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  1. In this thread I suggested that long-tail-like structures be contrived to have the spline ring in the middle of the bones... https://forums.hash.com/topic/49457-tip-for-tails-and-necks-snouts-tentacles/ However, that's not the only option. I made this PRJ to compare and contrast different CP weighting strategies. It has five Actions in it that put this tube structure through some representative and worst-case motions. You can scrub through the Actions' timelines and watch the shape changes. TailComparison002.prj From left to right in each action... 50/50 Fanbone. Each spline ring is 100% weighted to a fan bone that is 50/50 orient-like constrained between the bone above and below it. 50-50 CP weighting. Each ring is 50-50 weighted between the bones on each side of it. Hard attach. Each ring is 100% weighted to the bone that has its base at the joint Mid-bone. Each ring is 100% weighted to a bone but is placed in the middle of the bone rather than at a joint You can watch and listen to a discussion of this demo at the beginning of the September 26, 2020 Live Answer Time...
  2. I am embarrassed that I have not put out the award video for the last image contest yet but that's no reason you can't get started with your entry for the next one! You may have already started... Deadline: It's a Fall contest... the end of Fall...December something. Prizes: $150, $100 and $75 Hash Store gift vouchers for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers! The Image Contest Medal, likewise for the top three! Three $25 gift vouchers will be randomly awarded among the 4th-10th place finishers and one more among the 11th+ finishers! Elegant certificates, so suitable for framing that you get a dollar to buy the frame, for the top ten finishers! Rules: The usual ones, I'll post specifics later. And while you're working on your contest entry I will Finish the Unfinished award video for "Prehistoric!"
  3. Strike up the splines! Live answer Time will re-convene at Saturday Noon CDT, September 26, 2020. Songwriter George Gershwin was born on this day in 1898.
  4. A graphics card won't make much difference in Final renders, if that is what you mean. The rendering is all CPU. For real-time, try both the OpenGL/OpenGL3 settings to see which does best after a restart.
  5. Hi John, That is indeed a bug. I've encountered it earlier AM Report https://reports.hash.com/view.php?id=7015 Steffen has fixed it for version v19m which is about to be released. Until then, you'll have to go back to v15 (!) for the proper real-time display of multiple sprite systems. But v19m is coming soon.
  6. This cartoon must have been filmed in my house. It has the mice, it has the obsolete "post and tube" wiring, and it has the boards just barely held together by a nail driven through a corner. "Yankee Dood It" (1956)
  7. If you are still having trouble with the rotoscope issue you could bring your project to Live Answer Time on Saturday and we could try to ascertain the problem.
  8. What file format is your rotoscope? Try substituting it into the sample PRJ and see if it still works. in Tools>Options>Global try switching the "Real time Driver" to the other choice and restart A:M
  9. In a simple test, it seemed to work for me. I'd need to know more about your project. Try this. Load this PRJ and render it and post the result. RotoTest01.zip Use the Render Preset that is included. You load it ("Load a Preset") in the render panel. Welcome back!
  10. How did you match the shape to your face when you were modeling it?
  11. It's good it comes in black... for formal occasions, like the symphony and theater premieres. What is the "transparent sealing foil"?
  12. That is an interesting idea. I've never done anything with translucency.
  13. In "Satan's Waitin'" (1953,) Hell for cats is like one of the visions of Fatima, a fiery pit of snarling, snapping, bulldog demons. I don't think this one ever made it to the Bugs Bunny-Road Runner Funtime Hour on Saturday morning.
  14. I have been stumped by not being able to re-name imported Chors or anything else. Until i remembered... that I have to do Project>Embed All to force the asset to no longer be saved separately from the PRJ. As long as the asset is saved by itself on disk and only linked to by the PRJ you can't rename it in the PRJ. You can tell if an asset is external because it has the Floppy disk on its icon. Another option is to rename the file in Windows before you load it.
  15. I have updated the first post with modern instructions for current AM users to install AM v15 and also an update explaining a workaround for the "neck". Go to the top of the thread and read it!
  16. Flying frog doesn't have to wait for the flies to come to him.
  17. I'm able to select the named group in the PWS but the bounding box doesn't appear around the selected CPs like it would in the Model window (Note that in an Action you need to be in Muscle mode to select CPS) Is this what you mean? EDIT: just saw your reply above.
  18. Steffen has tentatively fixed this in the latest beta I have gotten, so this should be resolved when v19m comes out. He says this will need to be watched, so if you still have similar problems or unusual side effects, let us know!
  19. Do Project>Embed All and then save the PRJ under a new name.
  20. John, the PRJ doesn't have the model embedded
  21. I have a suggestion for the views that are largely interior... Lop off a portion of the car that is behind the camera and render with AO to get some illumination and nuanced shadowing on the details. Right now there is so much in darkness, the good stuff is getting lost.
  22. Unfortunately the video doesn't show for me. The easiest technique is to upload it to YouTube and put the YouTube link in the post.
  23. Looks like some damage to the Sopwith Camel. I hope Snoopy doesn't go down behind enemy lines!
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