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  1. This will me my final post from my fathers account, just to verify that the account Josh Forwood is in fact a genuine account. My love to all. Josh
  2. Hi everybody, My name is Josh and I am Paul Forwoods son. I am very sorry to bring the news that last Friday my father passed away. I am not sure how well any of you knew him but I thought it best I let you all know as I know he frequented this forum. Again, I am very sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Kind Regards Josh
  3. Great fun! Nice run cycles. Just needs those right elbows to match on the first and last(+1) frames. More!
  4. Happy Birthday, folks:) (Ed Lynch! Now there's a name that I haven't heard in a long while.)
  5. Paul Forwood


    Congratulations, Gerry! Great news!
  6. Thanks for the compliments, everyone! I had started a model of Charlie Chaplin's head years ago but it got shelved and now sits somewhere on the hard drive of an old, retired, pc. It was seeing the Buster Keaton sequences in "The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore" that made me want to attempt to model and animate Charlie Chaplin. He will be a great character study and I'm sure that I will learn a lot in the process.
  7. Hi, Gary. Looking forward to seeing further development on Bella Bear. Would love to hear more about your recent work on the Graham Chapman movie. Are you able to say anything or are you wrapped up in a non-disclosure agreement? It seems that most of the book is available on YouTube, read by GC. Very amusing and I can imagine it translating to screen very well in typical Python style. I hope that you can shed some light on that project in the near future.
  8. Thanks, Steve. The past two months have been a challenge and I have not done as much as I would have liked but here is a character that I started a few days ago: Modelling__A02__01f.mov Lots to do yet. Sorry about the file size for such a rough WIP.
  9. Try copying your texture maps into the same folder as the obj file and see if that works.
  10. Wow! That's amazing that you have been able to do all of that so quickly and single handedly too! The script, the gags, the models, the voices and music, animation and editing ! Wow! Well done! The lack of eye and brow movement bothered me a little but I gather that was by design in order to cut production time. The voice of the green alien grated after a while but this is subjective. Just my personal, hyper-critical opinions. I love the intro music. It has a touch of the Hitch hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' about it. Very impressive!
  11. Mark did all of the lighting in the finished set.
  12. Beautifully done, Matt! Your stuff is always inspirational and a great example of "Can Do".
  13. Yes, Ultimate Unwrap is what you need. It gives you a number of export options including FBX and Collada, among others, and is very straight forward. You export from A:M as an X file, import into UU and then export to whatever format your game engine requires. FBX seems to be best for Unity. I like the new turtle! (Actually his feet tell me that he is a tortoise.)
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