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  1. Really great modeling! I am very glad to see that A:M is still alive and kicking. I remember from my times back then (15), that threepointers were to be avoided. Has this changed with the actual version? ( also better 5 pointer handling?) Keep it up. Jake
  2. Actually I would like to have something like this: https://robodk.com/blog/supersized-robot-3d-printing/ just dreaming ;) but maybe the "factory on demand" will become a reality sooner or later.
  3. Hi Paul, Very interesting project! I am also interested in printing bigger parts but have not found an affordable solution for me up to now. may i ask which printer do you use? Actually i am waiting for some service Like sculpteo and such offering bigger sizes Mike 1 to 1,5 meters..
  4. yes, there is something similar in there. But doesnt help either. I am a bit reluctant to update, because my 15h is not just bound to one computer and not subscripton based. Maybe it would make sense though just for the purpose of surfacebaking...
  5. yes, when I rightclick on some of my models and bake surface it works like a charm giving nice imagemaps. Then when I do the same again (sometimes even with the same model) it rotates endlessly giving no result even after waiting many minutes, seems the programm is idle and i have to retart A:M.
  6. Hi there, the new forum design looks great! I didnT find a section for techincal questions though, so i put it here. and wheres the whats new button now? I am still on AM 15h and discovered surfacebaking bbut: sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Any ideas what factors might influence that. Ram and grapics and render power shouldnt be the problem. Maybe some oldtimeuser has made similar expiriences and found the solution? Thanks for any help
  7. more : https://sketchfab.com/models/89b7402094c34285a2e67730b6808761 and epically: https://sketchfab.com/models/d3df3a4c7adf487a83564c4fce85fa9a just have to get the textures to work somehow also... having fun SMS Balmung Sketch Ponton040705 by jakerupert on Sketchfab
  8. Hi Fuchur, I have send you two meodels to your private e-mail. Maybe you could test how they do export in version 19 with 4 as obj when you find some time? all the best Jake
  9. the pity is, though it looks fine the exported mesh has many mesherrors, so that is very hard to create UVs for texturing in programms like substance painter for example. Does anybody know of solutions for this ? my thoughts so far: -retopo the messy mesh parts - find some repair tool (meshmixer doesnt work ) - has AM 19 a better obj export?
  10. thank you you two! #graphicscard drivers are up to date. and I changed from open gl to dircet 3d and back but that doesnt make a difference. probably its the path. But cant that be reelected from within A:M somehow? Or is it the jpg fileformat thats problematic? tgas don`t seem to be affected somehow.....
  11. Hi Fuchur, happy to see you are still active here. Hope everything is fine for you?! and thanks a lot for your comment! I find sketchfab a great way to revive my old models again. While doing so, i am running into a strange problem, on some old models while clicking 0 for shaded wireframelook it is searching endlessy for building the texturemap so i forcequit. When I delete my jpg decals all works fine again. Is there any solution for this problem for A:M 15hnet. Would be great, if anyone could give me a hint. thanks Jake
  12. Hi Simon, just click one of the links above and explore and please don`t forget to like my models! regards Jake
  13. Hi there, I recently got interested in sketchfab. So after man years I fired up my gold old AM 15hNet and was pleasently surprised that it still works. Woke up some of my old models from its briarrose slumber and exported it as obj with 4 and uploaded to sketchfab and this is the result. Tramtrain140411 by jakerupert on Sketchfab cheers Jake (click below for more 3D models...) https://sketchfab.com/models/f9fac410e63d4e82b24bed629c8f683d?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=model-upload https://sketchfab.com/models/8f46ba27bd66424491a8a46272bdd6e6?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=model-upload https://sketchfab.com/models/69deac2c043745788154edb46788bfea?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=model-upload https://sketchfab.com/models/62b806c0aafd4eb1825339cc9f2a76cd?utm_source=triggered-emails&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=model-upload
  14. do you mean my 15 cd will not run any longer on win 10? it works with win7
  15. great plane and scene...but pilots head is way too big and too much forward, makes the plane appear too small...
  16. great work! It is looking fantastic! Something is bothering me about the toppart of the streetcar though. Maybe its too "clean" somehow or I would expexct some kind of rim/gauge around the window glasses? Cant really tell... Whats your final goal on this? Some historical short?
  17. ..well, I started with 8.5, guess it was keecat CD? Also brings up memorys of the 9.5 times, when a not so friendly "nice" guy was running the e-mail list. Wonder what became of him. Its also so many years now, when the old hash team fell apart... Cant really tell, but the actual folks like Jason and Yoda seem to do a really great job in keeping AM alive and kicking. all the best Jake
  18. ...some funny movies from intel regarding "old stuff" http://iq.intel.de/laptop-love-10-grunde-warum-sie-kein-neues-notebook-brauchen/?dclid=CM6BiYnGpM8CFXYh0wodIekKrQ (i still have my old xp workhorse, but its "dwelling" offline, then i use two win 7 and 3 win 10 devices.) Guess most people have more then one computer these days....
  19. better viewport / realtimerendering would be great. (See C4d 18)
  20. ...the removal of internal patches will probably flipp some of the normals again, so better to do it beforehand.
  21. Ha, ha, that poster looks fantastic! Looking forward to your parodies... good luck Jake
  22. thank you for the clarifications all the best Jake
  23. ...the find seemed not bad at first sight, but is rather useless due to its licence: 4. INCORPORATION OF THE WORK Incorporating this work into a larger work that is not subject to the Free Art License shall not challenge the rights granted by this license. If the work can no longer be accessed apart from the larger work in which it is incorporated, then incorporation shall only be allowed under the condition that the larger work is subject either to the Free Art License or a compatible license.
  24. wow, since its now 1500,- you made a grea deal just by waiting then.
  25. i am still on 7 64 bit which works really fine and i cant find no serius reason to update to 10. well aybe together with a newcomputer once may be. its not the system but the programms you work with whichmatter.
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