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    Have fun, Jason!
  2. I've been doing a lot of experiments, but don't have anything I can show yet. So, I decided I needed make another "stay alive" post. I think I'm close on what I'm messing with, but I always think that.
  3. It usually means there is an error somewhere in the expression if it says "Missing a Right Parenthesis". Something like this works: AtFrame(GetFrame()-30,..|..|..|..|Bone1.Transform.Translate.Z) Sometimes adding some extra parentheses will fix a calculation. It isn't necessary in this case, but it would look like this: AtFrame(GetFrame()-30,(..|..|..|..|Bone1.Transform.Translate.Z)) Hope that helps. Expressions_example_11_21_2019.prj Expressions_example_11_21_2019b.prj
  4. I don't know if it will help, but you can get to the site using the Wayback Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20190502172228/http://www.shaders.co.uk/enhance_am/index.htm
  5. Here is a thread that might help.
  6. The first bones in each finger rotated wrong on the 'Z' axis and all of the bones in the thumb went screwy. I deleted the left hand geometry and mirrored the right to the left, then I deleted the left arm bones and mirrored the right so that everything was mirrored, then I mirrored the right Pose and manually corrected the errors. I'm not sure what caused it though. Hope that helps. Loyd_031dx hand mirrorTests_update.prj
  7. Here are three renders to compare. I included the original OpenEXR in the zip (16bit 1.0 gamma), which I then used Black Magic Fusion to convert to 8bit 2.2 gamma (PNG), a render straight to 8bit 2.2 gamma (PNG) and an 8bit render straight to 1.0 gamma (PNG). The render straight to 8bit 2.2 gamma does match pretty closely the 8bit image converted from a 1.0 gamma OpenEXR, but the 8bit image rendered straight to 1.0 gamma does not. This is because the 8bit image is being "corrected" as if it were a 2.2 gamma image by your computer/monitor. The two other PNG's are also being "corrected", but they have the expected gamma curve of an 8bit image while the 1.0 gamma PNG does not. Hope that helps. Gamma_images_10_01_2019.zip
  8. The gamma correction happens for viewing on a monitor. An EXR image doesn't store gamma correction because there is nothing to correct...it is a linear image by default. 8bit images are being corrected to be viewed the same. ------------- EDIT ------------- If you render your 8bit image using the same gamma setting as the EXR image (it is always 1.0 gamma), they shouldn't match. However, if you render the 8bit image at 2.2 gamma, they should match.
  9. Here is the video and files to mess with. Hope that clears things up. Gamma_and_Linear_Workflow.mp4 Gamma_and_Linear_Workflow.zip
  10. Yessir, this was done using a linear workflow (working in 1.0 gamma until the final image...which is 2.2 gamma). I'll make a quick video tomorrow and post it along with the Project.
  11. Okay, an updated image of a daylight test render...this time with occlusion turned on (and turned up quite a bit more than I expected after checking some reference images).
  12. It doesn't look like the palm tree has a shadow?
  13. There is some global ambiance in there, but the occlusion is set pretty low. I'll knock it around some more. ------------------------- EDIT ------------------------ D'oh! I had the occlusion turned of in the render panel...I thought is was just set low. I'll re-check things with that in mind. Thanks, Robert!
  14. I did some test renders for daylight...so, I can show those here. I'm still texturing the Smoking Area and I'm hoping to have something to show this week...we'll see.
  15. A:M is capable of some very realistic images. Of course, the skill of the user is also a factor. Here are a few things to check: Stian's Nidaros Cathedral thread Stian's website Nidaros cathedral Stian's AVR32 Network Gateway thread Stian's KM Bismarck thread Stian's Ecto-1a thread Rodger Reynolds' site Rodger Reynolds' street car thread
  16. Da Vinci Resolve is a video editor and compositor...there is a free version for personal use.
  17. I don't think A:M is set up to use Look Up Tables...I would think that you would use those in post processing. Render your images using a linear workflow (1.0 gamma, correcting your colors and lighting for that) and use whatever LUT you want in your color grading program (maybe Da Vinci Resolve...here). Here are some links that might be useful: DesiredGamma.mp4 linearization.zip RGBlinear post Gamma discussion thread DaVinci Resolve 15 Tutorial : Color Grading Crash Course Davinci Resolve 16 Color Grading For Beginners Hope that helps.
  18. Still working on things...I know, I take forever. I've been working on some materials and texturing the smoking area set. I've had some minor victories, but I haven't finished yet. Back to my experiments.
  19. To unhide the majority of the geometry bones, you can turn on the "Show_and_Hide_Rig_Components/show_geom_bones" Pose. For the hands, turn on the "Animation_Controls/Hand_Controls/show_right_finger_controls", "Animation_Controls/Hand_Controls/show_left_finger_controls", "Animation_Controls/Hand_Controls/show_right_thumb_control" and "Animation_Controls/Hand_Controls/show_left_thumb_control". For the face, turn off the "Show_and_Hide_Rig_Components/hide_face_setup_bones/hide_face_geom_bones", "Show_and_Hide_Rig_Components/hide_face_setup_bones/eyes_and_eyelids/hide_eye_geom_bones", "Show_and_Hide_Rig_Components/hide_face_setup_bones/eyes_and_eyelids/hide_eyelid_geom_bones", "Show_and_Hide_Rig_Components/hide_face_setup_bones/eyes_and_eyelids/hide_eyelid_FAN_bones", "Show_and_Hide_Rig_Components/hide_face_setup_bones/mouth/hide_lip_geom_bones", "Show_and_Hide_Rig_Components/hide_face_setup_bones/mouth/hide_lip_roll_geom_bones" and "Show_and_Hide_Rig_Components/hide_face_setup_bones/mouth/hide_mouth_fan_geom_bones". I think that's all of them. Hope that helps.
  20. Realtime and final render both worked fine for me, Robert...64bit.
  21. Is there any SSS on the model?
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