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  2. Here are few threads related to our discussion of cartoon-shaped eyes today... https://forums.hash.com/topic/47653-detbear-simple-cartoon-eye-rig/#comment-408539 https://forums.hash.com/topic/13601-cartoon-eyes/
  3. Sorry if I posted this earlier just sorting stuff on PC chickenfrog105.prj
  4. "Sea Hunt" was a favorite of mine and my friends' when we were little. But it was also the occasion for the only impression my mother did. The kid next door couldn't say all his consonants and whenever "Sea Hunt" was on she would talk it like the kid next would say it... "It's Mi' Nelthun!"
  5. Many thanks for that video, Rob! It helped in what I was doing as well as opened some new avenues that I'll explore when I find the time. I may investigate Live Answer Time one of these Saturdays, but I'm juggling quite a bit right now. I'm usually up at the Dallas Maker's Space around noon. But I will try to find the time... maybe if we get another freeze this February and there's nothing else that I CAN do... - Mike
  6. That reminds me of MST3K. When they had an old Lloyd Bridges movie on, they would quote from Sea Hunt with his voice: "By this time my lungs were aching for air." 😀
  7. Live Answer Time is your bridge to A:M answers! Come visit at Noon CST, Saturday January 15, 2022! "Sea Hunt" star Lloyd Bridges was born on this day in 1913.
  8. Thank you Robcat. As always you are a font of eternal wisdom.
  9. At the upper right corner of the forum there is an "envelope" icon to send and read private messages. Click that and choose "Compose New" address it to "Jason Simonds" When you have private messages waiting to be read, a red number will appear there.
  10. I got an automated reply telling me to send a message to Jason at the forum. I do not know how to do that. Is there some instruction that tells you how to proceed?
  11. This was uber useful! Thanks again, Robcat!
  12. I guess you'll have to send a PM or email to Jason Simonds and ask him to resend your serial key notification. Expect that the turn-around on that will not be instantaneous. I suppose it's too late to hope that that email is in your email trash folder. That would be so much simpler and faster.
  13. There is no record of the 1/4/2022 reactivation transaction on my account. I have the confirmation order number and proof of payment, but it does not appear on the account history. The last transaction that shows was 1/6/2021, which has the last serial key. Is it possible that 2022 transactions are not recording on the store site?
  14. You can log into your account at the Hash Store and choose "serial numbers" to see your serial keys
  15. I wrote it down and deleted the email that contained it. I do have the order number from the purchase. Is it possible to get the serial key re-sent?
  16. Try copy-and-pasting the serial key from the email text
  17. Thanks for the reply. I changed the master0.lic and tried to restart A:M: The system asked for the serial key and I entered it with dashes as it appeared on the email that was sent verifying the reactivation. The system ignored the entries and kept asking for the serial key to be re-entered. I then tried to enter the serial key without dashes and I got the following: RLM error -1021 Any other suggestions?
  18. HI Mike! I'm in DFW. But did you know we do Live Answer Time every Saturday? You should drop by! But to your question... try this...
  19. I think Steffen can't change the "error -3" but he could at least interpret it differently and give a more human readable output too. Would you like to file a request into /reports? Best regards *Fuchur*
  20. Hi guys, Well, I come to you now because I find myself at another impasse. This is something which I get the impression should be simple but I’m making it harder than it really is. This is also an instance where I think I would benefit much more from an in-person, class type setting then trying to interpret words out of a book. It’s a communication issue. The project is the creation of a gear. Everything up through the first image I am fine with. I can get something which looks like figure 6.13 I have also gathered that when they go on to say “select two CPs, skip two CPs”, we are actually talking about groups of eight CPs at a time. The illustrations certainly display that. “These points are scaled down to make the valleys…” Stop right there… Am I scaling X, Y or Z, or all three? I’ve tried all those combinations and I do not get what I want (figure 6.14), or do they mean something else? And scale them by how much? The next sentence also baffles me “Select the entire gear and change the magnitude of all the splines to 10”. I’m afraid I don’t know what they’re talking about. Help clarifying any or all of this would be appreciated. Also, I seem to recall that one of you was in the DFW area and if you are available for one on on tutoring in this semi-post covid universe (I got the booster, FWIW), I would definitely like to talk. As always, thank ye much. - Mike
  21. Gerald, do you think that is a message that Steffen could alter or is that built into the licensing code?
  22. So you have a new subscription and the new key already? Then you just have to go to your installation folder of A:M, rename "master0.lic" to something like "master1.bak" and start A:M again. It then should ask you to input your new subscription key and if you put it in, it should be working again :). Best regards *Fuchur*
  23. I knew my subscription expired on 1/7/2022. When I tried to start A:M: on that day I got a message RLM error -3. I sent the following email on 1/7/2022: I paid for a subscription update and got a new serial key, but when my current subscription expired, I got the message RLM error -3 Please email support@hash.com to activate by email. It has been 4 days with no response. How long do we go before we conclude that nothing is going to change?
  24. Have not posted or awhile maybe because I am going to the birds roughbird.prj
  25. Earlier
  26. Nevermind. I found it.
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