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  1. This will me my final post from my fathers account, just to verify that the account Josh Forwood is in fact a genuine account. My love to all. Josh
  2. Hi everybody, My name is Josh and I am Paul Forwoods son. I am very sorry to bring the news that last Friday my father passed away. I am not sure how well any of you knew him but I thought it best I let you all know as I know he frequented this forum. Again, I am very sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Kind Regards Josh
  3. Happy Birthday, Robcat! Have a great year!
  4. Great fun! Nice run cycles. Just needs those right elbows to match on the first and last(+1) frames. More!
  5. Happy Birthday, folks:) (Ed Lynch! Now there's a name that I haven't heard in a long while.)
  6. Beautifully done, Matt! Your stuff is always inspirational and a great example of "Can Do".
  7. Happy trails, Kimosabe! Wishing you a healthy, happy and all around rewarding year ahead, Mark.
  8. Have a long legged one, Matt! All the best for the year ahead!
  9. Have a really Happy Birthday, Cool Kat!
  10. All the best, David, for your bithday and the year ahead.
  11. We survived 2011! Wishing you all a very successful, healthy and happy 2012! Enjoy the festivities and stay safe. CHEERS!
  12. Drop the image on the Model in the PWS and it will appear in your pose.
  13. AMD Athlon II X2P340 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 4 GB DDR3 RAM A:M 16.0b (32 bit) 8:47
  14. Hope you had a really happy celebration, Rich.
  15. Most people have some way of videoing themselves these days, whether it be on a handy cam, a digital compact, a mobile phone or even a web cam. Act out your sequence in front of a camera and use that video as a reference. Just going through the process will teach you a lot about timing. It's NOT cheating!
  16. Get a PC! Ouch..OW...ugh! Sorry!
  17. Ah! Thank you, Mark! I set the rotation offsets to 0 for the right leg bone and that fixed the problem.
  18. Okay. Thanks, David. This rig is very simple and rather messy at the moment. It is intended to be as easy to setup in a new model as possible and in an attempt to get a simple game rig to export properly I have tried to restrict the amount of bones, though some unused bones still exist in this rig at the moment. SmallRig00.mdl I wouldn't recommend this rig to anyone else as it isn't very user friendly.
  19. I have a very simple rig in this character which uses knee targets, which are children of the pelvis. The left and right knee rigging is identical but I am getting this problem with the right knee only. Any insight into the cause would be welcomed.
  20. Looks good, Robert! I'm just wondering what you are doing with the AO map. Are you using it as a colour map? Very nice, Nancy! That first hair looks so soft and feathery. Now I want to model a duck.
  21. Happy Birthday, John! Yes, I miss your inspiring work too.
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