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  3. Did a bit of research on slime problem here is first try
  4. slight variation...
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  6. Animated turbulence...
  7. Default projects for chapter 10 and 11 10 Integer types Pick out four different kinds of integers of the several available types. Use sizeof() to reveal how many bytes each one uses and use the system constants to find their MIN and MAX values in our compiler environment. As always, label your outputs. Example output... Integer Types Enter bytes of available RAM: 100 The size of an int is 4 bytes. 25 ints can fit in 100 bytes. The maximum value of an int is 2147483647 the minimum value of an int is -2147483648 The size of a short int is 2 bytes. 50 short ints can fit in 100 bytes. The maximum value of a short int is 32767 the minimum value of a short int is -32768 The size of a long int is 4 bytes. 25 long ints can fit in 100 bytes. The maximum value of a long int is 2147483647 the minimum value of a long int is -2147483648 The size of an unsigned long int is 4 bytes. 25 unsigned long ints can fit in 100 bytes. The maximum value of an unsigned long int is 4294967295 the minimum value of an unsigned long int is 0 11 Floating Point types Input or hard code a floating point number into your program and display it back out in default, fixed and scientific notation. Input or hard code a double floating point number and display it back out with different amounts of "precision" Extra... show how many bytes a float and double float occupy. Extra-extra... John Purcell doesn't explain how to turn off fixed and scientific notation. You'll have to look that up! As always, label your outputs. Example output... FLUN with FLOAT Enter a floating point number: 98.6 Number: 98.6 Number in fixed notation: 98.599998 Number in scientific notation: 9.860000e+01 Enter a double floating point number: 3.14159265358979323846 Number in 5 digits: 3.1416 Number in 10 digits: 3.141592654 Number in 15 digits: 3.14159265358979
  8. Streaks leave the emitter in the direction of the patch's surface normal, but if the the patch is turning the streaks that have been emitted will always appear to be lagging since they are continuing in the direction that the patch was facing rather than how it is facing on the current frame. If you need an absolutely rigid "flame" a volumetric light might work well. If you need a more specific shape you could model a series of nested flame shapes that are nearly transparent. I did this with the duplicator wizard. This is just 8 layers. More layers with higher transparency could be used for a smoother fade. RocketFlame01.prj If you need the flame to flicker both the volumetric light and the modeled version can have a turbulence moved through them to create a sense of motion. Ask if you have questions about that..
  9. He looks quite spiffy!
  10. Confirmed. I got a new email with the code. Thanks Jason.
  11. I think I fixed the pending thing. I picked pending because of online notes but I think that was not right for our store.
  12. Last week
  13. thanks and nice shot I used to work at a children's zoo and we had female Jackson's Chameleons - I used to hand feed them with live prey so I'm familiar with this type of view. I still have a license for 3D Coat 3 so I'll see if that works first, otherwise I may upgrade to 3D Coat 4 and try another technique.
  14. Hi Jason. I tried the gift certificate/free checkout and while it now says I have made a transaction, it says that it is pending and hasn't sent a serial number. Is that because my current sub has been extended?
  15. It looks like it's excreting venom and leaving a burning trail as it passes through the system. Pain guarenteed.
  16. great ideas will have to remodel my model As it is I tried to animated it and realized I am a bit rusty my slime and fire breath not working as I was planning
  17. I can see that. I just saw the orange area above as the inside of the mouth. A Lampreys mouth would a cool starting point.
  18. I saw it as a beak. But fangs on a tongue would be even scarier, right?
  19. Aren't those fangs on the underside of its tongue?
  20. Madfox


    I Had seen the patch-to-spline button earlier, but was not able to use it. Untill I read the tutorial from Fucher and then it became clear to me. I just thought it would work on the model itself but it had needed a special setup. Thanks for that. I decided to make use of it, as it is a good way to cloath a model. Using the Basic Man model I made a thunderbird astronaut. As I could not use the face I took one I made of my own face. It is a bit scattered, but after some transistions it started to look a bit like Scotty Tracey. Yes, a good move to simplify high vertice models into squads, or again, cloathes. I got that funny error in the trowsers, I think I need to make another patch.
  21. Yikes. Scary stuff Robert. Since we are feature requesting.... Maybe a ball of hairy particles on his back? Virus.prj
  22. Back in the game boys. Added in Darren's scar and rendered him out again.
  23. I'm on call but off work today. Getting through some tasks. I think I fixed gift card checkout in the store. Getting on top support email. getting backup of hash, inc to work more reliably .
  24. Maybe he looks a bit too friendly John? Not sure how scary you want him to be though.
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