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  1. Thanks for the tip Tom. 👍
  2. That's pretty awesome. I love when people make cool things using something totally not intended to be used for what they've done.
  3. Have you tried clicking on Help and then reset setting. Then close and relaunch A:M
  4. Thanks Jason, I appreciate your hard work. Also had a wisdom tooth removed last October and that was no fun so two must suck royally.
  5. Speaking of the store, are we ever likely to see things like A:M paint back on there? I asked (in a direct message not on the main forum) a little while ago and you (Jason) said you'd look into it but it hasn't reappeared so I just assumed that it wasn't. Just thought I'd ask.
  6. Please tell me they had a sound system in the basket playing the imperial march.
  7. Just checked and it renders fine in 32bit as well. Must have been a glitch, glad it's working for you anyway.
  8. The like button disappeared a little while ago for everything. No idea why.
  9. They look very swish, Robert. Can't think of anything to make the task quicker that wouldn't involve buying some sort of equipment. Like a guillotine cutter or a rotary trimmer.
  10. The GPU is a Baytrail from what I can tell The tablet is an Asus Vivotab Note 8 with the OS updated Windows 10. It's not a powerhouse by any means but I can run office on it and photoshop as I mentioned. I've got it connected to a Zagg Autofit Keyboard and a USB hub so I can hook up a mouse. I've also set up a Playstation Move Navigation Controller paired with a program called Xpadder that lets you assign keys to the buttons on the pad which gives me a 12 button shortcut controller. So far A:M seems to be fine with rotoscopes, haven't tested any image sequences yet. Rendering is pretty quick on less demanding models. All I really want to be able to do with it is transfer whatever model I'm working on to it and work on them while I'll watching telly on an evening.
  11. Just did 😁, testing now. Early impressions are that it works and am surprised to see that pinch zooming is supported.
  12. I put in a trial request, sent off my host id etc, a few days ago but haven't heard back. I've bought a Windows tablet with a Wacom Digitizer for drawing and working on when I'm not at my main computer. Photoshop works great on it and I've seen a video of somebody using Z-Brush on it but I know A:M doesn't always play nice with Intel onboard graphics and want to test it before I get a license. I'm gonna be on a plane for 7 hours this coming Saturday so was hoping to tool around on A:M during the flight.
  13. When you installed it did you have to enter your new serial? Sorry if that sounds like a silly question but if you just re-installed the software over the top of your current install your current master.lic will still be in effect. Usually, when I renew the subscription it has completely expired. Then I delete the master.lic in the animation master install folder. The next time I launch the software (because it can't find master.lic) it asks for a serial number. Then I enter my new serial and it generates a new master.lic in the A:M folder and the new subscription takes effect. Hope that makes sense.
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