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  1. The gate is attached on both sides, but there's no division between it. (It can't open.) Still, it could just be ornamentation above the actual entrance.
  2. I just updated to the latest Mac OS and wanted to let the Mac A:M users know what to expect. As expected, A:M is NOT really usable in Mojave. Many things still seem to work, but the primary problem is that the Project Workspace is unclickable. It's responsive in that selecting something in a model window or choreography will highlight the specific element in the PWS, but no amount of clicking on it will allow you to select it or interact with it via the PWS. Fortunately, the menus and item specific pop-up menus are still functional. Most of the other windows do seem to function: Timeline, Properties, Poses, etc. Some of the tool panels are also unclickable. Ironically, I haven't once encountered the old Finder access problem that has plagued A:M Mac users for a decade or more. It's possible, with a different workflow that you could still use A:M. Some of the tools that can't be clicked should be able to be mapped to keyboard shortcuts. I don't have the time to explore all of the elements to see what works and what doesn't, so there may very well be other obstacles I've not come across. Mojave is supposed to be the last Mac OS that allows use of 32-bit applications, so beyond this, A:M will no longer be usable at all on the Mac. From my experience, I would recommend not upgrading your Mac beyond OS 10.12 (Sierra) if you plan to use A:M. (My experiences with using it under 10.13 were frustrating.) If, like me, you just want to open some of your old models and export them to other formats, this does seem to work.
  3. Hey Simon, you need to get your Mac's MAC address and send it to Jason, so that he can move the license. You can find it in the advanced part of the network settings in your System Preferences.
  4. Very nice, Matt. The "low poly" look reminds me of folded paper art.
  5. Not quite that simple. Apparently if you have a later OS than I have and the latest version of Photoshop, you can import the image from your phone (like importing images from your camera) and the depth map is in its own channel. I've also seen an application that uses a command line to write them to a file. Apple bought a company in 2015 that developed this process for using the two lenses to build a depth map. Assuming it still works the same way, it actually creates only 9 layers of depth and it obviously works better in some conditions than others. The image seems to be a much lower resolution one than the actual image, which isn't ideal. There are iPhone apps that seem to let you isolate the depth map, but the two free ones I tried failed to work. I gather the iPhone X and XR are much better than the 8+ I have.
  6. Yeah, that's how I first did it was with my iPhone. It's hit or miss, though. Some would figure it out, but if it was too complicated, you ended up with weirdness. In order to get Facebook to recognize it as a 3D photo, you had to use "portrait mode," which is what the iPhone uses to allow you adjust lighting and focus settings on a photo after it's taken. Presumably the phone is generating a depth map to accomplish this.
  7. That's really cool! I gave it a go with and old cover to one of our graphic novels. You could easily spend many hours working on it. They definitely get your attention when your scrolling.
  8. Thought it was interesting that the upcoming animated feature "Spies in Disguise" grew out of the animated short by Lucas Martell, "Pigeon: Impossible." I remember watching his video updates while he worked on it. It took him five years to complete. Apparently, the interest in it led to him getting an agent and a manager and they pitched a feature film version to various studios and it was bought by Fox. In an interview, he was asked this question that I'm sure plenty of aspiring animators would ask and I think his answer is a good one: I've seen so many people come through these forums with large aspirations and never create that great thing they wanted to make. It's literally true that you just have to do it. It might take years, but waiting five years for whatever magical thing you think will come along and make it easier for you isn't the way. If you'd just done a little every day, you'd have it done by then. If you have A:M, then you have everything you need to make a movie. Go for it!
  9. Hey Aetheria, I'm not sure about the exporting, but if you can use the UV map that you make in A:M, there's a tutorial on using the UV editor by Will Sutton on YouTube here. Hope that helps!
  10. So could you stick a giant model of a spaceship to a place with this thing and then wander around looking at it life-size through your phone?
  11. I've been afraid to update to Mojave for this very reason. Ah well, as they say, "All good things..." I'm going to hang back updating until I finish this latest Stalled Trek, but then I'll have to cut the cord. To paraphrase the 11th Doctor, "I'll always remember when A:M was made for Mac."
  12. Well, HXT files are mini-applications on the Mac. They contain data that can be accessed by right-clicking on the icon and selecting "Show Package Contents". There does seem to be some advice on how to fix them. I saw one that said if you compressed it and then replaced the ".zip" with the correct suffix it might fix them. Worth looking into. It might work to repair permissions, too.
  13. Try this, Walter: Select one of the HXT folders and Get Info (cmd-i) and look at the Name & Extension section. Make sure the Hide extension box isn't checked and then in the Open with: section, select Animation Master. If that works, there's a Change All button.
  14. Mine's exactly the same, Rob (just pointing to the 19.0 folder.)
  15. Hey Walter, did you install any new software recently? This is a shot in the dark, but years ago, I couldn't use any of the shaders in A:M because I had an application installed that used the same suffix for their files. Uninstalling the application fixed it. I don't know if there are any apps that you HXT, but that's a possibility.
  16. Hey Walter, what version of OS X are you running? I'm running Sierra (10.12) and my plugins are still available in the menu. I know my work computer is running High Sierra (10.13) and I ran into some issues with not being able to see GUI elements in the Open window (specifically it would ask me to find a missing file, but not display the name of the file that was missing.) There was a note in the latest release that they weren't supporting newer versions of the OS.
  17. largento

    3-D Printing

    One thing I've used to find normals that are flipped is to apply the Porcelain material. It will give you black areas where there are conflicts with the normals.
  18. That's understandable, Steffen. I've known for a long time that we Mac users are living on borrowed time with A:M. 🙂
  19. If they handle it like they did the intel switch, I would assume all of them that want to remain current. I’m quite sure that a path for native Mac written apps to convert will be set into motion. Myself, I don’t use many apps that aren’t part of the Adobe CC. The access to the voluminous trove of iOS apps would likely have the effect of there being many more apps available than ever before.
  20. Windows on the Mac is probably a days are numbered thing as well. Apple is making its own chips and promising to integrate iOS apps with the Mac. Once they drop Intel, that’ll be all she wrote.
  21. Hey Steffen, I see that I could get a late 2012 Mac Mini for about $400 US. It would be a little steep for me right now, but if we could get some of the Mac users to chip in, we could probably swing it. Do you think you could use it to support the Mac through to 64bit and the new OS or is that still not possible with your porting software?
  22. When you get the new computer, send Jason the MAC address along with the request. He'll need it to transfer the license.
  23. Email Hash support and include your PC's MAC address. Not sure if they are still selling that license anymore, but if it's just three years, it would be cheaper to buy the subscription for three years.
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