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    Main Machine: GigaByte X99 MB with Intel i7 5930 32 gig DDR4 with 3 Tb Storage NVIDIA 960. Second Machine:Alienware Aurora Intel I7 960 3.2 ghz 24gigs of ram and 2.5 TB hd Win 7 64bit with AMD R9 270, with (1) 28" UHD 4k, (2) LED 27" UHD 4k LED Monitors. Just added 50cores rendering network
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  1. I have been wanting to get back to several ideas I have had. So yesterday I pulled up several character models created in ver 18 or 19. I am running the current version of AM and all the groomed hair was sticking straight up. Opened the model in 18 and it is fine. in version 19j1 the hair guides are groomed but the hair is sticking straight up. Also, all the maps either png or tga were no longer alpha channeled. I had several maps with color and bump maps. Has anyone else opened a previously created model with the hair issues?
  2. Merry Christmas to you!! Thank you for all you do!
  3. I have a question that I have just begun to notice. I have applied ver 19j and now each time I save a project I have a new set of folders for each save. Each save has several sub folder. The main folder is titled the name of the project and then a series of numbers that I could not decode. Under the folder there are usually two folders. The first is a capital letter such as E with a dash, so E-. Its contents are then followed with another folder with the name of the project and its folder has the project file. The second main folder under the top is labeled the name of the pc such as Steve-PC. Under its folder are several folders. one has a listing the the textures. One has a folder with all the decals, another has all the rotoscopes, another has maps, etc. Each save seems to vary with the content. As I load my project into AM it may take 3-5 minutes to load the file. I am wondering if I need to reinstall a earlier version. So my question to eveyone has anyone else noticed these folders as well? I thought it might be a problem with this machine but it is doing to my other copy of AM as well. Steve
  4. This is good news. I tried several times to watch the install videos. Thanks Mack!!
  5. Shelton

    lic file

    Hey Steve try going to your profile on hash. Download am again. Get the key from your profile history and run the activation again. That will reset your license.
  6. I was able to go into am and tell it where all the folders were located. So as of yesterday I am good to go.
  7. I installed the j version and I get errors for installation as all the procedures, hxt and pathways can not be found once I run the program.
  8. Hi Paul It is said great minds think alike... well guess what I have a working caveman suit with hair driven by a decal much like you have shown. I would be willing to help if you are interested Steve
  9. Weird I had posted a response and do not see it sorry. I had to go into the Window's sound mixer while AM was loaded and made sure the AM connection was enabled and the sound was turned up.
  10. I encountered this a year or so ago. Chris / mouseman, helped me get the settings corrected. I will be talking with him tomorrow and I will see if he remembers what we did. I will be back.
  11. Hi David Awesome work. You accomplished what very few of us do, so congratulations! Thank you for sharing the videos. What Robert and Chris have said are wonderful ideas of animation insights, I looked at more of how to light and the technical side. Your models were nicely done. What rig did you use? What keeps me entertained when it comes to animation is the placement actors in the shots. Your shots were setup well and I enjoyed the camera movements. You might think of the rule of thirds in future animations and a little tighter in on the actors but overall great job. Lighting is tough for me. I like the softer look in animations. But what you completed was very impressive. Excellent work. I look forward to more animations from you. Great job on singing and the music!! Steve
  12. If you have time tomorrow I will be home tomorrow evening
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