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  1. I've deleted the PRJ in the previous post. Something is wrong with the CP weighting. I'll repost it when i figure it out.
  2. Slightly less sharp-edged version after some nudging of CPs...
  3. We gave the Chef's hat a try today. This is the not quite finished WIP so far. I think I got the proportions of the poofs to the hatband rather off and many of the smoothing biases seem to have gotten lost in the copying and pasting operations, but the basic modeling strategy seemed to work. @Pizza Time
  4. A new render of this Feb 19 2004 entry in the Animation Showdown. I was pleased with this one. This was the first time I felt like i got a suggestion of weight in the motion.
  5. Home in on answers to your A:M problems and questions at Live Answer Time at Noon CST February 24, 2024 American painter Winslow Homer was born on this day in 1836. Long Branch, New Jersey (1869) Boys in a Dory (1885) The Gulf Stream (1899)
  6. First, I would not screen capture the view window for a render. If you need anti-aliasing, you want to render to file. (Are you asking how to render to a file?) The real-time view is whatever the graphics card can throw up as fast as possible and anti-aliasing isn't the priority. However, depending on your graphics card you may be able to have some anti-aliasing in the real-time view. v15 had a choice of Direct3D or OpenGL for real-time. Note that to switch between D3D and OGL you need to make the choice, then close and re-open A:M. D3D had a multi-sampling option that could smooth edges (at the cost of slower real-time performance): The "Bi-Linear Filtering" option may smooth the real-time appearance of decals. OpenGL could do some smoothing of wireframe lines: Depending on your graphics card you may need to close and re-open a window or even re-start A:M for the setting change to take effect.
  7. At the December 9 2023 Live Answer Time we talked about the Light "Bias" setting and I now recall the project where that had been a big problem... it was this "Parallel Reload" project! Here is a frame from a render with the bias setting not correctly set. The proper result is at the top of this thread. @Pizza Time
  8. Those look good, Myron! Down the memory hole for that sax player!
  9. A new render of my entry in the February 12 2004 Animation Showdown, now with added environment and context. The sideways shuffle is a walk cycle. I was still trying to economize by using Actions but I found it's hard to get out of them to do the not-cycle part of the animation.
  10. Hi Serg, The best way to request a feature is go to https://reports.hash.com, report an "issue" and set the "Severity" to "feature". You will need to make an account there, which is different from your forum account. That will add it to the pile, which is a large one.
  11. I had something like that happen when i turned the constraints Pose on. 😮 I'm not sure how you got the long pants. Instead of turning the Constraints Pose on in the Chor, turn it on in the original model instance in the objects folder before you put the model in the chor. If you want to save your work you'll need to do Project>Embed All before you save a PRJ
  12. I see Ambiance Blend covered on page 17 of the TechRef
  13. A new rendering of my Animation Showdown "catch something heavy" entry of 20 years ago, now with some context and foley. I got the basic "blocking" poses in but time ran out before I could turn it into real animation.
  14. We can do this in A:M. If you want make a pendulum model and bring it to LAT some day, we could look at this.
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