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  1. When doing a First Person Shooter game is it good to model the whole player or just the arms, hand and weapons ?
  2. tbenefi33


    Hello Up Date I'm back at home cause they cancel my surgery because I had blood in my stool and they done a full colonoscopy to make sure I wasn't any bleeding up in side me before they open me up during surgery they said that could cause problems, The colonscopy turned out fine and I got OK to reschedule my surgery for Feb 5, 2013. So I get 2 weeks time off for good behave r then back to the hospital.
  3. I've been up to Minnesota a few time in the winter I was like wow. It's about 40's here in South Ga.
  4. Thanks for find might have to s=get that one.
  5. tbenefi33


    My name is Tim. Thank yall for the wishes and prayers our family really appreciate it. I'll see what I can come up with while in here may be a hot looking pinup style nurse, holding the I'V bag saying are you ready....LOL
  6. tbenefi33


    Well after three month of testing and getting everything ready I check into the hospital tomorrow and there going to do open heart surgery Tuesday the 22nd of Jan. Wile being laid up for a four day prep I'll be messing around with A:M keeping me busy and hopefully in there less then two weeks full recovery time is about 6 months after 3 month I'll be able to do some regular stuff during the 3 month I'll be using A:M to keep me busy I'll see yall in a few weeks.
  7. Marry Christmas to all and to all have a save one.
  8. Just curious I have v 17 on my 32 bit system and thinking about getting he v 17 64 bit for my laptop would the 64 bit be faster then the 32 bit are they run about the same ?
  9. Is there a way to keep the rotoscope image from disappearing after you copy and past a part of model your working on ?
  10. I checked Adobe's site at the tech spec. I'm a happy camper it can handle it. I'll just leave A:M on my desktop and transfer everything via external hard drive until I can find me a usb to usb cable.
  11. Just wondering I'm thinking about getting After Effect and does A:M have to be on the same system after you render a project to export to After Effect. I have a Desktop with A:M on in, was thinking about putting After Effect on my laptop ?
  12. Just found it (O) is smooth I think.
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