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  1. What are the chances? Someone declares a "Finish the Unfinished" contest... and I just happen to have a ptartial pteranodon sitting around! Get your unfinished A:M projects restarted! Don't miss out! Get in! You still have all of December to... Finish the Unfinished!!
  2. @R Reynolds Here is a less noisy render of a similar frame. More Final Gathering Samples and much less "Jitter" (dithering). The refrigerator door with its higher specular is difficult to remedy. Maybe if it were textured with a bumpy surface like a real fridge door instead of a flat plane it would be less troublesome. Or maybe some refrigerator magnets and kindergarten art all over would fix it. Final Gathering: 500 samples, Jitter 5% 18 minutes 250 samples, Jitter 15% 12 minutes The original render was 100 samples, 100% Jitter 6 minutes
  3. Hi Rien, did you find a satisfactory solution, or is it still taking too long?
  4. Yes, It's a very odd look, like my screen is dirty. It is basically a dithering done to counter the "banding" artifacts of the process I've been experimenting with parameters to see the tradeoffs in time vs. quality and the noise pattern can be substantially reduced. Fortunately, with modern CPUs and RAM, radiosity renders are not impossibly long anymore. I think you would find it very interesting for the indoor scenes you are doing. Animation will be possible. Here is some very obvious banding when "jitter" is set to zero. Discrete reflections of the vase appear on th
  5. Much like how we do textures in CG, vinyl "wood" flooring is really just an image applied to a surface. But carefully chosen texture names can go a long way to suggesting the allure of natural, organic substances Vinyl samples seen on Craigslist...
  6. Does the video in my first post not show?
  7. Hey, bug hunters! Unzip this zip, try this procedure out, and tell us what happens along with some info about your graphics card. Cottage097b.zip Thanks! A video should appear immediately following this sentence: clip4998DecalJump750.mp
  8. If you come up empty and want to send me the model in a PM I'll look at it.
  9. Hi Dave! If you are familiar with the [tag] [/tag] structure you could try editing out unnecessary sections like calls to external files (or anything), saving under a new file name(!), and try to load that.
  10. Hooray! There have been several times I've thought,"I can't believe A:M is doing this," but Reset Settings fixed it. I haven't tested it. I presume it resets all the parameters in the Options tabs to their defaults? Maybe plugins too?
  11. The concept is inspired by the famous Stahl House, but trying to do it in a neo-classic style http://100photos.time.com/photos/julius-shulman-case-study-house-22 I bet they've had every telescope in Los Angeles look into their living room. But I expect to have vertical blinds I could pull when I want.
  12. We will mingle at Live Answer Time, Saturday November 28 at Noon CST. Chinese painter, Wen_Zhengming was born on this day in 1470.
  13. Wow, i'm sorry you're having to go through all that. It does sound unpleasant.
  14. Geez 120 hour week!!! I thought having to mow the lawn in November was bad. There should be no shortage A:M modelers who can make Rocky and Bullwinkle.
  15. I lathed myself a 900 patch donut and tried editing it but didn't notice any modeling operations to be awkward or slow. Your profile shows you have a more substantial computer than I do so that shouldn't be the problem.
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