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  1. Damn, it's been a rough year! I hope your LLC is successful, Paul.
  2. I had to go back and texture Bertram's socks and underwear. I posted an image here. Now, I'll try to tackle redoing the smoking area texturing and lighting.
  3. Okay...now he's finished. I had to texture his socks and underwear.
  4. I posted what I think is the final for the lighting and texturing of the Exam Room here. I thought it would go quicker than it did, but a couple of weeks has been quick compared to how slow I've been working for a long time. Next, I'll try to finish up Bertram's underwear and socks.
  5. Okay...I think the Exam Room is done (unless I find a glaring error). These may look a little strange because I went with an extreme wide angle lens to try to show the whole room.
  6. I posted some updated renders of the Break Room here. Now, I have to rework the Smoking Area, texture Bertram's underwear and socks (I forgot them) and do some other upgrades to things...hopefully, a lot faster.
  7. So...I think the Break Room is done now. I reworked everything and added a few things.
  8. I finally got back to Bertram after a long layoff. I posted an updated image here. I should have an updated Break Room to show shortly and then I'll take a look at the Smoking area and see what needs to be tweaked there.
  9. Been a rough year so far, but I'm starting to get back to some work. Here's where I'm at with Bertram...I may call him finished unless I find something that needs fixing.
  10. I posted an updated couple of images of Bertram here and an update on a workaround for a hair issue here. --------------- EDIT --------------- And I updated my avatar...after more years than I can remember.
  11. Way too long since I updated this, but here's Bertram with the skin texturing and hair. I still have to texture the clothes.
  12. Maybe they went to Artstation?
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