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  1. Nightmares! Get your nightmares here! Always fresh, never frozen Nightmares!
  2. Hiya Tom, What this situation called for (as with so many situations) was MORE POWERRRR!!!! The forces only push the particles so far so I added some more at key points. The bunching was caused by particles banging into each other and getting stuck so I turned particle collision off while leaving object collision on. Also cranked up the particle bounce a bit to help them keep momentum. I've attached the modified project file. Hope that helps with your experimenting. Dan blowing.mp4 WindyTunnel powwwerrrr.prj
  3. When I finished the last chapter of Bernie book 1, I decided to do a bit more work on the character models for the artwork. I've also been making an effort since last year to make my models in the correct scale rather than resizing them to fit the scene. Because of this I noticed that when I stood Bernie's Grandpa (who was built to scale) and Bernie (who was not) side by side, when Bernie was scaled to his actual height he was totally out of proportion with all the other characters I've modeled so far. Turns out his proportions matched that of a toddler and as Bernie is around 10 he didn't work when scaled to 4' 2" tall (Bernie is short for his age). So I made a new Bernie. He is to scale now and I've been working on making his textures, just figured I'd post a work in progress.
  4. Could we make a leaf out of stiff cloth. Use the simple scatter effect to spread the leaves around and then use a force to blow them? Just spit balling but I did an experiment with blowing around cloth based hair with some success so a cloth leaf light work.
  5. Cards go boom. Admittedly over-sized cards but they do uniformly go boom. Edit: I just realised that you wanted the individual particles in the shape of a heart/club etc and not the shape of a playing card. Sorry, ignore me, carry on. House of cards0.mp4
  6. Hello to you too. Welcome to the forums.
  7. Are the normals reversed for those 3 patches? Don't know if that makes a difference, just stabbing at the dark.
  8. He'll never suspect a thing <twirls moustache>
  9. Update for anyone who might be interested (Nobody, I'm sure but I have nobody else to talk to about it). I bit the bullet and made the separate Windows 7 partition to see if the dedicated graphics chip was detected or if the drivers would install aaaaaaand...It wasn't. So it's either broken or simply isn't in there (I'm not taking the laptop apart to check). I'm leaning towards it never being there to start with and the laptop being mislabeled by the guy who refurbished it. It's listed as a TM2t-2200 which has an i3 and ATI/Intel HD switchable graphics. But I've found a model called a tm2-2057sb (small business) that just has the i3 and Intel HD graphics. This adds up as well as from what I've read the HDMI port doesn't work without dedicated graphics in windows 10 but it works fine on mine Ah well, now I know and
  10. That's what I figured as well Robert. Just thought I'd ask. Still gonna send in the trial request anyway. I hope it does work with the laptop. It'd be nice to work on little models (like background props and stuff), while I'm watching tv on an evening without needing to sit in the office.
  11. Sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but I got another laptop (the one I mention in Robert's topic about upgrading to windows 10) and I want to test A:M on it. I was just about to put in a trial request on the main site when I got to thinking about the dedicated Graphics chip that's in it but inaccessible by WIndows 10. I've been considering making a dedicated partition to install Win 7 onto for the sole purpose of accessing the dedicated graphics. What I'm wondering is whether A:M's Host ID check is bound to the OS as well as the machine's hardware. So if I generate the Host ID file in Windows 10 in order to get the trial Master0.lic file. Would that file work on a WIndows 7 installation on the same machine? If not no worries. I'll just test it on Windows 10. Cheers Dan
  12. This broke my eyes for a little bit so be careful.
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