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  1. To quote a famous London market trader. "Lovely jubbly, innit,"
  2. That seems like a decent work around. Not ideal but better than faffing with multiple renders and compositing.
  3. Progress has been made on the new project. Tech and Dan are now fully modelled and can blink, wink both eyes individually and have a full set of pose controlled phonemes. The girl on the left is the avatar of YouTuber Geminitay who makes videos on a group server called Hermitcraft. She will not be appearing in the new project, I'm using her as an experiment to see how well the mouth I've made will fit into a skin in that style. A lot of female Minecraft skins use this style of having the eyes low down on the head and it doesn't leave much room for a mouth. Not that it matters as Minecraft characters don't usually have mouths. So I am planning on installing a mouth and seeing how it looks in practice.
  4. Lol, sorry John I misunderstood, I thought you meant in real life!
  5. On the topic of what I would like to drive it would be a replica of the Hardy Boys' Van from The 70's Hardy Boys & Nancy Drew Mysteries, but it would be a modified custom shell for a Smart Car like the VW Smart Van in the picture only a Smart Vandura (Would have to have the little round bubble window in the back, it's a deal breaker).
  6. Been thinking about possibly making YouTube videos again. If I did they would be Minecraft based. So I took some time and modded Tech into Mineraft. But I also wanted to be able to add in animated cutaways so I have also modelled and Rigged my avatar and Tech within A:M. Minecraft uses a dual layer system for its skins. The outer layer gives more depth to the avatar but only consists of a slightly enlarged duplicate of the inner layer which has no thickness so from it looks odd from some angles. For the models I'll be using in the cutaways I've added thickness to the outer layer to give it depth and consistancy while keeping the overall look of the game.
  7. C'mon John, you know I can't resist a pun and the potential for silliness. Quack Commando, I regret nothing.
  8. He's coming along. His design has always had eyebrows, just for some reason I never added them to his original puppet or 3d model.
  9. Cheers for the suggestion Robert. I managed to get him mostly flattened. He looks like an Eldritch Abomination or now I'm thinking about it he looks a bit like what the Jokers' face looks like after he slices it off and wears it as a mask in Batman - Death of the family (Don't quote me on that title). Hopefully have something to show soon.
  10. Decided to start remaking my buddy, Tech. Unwrapping him is not going to be any fun.
  11. My medal from the Planes, Trains & Automobiles contest came in the post today. Thank you very much. It's The only physical medal/trophy I've ever won.
  12. It's not unsafe it's 'unknown'. Windows Smart screen flags anything that's not in its database or that's rarely used/seen as potentially unsafe.
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