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  1. Fixed! And that smiley face should have been a "C:"
  2. I forgot the specs... version: v19.5 (beta) render time: 0:53 CPU Brand and model: Intel i7-12700K Actual CPU speed in GHz: about 4.8GHz in this render how many cores A:M is using: probably just one although CPU has 12 RAM: 32 GB! OS: Windows 10 Computer also has a 500 GB NVMe SSD for the C : drive
  3. @ChuckGram suggested I add some caustics to this old shot... (It works better if you full screen it)
  4. "What are caustics?" was the question we were looking for today.
  5. Live Answer Time reconvenes again at Noon CDT, Saturday May 21, 2022. French Primitivist painter Henri Rousseau was born on this day in 1844. The Hungry Lion Throws Itself on the Antelope (1905)
  6. Tongue wagging... TongueWag10-14.mov
  7. What codec is the AVI in? Since you are importing this movie into A:M, making it an image sequence instead of an AVI would be far better.
  8. The artifacts are always about the same size in pixels no matter what res is rendered... + Here is a comparison of rendering at 1x versus 2x, 3x and 4x, then re-shrunk down... 2x or 3 x might be good enough for many animation purposes but you have to go to 4x to really iron them out.
  9. This was rendered at 4x res... 2560x1920... 3 hours 46 min!
  10. Rendering at 3x the res and then shrinking down in Photoshop reduces the jaggy artifacts that show up in the crevices. I'm not sure what causes them.
  11. Reducing the width of the light creates sharper colors. Above was 30cm. This is 0.1 cm...
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