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  1. You could load up v15 and see how that compares. I think about half of the speed up will be from coding improvements since v15
  2. Here is a magnified comparison in After Effects. The top images were rendered in A:M with "Unpremultiplied Alpha Channel" OFF The bottom ones were rendered in A:M with "Unpremultiplied Alpha Channel" ON The left side has the wrong interpretation of each in After Effects chosen. The right side has the correct one. Either can composite correctly with the right interpretation. "Unpremultiplied Alpha Channel" ON is slightly more accurate for compositing purposes. The advantage of rendering with "Unpremultiplied Alpha Channel" OFF (the A:M default) is that outside of a c
  3. Change the setting for "Save with unpremultiplied alpha channel" to whatever isn't what you have it set at. If you are using After Effects to composite, it has a setting to use either version of the Alpha channel...
  4. I put a PRJ up there for you to test. Test it. Can you show this happening?
  5. It just occurred to me... I think there was a PNG bug in v19o Render to TGA and see if that fixes the problem. v19p is out soon.
  6. JPG never has an alpha channel. It can't. I always render to TGA because it represents the alpha channel the same as it does the RGB channels and imposes no color management. However, when i render an object in either TGA or PNG, the alpha channels both work as expected. Load this PRJ and see if it displays like I have... AlphaTest.zip The top Chor is the model that got rendered to TGA and PNG. The middle Chor is the TGA on a Layer. the Bottom Chor is the PNG on a Layer.
  7. It s'all answers at Live Answer Time, Noon CDT, Saturday May 8 2021. Famous movie title designer Saul Bass was born on this day in 1920...
  8. You could try linking the emission rate to the amplitude?
  9. OpenCl is a programming library for trying to send computation tasks to the GPU. But all the OpenCL things your program needs should be taken care of by the program's installer. Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing? Have you tried uninstalling and installing a previous version of the program? Have you reported the bug to them and looked for a newer version of the program?
  10. So you have the 16 digit key but it doesn't work for some reason, right?
  11. The Scale Group to X=0 menu option is just one step.
  12. Remember that handy list of new features I sent you?
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