotiontoPoseSlider.mov
  5. What is the origin of the tool you use to extract Pose slider data into a format for your "actuators" to use? Did you write it? Someone in your company? Is it a plugin that works in A:M or something that works on a saved file?
  6. I tried that and sent an EXE to someone but they couldn't run it. Turns out, Grandma was running Linux. D'oh! Once she got her Windows virtual machine running it worked OK.
  7. Paul, I have a C++ program that runs in Visual Studio. How do i create an exe from that that i can give to another windows user and it will run on their computer?
  8. scenes from un-aired pilot for a TV series starring William Schallert and trouble-making cartoon character named "Philbert." This was primarily a project of Friz Freleng. Live action directed by Richard Donner, later of "The Omen," "Superman" and "Lethal Weapon" fame.
  9. Charles, The above technique causes the Pose slider to move with the bone motion but it doesn't create an actual data channel of key frames for the Pose slider. If that is a problem, I have a solution.
  10. Still two weeks to go for Prehistoric! Here is another Prehistoric tip...
  11. Tell me if I'm getting this... clip4891GimbalBakingA.mov
  12. there should be a straightforward solution. i can almost taste it. To summarize: you want the linear motion of Act_Target_Left and Act_Target_Right to be mirrored in the motion of posesliders? Was doing that with expressions not working?
  13. Don't be sunk.... come to Live Answer Time at Noon CST on Saturday November 16! If we are lucky, Steve Shelton will be by with a simcloth project to look at. November 16 is the 226th birthday of Irish painter Francis Danby Francis Danby's The Deluge is 15 feet wide!
  14. It sure is a tiny body for such a large head. Now that i look at this I realize I've got the neck attached to the head wrong. It's good i didn't spend time trying to perfectly attach it yet.
  15. Do you mean rotation? If you just need to tie a pose slider to the rotation of a bone, that is smartskin. You can link anything that can be keyframed to the rotation of a bone.
  16. We should probably try to reproduce that for a bug report. Steffen has fixed the expressions crash for v19k
  17. It's just plain big. This is like something Orson Welles would do. Background for "Super-Rabbit" (1943)
  18. Charles, try this... clip4869BoneMotionDrivePoseSlider.mov
  19. Have you tried a Reset All settings?
  20. Hi Charles, What other motion does the bone1 have, beside moving from -5 to +10? There are probably several ways to link the pose slider to bone motion.
  21. You might test out the expression-making process in v19e. I only tried it in v19j. Maybe it still works in v19e?
  22. Creating the expression will work in v18 without a crash if you want to try it. This PRJ created in v18 will work in v19. TwoNullTest03.prj
  23. An expression will do that. (I was able to do it in v15. v19 seems to have a bug I will report.) (tell me if you can't see this) clip4857PathPlus10.mp4 You still have three weeks for your Prehistoric entry!
  24. I'm afraid i can't get the movie to play. Can you edit you post so that the file is just a "link" instead of inline? (I tried editing it with my mod powers and that didnt' work.)
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