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    Desktop 1: 3.2 Ghz Pentium 4,Asus P4C800-E Deluxe motherboard, 1 Gb RAM, 120 Gb Serial ATA HD, Nvidia FX5600XT, etc... Windows XP Pro Desktop 2: AMD x2, Win XP Media, 3 GB RAM, Laptop: AMD Athlon II X2P340, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250, 4 GB RAM, Win 7 64 bit.
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  1. Paul Forwood

    Anyone have V16 and ResErect?

    Try copying your texture maps into the same folder as the obj file and see if that works.
  2. Paul Forwood

    What I'm working on...

    Looking good, David, though I wonder if you could tweak the splines around the shoulder blades enough to get rid of that hooked spline. I'm a bit fanatical about avoiding hooks, especially if they are not being hidden in seams or under other geometry. I know that rendering hooks has improved a lot so maybe my over cautious attitude is irrelevant now. Old habits die hard.
  3. Paul Forwood

    Happy Birthday Steffen!

    Happy birthday, Steffen!
  4. Paul Forwood

    What I'm working on...

    Great nobbley tyres, David! Did you use displacement or are the treads fully modelled?
  5. Paul Forwood

    Cupid's Sick Day

    (Wolf whistle) Looks great, guys!
  6. Paul Forwood

    Cupid's Sick Day

    That's a terrific group of models, Steve. Impressive!
  7. Paul Forwood

    What I'm working on...

    Amazing stuff, David! Next you'll be modelling the wires running through the walls!
  8. Paul Forwood

    What I'm working on...

    This is one beautiful set, David!
  9. Hey Paul I read your post about using egg whites to stick your homemade markers to your face using AM track. Could you maybe send me a tut or something on how you made your markers? Thanks man.

  10. Paul Forwood

    Plymptoon WIP

    Looks like a bit of fun, Gerry. Do you have a link? I'm not sure where to look for your progress on Atom.com.
  11. Paul Forwood

    Rocket Launch!

    Retro Rocket! That's great!
  12. Paul Forwood

    Cupid's Sick Day

    You have some terrific stuff going on in here, Steve.
  13. Paul Forwood

    What I'm working on...

    Wow! That looks amazing, David!
  14. Paul Forwood

    EVA Pod

    Amazing, Al! You really have mastered the most difficult aspects of modelling in A:M. What is the patch count so far?
  15. Paul Forwood

    Rail of Light

    Interesting solution. You might be able to do that by just selecting all of the keys in the action and then dragging the right end of the selection bar to the left to scale it, forcing keys onto subframes. Same thing, different approach.