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  1. If you look on my tutorials page and search on "bevel," there are several entries in that regard.
  2. I always use the PWS because I always use the PWS. The timeline window only shows the current selection. I have always preferred the PWS.
  3. And old version installers can be found on the Hash ftp site... ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/updates/windows/ Welcome back to A:M!
  4. That's pretty good styling on that hair! I'm not sure of your question. Are you asking where to set the colors along the length of the hair? Try this... clip4935SettingHairColor.mp4
  5. Unfortunately the zevel plugin writer wasn't able to donate the zevel plugin code to be compiled for new versions of A:M. Was that Marcel Bricman? I'm not sure we even know what became of him. If anyone could find him... BTW, you can run versions all the way back to v15 with your license. Copy the master0.lic file to the additional AM program folders. It's remotely possible an old plugin might work in v15 but I am doubtful. Sorry i don't have more helpful advice!
  6. Here is a version of the leaves project in v16 with Newton with rather different settings. It's not the desired result but at least the forces are acting on the objects. Simmed in v16 Blow_start_v15_just50SIMMED.prj leaves000.mov
  7. For cloth you could use the duplicator wizard since each piece of cloth doesn't need its own bone, a necessity for Newton or Bullet. Here is an example of money being moved by a force...
  8. I found an old thread where someone using your name was previously asking about this... https://forums.hash.com/topic/45932-help-with-force-tutorial/ So apparently it is originally a v12 project? Bullet didn't exist in A:M back then. It appears to be one of Steffen's projects since the path in the zip has "am_projekte" and "newtonphysics" http://www.sgross.com/plugins/plugin6/samples.html Running v12 may not be possible anymore in Windows 10. When I try it with Newton in v15 I don't get much. In v19 there are Chor plugins to "Apply" and "Modify" Bullet constraints... They do function and I was able to get the Bullet objects to be moved by the forces but nothing like the graceful oscillation of the original Newton PRJ. You might do better with some experimentation. We may have to ask Steffen @yoda64 how it might be redone in Bullet.
  9. The brown spotlight and one-patch Ground plane suggest this is a project that predates v19/Bullet and uses Newton. However when i load it into v18 I get the message that it was created in v19. Is the Blow_Start PRJ resaved in v19?
  10. Hello Wolf, You can buy the annual sub at the Hash Store... https://store.hash.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=127 After your payment goes through, an email will be sent to you with a product key. You can download the latest installer from the address given in the email. Run that. If you still have the trial version installed, delete the master0.lic file from the program folder to cause it to request your new key. If you have trouble... ask again! AND... very important... run the installer on the computer you plan to use A:M on. Your subscription is keyed to that one computer. If that computer can't have internet access contact Jason @ hash.com for the extra step involved.
  11. That's a cool demo! He probably used "Simple Scatter" You can put a flat plane in a chor, it, and choose "Simple_Scatter" to randomly distribute many instances of a model on that plane. It also seems to work for curved surfaces.
  12. Lots of great contributions from Alain over the years.
  13. Rodger, all the images in this thread have turned to links and I only get a broken graphics symbol when I click on them. Today they show properly! How about an image sequence containing maybe 10 different treatments and use a pose slider to select one for each car?
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