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  1. That's what I figured as well Robert. Just thought I'd ask. Still gonna send in the trial request anyway. I hope it does work with the laptop. It'd be nice to work on little models (like background props and stuff), while I'm watching tv on an evening without needing to sit in the office.
  2. Sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but I got another laptop (the one I mention in Robert's topic about upgrading to windows 10) and I want to test A:M on it. I was just about to put in a trial request on the main site when I got to thinking about the dedicated Graphics chip that's in it but inaccessible by WIndows 10. I've been considering making a dedicated partition to install Win 7 onto for the sole purpose of accessing the dedicated graphics. What I'm wondering is whether A:M's Host ID check is bound to the OS as well as the machine's hardware. So if I generate the Host ID file in Windows 10 in order to get the trial Master0.lic file. Would that file work on a WIndows 7 installation on the same machine? If not no worries. I'll just test it on Windows 10. Cheers Dan
  3. This broke my eyes for a little bit so be careful.
  4. That's a nice start John. I'm thinking lowering the gravity would make it more floaty.
  5. I've still got one, Roger.
  6. Confirmed. I got a new email with the code. Thanks Jason.
  7. Hi Jason. I tried the gift certificate/free checkout and while it now says I have made a transaction, it says that it is pending and hasn't sent a serial number. Is that because my current sub has been extended?
  8. It looks like it's excreting venom and leaving a burning trail as it passes through the system. Pain guarenteed.
  9. I can see that. I just saw the orange area above as the inside of the mouth. A Lampreys mouth would a cool starting point.
  10. Aren't those fangs on the underside of its tongue?
  11. Back in the game boys. Added in Darren's scar and rendered him out again.
  12. I don't know if this will help with tracing the problem but I found this. http://www.vbforums.com/showthread.php?276466-mci-error-codes 304 seems to be "file name required". But it doesn't list the specific error wording you mentioned.
  13. It has been a while since I've configured my monitor so I have just run a calibration thing and it does look darker than it did before. Although I'm never gonna get brilliant results with this 'monitor' because it's not a monitor at all it's a cheap TV I bought years ago when my then laptop fell off a table and the screen died. My sub expired a couple of weeks ago and Jason extended it to today because the store wasn't processing the free checkout that it uses to process purchases made with gift certificates and when I tried again again a few minutes ago it was still down (I know Jason has been ill) so once he gets it up and running again I'll have a look at the lighting and see about re-rendering it.
  14. Highlight the cp's you want to weight and either press U or right click on the yellow binding box and choose edit CP weights from the menu.
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