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  1. ok, If I hit the red star icon I can now see it
  2. I learned alot from that but still do not know the mode your in
  3. I still cannot see it like you can unless I render
  4. For those that do not know me I have made 50+ videos won 3 awards then had several strokes I am trying to make a comeback
  5. ok I think I figured out what I did wrong When I render it out the image is there Whats the mode I need to be in to see it without rendering?
  6. If I can get over this problem I would be up and running
  7. this is NOT working for me on ver 15 I am stuck it used to be so easy
  8. I can no longer animate Incapacitated and drugged up don't ask LOL but I am alive and well
  9. Greetings my friends! Wanted to say HI ! Gene
  10. I am lots better, Slow but better! Thanks for the welcome back! Gene
  11. Just thought I would drop in and say hi to everyone! Gene
  12. duct tape and chickenwire. Still wobbly but better
  13. Just reread all these posts. Yall are great! I also have Myron writing me a new song to animate! So defend yourselves! I am coming back! Gene
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rob! mmmmm cake I am 54.......ain't so bad
  15. Give me day or two and I will post more. Thanks for all the well wishes! Gene
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