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  1. Glad to see you're back at it! Restarting something isn't always bad, it's a chance to not make old mistakes.
  2. We'll make an Olympic effort to find answers at Live Answer Time at Noon CDT, July 24, 2021 We may be talking about decaling a head. You can see a preview here: https://youtu.be/eZixmhFnh2c Leo Arnaud, composer of the familiar Olympic theme, was born on this day in 1904.
  3. Well, I think Robert should stop being lazy and get the Image Contest video done! He really doesn't have any good reasons to not have that out yet. (but, thanks guys!)
  4. I know there must be a formula because Stitch with "Maintain curvature" works automatically. Lathe out your perfect four-point circle, go to Add Mode, then hold down SHIFT while you Add a new CP anywhere on the circle. The circle will remain a circle. The new CP has its biases automatically set and its neighboring CPS have had their biases adjusted for the new situation. It is probably a pretty hairy formula since it has to correctly handle not just circles and ovals but ANY spline curvature. This spline-inserting technique would eliminate manual bias fiddling for all of yo
  5. Don't miss out. Anyone can play!
  6. I don't know much about the code in A:M but OpenMP seems to help quite a bit with non-rendering tasks like the "finding patches" thing when editing dense models and cloth simulations. Maybe particles too? But the "Final Render" is single threaded, AFAIK.
  7. I don't think enabling Open MP will bring much to net render if you are already maxing out your core usage. My understanding is that A:M currently only uses GPU processing SSAO and for certain post effect filters, so general rendering is not sped up by the GPU. I can't find where those filters are selected at the moment. But if you are using SSAO you may want to enable it. When "Use GPU" is off or if the card does not have the features necessary for GPU SSAO, A:M uses a slower CPU version. However, I would encourage anyone shopping for a new graphics card to get one that supports re
  8. That looks like a perilous journey has begun!
  9. I've used a negative light before but what is the negative blue doing?
  10. Yeah, something didn't work right there.
  11. That's a great looking scene you've got going there. Is that all conventional CG lighting or is there radiosity in that?
  12. Happy Fourth of July! WaveTheVeryLongFlag.prj
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