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  1. Animation:Master has been able to use motion capture for years but it's always required expensive and complicated equipment. Not anymore! Now you don't need expensive equipment to record motion capture! No special cameras, no tracking balls! You can get motion capture from regular video like this... Get in on the Summer Mo-Cap Challenge! Learn how to do mo-cap for your A:M characters! There will be prizes including a $25 Hash Store credit for everyone who enters. Subscribe to this thread to stay up on developments Get set to... Cap Your Mo! 1 Shoot some action video I recommend you try something simple for your first attempt. Tips for good video: 2 Edit your video 3 Convert your video to motion capture Deepmotion.com will convert your cellphone or camcorder video to motion capture. Their free account lets you convert up to three video clips of up to 10 seconds each per month. You have lots of chances to try your hand at mo-capping... for free! 4 Constrain your character to the mo-cap object Your motion capture file becomes an Action Object in A:M that you will make your character follow. Part 1 (hip and legs) Part 2 (arms and spine)... Bonus tut: Matt Campbell has an alternate mo-cap process you may find useful... Matt's Video Fully constrained result: This is the BVH file I used in the video if you wish to practice with it: MAH01152Dance_Adult_Male_Alt.bvh What about the hands and fingers? We'll cover that later. 5 Use your animation in a chor Dress up your mo-cap animation with scenery, props and lighting! Video... coming soon. 6 Show your work! I bet you can think of more interesting things to do with mo-cap and your characters than I did! Maybe you can tie together a few different shots into a small story? Post your experiments and questions and comments in this thread! 7 Enter! At the end of the summer pick out your most interesting work and submit it. Everyone who enters will get a $25 Hash Store credit! Basic guidelines: -Use your original A:M character, not a stock character. -Your entry will include both your animation and your mo-cap video. You can put the video before the animation or after. -Of course, all your characters and animation will be modeled and rendered in Animation:Master! -Everyone wins in this Challenge but we might have a vote among all the entrants for a favorite entry. So if you want to vote... you have to enter! -Subscribe to this thread to stay up on developments If you are uncertain about any step... contact me! Have fun! Lets see some cool A:M stuff!
  2. Probably September. The contest hasn't started yet.
  3. I did not know about this guy... NYT Article... Ken Knowlton, a Father of Computer Art and Animation, Dies at 91His work at Bell Labs in the 1960s laid the groundwork for today’s computer-generated imagery in film and on TV.
  4. From our discussion... The Foxy Cartoon: Here's "One More Time" with original, non-traffic-ticket-related lyrics, sung by a pre-fame Bing Crosby It turns out the pilot episode of "Silent Service" is the one with the dangerous repair story I recalled... Several faces that would become familiar in the 60s were occasionally cast on "Silent Service". Here's a scene with Russell "The Professor" Johnson": @Roger @ChuckGram
  5. We'll have answers from coast to coast at Live Answer Time at Noon CDT, June 25, 2022 Comic and animation artist Alex Toth was born on this day in 1928
  6. single camera motion capture... Keep your eyes peeled for a new contest coming!
  7. He looks great! There's a contest coming up that he will be perfect for!
  8. Hmmm. Have you tried "Golden Ratio"?
  9. @Tom Change the Diffuse color of your Material to a non-black color. I think refraction of 1.0 is a special case that treats color differently than the more real-world circumstances where refraction is greater than 1
  10. This sounds familiar... I seem to recall now that this can happen on CPs that are weighted to more than one bone. Of course, you often need to weight CPS to more than one bone so unweighting them is not an option.
  11. Try this. in the Chor, In the Camera view, in muscle mode, select the affected CPs Go to Frame 0 Use the cursor keys to nudge the selection one pixel right and back one pixel left unselect. Save As the Chor or the PRJ the Chor is embedded in. Reload.
  12. @svetlik Yes, I have had that although not recently. It has something to do with there also being a smartskin or Pose with Muscle animation on those CPS. One of the forum members had a fix but I forget what we called it so I'm not sure how to find it. -Does this show up in final renders? -What happens if you press Space (Refresh) -Does it happen in both Chor mode and Skeletal Mode? -Is this model Embedded in the PRJ or external to the PRJ?
  13. 1-2-3... X-Y-Z 4... current spline tangent direction 5... tangent perpendicular to current spline tangent direction 6... perpendicular to patch surface
  14. Streaming version... LadyAndGala.mp4
  15. Wonderful work, again, Roger! That door couldn't be opened? Compression question... Your evening walk-around shot is 16 seconds long, 12 MB and is 29.97 fps This clip is 30 seconds long, 131 MB and QuickTime shows 240 frames per second. Indeed, when I step through it frame-by-frame I have to do eight clicks for every visible frame advance. Some compression parameter is set differently between these two clips and is creating an excessive file size in this one?
  16. That's great! You're a famous artist!
  17. The "tongue sandwich" is a classic cartoon gag but I had never seen a real tongue sandwich until I went to New York City and my New York City friend Dean took me to the world famous 2nd Ave Deli where I ordered... the tongue sandwich! For Dean's recent birthday I made this remembrance of the occasion... It was good but it was probably my first and last tongue sandwich. I looked up the current price of a tongue sandwich at the 2nd Ave Deli... $27.95! Oy!
  18. And it's not even done yet! Check out the further adventures of the tongue in The Tongue Sandwich
  19. Fixed! And that smiley face should have been a "C:"
  20. I forgot the specs... version: v19.5 (beta) render time: 0:53 CPU Brand and model: Intel i7-12700K Actual CPU speed in GHz: about 4.8GHz in this render how many cores A:M is using: probably just one although CPU has 12 RAM: 32 GB! OS: Windows 10 Computer also has a 500 GB NVMe SSD for the C : drive
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