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  2. That's the second biggest steam hammer I've seen today! That's still not going to fit in the tunnel , is it?
  3. Although I've said one's interest in any flat car is proportional to the loads it's carrying, even an empty drop-centre flat car with its curved side beams is inherently more striking. Since such a flat car is designed to haul over-sized cargo it's important to load it with something more than just a very large crate. Something like this steam hammer that may still be functional but has seen better days.
  4. thanks for the help here is test NEWTEST.prj
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  6. Here are the use-of-expressions tuts I mentioned at LAT today. @Tom @KingVidiot @johnl3d @Roger
  7. trying to flower to randomly grow with random function have done it before but can not get to work now...want to make a field of flowers randomly growing once I get this working NEWTEST.prj
  8. Last week
  9. I'm hoping to attend. Also interested in your preference of the TSM2 spine above all others.....(but maybe that is a topic for one whole session. )
  10. I bet you could randomize the color?
  11. We'll be swimming in information at Live Answer Time on Saturday August 8, 2020 at 12 Noon CDT. If we have time we will add elbows, knees and heels to last week's discussion of the FK-IK arm. Long-time mermaid Esther Williams was born on August 8 in 1921
  12. thought it would be great to have random control of pose ....after talking with Robcat got the basic idea and this is my use on random pose control sprinkle.prj
  13. Thanks for your efforts Robert. I tried your idea but the render bug you mentioned was more severe in my case in that I could only get the desired results in a final render if I was rendering from an isometric view (v19e). I had similar render problems with my own attempts at both pose and action based solutions. Camera view progressive and final renders yielded inconsistent results. I'll revisit this technique if and when Steffen can fix it but for now I'll simply have four versions of the same model with different decal sets...brute force but guaranteed results.
  14. Hi Roger, Here's how the decal pose slider can work... DecalPoseDemo004.zip clip4944DecalPose1200.mp4
  15. This was a really tantalizing idea but I couldn't make it work. I went with applying all the required decals to the model and only the desired ones are selected using an ON/OFF pose; four sets of decals with four poses. It worked like a charm while editing the poses and with only one instance of the model in a chor. But within the chor, a model's decals are not appended with a number that gives them a unique name for that instance. So the second model's decals are affected by the pose of the first model. I tried renaming the decals in the second model instance but that isn't allowed. Too bad.
  16. Chapter 22 Arrays Sample project for Arrays Declare an array of 8 elements Make a loop that will fill each array element with a random number of 0-100 Make a loop that will print out all the elements on one line. Use "\t" to tab-space them. Add-on challenges Make a loop that will print out the squares of each number on the next line Make a loop that will print the square root of each element on the next line. (may need to #include <math.h> for sqrt()) Make a loop that will print the largest perfect square that would fit in each number on the next line. For example, if the random number is 56 the largest perfect square in that is 49. If the random number is 63, 49 is still the largest perfect square. But if the random number is 65 then 64 is the largest perfect square. Make a loop that will print the the sum of each number + the number in the array element that precedes it. A typical run might look like this... Rands 4 19 99 62 25 9 49 17 Squared 16 361 9801 3844 625 81 2401 289 Sq rts 2 4.3589 9.94987 7.87401 5 3 7 4.12311 Lrg Sqr 4 16 81 49 25 9 49 16 Sum 4 23 118 161 87 34 58 66
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  18. Attached are the pictures of six different discs I have acquired over the years. I did not know if anyone wanted them for posterity, if nothing else. Each is kind of a snapshot-in-time and a walk-down-memory-lane, depending on how long you have been around. I am not asking much, if anything beyond shipping. They should not be above $7 to ship if you are in the U.S. If there is any interest, email me at fdputhuff@gmail.com Thumper
  19. The Live Answer Time discussion covering this is now en-YouTubed! https://youtu.be/tJk8Z3HpNMU
  20. I have uploaded a very simple project which might present an area of discussion on Saturday Live. I am familiar with setting poses for "percentages" but I am less knowledgeable about Poses that are "On/Off". I am wondering if the topic for discussion can be adding an On/Off pose to this simplistic arm with one Pose being IK and the other Pose being FK..? PoseTest.prj
  21. @Rodney Sample BREAK project Write a FOR loop that will print 10 random integers... but uses BREAK to exit the loop prematurely if one of the integers is a 5 Sample CONTINUE project Add a FOR loop like the above that prints 10 random integers... and also shows them multiplied by 10. Use CONTINUE to merely skip the multiply-by-10 step for numbers that are equal or greater than 5 instead of prematurely ending the loop. Sample run BREAK! 0 0 6 8 0 5 Loop Ended! CONTINUE! 6 3 times 10 is 30 2 times 10 is 20 3 times 10 is 30 9 6 2 times 10 is 20 1 times 10 is 10 5 3 times 10 is 30
  22. @Tom I've split this discussion into its own thread so it can still be found.
  23. If paths to models was a problem, my first gambit would be to make save a PRJ with everything embedded, for the purposes of rendering.
  24. I just tried v19l Netrender and it doesn't seem to find the paths to all the various components; forcing me to lead it to every model in the chor. I tried consolidating the project into a new folder but it stopped after loading the project, not asking to select a chor. Would someone please confirm this in case I'm doing something wrong? Thanks.
  25. Indeed! What Robcat2075 said. I posted a few models over the years and I will be sharing more. You can never have too many models.
  26. great insight! BTW- I dropped a note to Steffen and asked if there was a way to make Streaks cast shadows...will post his reply if there is.
  27. I thought of a significant difference... Sprite "size" is always a uniform scaling of their sprite image. They never get fat or skinny. Streaks have a "thickness" but instead of a length they have a "duration". The length of a streak depends on how fast it is traveling. Faster streaks are longer and if they stop moving they disappear entirely. That would be the major quality that neither can imitate of the other.
  28. I wanted to start off simple but had thought about making more "puzzle looking" pieces ...something to try later
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