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  2. Use Visual Studio Community Edition as IDE... for C++ there is not much better than that. Best regards *Fuchur*
  3. It has to be VS because that is what it has to be for A:M plugins. That would be excellent.
  4. Pick any IDE you want, I can highlite and assist where you need. If ya want, I will take the course too so I can be more focused in assistance
  5. Having someone who can answer questions about Visual Studio would be very good! The course I highlighted is not VS specific and that caused me some delays. I looked at some that were VS specific but there were pretty awful as courses.
  6. "ages ago in college"! For me that was assembler and cobol!
  7. I've never touched Java but I have used Borland Turbo C++ ages ago in college.
  8. I can provide insight/guidance with c++ and development in general. Used to do a lot of web based apps in Microsoft visual studio and c++ before I started turning tricks for my current employer. If you've ever played in java then c++ will prove easy.
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  10. The Udemy course I linked to actually has a particle display as a the final project so there is computer graphics involvement . There is another course i tried that aimed to teach C++ along with the Unity Game engine which sounded very interesting but I ran into some showstopping problem with that one and never got past the second lesson. Now I read that they are revamping the course so maybe it will work?
  11. I might be interested. It has been years since I've done any programming, but if it applies to computer graphics I'd be interested. I've actually been thinking about learning Python but C++ might be more relevant.
  12. Color me intrigued. I'm very interested in learning C++. This not just from the standpoint of plugins but also standalone programs/utilities. If I had a 'plugin' to champion creating for A:M it might be some form of integration with FFMPEG so that various additional output formats could be generated. Not sure if that really fits the plugin category but... that's what immediately comes to mind.
  13. Last week
  14. Would anyone be interesting in joining me while learning C++? I made a start on learning C++ last year, then got sidetracked with other things so I'm going to start over again. But maybe it would be more fun and more productive to have someone to compare results with every week and help me solve problems when they come up? I have found a Udemy course that seems quite thorough and is FREE https://www.udemy.com/free-learn-c-tutorial-beginners/ It starts from zero on both "programming" and using C++ so I don't think you need to have done much of either to succeed with it. I've done a certain amount of programming in Flash Actionscript so i can help with programming concepts but the C++ part will be new to me. Microsoft Visual Studio with C++ is free now and since that is what A:M uses that is what we would use. My goal is to learn enough C++ that we can write and compile plugins for A:M. How I envision this working is that on our own time each week we would watch the lecture and do the assignment, then meet on Skype at some scheduled time to compare results and resolve questions or showstoppers. Or maybe we would watch the lecture together? They tend to be in the 5 to 15 minute range. Other people seem to learn and program in C++ so it can be done, right?
  15. We talked about that today. It's not clear that the video conferencing is actually ending. We'll see what happens.
  16. Hi Robert, Well I will not be there today. We have a family event that I was not planning on. Anyway, I got a note from google concerning google hangouts. It stated to begin moving pictures and videos off their servers as they will shut the account 4/2/2019. This will impact Live Answer Time. Looks like all the personal accounts will close and they will focus on the commercial accounts.
  17. Spring has sprung, Live Answer Time returns at Noon CDT, Saturday March 23, 2019 March 23 is the 132nd birthday of Czech painter Josef Čapek, creator of the word "robot"
  18. I agree, especially since Mac's use resource forks and don't need to rely on system level file association or was that changed in some obscure system update?
  19. Depends on the resin and the uv inhibitors used along with if there are added pigments that can cause stepping to be more or less evident. Also dwell time is a factor. Dwell time is achieved by the lasers speed. Slower will increase dwell causing surrounding resin to expose or bloom beyond the lasers spot size. Trick is to use a balance on speed and intensity. Too fast the resin may not react in time, too intense may cause burning on the PDMS layer (clear rubber pad that the layers are formed on).
  20. The weird thing is that it mattered at all. A:M should be able to find a file even if it isn't assigned as the default app for it.
  21. Did you have a software update or install any other software that might have changed the extension? My FormZ changed associations on a couple of file types on me but I'm just too lazy to change the them back.
  22. Pitcher

    3-D Printing

    I'll have to look for the Testor's plastic filler. That will probably do for my needs. I'm happy enough with the surface, generally, but there are a few places that had a glitch. Thanks for all the ideas.
  23. Fuchur

    3-D Printing

    At 25 micron I would say those steps are no longer really visible right? A very well printed 100 micron fdm layer height is already pretty hard to see/you have to focus on it to see it. I imagine at 4 times the resolution it should be pretty close to not visible with the eye only or am I wrong?
  24. Here's a crazy idea... model a character and print in a flexible material so you could put a stop motion armature in it.
  25. How big is the model and is it hollow? SLA printers usually have the least noticeable steps. Most of even my tiniest prints are done at 50 micron and sometimes 25 micron. I could try to print it for ya I have black resin I am using. I won't print a solid shape but if it is hollowed out I can give it a go and pop it in the mail for ya.
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