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  1. I finally got back to Bertram after a long layoff. I posted an updated image here. I should have an updated Break Room to show shortly and then I'll take a look at the Smoking area and see what needs to be tweaked there.
  2. Been a rough year so far, but I'm starting to get back to some work. Here's where I'm at with Bertram...I may call him finished unless I find something that needs fixing.
  3. I posted an updated couple of images of Bertram here and an update on a workaround for a hair issue here. --------------- EDIT --------------- And I updated my avatar...after more years than I can remember.
  4. Way too long since I updated this, but here's Bertram with the skin texturing and hair. I still have to texture the clothes.
  5. Maybe they went to Artstation?
  6. MirrorBone plugin post with video Hope that helps.
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