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    Animation, Video Production, model railroads and of course my family not forgetting my 21 year old boy, Eli.
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    Main Machine: AMD Ryzen 9 7900X 32 gig DDR5 with 3 Tb Storage AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT. Second Machine: Intel I9 12900 With 32gb DDR 5 RAM, Nvidia 4070, KVM switch with (1) LG 32" HDR UHD 4k, (2) LED LG 27" UHD 4k LED Monitors. Just added 50cores rendering network.
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    Complete Chris' Coffee Shop Disaster short
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    Cupid's Sick Day
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  1. Finally home after an unexpected trip only to return to a loved one falling. I have reworked Lilly and Kyle. Here is an updated shot
  2. So I forgot to upload the female I will upload the male tomorrow. Here is Lilly
  3. As a challenge to myself, I will start something to tie into my current project. I sat down last night late and decided to build a male and female head. Robert and I have been talking about aw transfer. Going to model something that use and low res mesh and transfer weighting to a denser mesh. I will post results shortly
  4. After the last couple of days I had to render a new pose for Hans. I got a call about a clients computer network. I ended up rebuilding it and still have some to do but they are operational for tomorrow. So to celebrate Han's new pose showing a little frustration like some of mine for the last 48 hours.
  5. Very cool! Look forward to seeing how this is completed.
  6. I have been posing Hans and getting him ready for the next animation. it is something simple, but the main thing in all the posing is the rig has been rock steady Steve
  7. I was thinking of the seventies and the colors of that time.
  8. Has anyone used the technocrane jib with 19.5b? I am having some issues with the fog and the renders.
  9. Well I am working on a pose that allows me to change the color of clothing. That way Hans can have 4 different outfits.
  10. I am still sick. Could not sleep tonight so I got up and worked on the head. Alot of things still to do but here is the progress todate.
  11. Phil I misread your question. I thought I read that you were asking about cloth. My bad. Clothing a character for me is easier than cloth. So what I do is build a model at skin level. I then copy a section and paste and enlarge for clothing. I modify the new section such as shirt. Once I am happy with the clothing I then remove the mesh of skin under the clothing. Or use a pose to hide the mesh that is covered by the clothing. Robert has shown me a complete of tricks that enhance the clothing such as a edge material that highlights the clothing. Materials are incredible to help enhance the clothing. whether it is darktree material or materials from scratch they help cover deformation in an animation. I am just now scratching the surface of how to use materials.
  12. Before we left town, the weather was so bad in Tulsa. I decided to model a female figure. I have started on the head but will have to wait until we get back to finish her. More of cross between real and cartoon. Want to have a "pixar" like face. I modeled this in a afternoon while working on a couple of computers. so there are still some issues.
  13. Hi Phil Well I have dabbled in Cloth and the simulation. It can be very frustrating as the simulation will vary from render to render. I have learned from Robert Holmen. He is the cloth guy. He taught me to start with the model in a compressed state pose in the animation / simulation. This allows the cloth to settle for the first part of the animation. As the cloth is ready after a few frames enlarge the model through a pose to regular state. Sometimes behind the cloth the model may have to be deformed in another pose to keep the cloth from pinching. Remember the properties of the cloth will help with deflection. One thing I have learned is the placement of the cloth material on the model and the deflector group is dependent on the model hierarchy. I have found placing the cloth in deflector group higher in the property hierarchy. There is a tech talk by one of the programmers of the cloth when they were doing TWO. That really got me started. It is found on the forum somewhere. Phil, if you haven't been to Live Answer time on Saturday you are missing a wealth of knowledge from Robert. I am going to send you question to Robert as he has quite a few experiments and tutorials on cloth.
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