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  1. Email Hash support and include your PC's MAC address. Not sure if they are still selling that license anymore, but if it's just three years, it would be cheaper to buy the subscription for three years.
  2. largento

    Good Choice For a Laptop to Run A:M

    So, I ran the Benchmark 2017 (180p single thread) and got a time of 16:40. That's compared to the 21:51 time on the Mac. A whole five minutes faster.
  3. largento

    Good Choice For a Laptop to Run A:M

    I decided to hold off on the laptop, but have been working to install Windows on my Mac via Boot Camp today. A much easier process than the one I remember from the olden days (which involved burning an install disc and lots of hoops to jump through.) Everything seems to be fine, so far. I've set up a Dropbox folder that I can use to share files with my Mac and I think it'll be good for my productivity to have a kind of distraction free workspace when I'm working in A:M.
  4. largento

    Good Choice For a Laptop to Run A:M

    Lotsa stuff to ponder, guys. Thanks for the good info. I'll weigh how important it is for me to get one against the cost.
  5. largento

    Good Choice For a Laptop to Run A:M

    Well, what got me to thinking about it, was a spam email from Costco this morning, that included this listing: $225 isn't a whole lotta' money for a computer, but not being savvy on the Windows side, I wasn't sure if this was adequate.
  6. largento

    Good Choice For a Laptop to Run A:M

    I'm going to continue with my iMac as my desktop computer, and can't really see having two desktop computers. Having a laptop would allow me to make use of downtime at work and when I'm away from home. Obviously A:M runs better on a PC, so it makes sense to get a Windows laptop. I keep seeing these Windows laptops advertised for under $500 and wonder if they would have the power to do the basic A:M stuff. I'm literally only going to use A:M on this machine, so I don't want to invest a whole lot.
  7. Hey guys, I'm considering the option of getting a Windows laptop just to run A:M on for modeling/rigging/animating. Not so much for rendering. I see there are a number of reasonably priced laptops out there, but I'm not sure if they're up to snuff. Since I have no experience with Windows, I wanted to put it out here to ask what would be a good choice. Ideally, I'm looking for one that will do what it needs to do, but on the low cost side, since it's going to be just a supplemental thing. Any opinions/suggestions? Thanks!
  8. largento

    Animatin Master Activation

    Appreciate your dedication, Jason!
  9. largento

    The Hash, Inc. Store

    My mistake, I just clicked on the link to the store. Didn't realize there were two.
  10. largento

    The Hash, Inc. Store

    I logged in on Friday and bought an update. Everything worked fine as far as I could tell.
  11. largento

    Needing some help

    Hey Wally, This is a common glitch in the Mac version. The workaround is to switch to another app and then back to A:M. I use CMD-TAB to open the app switcher and I usually go to Mail, since it's usually open and seems to work every time. Once I'm in Mail, I do the same thing to go back to A:M and you'll find that it's not greyed out anymore. I almost do it out of second nature these days.
  12. largento

    Snap to Surface tool in v17

    It's fairly simple. In a Choreography, import a prop. Create a new model and place it in the cho. With it selected, go to model mode (the little yellow guy icon) and click the snap-to-surface button. Use the add control point to click somewhere on the prop and you will begin modeling with your CPs sticking to the surface of the prop.
  13. largento

    Black Bead Eyes ... with "eyelids"

    Using decals is an option I've considered before. It would be a kind of non-intuitive setup, but you've got 200 decals/frames available to set up on a slider. Grouping them would help. With time, you'd eventually memorize where they are.. Obviously, you probably wouldn't use 200. And using a very small amount might give it a stop motion/nervous effect. As if his eyes dart from side to side and his blinks are fast. But inbetweens could be added, too. I used to have a plug-in for Flash that was designed for this kind of setup. I suppose, that if you did know how to write expressions, you could create some sort of interface that would go to the correct frame and work like having eye bones. I assume it's the way they do the facial features on this "Bubble Guppies," which looks quite appealing.
  14. largento


    Dan, I actually tried it with five-patchers, but I was seeing flickering and you don't want that happening when you're rendering. It was a case of having to try different things and then when something worked, doing it over and over again for all the incidents. Rodney, I want to say that I did do a boolean for the column fluting one time back in the day. I'll confess that I viewed that as faking it. Likewise, I think using decals could have worked, too. There was some satisfaction in knowing that I didn't have to go those routes.
  15. largento


    Modeled a column for my Guardian set and got to the difficult part of having the rounded divets on the ends of the fluting. I could have just faked it, but I went ahead and worked it out. This might not be the best solution, but this worked for me.