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  1. Live Answer Time returns at Noon CDT, Saturday March 28. Head Mouseketeer Jimmie Dodd was born on the 28th, 110 years ago.
  2. That looks fabulous, Elm! I love the lighting, i love the animation, everything about it looks top-notch and on-target.
  3. that is Snap-to-surface Mode. Button looks like this ---> https://forums.hash.com/search/?q="snap to surface"&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy
  4. I will try to give this a look today. Sorry i didn't get to it earlier!
  5. variation on the theme... GreenGas006_h2000.mp4
  6. AFAIK the Extras DVD still has to be purchased but I couldn't find it in the Hash Store, so I'm not sure. @Rodney ?
  7. Free Models! Materials! Projects!
  8. When I was a boy, you couldn't say, "green fart, more gas than smoke," on the internet. The Material on the emitter puts out many, very large, 99% transparent, green "streak" particles The Force in the chor makes them waft upward The turbulence on the Force makes the wafting motion more random the Emission rate of the particles is keyframed in the Chor to vary the flow There are many possible variations on the settings for different looks GreenGas002.prj GreenGas001.pre(render settings for above PRJ) GreenGas001_h2000.mp4
  9. Thanks! It's a tall order. Have you tried anything?
  10. I'm not sure what you are describing. When you say, "Fractal sum" you really mean "particles", right? Fractal sum is a turbulence combiner that gets calculated on each frame but it doesn't depend on previous frames like particles do so it won't be slower if you are scrubbing the timeline backwards. Particles do need to be recalculated from the beginning of the chor if you scrub the timeline backwards (unless they have been "baked"). If you want ot make the chor easier to navigate while animating The direction of the object on the screen should not matter either way.
  11. I think it is merely labeled wrong. It does seem to contain the bug fixes for version k
  12. When i was a boy, we had 8.3... and we liked it! 😡
  13. To make the mono version (in Audacity), I opened the drop-down list by the title of the rack and chose "Split Stereo to Mono" I selected one of the resulting two tracks and did CTRL-c to copy it I did CTRL-n to make a new Audacity project I did CTRL-v to paste into the new project I Exported a new WAV from that.
  14. If you record a new audio from scratch in Audacity, does it work? If you cut your original clip in two halves and resave, does either half work? If you convert your original clip to mono and resave, does it work?
  15. The _02_02_04.wav came from the TWO archive. I presume they were using Audacity to edit audio but I don't know.
  16. Do either of these behave differently? GoodAfternoon_Title.wav GoodAfternoon_NoTitle.wav
  17. All I know is that it worked on my computer. Can you post the WAV you are trying to use?
  18. Charles, does this file work any differently? _2_02_04.wav
  19. Other ideas set wave volume in chor to 99% In the Windows Sound control panel try changing the output device. install v18 or v17 (copy your master0.lic file from the v19 folder) and see if they handle the wave any better Help>Reset Settings
  20. I haven't had that problem but just because it has solved other minor performance problems... try setting A:M to use compatibility settings for a previous version of Windows, like 7 or XP. It will take a minute to try. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.
  21. Default projects for our next meeting... 07 Strings - Working with Text Invent a sentence of three clauses, assign each clause to a string variable and print it out three ways... Print each string variable on a separate line Print all three on one line in one cout statement Concatenate all three into a new string variable and print that one out in a cout statement Example output: 08 User Input Modify your chapter 06 project to have the user input a name and input the numeric values instead of hard coding them in the program. Remember to “prompt” inputs and “label” outputs. Example run of program: Alternate project idea... A “mad-lib” program that prompts the user for seemingly unrelated words, then combines them with other text in some amusing way.
  22. I like this gamma test because it is easy. Adjust your gamma until the vertical bars in each color appear same-value at the desired gamma (2.2 typically). However... DON'T view it in a browser. Browsers seem to alter the gamma of this image. Load it into a paint program that does no color management and make sure it is sized to 100%
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