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  2. I ran the A:M three teapots benchmark on my Core 2 Quad Q6600 machine. At the stock speed of 2.4GHz it takes about 5:10 per frame I have a utility to overclock the CPU. At 2.8GHz it takes about 4:14 per frame, which is about 20% improvement for only a 16% increase in speed. But at 3.0GHz the time goes up to 4:40 per frame. So what goes wrong at that higher speed?
  3. trying out an idea with a cartoon like lightening bolt here is first attempt lightening.prj
  4. This clip used a Rotoscope and Rendered as Image Sequence both Shaded & Wireframe and Final (16 passes) in A:M, and then edited in Video Sequencer Editor in Blender. FatMan_Impack_24fps_fin_mix_loss_0000-0360.mp4
  5. yes, but it work now, thank you very much.
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  7. Try to export the model (.obj) from Amimation: Master to import (.obj) into Blender then try lighting and Render. Try both Render Engine: Eevee and Render Engine: Cycles, with Render having clear background (alpha). And then overlapping a background, adding a (bobby) graphic logo, and adding text in GIMP
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  9. That is very good. I don't know about running it from the mac side but on my PC I get faster benchmark times if I run several instances of A:M (number of cores - 1) and send them all rendering simultaneously. Just one instance of A:M wasn't enough to get Windows to throttle the CPU up to full speed.
  10. wow AM bench test results. 2013 mac pro trashcan Same system but booted into windows 10 (not emulated) AM 19j win version render time 2:00 min even. Same system but booted into mac using parallels running win 10 Am win version 19j render time 2:04 seconds Conclusion Emulation is basically as good as booting into windows on a mac with a dual boot machine. In the passed when using am I generally liked to boot into windows because at that point its a real pc with no compromises running AM, and it's taking advantage of the full power of the system. But the downside is that I'm locked out of my mac while rendering something, meaning I can't answer my mac mail and do my everyday mac related tasks while rendering booted into windows. Now with these parallels AM bench test results showing almost no performance slow down I have eliminated this issue having my cake and eating it too. Well with 1 downside, If I want to render an animation I need all the cores and threads which in parallels are decided up between the mac and the windows, but if its just 1 frame no issues.
  11. Cool! He previously had a website where he made them available but the links are all broken now. Here is the link to his Youtube page... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUOzJhz941BBdMMb6gg0R1g/videos Thanks for contacting him, Mike!
  12. I have been searching for Barry Zundel's legendary tutorials online without any success. So I sent him an email, and marvelously, he has uploaded all of them to Youtube. If you search his name you will find them straight away. regards Mike
  13. after Robcat helped steer me into using a pose to control displacement it did not look very good but nice to know its possible so I tweaked what I had and am posting the results using the earlier method I posted Untitled.avi
  14. I will be busy preparing for a visit with one of our A:M users, so there will be no Live Answer Time on Saturday January 18 2020. January 18 is the 138th birthday of Winnie-the-Pooh creator Alan Alexander Milne.
  15. The poll has closed! Watch this space!
  16. I just tried an ultra simple test case with this PRJ saved in v18 Groomong Test03v18p.prj Try that in your v19j and see what happens.
  17. I have been wanting to get back to several ideas I have had. So yesterday I pulled up several character models created in ver 18 or 19. I am running the current version of AM and all the groomed hair was sticking straight up. Opened the model in 18 and it is fine. in version 19j1 the hair guides are groomed but the hair is sticking straight up. Also, all the maps either png or tga were no longer alpha channeled. I had several maps with color and bump maps. Has anyone else opened a previously created model with the hair issues?
  18. @robcat2075 & @rusty I would have to know what web browser you are using. This is the first I have heard of that happening to anyone. But this weekend I can look into that. while I do the update.
  19. @Jason Simonds Jason, does the password problem Rusty describes in the above post sound like anything fixable?
  20. I figured... thanks Rob- 32 it is!
  21. Rob, It's completely consistent and cookies are on. I don't need cookies to remember a password. Every time my password is rejected and I have to recover my password to login. Very strange. I've been into AE too much and need to get back to A:M. I'll have a look at your tutorials Rob. Cheers, Rusty Edit: I completely ditched the post ideas and started over.
  22. Hi Matt, There does seem to be a pinching of "spherical" maps on lo-res splineage. I was able to make it unnoticeable with a 32-section sphere. You should be able to swap that in without having to redo the animation.
  23. It has been a while since I've posted any fun stuff I've made with A:M... I use Element3D and C4D more and more these days... but a client wanted this animated globe with photos being stuck to it by pins and thinking how to rig it up in either of those 2 apps gave me 'the fits'. This simply uses 'orient like' and 'translate to' constraints for the photos and pins to get them to rotate and stay in place on the globe as I spin it. All moving elements in A:M... text and post was done in AE. Funny thing on this job... the client- a young woman(not that that matters) did not understand why I needed to spin the globe at all. Can't you get India, China, Austria, Portugal and Mexico all in the same shot on a globe? I asked if I can flatten the map... no- it needs to be a GLOBE. Geography! I asked her to look at a globe if she has one... no. At home maybe? No. Google Earth? No. I had to render it out so she could have her 'ohhh' moment. Weirdness... After making a globe in Element3D and then the same in A:M using spherical decal placement (easy!) I was disappointed to notice the horizontal lines have a bit of distortion that looks inaccurate in A:M... you can see the wobble to the lines in the animation- primarily in the oceans. Wondering what that is all about... I used a sphere with 8 subdivisions... I will try a higher number and see if that fixes and report back. Magna Globe Where are You3.mp4
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  25. Yes Robert the cho would work fine for my needs ,dont kno why I didnt just think of that .Sorry for the delay answering but for some reason I couldnt log in.When I rener to file the charector looks sort of squoshed and short maybe its the format I render to . thanks for your help I think I lost the plot somewhere
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