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  2. Ted Cassidy was great in that episode. I hope you guys are recording tomorrow. I won't be able to attend due to a conflicting webinar that I paid for.
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  4. You rang? We'll be ringing up answers at Live Answer Time on Saturday, July 31 2021, at Noon CDT. Actor Ted Cassidy was born on this day in 1932.
  5. I'll note that in my "Luxo Simple" , the "Head Control" and "Base Control" nulls are not necessary. I just added them on top of the "Head" and "Base" bones because nulls are easier to grab and move onscreen.
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  7. Hooray! And there was much rejoicing.
  8. FOUND IT!!!!! It was the old "Phantom within a Phantom" syndrome! You'd be proud of me robcat! There were a couple of old Pose sliders hiding in the model that would show up in the properties panel and pose slider window but NOT in the PWS relationship folder!!! (not sure how that happens but then I still haven't figured how Santa delivers all those gifts in one night either) So once I found those I gleefully deleted them and all was right with my tiny little world. Many thanks to you and all the other AM ninjas who take the time to help me.
  9. Hey Edward, how about if you bring this to Live Answer Time on Saturday?
  10. STL files are good for the single continuous geometry. When there are multiple objects and shapes that intersect then obj files work better for some slicing software. I remember formlabs software that uses meshlabs would cause grooves where you may have co-planer faces on the prints. Other oddities was hollows where shapes intersected each other. Obj format it was repairable within the application. Anyways if possible just make a clean model without errors if possible.
  11. That's like something in the background of mad scientist lab.
  12. I'll give it a look but it may not be very soon. If any of our other sleuths want to look, that will be super, of course.
  13. Set up the gradient materials and the pose sliders exactly as robcat did but can only get the trailing end to work. Been over and over all the details for 2 days and I give up. See attached prj file. Hope your listening robcat. I'm missing something obviously. Just can't find it. ThreadsEnigma.prj
  14. If you make a car in that other 3D software it won't automatically know what parts are the wheels and what parts are the doors. You will have to somehow group the polygons for each part so the software knows they are supposed to move together. That is done in A:M by adding a bone and then selecting the CPs that will belong to it. The hierarchy of those bones can be arranged and re-arranged in the PWS. It is possible in A:M to drag around the end of a chain of bones and the chain will behave in an IK fashion, even if you have not made an IK constraint. It is PO
  15. Tinkering with a glass container idea here is the rough start trial.prj
  16. Bones will be the simplest and best way to control mechanical objects. You will have to add them. It won't be automatic. It won't be like a full human rig but you will have parts attached to bones and probably use constraints to simplify maneuvering them. Here is a simple Luxo example LuxoSimple002.prj It uses a few bones and constraints much like an IK Leg or IK Arm. luxoJump750.mp4
  17. Hello, I'm still not on vacation but continue to explore gently AM. In the case of an object with mechanical articulation (luxo, excavator) is one obliged to have a rigging with bones and a skeleton ? In this case, many 3D software adopt a "simple" hierarchy objects and we can still benefit from IK. Is this possible with AM ? Am I using copy move and rotate constraints to attach objects? thank you see you soon
  18. I’m really disheartened. I have a v13 cd (the “yeti” version) that I just tried to install—unsuccessfully. I have been really frustrated trying to learn blender, because A:M made everything so easy…it really spoiled me to all other 3D packages But I can’t justify the expense of a new a:m license right now.
  19. I'm probably still making all of my old mistakes...lol Unlike before, I'm building just a basic model. I turned up the Ambiance on the white to make the other colors stand out. It's not done, yet. I'm not sure which color to use for the decals. My favorite color is green. The traditional markings are red.
  20. Why export to obj ? Why not export to STL then slice the model to get it in gcode. I have found that the measurement system in hash is off by an order of 100 percent, so when slicing you may need to increase the size of the model. Another thing to watch out for is positioning of that model on the print bed. There are going to be a whole lot of supports, and if the model is delicate it will be next to impossible to clean it up.
  21. She wanted to sing this song,,,,,so rough amplituded a picture guy_x264.mp4
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  23. Glad to see you're back at it! Restarting something isn't always bad, it's a chance to not make old mistakes.
  24. Since I'm starting over, I always start with this. It's my favorite vehicle from my favorite movie. There are no decals, yet. I'm still building it. Eventually, it will have an R2 socket and completely animated. It comes directly from the 1977 schematics and my personal memory of having the physical model. It is a work in progress. It's awesome to have this outlet.
  25. Take your time, there's no rush.
  26. Well, I think Robert should stop being lazy and get the Image Contest video done! He really doesn't have any good reasons to not have that out yet. (but, thanks guys!)
  27. will check further thanks for looking
  28. I wish I had more time to get out to this forum, but lately work has had me flat out. So I'm late to the party. But yes, Robert does a bunch or work to keep us all living the a:m dream, and I for one while not expressing that enough, appreciates his efforts.
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