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  1. Another example using turbulence is this fire animation... https://forums.hash.com/topic/49678-fire/ A gradient was made to fade from yellow to black, the turbulence added to that broke it into flame-like wisps. Animating the turbulence to move upward through the gradient made the fire move.
  2. Underneath the Youtube video there is a "-->share" button. Use the "Copy" button in that to copy the Youtube link that you can paste into an A:M forum post.
  3. Here is a version of your PRJ that works when the mesh for each box bone is a separate enclosed box. Ribbon_SeparateBoxes.prj
  4. If I had to do the sort of scene you are planning I would do the moving transparency gradient ploy. I think that gets the smoothest motion and is easiest to modify. ThreadReveal5Z000.mp4
  5. Hmmm... I notice it works in an orthogonal view, but no other. Possible work-arounds... Use muscle mode to animate the Boolean Cutter. I did that to reveal an S shape at Live Answer Time June 20 2020 https://forums.hash.com/topic/48801-live-answer-time-less-live-archived-versions/ Model the threads straight. Use a pose slider to adjust a Gradient transparency to reveal them over time. Bend the threads in the chor. Thread Reveal003.prj Notice the shadow is whacky with z-buffered lights... ThreadReveal000.mp4 Ray-traced light fixes that...
  6. For our example of an eyeglass earpiece, as long as the noise pattern is not making sharp edges you can probably get away with no interior layers at all. Adjust the partial transparencies of the Material's two attributes to get an appropriate look and it will probably look fine for most purposes. The disadvantage of the many shells is that many more points in space need to be calculated and rendered. With z-buffered lights the time cost is not bad but with ray-traced lights the render times can be ginormous. I understand this is a problem with "volumetric" materials in any progr
  7. Per our discussion today about faux volumetric materials, the Planetary Clouds Test thread has numerous examples by several users throughout of using noise combiners on these concentric shell models. @Tom @Roger @KingVidiot Includes the Bread and Cheese effects I mentioned.
  8. We'll aim for answers at Live Answer Time, Saturday Noon CDT, April 10 2021. "Rifleman" and Boston Celtic Chuck Connors was born on this day, 100 years ago!
  9. You see this post by Jason, then on "Windows 32Bit" or "Window 64Bit" and then choose "Save Link As" And that doesn't work?
  10. Does "Latest Info" not appear when you open the forum? v19.0o is pinned...
  11. I look forward to seeing that transformation animated!
  12. It is something A:M is intended to do on its own. I have no idea how it can do it if it's crashed!
  13. Something has changed about your computer since you activated A:M. Is there a number with that error?
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