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  1. I read an article the other day about 'crowd noise' being used in the sports arenas that are empty due to Covid19. It's like a modern day upgrade to the 'laugh track'.
  2. in this next episode we highlight that elusively strange 'noise' dubbed the laugh track... One thing the laugh track does successfully is let the audience know that it's okay to laugh. Without knowing much more I'd say the laugh track is a carry over from the days of radio but there is quite a rich history even beyond that. I do find it interesting that even without imagery the scene is set for humor as opposed to drama, intrigue or more serious considerations. This implies that acting and pantomime plays into the scene and we might expect the unexpected to be on display as the audience is jolted out of their complacency. I can think of a few setups where if something didn't clue the audience in that the scene was humorous the audience might react in considerably different ways... even shock or horror. But today is the day Keekat gets to be funny... apparently. laughtrackA.wav
  3. For no apparently good reason... I've always thought the audio file from TaoA:M needed a longer pause before the 'punchline' delivery. Today I added it (and some noise) to keep the pause from sounding out of place. (wav file attached below) The whole idea of the timing of dialogue delivery is a fascinating one. This bit of dialogue follows the basic pattern of such things as joke telling that is storytelling in simple form; three acts... for four if you are counting the spaces inbetween the keys. What is Keekat's secret? What can't anyone seem to keep it? Tune in next episode for more thrilling adventure! Ive got a secret w pause.wav
  4. Note down at the bottom of the Property Info window there is an Edit button. With that we can add documentation notes to personalize the Property Info. Be aware that this Property Info data (even if edited) is contained in a file named AMAindex.txt in the root A:M installation directory. That file will be overwritten with the default AMAindex.txt upon a new install so if personalized make sure you have a backup of the file before the next installation. This can be useful even if just adding a note of personal preferences for a specific property, to ask a question that comes to mind at the time, etc. We can even add links to useful locations... such as an example of the in question being demonstrated here in the forum or a youtube video. The original goal of Property Info was to continuously plus up A:M's internal documentation but this requires a few things that don't tend to happen often: 1) The feature must actually be used 2) Individual AMAindex.txt files must be shared and the useful information collected/collated to plus up the default AMAindx.txt file that gets distributed with each new installation.
  5. We don't see it quite as often but in the past there were a lot of folks brought up using A:M that could be occasionally seen with A:M on their monitors in places as diverse as Disney, ILM, etc. This due to the fact that while they tended to work in other applications required by the production they worked out many initial problems by using what they knew best; Animation:Master. From time to time we still see posts from people working at these studios post... for example, to prototype some of the large animatronics used in the Disney parade (think Maleficent as a huge fire breathing dragon!). Of course it can be hard to follow what folks are up to when they don't post. I suppose that is part of the fun of searching for those hidden gems. Aside: There have been a number of Japanese games/videos that I'm convinced have used Animation:Master in some capacity but I'd be hard pressed to prove that. Some have heard my story of going on vacation with my wife and family south of Tokyo and unknowingly taking her dad into an adult video store. A bit embarrassed by my ignorance, I perused the books and videos at the front of the store where they had some general products of lesser adult concern. I purchased a book and so apparently did my father in law. It was only later in the car when he revealed what he had purchased that I went into shock. The DVD my father in law had chosen off the shelves full of products was 'Haruwo', a film completely created by Shao Guee (aka Aoki Tact) with Animation:Master. Even crazier still... a film I had helped subtitle with English translation subtitles (although most of the credit there goes to Mike Stamm). Of all the videos he could have purchased he'd found the only one in the entire country of Japan that I had a personal connection to! Needless to say, I still have that hidden gem on my shelf.
  6. I definitely recognize those cats. I'm pretty sure they made it on to the Extras CD and are very likely the work of Alain Descrochers.
  7. John, I had to download a codec in order to view the video. This might be problematic if shared with others that don't have that codec. Cute bird!
  8. Free... if willing to build from source. Nominal fee for current builds to fund development (available via gumroad). General use: Drag/drop obj into viewport. Paint. https://armorpaint.org/index.html Online manual: https://armorpaint.org/manual.html On Windows the application is portable (no installation required) and approx. 10MB Also runs on Linux, Mac and iPad. Even if only used to create decals via proxy model the application might allow A:M users a pipeline to use PBR materials; generating the various texture maps/decals required...
  9. Because Robert's test deserves to be seen easily... Here it is as a gif animation:
  10. Note the filename from days gone by...
  11. He be.... Jean Chrétien PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA Linkage: https://www.google.com/search?q=canada+politicians+Chretien&sxsrf=ALeKk02X40CUqhnVvdK0V8z5ufQGg36ZxQ:1587861774112&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=fggDxlw7fKVcUM%3A%2CaJ9Or8oFtxZaIM%2C%2Fm%2F0k0y0&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kTjReqwOrHz20kkkbh7GiUdlGsmxg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjY8v2H7oTpAhXLKM0KHUKJCRAQ_B0wFnoECAUQAw#imgrc=fggDxlw7fKVcUM:
  12. I'm afraid I don't know my Canadian coinage and cannot recall the location of the discussion. I am fairly certain it was here in the forum where the truth came out.
  13. Fun factoid: This guy plays George on A:M TV but... he's actually a Canadian political leader! The originator of the model created him to satirize Canadian politics but when A:M Users saw the character they automatically thought it was George Bush. So, fast forward to the making of the Extras CD and the team renamed/repurposed the model.
  14. We skipped last year... which is what allowed us to get into sync with years/versions. Now we are at that once in a lifetime alignment of the stars. This reminds me of a very old conversation with Martin where he was talking about dropping version numbers entirely and just going with yearly designations. My how time does fly... that was well over ten years ago.
  15. Random thought... I hope we can move to v20 for 2020. It'd be a lot easier to remember the version if it is aligned with the year. It doesn't have to have any big bell and whistle new features... just increment the release number along with the year.
  16. Yikes! I haven't posted here in the Tuckertown topic in almost exactly two years. The other day I thought I'd model an unfolded cardboard box and rig it so it could be folded... and ended up doing a little more.
  17. Yikes. Scary stuff Robert. Since we are feature requesting.... Maybe a ball of hairy particles on his back? Virus.prj
  18. Maybe he looks a bit too friendly John? Not sure how scary you want him to be though.
  19. The digital download approach would be really nice. Hopefully Jason can make that happen. **Yes, notice how I volunteered Jason!
  20. That easily makes the top 10 list of TaoA:M 'The Door's Stuck' exercises. Nicely done Elm!
  21. I don't think the Extras DVD has been re-added to the Hash Inc Store since the store was recently updated. This might be just as well because a new DVD (or other Extras... say a USB?) might be in order. We should find a place to upload the DVD content so it can be shared freely and I'll put it on my schedule to ***start moving toward*** a new Extras release that can be added to the Hash Inc store. Aside: I'm not sure about current inventory of DVDs. Perhaps they are printed 'on demand' when ordered? Content for the Extras CD (and a smaller subset also) can be found on the Hash Inc FTP site. Extras CD: ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/misc/Data.zip 158MB Core data for TaoA:M exercises etc: ftp://ftp.hash.com/pub/misc/LittleData.zip 7.5MB The DVD has over a gigabyte of data.
  22. Posted elsewhere... Free for a limited time (as a response to the current Corona virus scare): https://creatureartteacher.com/product/fundamentals-of-animation/ Contents: In this comprehensive course, master animator Aaron Blaise (“The Lion King”, “Brother Bear”, “Mulan”) takes you through the key principles of animation. This course covers the “12 Principles of Animation” as originally pioneered by the original “9 Old Men” who worked directly under Walt Disney. This course includes 13 HD Video Tutorials covering: Squash & Stretch Timing Solid Drawing Anticipation Follow Through + Overlapping Action Arcs “Slow Ins” & “Slow Outs” Straight Ahead Animation Pose to Pose Animation Secondary Action Staging Exaggeration Appeal PLUS A full lesson on Biped (Two Legged) Walk cycle animation PLUS A full tutorial on Bipedal Run animation For anyone involved in animation there shouldn't be any surprises here BUT... if everyone has a copy of these lessons it will make a nice common reference.
  23. One of these days we need to have a contest to come up with a set of high quality icons that fit a series of themes... created in Animation:Master of course. Fun Factoid: Each like (or other response) given to a post increases the original posters 'reputation points' by one point. Currently there are no icons/responses that give negative points.
  24. I'm in...again! :) I've learned a lot but need to learn more... and have what I've learned until now sink in even deeper. Hope others will take advantage of the opportunity. The more the merrier!
  25. Hi Myron! It's been great seeing your avatar/icon appear in the forum... and your recently shared animation. That takes me back. I haven't been very active myself in the A:M Forum of late so maybe I need to reintroduce myself too! I'm looking forward to what 2020 brings and am excited to think of diving deeper into A:M again.
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