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  1. I found what I was doing wrong. I was trying to change the 00000000 to be just 4 digits like in screencaps I had seen on the web. You can't change that. Just start typing the hex numbers like this to disable the Capslock Key...
  2. If you ever wondered why "likes" disappeared from the forum... it was my fault. I figured they reduced actual commenting and thought that getting rid of the "like" button might encourage more responses to posts. I still figure that is true but since removing the option to "like" things didn't increase the commenting, we might as well have them back. Thanks to Rodney for trying my experiment and for undoing it as well! I wonder if anyone will like this post...
  3. Assignment for Chapter 5 "Outputting Text" You can do anything that demonstrates outputting text. If you can't think of anything, the default assignment is to output three lines of dialog from a movie or TV show of your choice. Your output will look like this...
  4. This is toon shading on some spheres.
  5. Live Answer Time resumes at Noon CST on Saturday February 22, 2020 Tough guy actor, "Dick Van Dyke Show" producer and voice of "Linus the Lionhearted", Sheldon Leonard was born on this day in 1907...
  6. I'll note that the Chapter 04 lecture, "Hello World" is the longest video until way out past the 60th chapter when he gets into his particle fire project. They're all shorter after this one! So... get over the hump! Watch the lecture, type in your own "Hello World" from scratch and bring it to our meeting on Saturday.
  7. Chris Daley showed me an option in Visual Studio that may explain difference in results we were getting with simple Console window operation last Saturday. On the top menu do Tools>Options. In the Options Window that opens make sure that Debugging>General>Automatically close the Console when debugging stops is unchecked.
  8. Reminder... the Chapter 4 assignment is to watch Lecture 4 and then type in John Purcell's "Hello World" program from scratch. Start a new Console project, delete the sample code that VS gives you and type in your new "Hello World program" on the blank page.
  9. I put some color on it and tried clipping the edge off with a transparency map... NeferTurnJ_2K.mp4
  10. Yes, all of that shape is driven by the displacement map. Crazy, huh?
  11. I took the famous Nefertiti OBJ with 2 million polygons, put a gradient on it to render a displacement map and put that map on a flat card in A:M. Overhangs like behind the cheekbones and at the side of the nose are impossible to project off a flat card but overall I'm impressed at how the OpenEXR displacement map captures all the tiny details of the original OBJ. full screen to see detail... NeferTurnH_3K.mp4 The displacement map looks like this...
  12. Meeting tonight at 8 CST. We will just make sure everyone is on board with proper solution/project management and then if we have time we will finish the Pong game by adding... the paddle! @Rodney @Roger @Shelton There is still time if anyone else wishes to join in on C++! PM Me!
  13. I'm trying to disable the CapsLock Key by editing the registry but I can't edit this value. The cursor is unmoveable when i open this editing box. Can anyone else edit in Regedit? (I did run it as Administrator)
  14. Beautiful! I presume that is you playing, too?
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