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  1. My refs are from the Young Justice cartoon, so I think thats Tim.
  2. Yeaaaaah -- I decided to up him to 5'. He was just too little. I wasn't comfortable with him being that young. I'd rather have Julie Newmar than Burt Ward, haha.
  3. Thanks guys! Haha, Robert I had the Plastic Man and Spider-man in the '70s . Here is the base model for Robin. He went alot faster since I remembered how to model a little better, lol. I think I need to remodel their shoulders though. Right now they share the same structure, but I don't think I like the way the shoulder connections are going. They look ok, but the splinage is kinda messy. I went on google and found that Batman is 6'2" and Robin is 4'??? Ok -- but he looks really small here. Should I take him up to closer to 5' or what? Thanks again for looking.
  4. So I am starting on a project and basing both character off some cartoon rotos I found on the interwebs. I don't know if they're from the same cartoon or not, I don't really care, haha. I just want them to look cool together. I am making each mesh from scratch, except for the hands which I took from my J.D. character. I might take more things from other models of mine, but I'm trying to remember how to do all this stuff - so making it again is the best way I'm thinking. Here's what I got so far of the Batman. Just the base body. Still have to add all the detail and fix stuff as I go along. I should also mention that this is just a screen grab. Thanks for looking.
  5. Wow. Those are really nice.
  6. I cant find the original post, but I do have to post to the model here: https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46636&hl=alien&do=findComment&comment=399715 Hopefully the sss works about the same in v19 as v14. If not. Hopefully this will help a little.
  7. This is amazing! I wish I had the patience to do all the work you are doing for this piece. Simply incredible to me.
  8. Working on the hair. I think I got it where I want it. I am trying to get it close to her comic hairstyle and added a blue highlight. I also figured a way to get better looking jpegs. I just have to send it to my ipad, convert it to a jpeg in procreate, and resend it back to my pc to rename -- *sigh*
  9. Hey Robert, thanks that was it. Hey Matt, those are my settings. I just can't figure it out. I might try a new project and bring everything into that and see if that gets it done. Here's a front and 3/4th view. I changed the lighting a little. Changed the hair a little. Started working on the pants again. I also brought in my Batgirl boots, because they are way better than the ones I had . I just rendered this in the window, but it still take a while to render.
  10. Eight years late, but thanks, haha.
  11. Well, switching to ray trace worked. Thanks alot, Robert. Although now the shadow is a little too dark, a little too sharp. I will see what happens on a simple object. I should mention again that this project is a original v13 project and not a new v19 project. I am also having a weird problem than when I grap a cp from a direction it immediately moves the cp to the cp in the back. Is this some new setting that I accidentally turned on? Thanks again.
  12. Thanks alot guys. Do either of you have any idea what’s going on with that hair shadow? Did I not click a button somewhere, or is itva glitch?
  13. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. I can see a few uses for that.
  14. To get my feet wet after being gone for awhile I decided to re-proportion an old model of mine. Old Thread: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=45449&st=50&start=50 I think the new proportions look pretty good. However, I am having this weird issue with the hair shadow on the back wall. Anyone know what thats about? Thanks for looking. P.S.: I am posting this here because Im pretty sure Im going to finish this model now. P.P.S.: I am posting a png because I am using Krita now. It doesnt seem to do jpegs without severe blurring. I miss Photoshop
  15. Thanks, John. It's good to be back.
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