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  1. My refs are from the Young Justice cartoon, so I think thats Tim.
  2. Yeaaaaah -- I decided to up him to 5'. He was just too little. I wasn't comfortable with him being that young. I'd rather have Julie Newmar than Burt Ward, haha.
  3. Thanks guys! Haha, Robert I had the Plastic Man and Spider-man in the '70s . Here is the base model for Robin. He went alot faster since I remembered how to model a little better, lol. I think I need to remodel their shoulders though. Right now they share the same structure, but I don't think I like the way the shoulder connections are going. They look ok, but the splinage is kinda messy. I went on google and found that Batman is 6'2" and Robin is 4'??? Ok -- but he looks really small here. Should I take him up to closer to 5' or what? Thanks again for looking.
  4. So I am starting on a project and basing both character off some cartoon rotos I found on the interwebs. I don't know if they're from the same cartoon or not, I don't really care, haha. I just want them to look cool together. I am making each mesh from scratch, except for the hands which I took from my J.D. character. I might take more things from other models of mine, but I'm trying to remember how to do all this stuff - so making it again is the best way I'm thinking. Here's what I got so far of the Batman. Just the base body. Still have to add all the detail and fix stuff as I go along. I should also mention that this is just a screen grab. Thanks for looking.
  5. Wow. Those are really nice.
  6. I cant find the original post, but I do have to post to the model here: https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46636&hl=alien&do=findComment&comment=399715 Hopefully the sss works about the same in v19 as v14. If not. Hopefully this will help a little.
  7. This is amazing! I wish I had the patience to do all the work you are doing for this piece. Simply incredible to me.
  8. Working on the hair. I think I got it where I want it. I am trying to get it close to her comic hairstyle and added a blue highlight. I also figured a way to get better looking jpegs. I just have to send it to my ipad, convert it to a jpeg in procreate, and resend it back to my pc to rename -- *sigh*
  9. Hey Robert, thanks that was it. Hey Matt, those are my settings. I just can't figure it out. I might try a new project and bring everything into that and see if that gets it done. Here's a front and 3/4th view. I changed the lighting a little. Changed the hair a little. Started working on the pants again. I also brought in my Batgirl boots, because they are way better than the ones I had . I just rendered this in the window, but it still take a while to render.
  10. Eight years late, but thanks, haha.
  11. Well, switching to ray trace worked. Thanks alot, Robert. Although now the shadow is a little too dark, a little too sharp. I will see what happens on a simple object. I should mention again that this project is a original v13 project and not a new v19 project. I am also having a weird problem than when I grap a cp from a direction it immediately moves the cp to the cp in the back. Is this some new setting that I accidentally turned on? Thanks again.
  12. Thanks alot guys. Do either of you have any idea what’s going on with that hair shadow? Did I not click a button somewhere, or is itva glitch?
  13. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I can see a few uses for that.
  14. To get my feet wet after being gone for awhile I decided to re-proportion an old model of mine. Old Thread: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45449&st=50&start=50 I think the new proportions look pretty good. However, I am having this weird issue with the hair shadow on the back wall. Anyone know what thats about? Thanks for looking. P.S.: I am posting this here because Im pretty sure Im going to finish this model now. P.P.S.: I am posting a png because I am using Krita now. It doesnt seem to do jpegs without severe blurring. I miss Photoshop
  15. Thanks, John. It's good to be back.
  16. Thanks! I'm thinking about starting a new project. Probably related to the Batgirl, but separate.
  17. That's the first thing I checked . I did make it in v13 so there is probably going to some differences.
  18. I sure hope so. I already has a look at my batgirl project and noticed the face is rendering pure black. So SSS is definitely different.
  19. I've decided to go with the subscription version. We'll see how it goes. If in a year I think I'd be better off going the other way -- we'll see about the permanent one then. Where's the best place to start getting a refresher course on A:M v19? I think the last version I used was 14. Thanks again.
  20. I would love to be able to get the subscription version. It's just that I'm poor, ha. I can only afford something by saving up for it. I already have so many other subscriptions right now, I just can't get another one. I don't know where I'll even be in a year to know If I could afford to resub next year. So I have to go this way. At least for now. I don't want a sub running out on me then not be able to keep working until I can afford to resub. Thanks for the answers guys.
  21. So, After Windows 10 ate my last pc with all my stuff on it, I was pretty upset. I just didn't want t deal with it for awhile. I now have a new laptop and I was actually able to get my stuff off my old pc finally. So I can't really afford the subscription version of A:M, so I was thinking of getting the 300 dollar version. I actually have the money for that right now and it's been years since I upgraded. My question is; is it a digital download? My new laptop doesn't have a disc drive so I would need a digital version. Otherwise, I could always buy a usb disk drive, but I would rather not. Thanks for reading.
  22. Yeah, I do. I'm just procrastinating on it
  23. I mean, ther's nothing anyone can do. I just bought a ipad pro the day before this happened. It's just a matter of time before I can can afford a new pc. Hopefully not too long. I was stupid enough not to save to an external harddrive for months before this happened. Now I'll just wait to get a good pc and afford a "disc version" of A:M. I just wanted to let everyone know I'm not dead
  24. Hi everyone. I know I've been gone for awhile, but Windows 10 literally screwed up my pc. I can't get past the time/date screen now. I've been told that this is basically unfixable on a pc of mine's age. I'm hoping at some point that I will be able to get the data off my harddrive at least. If not, this is the last image I rendered of my Batgirl. Hopefully, at some point, I will be able to get another pc. Thanks for the fun since v8. Jeff B.
  25. There's an image contest! I wish I knew before now. There is no way I can get an image done by Sunday. My mom is recovering from pneumonia in the hospital right now, so I'm a little busy with the real life. Wish I came back a little earlier .
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