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  1. yes, there is something similar in there. But doesnt help either. I am a bit reluctant to update, because my 15h is not just bound to one computer and not subscripton based. Maybe it would make sense though just for the purpose of surfacebaking...
  2. yes, when I rightclick on some of my models and bake surface it works like a charm giving nice imagemaps. Then when I do the same again (sometimes even with the same model) it rotates endlessly giving no result even after waiting many minutes, seems the programm is idle and i have to retart A:M.
  3. Hi there, the new forum design looks great! I didnT find a section for techincal questions though, so i put it here. and wheres the whats new button now? I am still on AM 15h and discovered surfacebaking bbut: sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt. Any ideas what factors might influence that. Ram and grapics and render power shouldnt be the problem. Maybe some oldtimeuser has made similar expiriences and found the solution? Thanks for any help
  4. do you mean my 15 cd will not run any longer on win 10? it works with win7
  5. ..well, I started with 8.5, guess it was keecat CD? Also brings up memorys of the 9.5 times, when a not so friendly "nice" guy was running the e-mail list. Wonder what became of him. Its also so many years now, when the old hash team fell apart... Cant really tell, but the actual folks like Jason and Yoda seem to do a really great job in keeping AM alive and kicking. all the best Jake
  6. this is really fascinating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZcYvrbKWJc#t=9.273854
  7. ...some funny movies from intel regarding "old stuff" http://iq.intel.de/laptop-love-10-grunde-warum-sie-kein-neues-notebook-brauchen/?dclid=CM6BiYnGpM8CFXYh0wodIekKrQ (i still have my old xp workhorse, but its "dwelling" offline, then i use two win 7 and 3 win 10 devices.) Guess most people have more then one computer these days....
  8. ---this is great, thank you. What do you mean by tracebacks?
  9. better viewport / realtimerendering would be great. (See C4d 18)
  10. ...and a hardsurfacemodel with bones VespaDoris081210.mdl
  11. Heres a test with my rigged Santa and the mdl file in case you like to test something.... SantaClausTSM-3-051109.mdl
  12. Sorry I just took the firstbest old model with bones rather senslessly.
  13. and because it looks funny a chara with armatures (Blenderbones)...
  14. Wow! Very promising! Seems I have to learn some blender. Fantastic addon. Thank you for your work! Here is some more pictures:
  15. Hi Nemyax, I tried your addon with this mdl of mine. It seemed to have imported something , but I can`t see a mesh. i am not blender fit. maybe some user bug? Any advise? Jake? bat15-040509.mdl
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