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    Animation, Video Production, model railroads and of course my family not forgetting my 15 year old boy, Eli.
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    Main Machine: GigaByte X99 MB with Intel i7 5930 32 gig DDR4 with 3 Tb Storage NVIDIA 960. Second Machine:Alienware Aurora Intel I7 960 3.2 ghz 24gigs of ram and 2.5 TB hd Win 7 64bit with AMD R9 270, with (1) 28" UHD 4k, (2) LED 27" UHD 4k LED Monitors. Just added 50cores rendering network
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    Complete Chris' Coffee Shop Disaster short
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    Cupid's Sick Day
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    Steve Shelton
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    Tulsa, OK

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  1. Shelton

    How to shift Image plane in A:M-camera

    Would the technacrane camera do what is needed?
  2. Shelton

    "Live Answer Time" Saturdays Noon CST

    Sorry I missed tried to get in but having issues
  3. Shelton

    Snap to Surface tool in v17

    Look up our hash fellow Fuchur. On his signature hit his website patch works. Here is url https://www.patchwork3d.de/html/page.php?page_id=69 He has a great tutorial
  4. Shelton

    Window Tabs

    Hi Myron!
  5. Shelton

    Hi guys, I'm new here

    Welcome! There are a lot of talented members here so my advise ask a lot of questions!
  6. Shelton

    Coming Back

    Good to see you back Jeff
  7. Shelton

    "Live Answer Time" Saturdays Noon CST

    Thanks David for joining I kept getting knock off
  8. Shelton

    Animation bootcamp interest?

    Mack and Roger It's well worth it!
  9. Shelton

    Animation bootcamp interest?

    Mack and Roger It's well worth it!
  10. Shelton

    The Saucy Rig (Version 1.5)

    Hi Mack I wanted to ask something about the 1.5 rig. Is it possible to install a scale able leg? We were discussing in our skype meeting on Sunday about knee popping. I know you have incorporated some help with this, but there are times when the only way to complete the pose without causing the knee to bend backward is with a leg that can extend or decrease with a slider. Is this something you think we can add with a pose? Thanks Steve
  11. Shelton

    Animation:Master Discord (Now Live)

    Discord is a very popular avenue for gamers, my son included. I will look into this
  12. Shelton

    Net Render

    Ok it looks like the path is still set up for AM 18. Make sure you have a backup of your installation key. Change the path of render slave to the folder of version 17, and it will pick your slave for 17. You do that with in render message. I am away from my machine this evening. I will look tomorrow.
  13. Shelton

    Net Render

    Net render is a wonderful addition to the program. But it can be tricky setting up. I have had up 50 cores rendering at one time. It can fun to watch them turnout the frames, but it can be frustrating at the same time. Start simple and build on it. Make sure the server is running without crashing and you have all the parameters set before you introduce the slaves to the server. Launch one slave and make sure it is rendering. I just thought of something else. Itunes maybe capturing the port that AM requires. It seems to me I had to change the port the renderserver uses. http://osxdaily.com/2014/05/20/port-scanner-mac-network-utility/ something like this might help you to see what ports are being used by your mac. That way you make any adjustments to AM
  14. Shelton

    Net Render

    Simon As a test, open up render server first and set up your render project there. Then open up render messenger one core at a time. Bypass the script for now. I had issues with this as well. Drag one render slave into the pool and see if it will render with one slave. I have had a alot of trial and error issues with net render over the years. I would make sure it will work with one slave before adding more.