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  1. Zebra stripe material (top) made to better-follow the contours of the zebra (bottom). @Rodney
  2. Hi Vance, I think all browsers have discontinued ftp for some security reason that someone once explained to me but I have forgotten. However, there is still access to the Hash ftp with an ftp client (Filezilla is free) without entering a username or password. Give that a try.
  3. @ChuckGram brought in an unusual problem to LAT. Models he made in v18 will have some bone placements corrupted if loaded and resaved in v19.5... If the original v18 file is loaded into v19.0 and resaved, it will load into v19.5 correctly But a comparison of the Bone1 (the Red bone in the above image ) placement data for the v18 original and the resaved v19.0 version don't show any difference except that the v19.0 is stored with more precision.
  4. Those letters look great! I'm not quite sure what you are trying to do. A compositing program like After Effects can arrange a large number of clips on the screen at once... but you still have to render that out to a new movie. You want this to be a live effect with no pre-rendering?
  5. This PRJ in this ZIP is contrived to require you to find a missing asset, "vase.mdl" When you open this PRJ in v19.5, do you get a dialog asking you to find it or do you get a freeze? Also tell me what version of A:M you are using. Thanks! TestAssets.zip
  6. It's a bug in v19.5 Go back to v19.0 for this until v19.5b comes out, which should be soon.
  7. The long overdue Prehistoric contest medal is taking shape...
  8. You'll get more than a smidgeon of answers to your A:M questions... when you come to Live Answer Time at Noon CDT, Saturday September 23, 2023. Actor Walter Pidgeon was born on this day in 1897
  9. In the PWS, on the Sounds folder (1) to import a WAV (2) In the PWS, drag the WAV into your Choreography (3), it will appear in the timeline pane. You can scrub in the timeline pane to preview the sound(4). It will sound choppy. On my computer, I can't hear the sound until i add a WAV of silence(5) to the Chor in the same manner. You can try it with these two WAVs. WAVs.zip
  10. I'm glad that you're continuing to continue, Jason!
  11. I am concerned that Jason has not been back to the forum (and the store, I presume) since the previous Saturday. That is unusual for him to be gone so long.
  12. She looks great! Unless you know you need these two splines where they are I'd be tempted to join them as one...
  13. We'll just remind @Jason Simonds that you have a confirmation problem. The weekend is nigh!
  14. On Sept 5, 2020 we do a complete install of TSM2 on a biped. Several sessions after that cover general rigging issues https://forums.hash.com/topic/48801-live-answer-time-less-live-archived-versions/
  15. https://forums.hash.com/topic/32426-tsm2-for-am-now-free/
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