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  1. Have you tried making a new Chor? I've had a few Chors get corrupted somehow...once I recreated them, things straightened out. Also doing a reset has helped occasionally. Your SSAO settings could also be the culprit. These have been my go-to settings lately. Hope something in there helps.
  2. Can you upload a sample project where this happens, Robert?
  3. I'm still working on that myself...modeling and texturing work together with the lighting, so there's a lot that goes into it. Jeremy Birn's book, Digital Lighting and Rendering (on Amazon here) is the best overall lighting resource. Robert did some comparisons with his methods in A:M in the thread located here. Rodger Reynolds (profile here) is someone whose posts on the forum have great information on mechanical modeling and lighting. The Technical Reference has a lot of great information in it....download it here. Yves Poissant has a lot of great lighting information in some of his postings (profile here) Hope some of that helps.
  4. If only I weren't so slow.😁
  5. It looks like you could benefit from the Basic Splinemanship tutorials located here. There are quite a few spline continuity issues.
  6. Damn, it's been a rough year! I hope your LLC is successful, Paul.
  7. I had to go back and texture Bertram's socks and underwear. I posted an image here. Now, I'll try to tackle redoing the smoking area texturing and lighting.
  8. Okay...now he's finished. I had to texture his socks and underwear.
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