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    lut files

    They also have some free LUTs for downloading but note that these are the .cube formatted LUTs: https://filmsimplified.com/p/free-luts Most of what I have used in the past have been the .3DL format which is less popular and harder to find.
  2. Rodney

    lut files

    I see that there is a free course on using LUTs with Davinci Resolve on the Film Simplified site: https://filmsimplified.com/p/using-luts-in-davinci-resolve-crash-course Course Curriculum Intro What is a LUT? The 2 types of LUTs LUTs file format Using LUTs Loading LUTs into Resolve Applying LUTs to footage Adjusting the look of a LUT Adjusting node power Exporting LUTs
  3. If you can figure out how to get those seagulls into the ;Prehistoric' theme you'll be good to go!
  4. Rodney

    lut files

    And not just personal use... commercial use too! Davinci Resolve does require quite a bit of RAM but if I could get away with it I would twist everyone's arm and strongly suggest everyone should standardize on Resolve as a common video editor. This isn't to say that other video editors could not be used but that Resolve would be the standard used in collaborative projects. Why? Because then everyone could share notes, files and such with minimum hassle as well as take advantage of some very powerful tools. Regarding LUTs, a very good reason to use Resolve is that Resolve is one of the standard applications for color correcting in the industry and so it's a solid foundation from which to do look development with LUTs. A few short years ago that was really the only thing Resolve was used for. It's only of late that Resolve has gained video editing, composting and effects, 3D, audio and distribution capability. The price certainly is right. It's hard to compete with 'free'. As I say though, Resolve does require quite a bit of RAM but it's good to have a lot of RAM with Animation:Master too.
  5. Thanks! I needed that! I've been modeling a little of late and am realizing just how rusty I am. More time to work on an entry is much appreciated.
  6. I'm enjoying the fact that I can now navigate around a C++ program without feeling completely** lost. **a little lost but not COMPLETELY.
  7. That is reportedly the very book that inspired that Excel Raytracer.
  8. This has been making the rounds: The github site where the excel file can be downloaded has more information: https://github.com/s0lly/Raytracer-In-Excel
  9. Pretty sure everyone needs this: http://djv.sourceforge.net/ Some pluses: - Actively developed - Open Source (view the code on either sourceforge or github) - Cross platform (Win, Mac, Linux) - OpenEXR support (see Layers menu) - Distro'd with ffmpeg (presumably includes a build of ffmpeg that is compatible with BSD license) - easily convert files/sequences to other formats - Multithreaded raster processing/playback (using OpenGL 4.1 apparently) - etc. - etc. See: Documentation The latest release (which is the one you want to have) is a Beta release.
  10. Ha! Initial sketches complete. That gets me on the right track every time.** As near as I can tell, forever 'reading the manual' is what keeps me from ever finishing a contest entry! **I'm a little frustrated with my current sketches because they aren't from the 'proper' camera angle I envision the final image to be in. But I need to accept that and just dive in at this point because things always change in the process of converting ideas to splines and patches anyway. Although, I would like to do a few more thumbnails just to feel more of that wonderful sensation of pencil on paper.
  11. Got my main plan and a few sketches... now to press into the splines and patches.
  12. If I understand correctly 'dangling' refers to a pointer/references to a range of data no longer there. Actual code to work with this... um...er... I'll need to do some R&D on that!
  13. During recent C++ meeting I had mentioned how some changes to C++ (in release 20) might pave the way for some optimization. While most programs do not use C++ release 20 (it seems most/many are at release 14 or earlier) it's interesting to see where the emphasis is being placed as that tends to show what areas are of interest to programmers who run up against obstacles and are looking for ways to improve C++ code. https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/range Note: The release number is the same as the year of release. Therefore C++ 20 is currently released in early form.
  14. Exciting times... prehistoric times even!
  15. I see a 'Follow' option, which if we hover over the link the tooltip says, "Follow this content". Is that an equivalent to 'subscribe'? That option was there at the top right of this topic before I posted into it.
  16. Thank you! Wasn't expecting that. Sweet.
  17. EXR IO 2.0 for Photoshop has been released. This won't do much for those without current Photoshop/Adobe CC but for those that have it... Among other things, EXR IO is said to extract all channels from an EXR file and place them into separate layers in Photoshop. For features and download see: https://www.exr-io.com/features/ Disclaimer: I haven't tested this with A:M's EXR files yet.
  18. Not to distract from the current C++ studies but those not engaged in that might wish to lean forward even further and explore the world of quantum computing. Microsoft and Google/Alphabet are hosting a free course. For details and registration of the online course: https://brilliant.org/courses/quantum-computing/
  19. Well, one year and four months earlier but who is counting. The guy that I followed to Godot links is Jeremy Bullock (Turtletooth) who is a teacher and programmer. He burnt himself out on Opentoonz development and headed to the territory of open source gaming to recharge his batteries. Jeremy has some video tutorials dedicated to Godot on youtube worth checking out. His is a four part series with an additional video addressing questions raised from viewers. This is Part 1: Good luck in your exploration Matt!
  20. Thanks for the heads up David!
  21. Justin, We definitely missed you. For your movie reference I will guess... "Tron". My movie reference: INTERIOR: OTTO'S SMITHY SHOP FRIAR: Now see here you, you evil flint hearted... SHERIFF: Now, now, now, now. Save your sermon preacher. It ain't Sunday ya know.
  22. Welcome back Michael! oooo color me intrigued!
  23. I'll be more careful next week. I blame changing from Central to Mountain time for my confusion. Apparently I arrived too early and then waited to long to try again. While waiting I was playing with C++ code so all was not lost.
  24. hmmm... Did I log in to the wrong Hangout? Sorry I missed you guys.
  25. Checking in and up to speed on instructions thus far. Curious about what we'll standardize on for compiler and IDE.
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