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  1. robcat2075

    How tough is it to transfer a sub to another computer?

    That is something to ask Jason.
  2. robcat2075

    "Live Answer Time" Saturdays Noon CST

    Live Answer Time again at Noon CST, February 16 2019 February 16 is the 476th birthday of Japanese painter, Kanō Eitoku
  3. robcat2075

    3-D Printing

    In the model window> RMB>Plugins>Export>STL
  4. robcat2075

    F Curves [Spine options]

    Here is what I think is a better solution, with a variation of an IK spine. Look in your messages for the PRJ clip4458SimonsButterFlip1K.mp4
  5. robcat2075

    F Curves [Spine options]

    Here is a test implementation of David Simmons' suggestion of a spine switch. It's fussier to create than using a premade rig but once it works it does make for a better controlled spine... tubeFlip000.mp4
  6. robcat2075

    F Curves [Spine options]

    I got the TSM2 spine that i was trying yesterday at LAT to behave. Basically this is animation of a pelvis bone and a torso bone to get the flips going, The interpolation of the IK spine isn't as smooth as I hoped so i will look into other solutions. ButterFlip_12.mp4
  7. robcat2075

    F Curves [Spine options]

    the link in my signature takes you to the instructions and the Hangout link
  8. robcat2075

    "Live Answer Time" Saturdays Noon CST

    Live Answer Time returns at Noon CST, February 9, 2019 February 9 is the 130th birthday of "the most forgotten silent film comedian," Larry Semon. Larry loved special effects...
  9. robcat2075

    F Curves [Spine options]

    Noon CST. I think that is 1800 GMT
  10. robcat2075

    F Curves [Spine options]

    This would be dramatically simpler to diagnose if i could see it. Can you come to Live Answer Time tomorrow?
  11. robcat2075

    Image Contest Results...

    The Image Contest voting is concluded! Who has won? We'll know when I finish the awards video! Keep your eyes peeled!
  12. robcat2075

    Unable to post on thread that I just started

    Rodney/Jason, Here is the thread... https://forums.hash.com/topic/48923-3-d-printing/
  13. robcat2075

    Martin Minutes

    I never get service like that at the emergency room or even the semi-ergency room. Once I dropped a power drill into my knee and the bleeding wouldn't stop so I thought, "maybe someone should look at this?" But when i describe my problem to the receptionist she just glares at me and scolds, "THIS... is an EMERGENCY room!" It's not like the place was busy, either. So I went home and stuck it back together with duct tape and left that on for about two weeks. Did you try duct tape for your UTI?
  14. robcat2075

    Spinning basket ball.

    try that StarsDemoDemo003.prj StarVase.mp4
  15. robcat2075

    Spinning basket ball.

    You should have brought this to live answer time today. We were talking about streaks!