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  1. It's great fun to watch the details develop. I like the water spots on the coffeepot. i have a library of textures like that but I'm too unimaginative to use them.
  2. Treeez should already be included in your v15. Check your HXT folder
  3. After ReNumber CPs and Refind Normals, the normals were all pointing outward but the smoothness of the shading got worse... This is also interesting. I wondered if detaching and re-attaching spline intersections might change things, but after the Renumber and Refind, Detach became unavailable for this intersection...
  4. The real hoax is that even if you win the goat you don't get the goat.
  5. The "Timeline" window only shows what is currently selected. You can use the "pin" at the upper left corner to make items in the timeline remain after you deselect them. The left pane of the Project Workspace (PWS) is an expandable/collapsible outline view of every asset in your project. You can select items in the PWS if they are hard to select in the Viewport. The reverse also works, if you select an item in the Viewport it will be found in the PWS. The right pane of the PWS is a timeline window of keyframes that parallels whatever you have expanded and visible in the left p
  6. reply in other thread... https://forums.hash.com/topic/50228-ultra-quickstart-model-bone-animate-render/?do=findComment&comment=424218
  7. Here it is, the complete CG animation workflow in just four small bites... and one Puppy Dog Tail! Part 1 Modeling Part 2 Bones Part 3 Animation Part 4 Rendering
  8. Character animation is the most advanced kind of animation there is. He's breaking it down into small parts because there is too much to know to put it all in one tutorial. I agree it is hard to see the big picture at first. My first guess is that you are moving the sliders in the original instance of the model in the Objects folder. To make animation key frames with those sliders you will want to move them in the instance of the model that is in the Action or Choreography you are using it in. ... BTW, I'll note that your screen capture shows a red border aroun
  9. February isn't long, fellows, but we can fit one more Live Answer Time in on the penultimate day, Saturday February 27, at Noon CST. American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born on this day in 1807.
  10. I dunno, i typically always have to fix some patches manually. But for me it's smoother with the patch pointing in.
  11. I'll also note that in the video Barry Zundel creates and demonstrates the constraints in an "Action". Creating constraints in an Action used to be the standard procedure, but you had to drop that Action on your character every time you wanted him to have those constraints. Today we create the constraints in a "Pose" which is always saved with the Character. However, if you want to test or demonstrate the constraints, you still want to open an Action or Chor to do that, to avoid creating weird motion keyframes in your constraint Pose.
  12. There are still 2+ weeks to get your entry in! Be sure to "Finish the unfinished!"
  13. That's an impressive improvement from what I guess is something like a Photoshop "curves" adjustment? Looking forward, for everyone doing mission-critical rendering, I'll note that rendering to OpenEXR will allow careful level adjustments in post, and rendering to OpenEXR with "buffers" will allow adjustments of individual light/shadow intensities and color and even surface qualities like specularity and reflection... all without re-rendering.
  14. I'll note that when he speaks of "cosmetic" bones, maybe they say that at Pixar where he was working but in the A:M world we have almost always called them "fan" bones. A simple example of smartskin? There are none! That is because simple situations are usually well-handled by the fan ("Cosmetic") bone he shows you how to make. Smartskin is for when the intermediate motion you need is not a simple percentage relationship between two bones. A brief example I can think of is when you want a bicep to bulge when the forearm curls. In a model, the CPs of the bicep would b
  15. Hi Teo! At 8:57 I see him moving a bone, not duplicating a bone. Did you mean some other time? You can duplicate a bone in the heirarchy by CTRL-dragging it onto the "Bones" folder or to any other bone that is not its child. The cursor wlll show a + sign when you are hovering over a valid target. Note that this duplicates the bone and all its children. If you didn't want the children duplicated also, you will need to delete them manually.
  16. take the master0.lic file out of the AM folder temporarily. That will cause it to ask for your key.
  17. Bug report made https://reports.hash.com/view.php?id=7063 In all my years I don't think I've ever tried translucency but yours is a great use of it (or would have been!)
  18. Send Jason Simonds a PM on this forum. You can send a PM via the envelope icon at the upper right. Sorry you're having trouble!
  19. I should have seen your earlier report and just added mine to yours!
  20. I have made a simple case in v19 that demonstrates the problem and I will send that in!
  21. I'll flag this for @Jason Simonds . He may not have gotten to his email yet.
  22. i finally captured a reproducible case with my beta of v19p and have sent that off as a bug report. clip5000CopyNoCopyDecals.mp4
  23. That is trippy stuff, Joseph! The experimental music composers teaching at the university i went to would have gone ape if they could have done something like that. A novel use of A:M! I looked into your cookie-cut problem. I think that may be a bug worth reporting.
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