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  3. Nevermind. It must be the timeshift. In Holland it is wintertime, 1 houre later than Londen. So to define it is a nine hour shaft. 😴
  4. Sorry we missed you! It is still Saturday right now here. The meeting started two hours ago and finished about an hour ago. What time are you in relation to GMT?
  5. I tried a first time log in, but it seems my MGT is saturday 9-12-2023. As I try to compare that was yesterday in your country?
  6. I got myself in a perfect mesh. It looks as if I can make the wavelength roll forward. To keep them going I had to flatten the parts that roll under. Halfway I realized the model had a twisted background. So I changed this. But then I clinched., because the waves weren't in line. After four days hussling I gave up as I became a bit crunched by the case. I knew it wasn't simpel. Just can't get grip on it. Or change 12 rows of nineteen bones again. 🤔 waves.mp4 wavelength.zip
  7. Last week
  8. Don't be bad, bring your A:M questions to Live Answer Time at Noon CST Saturday December 8, 2023. Flautist James Galway was born on this day in 1939.
  9. hi can i get the one on the left the india looking guy
  10. can you make a belly bounce? for a charcterHappy Dance GIF by League of Legends

    1. Pizza Time

      Pizza Time

      using spring system 


    2. robcat2075


      This would be a good Live Answer Time topic!

  11. can you help me make rapid fire for a laser gunMachine Gun Loop GIF by Xbox

  12. Not rendering. Real-time view. What you see when A:M is just sitting there displaying shaded mode.
  13. I rendered the project and the sprites were arrows. Open Gl rendered faster than Open Gl3....that's about it...
  14. Load SpriteAndCookieTest001.prj SpriteTest.zip How do the sprites appear in the real-time shaded view? Are they arrows or squares? How does the patch on the right appear? Arrow? Blank? Red square? Does switching Tools>Options>Global>Real-time Driver change anything? SpriteTest.zip
  15. Thanks for posting the Saturday classes for people who are not able to attend. I downloaded the last two classes for my tutorials folder😄
  16. Hi everybody... it is that time of the year again. Here is another calendar created with A:M. Everyday a new door with a funny, cute or just well done advertisment clip will be there for you to open :). https://advent.targomed.de I hope you have fun :). Best regards and I wish you the best pre xmas time *Fuchur*
  17. The switch structure simplifies situations that might be done with an if and many else ifs and only consider an integer value to decide which else if to do. sample project Golf scores are integers, so are the "par" values for the holes. A player's score on a hole can be just a number but it is often described by how many strokes above or below par it was. Also, there are names for each specific above or below possibility Write a program that prompts the user to input a par for a hole and the players number of strokes on that hole. Output par for the hole, the player's strokes, how many strokes above or below par he was and the golf word for that accomplishment (for up to 3 above or below par). Sample output: Golf Jargon! Enter your score for the hole: 5 Enter the par for the hole: 6 Your score was 5 Par for the hole was 6 You were 1 stroke(s) below par. You played a birdie Sample outputs: Golf Jargon! Enter your score for the hole: 5 Enter the par for the hole: 6 Your score was 5 Par for the hole was 6 You were 1 stroke(s) below par. You played a birdie Golf Jargon! Enter your score for the hole: 7 Enter the par for the hole: 6 Your score was 7 Par for the hole was 6 You were 1 stroke(s) above par. You played a bogey.
  18. At the Dec 2 2023 Live Answer Time we reviewed the basics of flattening a face, applying a decal and painting the decal. The animation we watched at the end of the session is omitted for copyright reasons, but can be found here. @Pizza Time @Roger @Shelton
  19. Welcome back, Rich! It would be cool to see some of your A:M -> 3D prints!
  20. Hey all. Been using A:M mainly for creating 3D printable models over the past few years, but looking for ward to getting back into rendering and animating. Looking forward to bothering all you Maestros again. Thanks, Rich
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