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  2. A render of Serg's PRJ... serge000h2000.mp4
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  4. Upgraded to a new computer, downloaded my Hash software , and it's not allowing me to open because its license to my old computer.  How can I correct this issue?  

    1. robcat2075


      Hi Saladeen,

      You are correct that the license key will only work on the old computer.

      Typically you will buy a new subscription for a new computer. I usually wait to change computers until my A:m sub is about to expire anyway.

      Sometimes Hash can re-write the license file to work on a new computer for what time is left on the subscription.

      Contact Jason @ Hash . com to inquire about that.

    2. Saladeen


      I have an unlimited version.



    3. Saladeen


      Thank you I will do that!

      greatly appreciate the quick response.

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  6. Would like to activate Hash on my new computer however it's not accepting activation key due to it being " I assume, license to my old computer. 
    What do I need to do to correct this?
  7. That's a good deal on the licensing. Not sure if there is any path from AM to FBX, there might be some 3rd party utilities you may have to hop through. I stopped way back when they changed over to Maya for content creation.
  8. The author of the book I posted (Gerard O'Neill) felt that migration into space would really only start to happen when the private companies got involved. He felt governments are subject to so many bureaucratic and political forces that they cannot operate as efficiently as a private company. Here is a tantalizing picture of what may be coming: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/space-hotel-designs-von-braun-station-scn/index.html
  9. Tour from Space: Inside the SpaceX Crew Dragon Spacecraft on Its Way to the Space Station. It looks surprisingly roomy inside...
  10. May 30 was Mel Blanc's 112th birthday. Hear the "Man of a Thousand Voices" do eight different characters in "Birds Anonymous" (1957)
  11. Live feed of SpaceX launch today (Sat May 30)... EDIT: this is now an archive of the broadcast. The launch begins at about 4:23:04
  12. Idea to try... use Splitpatch to double the density of your ghost mesh and run the simulation again.
  13. Trying out an idea of a simple ghost ghost_mpeg1video.mpg test.prj mp4 version: ghost_mpeg1video.mp4
  14. Live Answer Time returns at egg-zactly 12 Noon, CDT, May 30, 2020 Peter Carl Fabergé, layer of the famous Fabergé Eggs was born on this day in 1846. I'm reminded of a joke David Letterman told back in the 90s "Billionaire Malcom Forbes paid $2 million yesterday for a Fabergé egg. That's a high price but I think he really got taken when he paid another $1 million for some Fabergé bacon."
  15. The "Bugs Bunny - Roadrunner Hour" on Saturday mornings would have been rather different if they had included the WWII cartoons... "Scrap happy Daffy" (1943)
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  17. Yes sure Robcat! That will make things much clear for me. I admire your knowhow.
  18. Sorting found old 3d world cd with some LWO models on it and decide to try AM's import feature which resulted in the swing set Also show spark plug and LWO model in case you might want to try importing ....original model from 1997 swing.prj GA107A.LWO
  19. Many thanks for posting the project and bitmaps... Most generous! Definitely will play around with them. For any space buffs looking forward to the possible rocket launch today of the two astronauts (using a private company) here is a great book pointing to a possible future scenario. Tom
  20. @Madfox @Tom Here is a PRJ you can experiment with. RCH_Plume03j sample.prj SmokeBallA.tga SmokeBallB.tga Notes... There are two sprite examples in the Images folder. Look at them in an image editor to see how they are painted and how the alpha channel creates the soft edge. "B" is softer than "A". You can swap them by clicking on the Image name. Note how the sprites have been shaded on one side to create the illusion of light direction. This needs to be individually crafted to match the real lighting in your scene. There are two "Forces" in the chor that create the curling and rising motion of the smoke. There may be other ways to do that. The Emitter has been animated in the Chor to tilt erratically so that the plume is not exactly the same all the time Quick global changes to the effect can be made by changing parameters in "Sprite System"... Life (0-100%) will change the length of the plume Rate of Emission (0-200%+) will change the density of the plume Opacity (0-100%). low values blend the sprites together better but make for a flatter plume. High values make it lumpier but make the visible "popping" of the sprites as they occlude each other worse. Size (100-300%). Large values create better blend but over-smooth the appearance and lessen the clarity of the edges. You can scrub through the first few seconds to test results. If you want sprites to cast a shadow you will need "Cast Shadows" ON and a ray-traced light in the chor. No shadows is WAY faster. If you want to use NetRender, you will need to "Bake" the particles in the Chor and resave your PRJ.
  21. Because Robert's test deserves to be seen easily... Here it is as a gif animation:
  22. I was trying to do the same thing in the fractal sum question with a thunderbird launch. (lunch08.avi). I tried to copy the effect, but I have no SmokeBallF.
  23. That's what I figured as well Robert. Just thought I'd ask. Still gonna send in the trial request anyway. I hope it does work with the laptop. It'd be nice to work on little models (like background props and stuff), while I'm watching tv on an evening without needing to sit in the office.
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