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    Animation, Video Production, model railroads and of course my family not forgetting my 18 year old boy, Eli.
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    Main Machine: GigaByte X99 MB with Intel i7 5930 32 gig DDR4 with 3 Tb Storage NVIDIA 2060. Second Machine:Alienware Aurora Intel I7 960 3.2 ghz 24gigs of ram and 2.5 TB hd Win 10 64bit with NVIDIA 960, with (1) 28" UHD 4k, (2) LED 27" UHD 4k LED Monitors. Just added 50cores rendering network
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    Complete Chris' Coffee Shop Disaster short
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    Cupid's Sick Day
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    Steve Shelton
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    Tulsa, OK

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  1. The last 4-5 weeks included a trip WDW and then work at a part time facility turn into overtime. Mix in two weeks of tooth ache followed by oral surgery, a little dash of flu with a pinch utter fatigue and don't forget an ear infection that lasted 4 weeks. I have done nothing except watch a few animation videos. I did tweak my old man slightly. But now that I have decided to move forward and feeling better
  2. We made it back from a trip to WDW. Came back feeling exhausted so I slept in this morning and this evening started back on AM. worked a little on several things. Finished the grumpy man's body and clothes
  3. Just a little more belt buckle and loops
  4. Not much progress tonight was out of pocket today. Just socks and shoes.
  5. Robert leads the Saturday live answer time, Sean. Check out his link in his signature. alot of great information and help is given! Welcome back!! Steve
  6. He really is top heavy! Here are a few more shots
  7. Robert That is the results I was getting as well when I tested. That is wonderful results!! The video card will be mailed by this weekend as well. Steve
  8. I saw a hand drawn character several years ago that I always thought would translate to 3d. I have tried to recreate what I saw but of course put my spin on things. Here is one that took a couple of evenings to create.
  9. Well Here you go Intel I9 12900 with 32 gigs of ddr5 all NVMe drives Samsung 980s. This is the 2009 bench mark 47 seconds a frame. I am rendering the 2017 benchmark now and should have results shortly. I redid the AMD 5950x and got 59 secs to 1:01 per frame.
  10. Is the store down? I was going to add hash and it appears with an error page not working http error 500
  11. Today I rolled to Windows 11. All the software I use now has been update or already ran under 11. So I decided to redo the Teapot benchmark. I am official under 1 minute now. 58-59 per frame. Unfortunately I did not save a copy of the screen shot. this is with the AMD 5950X processor. Tonight I will test the teapot with the I9 12900k machine I just finished building. Loading all the software and will post the results once I have it all completed. Steve
  12. Good to see you back. Robert and David are excellent guides in AM. I have this community has a home feeling. Ask away!!
  13. After frame 59 all rendering stopped. the pool appeared to be rendering but the each frame after 59 loaded and would not proceed. I finally killed the project and will let Robert know.
  14. So each frame is taking about 25-26.5 minutes to render. I am not sure what Robert said it took with his computer but this has taxed this computer the most of any projects I have rendered and this is only in vga resolution.
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