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  1. I just posted an updated Squetch Rig, Squetch Rig Installation Tutorials and Squetchy Sam here...it's also in my signature. If you have any problems or questions, let me know.
  2. Here is an updated Squetch Rig, Squetch Rig Installation Tutorial and Squetchy Sam. If you find an issue, let me know. Squetchy_Sam_08_09_20201.zip Squetch_Rig_08_09_2021.zip Squetch Rig_Installation_Tutorial_Part_1_08092021.zip Squetch_Rig_Installation_Tutorial_Part_2_08092021.zip Squetch_Rig_Installation_Tutorial_Part_3_08092021.zip
  3. Hi! Feel free to ask any questions you may have.
  4. Looks great, Rodger! The only issue I saw was probably the video compression causing artifacts in the reflections on the trailers.
  5. It's an old version of Squetchy Sam (2008) that has been altered. The Project won't open for me because I don't think the model was included in it.
  6. Looks like fun, Rodney!
  7. Stellar work, as usual, Rodger!
  8. The new decal exporting solves the problem of making decals larger than your screen resolution. If you made an extremely large decal and then had to screen capture it, it would not be very accurate.
  9. If you select a point on the splines causing the issue, you can change the InMagnitude or OutMagnitude of the Bias...or rotate the bias handle to change the angle.
  10. You can never have enough tutorials. Thanks in advance for making them.
  11. Time has gotten away from me...I've got several things in-progress, so I will eventually have a pretty good dump of updates. The Squetch Rig update is finished, but I want to make the updated installation tutorial before I post it, Bertram has been rigged for quite a while, now I'm working on his texturing...which will probably result in a flattening, decaling and texturing set of tutorials or mini tutorials. Sam's updates are done, but I decided to leave him with group colors instead of full-blown texturing. I've also rounded a few script ideas out...hopefully, I'll get some animation done eventually. Yup, I'm as slow as a glacier.
  12. Better and better, Michael!
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