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  1. Wow. Those are really nice.
  2. I cant find the original post, but I do have to post to the model here: https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46636&hl=alien&do=findComment&comment=399715 Hopefully the sss works about the same in v19 as v14. If not. Hopefully this will help a little.
  3. Thanks, John. It's good to be back.
  4. Thanks! I'm thinking about starting a new project. Probably related to the Batgirl, but separate.
  5. That's the first thing I checked . I did make it in v13 so there is probably going to some differences.
  6. I sure hope so. I already has a look at my batgirl project and noticed the face is rendering pure black. So SSS is definitely different.
  7. I've decided to go with the subscription version. We'll see how it goes. If in a year I think I'd be better off going the other way -- we'll see about the permanent one then. Where's the best place to start getting a refresher course on A:M v19? I think the last version I used was 14. Thanks again.
  8. I would love to be able to get the subscription version. It's just that I'm poor, ha. I can only afford something by saving up for it. I already have so many other subscriptions right now, I just can't get another one. I don't know where I'll even be in a year to know If I could afford to resub next year. So I have to go this way. At least for now. I don't want a sub running out on me then not be able to keep working until I can afford to resub. Thanks for the answers guys.
  9. So, After Windows 10 ate my last pc with all my stuff on it, I was pretty upset. I just didn't want t deal with it for awhile. I now have a new laptop and I was actually able to get my stuff off my old pc finally. So I can't really afford the subscription version of A:M, so I was thinking of getting the 300 dollar version. I actually have the money for that right now and it's been years since I upgraded. My question is; is it a digital download? My new laptop doesn't have a disc drive so I would need a digital version. Otherwise, I could always buy a usb disk drive, but I would rather not. Thanks for reading.
  10. Thanks Steve. I'll start a thread there Soon ™.
  11. Where should I post a topic for posting my models that I wish to give away? I don't want to start the thread until I know I've put it in the right place . Thanks.
  12. Yeah,I love the hall of fame. Great idea!
  13. That's why I love posting in the WIPs forum. I like showing that there is no "make dragon" button. It takes work to get good and to add detail to models. The same goes for every other portion of the animation process.
  14. How big would you have to have it made to get rid of the imperfections?
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