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  1. If I remember, when you use the mirror bones plugin, it auto mirrors the weights. <edit> I just re read that and realised you said constraints. So ignore me.
  2. In a country as obsessed with the concept of personal freedom. The fact Home Owners Associations exist in America boggles my mind.
  3. I've been thinking about Breckridge a lot recently and decided to have a crack at re-making the model for detective Nye. This is the model so far with the rotoscope slapped on it as a decal from the front. So it's not properly flattened and applied and looks terrible from any angle other than this one.
  4. Select the patch/s that are facing the wrong way with the patch selection tool and then press the F key to flip them. Or right mouse button and select refind normals from the menu (You don't need anything selected to do this).
  5. Lo res test render of Dan explaining modern women to Tech. No audio/lip sync yet or hand (But Dan does have hands now) animation. Tech stands bymajestically, unmoving, statuesque. lorestest.mp4
  6. I have a question now I'm thinking about it. How much are we allowed to edit the BVH before it becomes ineligible? Like to eliminate jittering or move things to prevent model clipping? or exaggerate something etc.
  7. Re-filmed and resubmitted to Deepmotion. Worked a lot better. Rendered it out with Mel from my Bernie Snuffles book because he was a parody of Del Boy anyway. Piggy fall down.mp4
  8. A long long time ago (2013), I bought an Xbox 360 kinect with the intention of using it to make Motion capture files for A:M (seriously I've never even owned an Xbox 360). It did not go well and the kinect ended up being stored in my wire monster (The big tote where I keep all my miscellaneous wires and tech doo-dads). Shamed into action by the Mocap contest, I started looking into the process again and discovered that there was free software capable of simultaneously capturing data from 2 kinect's, combining the info and then spit out a .BVH file. So naturally I went to my local second hand game store and bought a second kinect. This afternoon, brimming with undeserved confidence, I rearranged my living room to make space for an inflatable air mattress and attempted to recreate one of UK Televisions most iconic moments. This one... My wife kindly filmed the attempt. Untitled.mp4 I imported the resultant .BVH into A:M and well, see for yourself. Kinect.mp4 Yeah.... If you can believe it that was the tidied up version. Originally the kinect's thought my entire waist twisted 180 degrees about 2 seconds in. I'm pretty sure with some tinkering I could get better results but it's not a setup that I can leave set up. I also signed up for the free deep motion account and submitted the video my wife shot. It did an admirable job considering I wasn't facing that particular camera. But it didn't seem to understand the falling over. Again most likely due to the angle. deep motion.mp4 Anyway I hope that was a bit of a giggle for everyone.
  9. Okay, got me a car park/parking lot. It's currently floating in the void, but hey, baby steps.
  10. I don't know if anyone has ever done this successfully, but you could try downloading something like virtual box and running an older version of windows on your modern machine. Then run the old version of A:M in the virtual machine.
  11. Weird how the tweets are from 2022 but none of the reviews on Amazon are older than 2013. Is there a way to see how long a product has been out of stock? I'm wondering if somebody bought copies of the perpetual license or boxed version years ago and then sold them on for an inflated price like those current sellers who buy stuff from Ali express and then resell them on Amazon with massive markups. Not that that would explain why they're tweeting a link in 2022. Although it does seem like that entire Twitter account is just auto generated affiliate links. Potentially just a bot that makes a twitter account and spams affiliate links without checking stock quantities.
  12. Finally have all the voxel vehicles I built in MC rebuilt in A:M. Now I can make some colour variations (a process that is a lot quicker in A:M) and get them put in the car park.
  13. Damn Daniel! Back at it again with the white Van. I had previously built a few vehicles for the car park using a mod called chisels and bits. I've now started rebuilding them in A:M.
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