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  1. Hold everything... I think it's working! I've got some manually started nodes doing something on both computers. Thank you Gerald, Steve and Jason for your suggestions. I think there were three cascading problems... p2p services not getting started when my computer booted up each computer had it's own "HomeGroup" although Netrender can see nodes on a remote computer that were started from one of the remote computer's folders, those nodes can't seem to understand paths to PRJs. If i navigate from the remote computer to the AM folder on the main computer and start a RenderMessenger, that will load/run on the remote computer AND be able to load PRJs via a network path.
  2. I got the p2p services "started" The problem with Homegroups seemed to be that each computer had one established but they were not the same Homegroup. I killed one of them and joined the other and now I can indeed see shared folders remotely. However, my remote Netrender node still is "unable to load Project." I did this and now there is a user named "Remote01" on my main computer but... that doesn't seem to change anything about my remote computer.
  3. My account name on the remote computer(named "Brent-PC)" is "Remote01". I changed it to that because my account on my main computer was already "Robert" On my main computer , when i try to "Share with" the folder i want to share, I am unable to add anything from the remote computer. It does not appear in a search of the network, even though it does appear in the "network" in Windows explorer.
  4. When i run the Windows Networking "troubleshooter" on my remote computer, it says I don't have permissions to access the folder I have shared. What more permissions can i give than the everything and everyone I have already given?
  5. Week 08 We are looking at 19 Do While loops 20 For Loops
  6. I've made a folder on my main computer (Q6600) on the C drive called "Frames" It is shared with the name "AMData" Its permissions are set so that anyone can do anything to it... NetRender aside... I should now at least be able to see that shared folder on "Q6600" over the network from my remote computer "BRENT-PC" From my remote computer "Brent-PC" the network can see that there is computer named Q6600, but I can't access anything in it, not even the folder that is shared. This is true even if I turn off the Firewall on both computers. What is missing?
  7. The core problem seems to be that if i browse the "network" from my remote computer, I can see my server computer on the network but can't see any of the public/shared folders it contains. It's some sort of permissions problem.
  8. So far, all of my remote nodes are still "unable to open project"
  9. Live Answer Time returns at Noon CDT, Saturday July 13 July 13 is the 263rd birthday of English caricaturist Thomas Rowlandson. This self-portrait is among his few G-rated works.
  10. Simon, When i open the character in a fresh action he appears undistorted. I would have to see more about what you are doing in your action to know more. If you wanted to bring this to Live Answer Time we could probably diagnose this easy.
  11. Hi Jin, You can right-click on the Materials folder to import one into it. Then, as David notes, you can drag it from there onto a model or a Group in a model.
  12. The number of passes chosen here applies only to on-screen progressive renders (Shift-Q) Choosing a lower number gives you a shorter wait before the render returns full control of the interface to you. "1 pass" is often all you need to judge light/shadow/AO results.
  13. Check out official kick-off video in top post with fabulous new prize announcement!
  14. An hour per frame seems very long for what i saw in your sample video. But 3GB isn't much RAM either. I recommend your next PC be a 64 bit machine so you can get past the 4GB barrier.
  15. I'm getting this warning on my slave computer... IDP.Generic seems to be a general warning about network activity so I'll create an exception for it.
  16. The 64 bit plugin wont' work at all in the 32 bit version. You can get the 32 bit plugin by downloading and installing the 32-bit version of A:M v18 and copying the TIF plugin from it to your v17 install How much ram do you have?
  17. I bought some extra nodes. Now... where do i find the instructions on making them work with an additional networked computer?
  18. To be a report-able bug it would have to be some thing observed in v19
  19. When i look at wolken2.tif in Photoshop I notice that it is a CMYK image not RGBA. It doesn't truly have an alpha channel. But I was still able to import it into A:M. I didn't know A:M could use CMYK. This is resaved from Photoshop... wolken2b.tif
  20. The AVI looked very cool!
  21. If you rename QuickTime (.mov) files with h.264 compression to .mp4 they will usually play here in the forum. Paradixically, files with MPEG-4 compression seem not to work. I was able to import wolken2.tif Try dragging it into A:M rather than using "Import"
  22. The zip file needed to be unzipped before you used it. Are you using 32 bit A:M or 64 bit A:M? If you are on 32 bit you'll need the 32-bit plugin I was able to import the sample image you posted and it seems to have a working alpha channel. It has a halo but that is fixable. I wasn't able to play the video. It must be some sort of mp4 that doesn't play here.
  23. Sounds like a good case for a bug report! Are you permanently on v18? Haven't tried v19?
  24. Here's where the FTP folder is for windows installers. ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/updates/windows/ After you run the installer, copy the master0.lic file from your v16 folder to your new v17 folder.
  25. Could you post an example of these files that we might see what is involved? I'm confused about the v16-v17 thing. You bought 17.... why not use the installer for 17?
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