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  1. Life is crazy sometimes. John Carmack
  2. I couldn't find it in a search, but, I made a PDF the last time I found it...so here is what I have. It's a portion of a thread where all of the controls of muhHair are explained. Hope that helps. muhair.pdf
  3. Hope she has a speedy recovery!
  4. Looking forward to seeing what you make, Matt!
  5. I have uploaded a texturing tutorial here (Squetchy Sam is included with all assets from the tutorial), posted the same updated Squetchy Sam here (if you don't want the tutorial) and added both links to my signature. Hope they help. Next is texturing Bertram.
  6. Here is an updated Squetchy Sam...with improved textures (this is the version included with the texturing tutorial in my signature). Squetchy_Sam_03_19_2022.zip
  7. Here is a texturing tutorial with included assets. Hope it is helpful. Squetchy_Sam_03_19_2022_with_Texturing_Tutorial.zip
  8. I found a few things that needed adjusting in Squetchy Sam, so I uploaded an update version here.
  9. I found a few things that needed adjusting in Squetchy Sam, so here is another update. ---------------- EDIT ---------------- Next version of Squetchy Sam is here.
  10. I just uploaded an updated Squetchy Sam here.
  11. Here is an update to Squetchy Sam. ____________________________________ EDIT ____________________________________ This version has been deleted, an update is in the next post.
  12. Oh, no they are not just spheres. They are built like the eyes in my eye modeling tutorial....the publicly available Squetchy Sam has the same eyes. The cornea is a disk that is added to the front of the eye...here are a couple of images and the settings for the cornea.
  13. I didn't do anything special with the lens. If I remember correctly, it's a 70mm...maybe there's a little distortion because of how close he is to the camera. It would probably flatten it out if I used a 50mm.
  14. Still a lot to do, but I liked the render.
  15. It's the same Choreography...the back-lit image has two lights, the video is one of those lights spun around Sam and the lit one is the two back lights with an additional front key light. They aren't the best lighting setups to get a beauty render, but they were useful for setting the SSS and overall checking of things. Once I get the wrinkles in I'll see if I can do a better job of lighting.
  16. The only material on this version of Sam is the basic cell turbulence displacement, SSS is 2.6, 1.7, 1.12, specularity is controlled by two decals (Spec size and Spec intensity) and all skin color is a decal which comes from a painted Krita image file where the layers can be adjusted or exported individually (each layer painted in 3DPainter, then adjusted in Krita). The backlit image is two back lights, the lit image is the same two back lights with an additional key light (not the best lighting...needs adjustment) and the animation is a single light spun around Sam over two seconds. I still need to add the wrinkles (maybe eyelashes), but I thought it wasn't a bad set of test renders. Sam_11_16_2021_light_spin.mp4
  17. I never had much luck with displacement or bump maps using OpenEXR (not sure if it's a bug or not), I've been using TGA's. I think they work correctly...although I have been wrong before.
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