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  2. Hi Roger, I don't recall a switch but I think the key is to have the action "Length" equal to the time of the end-of-cycle keyframe that is a copy of the start-of-cycle keyframe. That seems to work in this sample PRJ. Robot05k2 egg .prj If you are watching your cycle in in real time you will want your Play Range set to be no longer than your last frame. When I had a slower computer I think I had to set the Play Range one frame short but when I look at this project today it doesn't seem to need that.
  3. I'm working on my very first human walk cycle. (My hat's off to anyone who gets a believable cycle without days (weeks?!) worth of tweaking.) I have a vague memory that there used to be switch that compensated for the fact that the first and last frames of the cycle are identical. I don't remember what its name was and can't find a reference to anything like it. Is this still a thing?
  4. Been a while since I posted an update so here's the first minute (55 seconds) of the intro to I Got Reincarnated in Minecraft.
  5. which way is best I guess it depends on what you want
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  7. My world is upside down today. I will leave the house in a few minutes and will be gone until Thursday. I am sorry I will miss this week. I was looking forward to this evening even bragging a bit. I will be back in touch later this week.
  8. I dunno man, last time I listened to the cool kids I got into trouble...
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  10. Mova on up to answers to your A:M questions at Live Answer Time at Noon CDT on Saturday June 3, 2023. Totally not a Nazi, silent screen star Alla Nazimova was born on this day in 1879.
  11. Do you have an AM reports issue number for that?
  12. You can still join our new C++ study group! It's fun, it's exciting, all the cool kids are doing C++ these days.
  13. That is an interesting Hair result! Almost like a robe!
  14. @Rodney @Roger @Shelton Robbie For our first meeting you will want to get four things done. Download and install Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 "Community" edition Sign up for a free account to Udemy.com. Enroll in free Udemy course "C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners" and watch Lesson 1 "Introducing C++" Get a personal Google Account so you will be able to attend our Google Meet sessions. Get the computer you will use to do C++ set up with a microphone and earphones so you can participate in our Google Meet session. No camera needed. Getting Visual Studio... Go to https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/downloads/ and choose the "Free Download" of the "Community" edition You will be prompted to save a setup file. Save it to where you can find it, like to your desktop... Run the Setup file. It will lead you through several steps... The installer will give you many options for downloads. Uncheck everything except "Desktop development with C++" We'll check your installation at our first meeting. You will be able to add Getting course at Udemy... When you put "C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners" in the Udemy search bar you should get an option for a course taught by John Purcell. Choose than one! It is free.
  15. No patch for error loading files from a nas? Seemed long file path names crashed v19 when trying to load a prj. I had posted in bug reports. Ended back with the cd version. Thanks
  16. Dude, we hear you. You are holding am on your shoulders and there is no need for "sorries".
  17. Just do what you can, we appreciate your hard work. Hopefully things slow down a bit for you.
  18. Thought it be funb to see Amplitude help the models dance dance.avi mixkit-dance-with-me-3.wav 2danc.prj
  19. Tubehead was born the same time as Youtube. Then I felt as infantile when Teletubies reached me. As Buster Keaton claims in his "Navigator" , where unawareness lives, bliss exists. I still find it hard to believe. GoldDisk uses cells, and I scribbled 6:59 minutes in TubeHead. That comes to 12600 cells in ten years time. I can hardly believe. 🙃
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  21. Welcome to A:M, @Madfox! Glad to have you! Cool to see what Tubehead is all about! He was trippy.
  22. Agree with Rob...thanks for all your hard work Jason!! AM rocks because of you..!
  23. Amplitude is great Untitled__videoconverter.com (1).mp4
  24. We appreciate your efforts on behalf of A:M, Jason!
  25. Hello All, For the past few weeks my work has had major projects and we are short staffed. I have been working almost everyday and have not been able to get to email, support, or the forums. I'm no call Monday but only paper work is planned for me for that day. I'm going to get back on top of Hash, Inc stuff on that day too. I'm sorry to anyone I have not email pr pm'd back that has support questions but I'm working 12 hours a day at my job and really have just been dead tired and every time I think I'm going to have time something new comes up.
  26. For anyone following along... After some testing, Saladeen and I concluded "Mirror Constraints" was working correctly except for Spherical Euler Limits. That may be a bug that needs to be reported.
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