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  1. Wind up your courage and bring your A:M questions and problems to Live Answer Time at Noon CST, Saturday December 10, 2022. Film and TV composer Alexander Courage was born on this day in 1919
  2. Quicktime is deprecated now as a security hazard but I still use it. It can load image sequences. Quicktime Pro (extra cost) can compress them in a variety of formats. It is the only player that can reliably step through video in single frames.
  3. Yes, but I need to try that again before I write directions . For now... First, look in your frames folder and see what the last frame completed was. Then start NR and start a new job. Making the new job will be easier if you use the Preset you made for it initially. Set the frame range to start one frame later than the last completed frame. This will be dramatically easier if you have NetRender set to display time in frames instead of seconds:frames
  4. Welcome back to A:M! Sorry to hear of the disruptions in your job! "105%" sounds sneaky....
  5. I manually weighted the lo-res model. Transfer_AW interpolates those weights to the hi-res model. I tweaked just a few CPs after Transfer_AW's result.
  6. I'll note that browsers no longer support ftp transfer. You'll need an ftp program like Filezilla to access Hash's ftp server where old installers are available... ftp.hash.com/pub/updates/windows
  7. The space mouse compatibility goes back quite a way. Try some previous versions (v18, v17, etc) and see if you get the same results. Copy your master0.lic file from your v19 folder to your vXX version folder to enable it.
  8. "Ease" is a parameter for path constraints only, AFAIK. However, you can keyframe a constraint's "Enforcement" in the Chor, I think.
  9. Blending is intended to describe how two or more simultaneous Actions get combined but... it may be that during a transition Blend is a factor also. I have almost never used Action transitions so I'm not sure. This would be a thing to bring to Live Answer Time!
  10. Seen on Twitter... An AI called gpt3chat was asked to "Write a Shakespeare play explaining the debate over the obsolescence of the tank"
  11. Hi Jason! I've been a beta tester on a v19.5 for almost a year, the release of which is "real soon now" v19.5 wont' have dramatic new features, it's mostly about code changes for going forward... which implies there is a forward, a v20 sometime in the future. Yay!
  12. I remember seeing that at a HASH siggraph demo.
  13. Rodney and I have been learning C++ and now we are looking at MFC with an eye to writing A:M plugins MFC or Microsoft Foundation Class is an addition to C++ that handles standard Windows GUI elements like menus and dialogs and interactions with the main program. WinTester.exe is my first program using these. WinTester.zip WinTester has an "Exercise" menu with four choices: Blank - erases screen Red Rectangle - makes one Gradient - asks you to input RGB values for start and end colors and will draw a smooth transition between the two. Ballistic - will plot a projectile path based on parameters you input... X and Y define a point from the lower left corner that your gun is aimed at. Scale controls the initial velocity Gravity is a constant downward force Wind is a horizontal force
  14. Plain old text to text AI is doing even worse... Meta Trained an AI on 48M Science Papers. It Was Shut Down After 2 Days
  15. Is there a Space Mouse control panel? Like my Optimouse mouse has to program its extra buttons? Here's a list of Space Mouse threads... https://forums.hash.com/search/?q="Space Mouse"&quick=1&updated_after=any&sortby=relevancy
  16. The DVD is a collection of models and other A:M assets which will all be usable in current versions of A:M. There is no updating to do to them. The email should be instant. What currency did you pay in?
  17. An artist can produce a rough thumbnail of an idea in a few minutes. AI can produce dozens of images in a few minutes that look like finished versions of the idea. Something I noticed when I was working was that most clients can not see the potential that a thumbnail portends. They will always gravitate to the thing that appears like finished work.
  18. I recall a comedy sketch on a show in the 70s that projected the premise of increasing automation, shorter work weeks, expanding social spending, etc... to point where there was only one person left working to earn a salary that paid the taxes that supported everyone else... and she wanted to go on strike!
  19. @Madfox One more setting to check is your computer's Power Option. By default the OS is usually set to a power saving mode and the CPU never cranks up to its highest speed when it's just running mainly one core (Like A:M does) NetRender calls up more cores and will usually crank up the CPU even when a power saving mode is selected.
  20. The funny business is a bit different on my computer but it is there... When I use Multi-Pass the artifact goes away. In Tools>Option>Rendering set Multi-Pass ON For quick on screen tests you can set Passes to 1. For real rendering to a file set it to at least 4. 16 passes approximates the same anti-aliasing as a regular non-multi-pass render. You will probably need Multi-Pass to properly anti-alias the straight lines in the decal anyway.
  21. AFAIK, the DVD file is the same as before.
  22. Send me the model and the decal
  23. A private message. Your forum mail.
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