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  2. Thanks, Robert. I was not sure this technique would work. When it did, I was very happy with the result. Opens up a lot of visual possibilities.
  3. I'll aim to be on time for Live Answer Time at Noon CDT, Saturday April 17, 2021 Arthur Lake, the movies' always-late-for-work Dagwood, was born on this day in 1905.
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  5. That is your most interesting result yet! I had not even considered that decals on a boolean cutter would transfer. Great work!
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  7. Third and perhaps final movie in the Prismatic series, Prismatic Dance is made from one video clip and an audio track. No sprites in this movie. The single model used in the choreography is a simple block shape with 4 spheres. The same light-box color pattern (TGA image sequence) from the other Prismatic movies is decaled onto each of the spheres. The spheres are Boolean cutters. As the spheres move, grow, and shrink over the course of the animation, they transfer the color patterns to the carved out surfaces of the block. Here is a wireframe/shaded birds-eye view of the cho 2 mi
  8. I think everyone here is pretty much on the latest version, version o. I always have v15-18 installed also, so it is easy to to test if some change has happened.
  9. Thank you! Personally, I think it looks more like a toy than an actual ship lol. When I look back at those years, my early to late teens, there is one show that stands out. It's Robotech. I never saw the original Macross. I was influenced by the cool stuff, yes. For me, it's always been a love story set against the backdrop of war, and not a war story that ends up with two people being together. If I could recreate that show from the ground up, THAT would be worth it lol
  10. After a few hiccups with amplitude I am ready to have more fun,,,, Liberty.mp4
  11. Hey Everyone. Great to see you all still splining and all. I'm about to "Re-Subscribe." BIG Thanks to Robcat for e-mailing me back with the new features since I've been away. Was wondering if you guys have a suggestion as to the most stable V.19 version. A while back, I encountered some issues with V.19 and had to go back to 17 and 18 to finish a project.
  12. Great use for a 3d Printer, Nice to see people repurposing and fixing things instead of just disposing.
  13. robcat how do you determine the numbers to setup the Pose? i see the 1st attribute is not set and the 2nd to 100% transparency but how do you make such a sharp line between 0 and 100% transparency in the Pose?
  14. Thanks for the responses. Haven't yet used the gradient material - this looks perfect I'll give it a shot.
  15. Here is a version of your PRJ that works when the mesh for each box bone is a separate enclosed box. Ribbon_SeparateBoxes.prj
  16. If I had to do the sort of scene you are planning I would do the moving transparency gradient ploy. I think that gets the smoothest motion and is easiest to modify. ThreadReveal5Z000.mp4
  17. Hi everybody, I think everybody knows that and it just recently drove me nuts again... this small little stand for keyboards which break and a totally fine keyboard is just no longer pleasant to be used and you would need to throw it away which is totally wasteful if you ask me... So I bought a thousands of dollar 3d printer and printed something out to get over tha... Not really... it has been used in many, many instances like that over the last 7 years or so and I think it should be fine today especially if you count in the fun I had with it . Here is the result and the bro
  18. Hmmm... I notice it works in an orthogonal view, but no other. Possible work-arounds... Use muscle mode to animate the Boolean Cutter. I did that to reveal an S shape at Live Answer Time June 20 2020 https://forums.hash.com/topic/48801-live-answer-time-less-live-archived-versions/ Model the threads straight. Use a pose slider to adjust a Gradient transparency to reveal them over time. Bend the threads in the chor. Thread Reveal003.prj Notice the shadow is whacky with z-buffered lights... ThreadReveal000.mp4 Ray-traced light fixes that...
  19. Have had animated booleans work but only with one bone in the cutter. Can't seem to get this one to work, am trying to get this "reveal" effect of these cords (threads) as though they're coming off of a spool. Anyone know if this is even possible or have any workarounds? Ribbon.prj Ribbon1.act Ribbon1.mdl
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  21. I got it just need to activate it many thanks
  22. Thank.s very much Gerald am downloading now
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