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  1. Emergency Update! I realize I had grossly misspoken about thigh bone rotation in TSM2 today. Quick explanation... @ChuckGram @Roger @Shelton I'm pretty sure I got this correct in the demonstration on the Mouse model linked above. Watch that one. Today's session will go down the memory hole.
  2. @ChuckGram @Roger Link to previous LAT where we did the Transfer_AW on a mouse model...
  3. We'll shed some light on your A:M problems and questions at Live Answer Time in Saturday, Noon CDT, March 25 2023. If there are no other striking emergencies, we may be looking at Transfer_AW again! French impressionist composer Claude Debussy was born on this day in 1862.
  4. He coulda been in the mocap challenge with that much!
  5. Looks like trouble... for someone!
  6. Here's how I think it could work... You have a plane with a circle on it that is relationshipped to change radius depending on how far along the Z axis it is. You place the center on any point you want to make an arc for and it sizes the circle for you. You have a clear piece of plexiglass over your monitor and scratch away with the circle as your guide for compass center and distance. When you're done you paint the back of the plexiglass black.
  7. This guy shows a process for creating holographic images manually... by scratching plastic? He admits to difficulty in creating truly 3D shapes, but other people do it well. I'm wondering... Could A:M somehow be used simplify/streamline the planning for this?
  8. That is first-class work, Michael! Happy St. Pat's to you, too!
  9. Great looking character! More red on the red neck!
  10. v19 will be the last for Macintosh support. A v19.5 is being tested for Windows.
  11. After some more testing, my Zoom-ing is also usually affected with temporary bad views although not exactly as yours is. This does seem to work. Everything is solid and stable if I do this first. I don't need to hold it down, one press is enough.
  12. I presume that is indeed some video card malperformance. Can you revert to a previous driver? My video is just the "integrated" video of the CPU and it generally works well but I have a situation where if I make a bounding box selection, no CPS will appear selected until i hit SPACE to refresh. Also, sometimes the view will get temporarily shifted from where it was, or a previous viewpoint will reappear, then resolve to what I should be seeing. I get the sense that these video cards don't throw out old images until they have to make room for new ones, so sometimes an old screen is mistakenly referenced and displayed.
  13. That's Jason. Has he answered your PM yet? Update: I am informed that Jason has resolved this problem. Thanks, Jason!
  14. I'm always baffled by this question. Every time I've bought a sub the email with the key shows up immediately. Last time someone said they hadn't gotten a key I went to the store and bought a new sub just to see if the store was working and... the key arrived immediately. I'm baffled! However...After I log into the store there is a list on the right like this... Does that not even appear? It leads to a page that has "Serial Keys" at the bottom (you have to scroll down)
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