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  2. So I've had to revalidate my account with my old email address because I couldn't get it validated with the NEW address, never received the validation email despite numerous attempts with 2 different email addresses. Likewise, I tried creating a whole new account with one of my alternate emails, thinking that might work. That did not work. Not sure what is going on with your validation process, but I would rather not leave things as they stand.
  3. @Jason Simonds I've sent you a PM
  4. With a AM character and two random picture I found online created this simple animation to relax afte a rather busy day
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  6. Cool man, I agree about the time issue, if there was more time for AM life would be better 😁 Keep up the great work
  7. Last week
  8. Thom trying to disguise himself from my posts


  9. Thank you Aldrich, Appreciate it, if I had more time I'd take you up on your offer.
  10. Ahhh awesome, I thought it would be something similar, Dylan Perry asked the question too, we are always looking for more hands when we get jobs, if you're interested in paid jobs I'll let Dylan know and he can contact you, you're really talented man, youtube channel is a great showcase of your work.
  11. Thanks for checking out my Blockheads anim! Achieving the stop motion look is done by using the hold keyframe interpolation. By going to Tools/Options and changing the default Keyframe Interpolation to Hold instead of it's usual Spline you get a more pose to pose look.
  12. Awesome, I just saw the block heads animation - you captured the stop motion look perfectly ! Its pretty ground breaking to get the stop motion look since 3D animation is way too smooth, could you share how you achieved this with AM ?
  13. They are not the same, it may come in an update but as of now it's not supported
  14. @Jason Simonds, I presume this change will also happen for the A:M bug tracker site?
  15. Another quick time-lapse, needed some trees for my snowman scene. 🌲🌲🌲
  16. My granddaughter loves those shorts. We watch all the time.
  17. could not remember how to setup amplitude but got the results I was tinkering toward mp4 version: testingmodelidea.mp4 testingmodelidea.avi
  18. Thanks, Robert! That gives me a few more things to think about.
  19. I never understood how giving all your passwords to someone else to manage got to be a recommended security practice. I'll do what we did at Nortel... put all my passwords on a Post-it under my mouse pad.
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