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  1. It's not doing it right now, but it would say identifier "string" is undefined And suggested adding #include <string> The program would still compile and run either way, which i also thought was odd.
  2. I have added some more project ideas in the first post.
  3. Live Answer Time returns at Noon CDT May 18 2019. May 18 is the 88th birthday of Don Martin
  4. The next three chapters in John Purcell's series are brief and easy so we will do them together 07 - Strings. The "string" variable is introduced along with string "concatenation". 08 - User Input. This is a biggie! Using "cin" to get data while the program is running. 09 - Binary Numbers. I like that he doesn't just presume everyone would know this. Assignment: The project for 7 and 8 could be combined. It could be anything that demonstrates having the computer ask questions that you answer and then it assembles that information into some new form. The old memes that would take your pet's name, the name of the street you grew up on, and something else, then lump those together to make something like your "Country Western singer" name. Prompt the User to separately input name, address, city, state, and ZIP Code... then output those properly on three lines. Prompt the User to input certain parts of speech (noun, verb, etc...) and insert those into a Mad Libs sentence. Prompt the User to input three places and three verbs and output that in three sentences that combine a verb and a place. Anything else you wish to dream up! Something like that would be possible. Lecture 9 is purely informational, no assignment. Again, I'll suggest typing out exactly the example programs John Purcell does on-screen before you write your own.
  5. I enjoyed the meeting tonight and the problem solving and the movie guessing. i will post a thread for next week soon.
  6. Not to worry, I'm sure the cigarettes got them first.
  7. You were already in a subscription period, right? Wait for that to expire, then as Dan says, delete the master0.lic file. Other wise you are shorting yourself a few days of subscription, I think. If the above doesn't work, ask here again.
  8. If you are not using A:M's automatic back up feature you are missing out on a huge convenience. There have been many times when I've made a mistake that was too many steps and too many window changes to back out of with Undo. Having the last hour of of my work archived in five minute increments and being able to go back and find the last version before I made the mistake has saved a lot of rework.
  9. Welcome back Michael! You can cycle through all the cameras by pressing 1 on the number pad. The camera you have currently chose in the viewport is the one that renders.
  10. If you dont' already have it installed, remember to copy the master0.lic file from your v19 folder to your v18 folder to activate it.
  11. If you install v18 does it behave the same way?
  12. Apropos of our recent "Plane Trains Automobiles" contest, here is a great industrial film made by GM in 1959 to give a sense of the process by which a new car is brought from the drawing board to the production line. Full-size clay model at 3:10 The drawing room at 5:25 ! All splines made with "french curves" I particularly like the robotic butt machine that tests the upholstery at 8:20
  13. Famous Disney Nine-Old-Man Ward Kimball made this objet d'art for... Mother's Day?... his mother?... mothers in general?... I dont' know. I thought it was a pipe organ when i first saw it.
  14. Steffen has been fixing Mac-specific bugs for years so i'm sure he's had it a long time. I presume there is. Try it... https://www.hash.com/get-it-now-15-en
  15. Sorry, all I have on hand is a can of "Natural Light"
  16. I haven't forgotten about this. I have noticed that there is a bug in v18 and v19 the make "Opacity over life" percentage not work properly.
  17. Hi Gerald! Yes Steffen has a Mac. It is a mac that can only be updated to OSX 10.13.6 so that is why that is the last that will can supported.
  18. We will have Live answer Time again at Noon CDT, May 11 2019 May 11 is the 144th birthday of pioneer aviator and D.W. Griffith screenwriter Harriet Quimby.
  19. Serg had a question that I didn't answer well during our meeting. The Instructor hasn't really explained it yet. He just puts it there says that we need it, and maybe it will be explained later. <iostream> means "input output stream" and is code and programming that other people have done that makes basic input/output possible. Somewhere in all of this Visual Studio is a file that is <iostream> Putting this line in our program... #include <iostream> ...is a short way for us to use their work without having to copy and paste their entire source code into our program. When we go to compile our program, it gets compiled too and used with our program. Is that about right, Paul?
  20. If i rebuild that project while "using" is misspelled as "usin" it will create what you see above, the error icon and the green bar next to it. The error icon makes sense, the green bar does not... or it means something other than "correct"
  21. I take back some of what i said about about Analyze>Run Code analysis... It is possible to run that while there is a mistake and get both an error flag and a green bar next to it. So what does the green bar indicate?
  22. Wow. I'm sorry you've had so much mac trouble. I may still have some of the files you sent me when we were talking about lighting and things. An activation code is only good for one machine. It is meant to be used on the machine it was installed on and not transferred. The release notes for v19 say that "latest supported version is OSX 10.13.6". I'm not sure if that is before or after 10.9
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