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  1. robcat2075

    Fall 2018 Image Contest! Dec 16 Deadline!

    4.9 weeks to go! We have some entries already!
  2. robcat2075

    Live Answer Time... less live archived versions!

    I've tried it twice and nothing came out on the other end. 😀
  3. robcat2075

    Gravel Drop

    Experiment using cloth as gravel particles... GravelDrop1K.mp4
  4. I'm making a project that involves a solid-spoked wheel, much like many car wheels are today without hub caps. To cut down on the modeling I used some lathing and duplicate techniques. I based my lathe outline on a rotoscope diagram. I used two CPs at every corner to make a sharpish but still-beveled edge... This wheel has 8 spokes (with 8 holes in between) and a bump on each spoke. The easiest way to model a round bump or hole is to stitch it in on splines between two other splines. That means a minimum of four splines across for each instance of a hole and a spoke with a bump... To support 8 holes/spokes, i need to do a 32 cross section lathe. (You set that at Tools>Options>Modeling)... However, the five-pointers around holes and bumps prefer not to be stretched very far or around large turns. I'll need extra splineage where I've drawn it in... To create those spline I put some extra CPs in the lathe outline where i wouldn't normally need them for a straight spline. I broke up one spline crossing and spread the edge splines apart to start the pie-shaped hole... Connect the front and back edge splines... The corners are 6-points and need to be split into two 5-pointers. I add a CP to the middle of each front-back spline with the Y key and stitch in a middle spline... The five pointer patches are still visibly wrinkled from having to turn a large angle. I stitch in a new spline around the hole between the middle spline and the old square edges and hook in a new radial spline at each corner at the wide end of the hole... Now the 5-pointers don't have to do much curve work. I stitch in the oval spline for the bump on the spoke and that gets me one finished hole and spoke... I could do this seven more time around the wheel, but there is an easier way... I cut out the 5 lathe sections that contain this new modeling and deleted one lathe section on the edge to leave hanging splines... I grouped that, set its Pivot to 0,0,0, the copied, pasted and rotated the pasted part 45°... I connected each hanging spline to its immediate neighbor in the old section. This new quarter section gets copied, pasted, rotated 90° and connected to make a half section. The new half section gets copied, pasted, rotated 180° and connected to make a complete wheel.
  5. You could upload it to YouTube and put the Youtube link here.
  6. Here's what happens for me. I'm not sure what is wrong...
  7. No, i don't see it yet. 😯 Does anyone else see it? What was the actual video compressor used? The MP4 I posted previously was h.264
  8. robcat2075

    Needing some help

    Here's a tidbit from Mark Largent. It doesn't sound exactly like your problem but give it a try...
  9. I suspect most people will not have MOV available anymore since Quicktime has been declared a security problem. It's off in my browser. Try just changing the extension to MP4.
  10. Looks like you'll need a different video format. That one doesn't play. Try MP4
  11. robcat2075

    This is a test

    Now the forum looks normal again. Thanks!
  12. robcat2075

    "Live Answer Time" Saturdays Noon CST

    There will be a Live Answer Time at Noon CST November 10 2018. November 10 is teh 127th birthday of Warner Bros. Cartoon composer, Carl Stalling.
  13. robcat2075

    v19.0f1 for Mac v19.0f for windows

    Steffen is working on 19g. I don't know what the ETA on releasing that is.
  14. robcat2075

    Lines only render

    There may be some permissions setting for A:M that has been altered.