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  1. Hi Nate! I recall Martin saying years ago that A:M wasn't built to be a CAD modeler and it wasn't a niche they intended to pursue. You've been warned! None-the-less A:M does have strong OBJ and STL exporters and a number of A:M users are using A:M to create objects for 3D printing*. True modeling Booleans for Splines is a big leap. If you need it, I suggest modeling in A:M as if you were going to use its render Booleans, export the base model and the "cutter" as separate OBJs, then import both into one of those programs that people use to fix polygon models for 3D printing and do the Boolean cut in that. *Our Image Contest Medal is modeled in A:M, 3D printed in resin, then the resin print is used to cast medals in pewter... https://forums.hash.com/topic/48234-the-image-contest-medal-and-certificates/?tab=comments#comment-413200
  2. Sorry you're having trouble, Benjamin! I'll inquire.
  3. Try these. I reconstructed these from screen captures...
  4. Another option might be to craft an image that appears as if it is tooned to use as a hair particle
  5. By "particles" you mean hair? I can get hair toon lines by setting Toon in the Hair surface props. It doesn't seem to obey color and thickness unless those are set in the render settings. (Notice that toon lines only render if they have patches behind them.)
  6. Yes it can be done.. The workflow is to turn off the Pose with the Kinematic constraint in it Select the Bone and start a SmartSkin for it Rotate the bone to each extreme you expect it to need to do, Adjust the mesh for each extreme close the SmartSkin turn the constraint pose back on. Be sure to do this with a real geometry bone and not one that the bone is merely constrained to.
  7. During today's session we encountered @Michael Brennan's problem of bending a long, straight, lathed shape around a curve. I think now, the A:M solution is to use a distortion box. I've been doing that for fitting lines of text around curves in the Contest medals. We did a demo of this in the session on May 29, 2021... https://forums.hash.com/topic/48801-live-answer-time-less-live-archived-versions/
  8. We'll p-p-provide answers at Live Answer Time, Saturday October 16 2021, Noon CDT. French sculptor Pierre Paul Puget was born on this day in 1620.
  9. First look at "Stan" with SSS Another Steve Shelton model.
  10. This version has almost no shading of the wrinkle in the color pass. The shape of the wrinkle is suggested by the specular pass.
  11. I've used OpenEXR quite a bit and gotten good results. It's the only way to not have the stair-stepping on large displacements. The down side is there aren't many paint tools for it. Most of my OpenEXR maps are renders of spline models. New attempt. I made the wrinkles extra huge. If the light catches them just right they look like a shape but otherwise they look like a gray line.
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