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  2. Typically most of my renders are exteriors shot under direct sunlight. Since I have this factory in the background I thought I'd take a crack at an interior with sun and sky light streaming through the windows. Ultimately the desk will be pushed against a nearby wall so I don't have to ask any awkward questions about where the lamp and phone cords go. The ceiling has a few hanging incandescent lamps, the hand car under repair is under one of them.
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  4. If you drill down far enough to expose single channels in the PWS, a small symbol of a "curve" becomes visible that is really three drop-down lists. The middle one sets the default interpolation for the channel and has itsy-bitsy icons representing the behavior of the four choices... The first and last drop-downs contain choices for pre- and post- extrapolation, again with icons representing the behaviors. By default, A:M uses "quaternion" representation/interpolation of bone rotations. Among other advantages it never creates the
  5. Thanks David, Attached is the project that has the woman model and a modified version of the male model. I also put the Skylights that I use for rendering. I get good results using them and it's pretty quick. 36 passes in 4 minutes on an old computer. Initially both models were just faces. I quickly modeled the bodies for rendering purposes so they are gonna be a mess. I added the porcelain to smooth while I am modeling. So if someone does not use it the models will have severe creases. I don't give any thought to any kind of organization either lol. If something is missing from these projec
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  7. I do not have much time right now, but just as a headsup for the pre- and post-interpolation stuff: You can do it for one axis only and stuff like that but you do not have to. Just click on the "Bones" folder and then select everything by pressing "CTRL + A". Now right-click on the selection and choose the pre- or post-interpolation you want to have there. In general I do not use it very often... in general I just repeat the action itself not in the action itself, but yes you can of cause do it. Best regards *Fuchur*
  8. Hey Hashers, Didn’t think I would be back so soon with another question (s). I tell ya, I was doing just fine breezing through this book until I got to Action Basics. This is deceptively the shortest chapter in the tome, yet it’s the one that’s caused the most head scratching. Ok, so I tried to scan the part of the book that's befuddling me and upload it here, but that's just not working out for me. I will retype it: “Each driver has it’s own setting for it’s default interpolation, located in the PWS next to the name of the driver. There are actually three pull-down menus loc
  9. Just great... everything about it... the dedication, the story of you and your girlfriend and the clip is fun too :). Well done my friend! Can't wait for the full episode. Best regards *Fuchur*
  10. Here are a couple of characters that I have been working on. The dad from Family Dog and another character I made yesterday. There are issues with models but I'll upload them if I can clean them up.
  11. Thanks but my ideas bounce around all the time to. Too often I'm working on three episodes at the same time! 😆
  12. Did a follow up test with three meshes, Blue is 4 patches, Red is 25 patches and Yellow is 100 patches. All three responded to a Force...so not sure why the other "Magician Trick" handkerchiefs didn't work with a low mesh model. Another mystery of AM.... Thanks for sharing your stuff Andy! MeshTest.mp4
  13. Maybe this project can serve as a starter question. Attached is a project that I can't get to work. Pretty simple really ...three handkerchiefs are supposed to fly out of magic hat. No matter how big the force, they simply fall down...hmmmm MagicTrick.prj
  14. We'll all be cozy at Live Answer Time at Noon CDT on Saturday, October 17 2020 Jazz Drummer and composer Cozy Cole was born on this day in 1909.
  15. thanks...no rush...those are valuable documents for the AM community!
  16. Your commitment to a single animation theme/story is admirable Chuck. I'm bouncing around with animation and ideas all the time.
  17. I'm behind on everything. I'll make a post here when the several yet-to-be-posted installments are up.
  18. I was looking for the tutorial on October 3....the one that went into CP weighting and smartskin. I'll keep checking to see if it is available.
  19. Thanks. Yeah, I knew her for 32 years. It was pretty ironic that she had such a great voice for this character. We made six episodes together before she passed. Currently, a friend is doing her voice. she sounds quite different but she is working out well.
  20. Sorry to hear about your girlfriend Chuck. Sounded like a good partnership.
  21. This one is actually a project that my late girlfriend and I started almost ten years ago. she played the voice of the fox and since she passed almost three years ago, I put it on the shelf for a while. My brother convinced me to finish it as a tribute to her.
  22. Looking good Chuck, 7 minutes of animation!!! How long have you been working on this?
  23. I'm currently working on an episode for Youtube. Running time will be around 6 or 7 minutes. Watch out for wampires! Bat Fail Low Res.wmv
  24. My material layout if anyone is interested
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