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  1. I've wondered about that. The attachments to the pillars are so slight to be hinges that I figure it really is just an ornamental span. There is a more glaring problem remaining, however. 😀
  2. Yeah, someone must have been copying letters off a sample font sheet without thinking how drop shadows worked. 🤔 There's another one in there.
  3. I'll give them that one. They could be wide fronds. 😀
  4. Live Answer Time again on Saturday September 14 2019 at Noon CDT In 1752 the British Empire got in synch with the rest of Europe by skipping from September 2 to September 14 and adopting the Gregorian Calendar
  5. Daffy Duck in Hollywood" (1938) I've always liked this gag. But... what's wrong with this picture?
  6. robcat2075

    lut files

    Making a Post Effect for A:M that converted a rendered image to a LUT'd image probably would be possible
  7. robcat2075

    lut files

    lut = Look Up Tables... for color?
  8. Would you believe I haven't begun my entry yet? That can only mean one thing... a deadline extension! Now... November 30! If you thought you only had three weeks left, now you have... twelve-ish?
  9. Apparently the solution is Vectors https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/vector-in-cpp-stl/ A "vector" is like an array, it also has numbered elements, but it can be resized and added to during runtime and has many tools for managing it. brief example... #include <iostream> #include <vector> using namespace std; int main() { cout << endl << "VECTORS" << endl << endl;// title vector<int>myVector; // create a vector of ints myVector.resize(6); // size it to have 6 elements myVector[5] = 298; //assign a value to element 5 cout << myVector[5] << endl<< endl; //print the value found at element 5 }
  10. Hey Paul... C++14 is supposed to allow using a variable expression in the size of an array when you are declaring an array, and I see people showing sample code that does this but when i try it it doesn't work. I'm not allowed to use anything other than an expression that evaluates to a constant as the size of an array.. Is there a way to do this? // Concatenate arrays test.cpp : #include <iostream> int main() { int X[] = { 1,2,3 }; int Y[] = { 4,5,6 }; int numX = sizeof(X) / sizeof(X[0]);// calc num elements in array X int numY = sizeof(Y) / sizeof(Y[0]);// calc num elements in array Y int arr[numX + numY];// make new array equal in length to X and Y combined. Error happenes here. }
  11. Ruh-roh! Rive Ranswer Rime re-rurns at Relve Roon CDT Raturday reprrember reventh! September 7 would be the 93rd birthday of Scooby-Doo voice Don Messick.
  12. Duck, Rabbit , Duck! (1952) Looks like one of the girls in Ink & Paint forgot Elmer's eyes.
  13. Week 14 Prototypes and Headers We know that a function is a subroutine that you can call from your main program. However the code for your function needs to appear in your source code file before the main{} loop or the compiler won't know what is being called and will fail. Prototypes are a way around that Suppose you have this function that takes a floating point value (inches) as a parameter, does some math on it and returns the new number (centimeters) as a floating point value... float inchesConverted(float inches) { float centimeters = inches * 2.54; return centimeters; } Instead of having to put that at the beginning of my source code file I can move it to the end and put just a "prototype" in its place at the beginning... float inchesConverted(float); The prototype is just the name of the function, with the type of its parameters in the parentheses and the type of what it returns in front. That is enough information for the compiler to get on with the rest of the program even though the real code of the function isn't encountered until after the main {} . Headers... (TBC)
  14. We were talking about Rodney's "bubble sort" program and the question came up , why does it go through the array one more time after everything is sorted? Here's a better explanation... during the swapping loop, the sorted flag gets set to false if any pair of array elements needed to be swapped in the array. By the next-to-last pass, there is only one pair that needs to be swapped and after they are fixed, the array is correctly sorted. But since they did have to be swapped, the sorted flag still got set to false. sorted true/false is the only info the swapping loop receives to know if it needs to run. It is only after it goes through the array one more time, and finds no pairs that need to be swapped that the sorted flag remains left at true, which prevents the loop from running again.
  15. C++ meeting Thursday night! C you there!
  16. Hi Mike. The Showcase and WIP forums would be your most likely gambits for recent bits that people have done.
  17. Here's how to get the MFC100... https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/mfc100dll-missing/42ac6074-0721-476c-af90-0741082d7d61
  18. Just to try.... get the installer from a previous version and see if it works instead.
  19. I have done that but it is so slow in real time that i decided it was faster to do a preview render when I needed to see it.
  20. How do i delete more than one PM thread at a time from my mail box? I can select a check box that appears next to them but there is no delete option that I can see.
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