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  1. itsjustme

    Path tool???

    Hit the "A" key and then draw your path. Hope that helps, Rusty. path_tool_example.mp4
  2. You can just drag and drop the poses that didn't import. Hope that helps.
  3. All it needed was the rotate offsets to be set to "0" on the BicepLeft bone's "Orient Like Control Bicept Hint Left" . Just turn off "Compensate Mode" when you apply that constraint. Hope that helps. Rig_update.prj
  4. It would be easier to tell you if you delete your character geometry, save it as a separate model and post it. That way we could take a look at what is going on.
  5. Mine was acting up during Answer Time, but when I set the Gamma in the Rendering tab (Tools/Options/Rendering/Gamma) to "Custom" and "1" it started behaving itself...not sure why, I'm assuming it needed to be set to something now.
  6. I did some more digging and found info on Desired Gamma here (a page from Yves' website using the Wayback Machine). The paragraphs that apply are these: This would mean that the "Current Gamma" should be set to the gamma of your monitor (which should be 2.2 for everyone). Then, the "Desired Gamma" is set to the gamma correction planned...which, if rendering to a 1.0 gamma OpenEXR, needs to be 1/2.2 according to this illustration (found on this page): Reading Yves' description, I would assume this correction for a 1.0 gamma would be applied when "Desired Gamma" is set to 1.0, but that doesn't work for me...I get a white screen. It does appear to work if I set the "Desired Gamma" to 3.4. I've been using 3.3, but if it's supposed to work at 1.0 there would be a difference of 1.2 and that would be 3.4 (going in the opposite direction). So, I'm thinking that "Desired Gamma" may be working, but in the opposite direction as intended? Well, as long as it works.
  7. The subject of Desired Gamma came up and I was unable to get my software to cooperate at the time, so, I made an attempt at a video explanation of the little I know that I am posting here along with the Projects used and renders. One thing I still don't think I got across in the video is that if you are working with 2.2 gamma images, the gamma correction can get re-applied automatically with each iteration causing the image or portion of image (and colors) to lighten. Anyway, here is the video and Project files. Hopefully, it is helpful. Desired_gamma_testing.mp4 Desired_Gamma_testing.zip
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