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  2. looking at stuff on old AMcd found this animation and rendered it meows.avi
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  4. Looks like they over expanded and "Disney+" wasn't enough of a audience for the expanded output. I bet Disney+ gets sold off to Netflix or just closed in a few years. Too many streamers out there for the market. On the bright side, all the newly-unemployed can put "former Pixar" on their résumé. That will get attention.
  5. Pixar is laying off 14% of their workforce, animators seem like another career threatened by AI- https://www.reuters.com/business/media-telecom/pixar-animation-lay-off-about-14-workforce-2024-05-21/
  6. It is a depressing thought that AI animation is being chosen over hand crafted animation....
  7. Yeh.., that sure looks good!!! Scares the universe out of me! ..,but I tend my ambition to the old animated results. Not that I have a bad relation with AI, but it comes to me as , well..., there is no soul in sparkel on a worldwide spooking on peoples contribution. 🥲 Not sure what happened. I can't find my entry on the site page anywhere. It has vanished from the board. If I hadn't made a screenshot I would be on the run for ever. Let's say: participating is more convienent than winning! 🙃
  8. Not wanting to argue over a 60s marionette, but from everything I can find his first name is Aloysius. Anyway it's a cool model none the less. I used to love watching Thunderbirds as a kid.
  9. You might not be so familiar with his first name James Parker. I can imagine. There are five Tracey's for each Thunderbird. While working on these I can't escape to the somehow "vintage retro" I get, because of the new video's there are nowadays about the subject. They go really fast and extensive, much more than the animations of the 60's. Of course it are computer assigned cartoons that take grip of once attention immediatly. If I search at my consious of attention it reminds me of screenshots of early movies it seems to me everything is much faster. Normally it takes thirty seconds to interprent what is going on in a scene, while in cartoons it takes just four or five seconds. It must have something to do with my age, and knowledge of the TV2000 scene.
  10. Good news. That does appear to resolve the problem!
  11. James? I thought lady Penelope's driver was called Parker?
  12. Oh... well here is the file. 🙃 AM_TB6_Jamez.zip
  13. I have been modelling some more on the Thunderbirds theme. I had most of them so I decided to make the Thunderbird 6 model automobile. And what is the mobile without its driver Jamez. The car design turned out a bit high : 32627 patches 59323 CP's.Mostly spend on the extra detailed wheels.
  14. @Rodney the latest update to Chrome has fixed the problem of John's GIF animation in the first post not showing up. Does it show for you now?
  15. Earlier
  16. I should add... Clicking on the sprockets at the top will refresh the forum and thereby display any new content.
  17. We don't get to compete for placement on an A:M program CD any more so the banner is a good way to pick up where that left off... with even more frequency. The emphasis is to highlight topics of interest from the moment someone opens the forum. Post cool stuff and we'll spotlight it at the top of the forum! If you have interest in special imagery for the banner not related to specific posts or images or animation you'd like to see released on a specific day... let that be known and we'll try our best to accommodate the request. Private message @robcat2075 or @Rodney for any secret squirrel stuff.
  18. At the top of the forum is a banner of film frames highlighting interesting A:M work, which was a feature of the forum years ago but somehow got lost in a forum-software up date. Click on a frame and it will take you to the relevant post! New frames highlighting new work will will be rotated in over time. Thanks to @Rodney for creating the code that makes the banner work!
  19. I got the download with two zip files. I'm very surprised it has a topografical landscape explorer, which creates realistic environements. Also the way it creates plant guestures and ways to influence them. I'm a long time user of the vue4 program. The way it makes atmospheres so clear. It takes a long time to use the manual, and import and export are very restricted. I can import obj forms, but the way it uses textures (*.vob, *.mat) is not clear to me. Remarkable program! Feels like an Eastern Egg. 🙂
  20. I have been using v19 regularly because V19.5 crashes when I try rendering anything. I believe I sent you the specific files related to the crashing a while back and I think you passed them on to the programmer. I was just checking to see whether any changes had been implemented yet. Thanks!
  21. Yes, it is the latest official release. I keep v19.0 installed for when I run into a problem that is peculiar to v19.5. If you find something that doesn't work in v19.5 try it in v19.0 and let us know either way.
  22. Is AM V19.5b the most up to date version available? ( I am not referring to any versions still in Beta.)
  23. Rename it to exe. But be a little careful. It means the webserver does not recognize the format correctly.
  24. I just noticed the give-away includes VUE itself, the landscape generator. That's a big deal. But I get a download that is an .xls file... a spreadsheet? Does one need MS Excel to use this?
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