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  1. We'll have mo' answers at Live answer Time, Saturday June 19 2021, Noon CDT. Moses Harry Horwitz was born on this day in 1897.
  2. Looking a bit further... when I look at just the cross section of the shape I see that the portion between the big ridges is only a single surface with no enclosed volume (see arrows). The 3D printer will need a model that is entirely enclosed. If you lathe an outline that is a continuous enclosed shape and use that as the basis for your model I think that would export and print successfully.
  3. My polygon knowledge is next to zero but when I look at the model in A:M I see it has many internal patches, which I think are bad for OBJ export and many flipped patch normals which maybe is a problem too? I'm not sure. Hopefully one of our 3D printing whizzes will give it a try.
  4. Choose your frame, set the models you don't want exported (like the Ground) to Active >OFF, then on the Chor>Export>Model
  5. I thought 10 was the end, but now it looks like there will be an 11... https://www.cnn.com/2021/06/16/tech/windows-11-leak/index.html
  6. I get the same appearance if I have "Show backfacing patches" OFF. Hit SHIFT-6
  7. Hmmm. What happens with the sample PRJ I posted today? That hasn't been downloaded yet. and what version of v18 is that?
  8. What is the "Collision Tolerance" setting in the Chor? I can get something like that pass thru if I set it very low, like 0.01 Set it to 0.5 or higher "Substeps" too low can also do that. 4 is already low. Try 16 or higher.
  9. Follow the link in my signature, the thread there will explain it.
  10. Yes that is very doable. One way is to make the mesh so that it can support both shapes and then Pose slider between the two. This would be a great topic to bring to Live Answer Time.
  11. The first thing I would want everyone to know is that they don't need to know ALL of those constraints to get their character rigged. I think they need to know how to do CP weighting and why it is used. I think they need to know how to make fan bones and why they are used. I think they need to know about SmartSkin for when the above two are not enough. I think they should know about bone hierarchy and how to arrange it in the PWS I think they need to know that they can make great looking characters with low-density meshes and that will make the CP-weighting/Fan-boning/
  12. I tested this fast version in v18 TogaThom006b arm poseSIMMEDv18.prj
  13. Is the cloth deflector material on all the objects?
  14. Thanks, Roger! That glitter seems to be a side effect of the GIF forcing the very slightest of highlights to a much brighter color.
  15. It's a big file. Probably that weird internet connection of yours. Here's the PRJ without the cloth simmed. TogaThom006d 1cm clothUNSIMMED.prj Load it, in the Chor and choose Plugins>Simcloth Simulate. And let it run all night. 😄
  16. The simplest hand "rig" is to make a Pose slider for each hand that takes the fingers from "open" to "fist". That's not much but it's fast and easy. The next is to add a bone that is a child of the hand but parent of three finger bones. Add a SmartSkin for it that curls the last two bones when it is rotated on its Z axis. Then hide the original three bones. Do that for each finger. Animating the main bone on X or Y moves the finger as a whole. Rotating it on Z bends the last two bones. This is similar to how hands are handled in TSM2 and (I think) the AM2000 rig in TAoAM The bes
  17. Teo, if it's OK with you I'll move this to "Tutorials". No will be looking for it in "BUS STOP"
  18. That sounds like a big project. I'll note that beginning on page 141 of the TechRef there is a discussion of each constraint, usually with practical use examples mentioned. Some, like "Spherical" and "... like Two" constraints are so rarely needed that it is hard to explain cases for them.
  19. A test of very dense simcloth, just 1cm patches. It took several hours to simulate but it drapes and flops appropriately and mostly avoids the faceted look that less dense meshes can get. TogaThom006d 1cm clothSIMMED.prj cloth 006d2000_.mp4
  20. That looks neat. Note... you can set the background plane to "Receive Shadows" OFF so the ship will not cast a shadow on the "interstellar space" behind it.
  21. An article on Forbes about running Widows apps on the new M1 Macs... You Can Finally Run Windows On Your M1-Based Mac, But With A Catch However... Certain games won’t work. Games and apps won't work if they use a version of OpenGL greater than 1.1, or if they rely on "anti-cheat" drivers that haven't been made for Windows 10 ARM-based PCs. Check with your game publisher to see if a game will work. Apps that customize the Windows experience might have problems. This includes some input method editors (IMEs), assistive techno
  22. Hi Mike... Select the whole mesh you want to flip, then SHIFT-select a CP on the spline that is on the axis you want to flip across, then do Copy Flip Attach There's a video on this...
  23. 26 hours... not bad for something so long. It's not like you have to pedal the computer while it's working 😀 A good step might be to render a few test frames to see if multi-pass ON or OFF gets you a faster render. The anti-aliasing is about the same for OFF and ON with 16 passes.
  24. Very trippy! I like the way the bird peels off the page. Are you using NetRender?
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