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  1. Lots of good stuff here Robert. Thanks for this new inniative. I am sure folks are going to really like this.
  2. welcome back themike38---------if you have been gone for a number of years --you will find all the things you loved still pretty much the same but many nice new things and overall stability and speed increases that really make these latest versions the best yet. Enjoy your time here again.
  3. Vertexspline

    AM TerraForm

    Hey Michael.......this looks awesome --thanks for your work with this terrain application. Also---- Welcome back to AM . Its great to see such talented folks return.
  4. welcome MikeV --do hope your return visit to AM is going to help you tell your story as you would like. I think there is something to be said about choosing the tool that gets the job done. AM ---has no equals when it comes to telling a story and value. And with some work and lots of practice -----I think one can achieve results that would make the more "professional?" apps feel extremely overpriced.
  5. Michael---Welcome back indeed. Hope you get all your stuff working out well and you can start having some fun with Animation Master again.
  6. Welcome back Reuben------always good seeing folks returning to AM after a break or so. It kind of speaks well of the tool itself that keeps folks coming back. And I have to agree for indie animator/filmmaker (especially solo or small group) there really is no competition for character based story and considering the price point---its just so far in a league by itself indeed.
  7. Vertexspline

    Happy Birthday Steffen!

    Super Happy Birthday!!! And many many more. And thanks for all you do to keep Animation Master Rolling along.
  8. Just noticed this has not had an introduce or reintroduce. And would be nice to see and hear from some of the new folks here in the forum which is one of the most friendly and knowledgeable forums around the 3d world for sure. So any new folks ----do not be shy ---just say hello and a few words of introduction. To get things started -- a re-intoduce I am a returning AM person from 2007 version 12. In hindsight, back then, I did not have the time to put in to get things right and kind of became frustrated by my lack of modeling skills. And eventually AM became used less and less. Fast forward to Sept 2011 when I had returned. Why? I wanted to make some animations of my own creation and after dabbling with many 3d packages in the past it became more and more obvious to me AM was always the best solution for one person to tell one story of their own creation So I bought a version 16 yearly sub for my laptop in Sept and very recently one for my Desktop. So that I can maximize my free time working on AM wherever I am. AM version 16 has been great for me .....this community has been awesome as well .....It's still not easy stuff - but there are so many resources now to learn its just a matter of putting in the work ..and practice . (even my modeling is getting better this time around ..lol) So hello all you new folks .. welcome aboard the Animation Master forum !
  9. Vertexspline

    Name change to this section?

    I think Chris is right about outside traffic---3d animation is a niche area and AM is a Niche app --the more chances you get someone to pop in the better for everyone.
  10. Vertexspline

    Name change to this section?

    Searching does bring up alot of things maybe less than perfectly matched---however for me some of those searches brought something cool !! but if time is tight ---better searching would always be good.
  11. Vertexspline

    Name change to this section?

    Well I am guilty as many when they have a problem --post rather than search. I do search a lot in this forum as there are so many gems of help --sometimes even when searching find links and things was not looking for right then but wonderful to find ! So yes , I guess if someone answers with a go search for it answers --cannot blame them especially if its on an old topic rehashed a lot. But really ---this community is ultra cool to new users. It's one of the features to the software that cannot be stressed enough --how valuable it is.
  12. Vertexspline

    Name change to this section?

    smiles....."newbie" .."novice".."new users" (actually second chance user here but feel very new ) ----I never mind any of these. And best thing about this is forum is the guru's never seem to speak down to the new users --in fact is one of the most friendly and helpful 3d forums around. It is so helpful for new folks to not be intimidated by a community and here ----that never would happen. Its that's nice.
  13. Yes ----smiles ----maybe if a suggested topic or wip or whatever was hinted to be a topic then more folks will get onboard. Certainly if a new TAoAM is done that could be a weekly chapter or chart session for sure and I would hope would get new users to participate in. I think that really makes it easy to participate in...If you have a chat session on advanced rigging topics for instance I for one would probably be lost and even if I joined would probably not say much-----smiles....but if i worked on a chapter of the new TAoAM I would almost certainly have things to say or questions to ask. So for me newbie subject matter makes me more participatory. As a suggestion --since I am and surely other newbies may be interested now in getting to be able to model and texture --It would be helpful to have like a small forum project to model. Then have the new folks try and model it the item and have some of the experts give some pointers or helping hints. Especially focusing on good practices and techniques. Rich
  14. Rodney-- I think the idea of community chats would be great to boost excitement for AM and help in the learning process and to build an even better community. I support this initiative completely Rich