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  1. Ah......been wishing for some AM gear for a long time. Would be nice if that ever took place. rich
  2. This was a very informative thread and inspiring as well. I have to say in regards to any renderer --its easy to make bad images it takes much more work to make better ones. AM's would not be an exception. I think as we can see though, AM can make some very nice images. So it's a little bit about tinkering and experimenting. But as others have indicated ---AM focus was always on animation and with that it would not be expected to hold AM renderer vs some of the newer most powerful stand alone renderers. And indeed the opportunity of netrendering
  3. And as another helpful tool --and one you have no fears of license issues is using the makehuman figures for retopology model bases. http://www.makehuman.org/
  4. Rest well Gene ---your health is way more important than anything else . Hopefully all will become well again very soon.
  5. Hey Clipping Path --welcome indeed. Hope you have a blast with AM and this forum.
  6. Lots of good stuff here Robert. Thanks for this new inniative. I am sure folks are going to really like this.
  7. Do not be disappointed too much. This stuff takes a major effort for a one man team and there are so many things that can get in your way from finishing. Instead --just think of how much you learned from the project even in a loss as it were. These will help you on your next battle. And most importantly ----be glad and proud as you attempted this project. You were moved to creating. You were inspired. You actually were working on something. There is always another day to take what you learned from this one and be even more successful.
  8. Welcome back ---and hopefully you enjoy your return and meet some of your goals.
  9. Well yes the source folks do like free things but a number of professional applications have ports to LINUX ie MODO, 3d coat, maxwell render, houdini , Octane render, Thea Render etc mainly due to speed and stability benefits over the windows and mac environments. rich
  10. Just a question. Its another segment of the pc landscape that might be something to try. I know development resouces for AM are very very limited but just wondered. I run a linux box at home besides my windows ones and just thought it might be a way for more sales. I have no idea of the effort required but figure if Valve with its STEAM portal is pushing into Linux it might be a thought. Speaking of Steam ---- I still think AM on Steam would be a really good thing if you could figure out a yearly sub mechanism out with them. rich
  11. Hello Tom, I love the bighead dude. Smiles
  12. detbear----- very awesome indeed. I like the sepia look and well.....just very well done .
  13. az3 ----we all sometimes become off and on but welcome and thanks for sharing.
  14. Congratulations to all. Especially Marcos the winner!! But yes indeed so many great entries. And so Marcos.......how did you do the lovely vegetation ? It is very natural and beautiful looking indeed.
  15. Nice job LUDO with your examples , and I think you are just saying its would be nice to see cycles as a choice for AM. The trouble with using 3rd party renderers is often with materials and such as you have to use what the renderer needs. If AM wanted to devote some time to incorporate cycles within AM and keep the materials and such in app that would seem like a nice plan and folks would benefit from a very realistic renderer plus having AM's which is I think very nice for making character animations in particular. Since the cost is all in development -----giving this
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