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  1. Wildsided

    Dan's Newer Stuff

    Been doing some more work on the possible competition entry.
  2. Wildsided


    Stonemasons all sitting together in a pub and some loudmouth know-it-all at the bar shouts "Fluting on the pillars can only be straight," Stonemasons: Hold my beer
  3. Wildsided


    I had to do something similar for the trim around the base of my train carriage (That you'll probably not even be able to see in the final image, but ya know, I'd know I hadn't done it if I hadn't done it 😏) My solution ended up using 5 point patches because I thought it would crease otherwise. But your solution seems to work perfectly well.
  4. Wildsided

    Damn 5 point patches!

    I think it was to do with internal spines confusing the 5 point patch maker. Also a couple of the spines weren't registering as connected (where you have to press 'k' top separate them instead of just hitting delete). So I deleted/reconnected them and that let me close them up. eyelids_V3 5 pointer closed.mdl Hope that helps, Paul
  5. Wildsided

    Dan's Newer Stuff

    Decided to leave the hair for now as it was slowly driving me even more insane than normal. Instead, I thought I'd try making something for the Fall image contest. Don't know if I'll succeed in finishing something worth entering but It's given me a good excuse to make a lamp post and bench that I can reuse for other things and I've also built some carriages to go with the train I built a little while back.
  6. Wildsided

    All in the Mix

    Hi Simon, Have you tried isolating that frame and looking at the shape of the shadow? If you have an object in the chor that is a similar shape see if it's somehow got keyed to be in a position that could cast that shadow. I had a similar issue once where I'd unknowingly slightly moved a light and it was causing a shadow to move when as far as I knew it wasn't supposed to be. It might be that you moved an object at some point and it generated a keyframe you weren't aware of. Just a thought There's also a slight shift in the camera position at around 1.5 secs.
  7. You've inspired me to update my profile picture. I was sick of looking at my ugly mug.

    1. largento


      Looks awesome, Dan!

  8. Wildsided

    Fall 2018 Image Contest! New Deadline!

    I was thinking of doing something with all the game characters I've made over the years and the train I made a little while back. Do you think it would likely be a copyright problem? I know A:M might use the image to promote the software but it's not as though the company would be profiting directly from the characters themselves. Just wanted to ask before I started on anything. If it's a problem I'll think of something else.
  9. Wildsided

    High pressure work environment

    Daaaamn, that reminds me of a much worse version of the screen from my old HP Touchsmart TX2. The nib of the stylus wore down and there was a piece of scratchy metal beneath.
  10. Wildsided

    Dan's Newer Stuff

    Yeah, I've noticed the guide hair thing. I try and groom all the guides to where they need to be before I simulate. Been fiddling with settings and managed to get the following. It's not passing through her face at least test hair.mp4
  11. Wildsided

    Dan's Newer Stuff

    Have you tried any of these with the hair at the length it was in the original model? Because at that length it isn't coming into contact with her face which is where I've been getting the collision problems, it''ll wrap around the top of her head but then as soon as it hits the cheeks/chin area it passes right through.
  12. Wildsided

    Dan's Newer Stuff

    Thanks for looking Robert
  13. Wildsided

    Dan's Newer Stuff

    Hi Robert, the same issue I'm having happens with your project and that's the hair refuses to not penetrate the model. I've had my hair moving like that (using similar settings) but when she twirls away at the end the hair at the sides of her head passes straight through her face and ruins the shot. I changed the hair settings on the model to the ones in your choreography and as you can see the hair just won't stay out of her face. Until I can figure out how to get the collisions to work there's not much point in having the hair flowing. Hair settings test.mp4
  14. Wildsided

    Dan's Newer Stuff

    After much faffing with settings, I managed to get the shot into a state that I find somewhat acceptable. Uploaded it to Youtube so you won't have to download the file to watch it. https://youtu.be/tpdE4sztt4E
  15. Wildsided

    All in the Mix

    Nice one simon, 'dem boxes got da moves.