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  1. Do I send my AMAIndex.txt to Steffen and then somehow it would get merged?
  2. You can always find the most recent version in "Latest Info" at the top of the forum... After you run the installer, copy the master0.lic file from your v18 folder to your v19 folder.
  3. Sorry... "PRJ" refers to the .prj project file. Your icon says you are on v18. Is there a good reason to not be on v19? I can recall a previous version where dragging a bone could cause a crash but i haven't had it in the current version. If you want to send me a Private Message with your project file with everything embedded, I'll give it a test. You can send me a Message by hovering over my screen name and choosing "Message"
  4. Live Answer Time returns at Noon CDT, June 15 2019 June 15 is the 135th birthday of silent film star Harry Langdon
  5. If you can send me an example PRJ where this always happens I would look at it.
  6. 12 - Char and Bool variables. Boolean variables let you store a TRUE/FALSE value in a named variable, for better program legibility I presume. 13 - IF. Finally we can write programs that make decisions! Ideas for IF projects... Ask the user to input a number, then tell the user something about that number, like IF it is even or odd, positive or negative, how many digits it has... A guessing game where the computer tells the user IF he has guessed a number to within a certain range (without going over?). A simple "21" game where the computer deals you two card values and you decide IF you want one more card to try to beat the dealer's card total. Then it tells you IF you win. anything else that uses IF If you are making games you will find rand(), srand() and the modulo operator (%) useful. This page tells how to use the random number functions.
  7. I get a clean result either way when i render it. Rustry000.avi
  8. It looks like a corrupted AVI file. Was that rendered straight to AVI or was it an image sequence first? If you render it again does the same problem happen?
  9. Respect Z-Order! I'm pretty sure that's a Euro Boy Band. In the case of most menu commands and buttons that you can hover over to get an official name, you can look it up in Tools>Customize>Keyboard to get a text description of its function . That sounds handy! I don't think I've ever tried that one! I'll be using that. In the case of properties parameters you can and select "Display help for current property" and the text from the manual will be displayed. However, some properties have no entry.
  10. What is the procedure for updating the "Display Help for current property" feature in A:M? Many basic items are still "Not documented yet" There is an "edit" button, but how does an edit I make get incorporated into the regular distribution and how do we know that it even should be?
  11. Hi Edward, An updated manual is something that is needed. Can you point me to where you find "respect z order"?
  12. I'm impressed that you got it to simulate at all!
  13. hmm... I've always been able to used different materials for "cloth" and "deflector" before... I wonder what is different this time.
  14. on the Choreography and choose plugins>SimulateSimcloth. Why does the orange cloth fall through the green deflector object? BrontoNeckTest05.prj
  15. robcat2075

    Go AMD

    It's good to see that they have bounced back from potentially being the next Cyrix.
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