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    Animation, Video Production, model railroads and of course my family not forgetting my 15 year old boy, Eli.
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    Main Machine: GigaByte X99 MB with Intel i7 5930 32 gig DDR4 with 3 Tb Storage NVIDIA 960. Second Machine:Alienware Aurora Intel I7 960 3.2 ghz 24gigs of ram and 2.5 TB hd Win 7 64bit with AMD R9 270, with (1) 28" UHD 4k, (2) LED 27" UHD 4k LED Monitors. Just added 50cores rendering network
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    Complete Chris' Coffee Shop Disaster short
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    Cupid's Sick Day
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  1. Weird I had posted a response and do not see it sorry. I had to go into the Window's sound mixer while AM was loaded and made sure the AM connection was enabled and the sound was turned up.
  2. Hi Steve if you do a fresh install of windows 10 and have the key for win 7 you can get windows 10 free. You have to download the installation from Microsoft.
  3. I encountered this a year or so ago. Chris / mouseman, helped me get the settings corrected. I will be talking with him tomorrow and I will see if he remembers what we did. I will be back.
  4. If you have time tomorrow I will be home tomorrow evening
  5. Yep I remember. Try this, install am on Brent-PC. Then copy license into am folder. Then launch messenger on brentpc and see if that helps. Remind me what type of video card is in that machine.
  6. Ok try this on the main computer add user in the control panel with admin rights remote01. Then make sure in the permissions on the data folder remote01 has read and write
  7. Robert Also make sure the messenger app is in the exception list for private and domain users of the firewall. Something stupid I have done in the past, make sure both computers are part of the workgroup under the properties of network advanced settings.
  8. Robert Peer to peer setup can be frustrating. Try on the permission tab to add a user named Robert if that is how you log onto the remote. Every user must have read write permission to the folder Everyone never seems to work for me.
  9. Right click on the folder where the shares ate located. From there set your permissions. I will try on messenger
  10. Welcome aboard.
  11. It is google hangouts. At the beginning of this topic there us a link to join. Click on it and it will take you to the hangout.
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