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  2. Hi Nate! I recall Martin saying years ago that A:M wasn't built to be a CAD modeler and it wasn't a niche they intended to pursue. You've been warned! None-the-less A:M does have strong OBJ and STL exporters and a number of A:M users are using A:M to create objects for 3D printing*. True modeling Booleans for Splines is a big leap. If you need it, I suggest modeling in A:M as if you were going to use its render Booleans, export the base model and the "cutter" as separate OBJs, then import both into one of those programs that people use to fix polygon models for 3D printing and do the Boolean cut in that. *Our Image Contest Medal is modeled in A:M, 3D printed in resin, then the resin print is used to cast medals in pewter... https://forums.hash.com/topic/48234-the-image-contest-medal-and-certificates/?tab=comments#comment-413200
  3. Thanks. I look forward to it.
  4. I have been looking for years for a modeler as flexible as A:M but for more cad based modeling, 3d printer stuff. The last I checked A:M was still lacking true boolean cutting and I know it wasn't designed for some kinds of constraints and dimensioning. But I'd love to use the simple yet powerful features of A:M for cad style modeling and I don't think it'd be a hard addon for the programmers at hash. I'd really like it if I could just at least model in there and export for finishing in another program that's more specialized. I've been using some cad programs lately and I just really miss the flexibility of good 'ol A:M for pure modeling. Sure you can make a box and square easy in those crappy cad programs but as soon as you try something with more detail it get laborious to deal with. Find it stupid you can't just grab a vertex and move it in those solid modelers. Besides my opinion, Cad has become alot more popular with 3D printers and with a few add-ons to the already powerful A:M it'd add alot of attention to this great software. Even just a side app that just models would be awesome as well with just a couple tweeks to the modeling for cad it'd be solid. Haven't used A:M for quite some time but I do miss its ease of use. Just as it is, it's not useful for what I like to do right now.
  5. Hello, I'm really sorry about this. I have been way way behind on email. I have sent your activation and I will get your order shipped tomorrow.
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  7. Sorry you're having trouble, Benjamin! I'll inquire.
  8. On September 27th I ordered the $299 version of Animation: Master and the Tin Woodsman of Oz DVD. I haven't received my order as of October 20th. I emailed the Hash Store twice with no response, the phone number is no longer in service, I tried both emailing the hash support and using the contact form on the Hash support and contact page. I have not received any response to any of them. I checked just now and I think before when I checked my order it had the option of canceling each item, now it return. Does that mean it finally shipped or is it automatically closing out the order since it has been over 3 weeks? Is there any way to get a response to check the status of my order? I would like to get the items I paid for, but if I can't get them would I be able to get a refund if there is no option to cancel my order, I didn't get the items to return (the only option I see), the phone number is no longer in service, and any emails I send I don't receive any response back. What should I do?
  9. Had to get back to tinkering time thank you Robcat for the cloth remonder ghostly.prj
  10. Last week
  11. Wow. Above and beyond! Thanks a bunch, Rob! Appreciated!
  12. That's actually a first for me. Any time I've seen or purchased a video training series, it's included the reference images so you could follow along. Interesting. Thanks for the clarification!
  13. Try these. I reconstructed these from screen captures...
  14. I have the training video CD's but there is no reference image included...just the will.mdl
  15. Howdy, Rob. I'm referring to his character modeling vids, including the body and head portions. Specifically, starting from here: I'd like to follow along with those, but I can't because I can't find the rotoscopes anywhere.
  16. I've opted to go for a simpler look that closer resembles the 2D style I used for the book. Gonna be a fair bit of work but it's coming along nicely.
  17. Another option might be to craft an image that appears as if it is tooned to use as a hair particle
  18. Cheers Robert, I tried turning on the lines in the fur material of the model and it didn't come on. So I made a new material with the lines on and they work. It doesn't suit the overall style of that version of the model, but good to know. Thanks again.
  19. By "particles" you mean hair? I can get hair toon lines by setting Toon in the Hair surface props. It doesn't seem to obey color and thickness unless those are set in the render settings. (Notice that toon lines only render if they have patches behind them.)
  20. Guys, is there a a way to make toon lines detect the edges of particles? Even with the particles baked the toon lines are drawn around the underlying geometry.
  21. I'm liking this. Can't wait to see it in an animation.
  22. Does anyone have the reference images he's using? Kind of surprising he wouldn't include them with the videos.
  23. Yes it can be done.. The workflow is to turn off the Pose with the Kinematic constraint in it Select the Bone and start a SmartSkin for it Rotate the bone to each extreme you expect it to need to do, Adjust the mesh for each extreme close the SmartSkin turn the constraint pose back on. Be sure to do this with a real geometry bone and not one that the bone is merely constrained to.
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