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  1. Hey Robcat are you going to be at the Live answer today?

  2. Happy Day? It's Live Answer Time Day! Bring your A:M questions to Live Answer Time at Noon CDT, Saturday October 12022. Actor Tom Bosley was born on this day in 1927.
  3. That is allowed. I presume the mo-cap will need some doctoring. Since part of the contest is to include the video you shot, voters can assess if they think you have done too much real animation. And if you wanted to post here with tips on fixing mo-cap that would be useful as well.
  4. You have one month... to get your mo together! Get off the sidelines and get mo-capping! If you still have questions... ask!
  5. I have split IvanBryan82's Spring System discussion into its own thread... https://forums.hash.com/topic/52155-spring-systems/
  6. You already know more than I do! I just finally found the cloth wizard. If you create a bone for each CP you can attach the CP to a bone and constrain the bone to the mass. But are Masses like bones?... if you select a mass then you select the CPs that are supposed to be attached to it? I haven't had much success creating springs from scratch. Do you have this problem... SpringTest.mp4
  7. Some soft body effects can be done with Simcloth. PRJ: SpringCloth005 SIMMED.prj Cloth set to "Springs" and suitable stiffness will try to return to its original shape after being deformed. The outer edge of the grid is an Attach Group, to prevent the cloth from being knocked away. @ivanbryan82
  8. @ivanbryan82 Look at pg 182 of the TechRef for info on spring systems. If you know anything about Spring Systems I'd be eager to hear it.
  9. The camera needs a clear view of the motion. A camera facing you, or you facing the camera would have worked better. It's legal to do this stuff outdoors where you have more room. Don't stop! Give it another go!
  10. The tools are still there. If they do not show in your interface, you can add the Dynamics Motion Mode button to a toolbar from Tools>Customize>Commands. Add Mass and Add Spring... In a Pose I was able to RMB>New>New Spring System So the tools seem to still be there. I've never used them and am not sure of their potential. Bullet Soft Body? I'm not sure that's possible since Bullet animates the mesh to be independent of any bones it was attached to. Maybe Spring System is for squishy meshes? I've never tried it!
  11. I've heard several people say things like, "...but my character isn't rigged." Bring it in. We'll get it rigged!
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