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  1. Looks great, Michael!
  2. itsjustme


    GIMP and Krita can save images as TGA's (both are free).
  3. It's a character that Mark Skodacek used as an example for the 2008 Rig.
  4. Also from the same article: It looks very cool...and appears to have been quite an undertaking.
  5. Incredible as always, Rodger!
  6. The SplitPatch plugin can do that, if I understand what you are trying to do.
  7. Looks great, Mike!
  8. Great stuff, Michael! Sorry to hear about Mike Lium.
  9. First, I think you would have to match the camera angle. Assuming that the wall is at a 90 degree angle from the floor and that the base of the object is square (or at least rectangular), you could set up a choreography with a wall, floor and 254mm square object and try to match the angles in the photo. You might be able to get close that way, then build out your object. Hope that helps.
  10. Just another "stay alive" post. I still don't have anything worth showing, but I have gotten past a few experiments.
  11. Hope you get well soon, Jason!
  12. That is extremely cool, Robert! Makes me think that would be an easy way to make clouds or a bubbly liquid in a container.
  13. until

    Have fun, Jason!
  14. I've been doing a lot of experiments, but don't have anything I can show yet. So, I decided I needed make another "stay alive" post. I think I'm close on what I'm messing with, but I always think that.
  15. It usually means there is an error somewhere in the expression if it says "Missing a Right Parenthesis". Something like this works: AtFrame(GetFrame()-30,..|..|..|..|Bone1.Transform.Translate.Z) Sometimes adding some extra parentheses will fix a calculation. It isn't necessary in this case, but it would look like this: AtFrame(GetFrame()-30,(..|..|..|..|Bone1.Transform.Translate.Z)) Hope that helps. Expressions_example_11_21_2019.prj Expressions_example_11_21_2019b.prj
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