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  1. Thanks guys. Robert, this is indeed 3 fps for now, but I'm still deciding how many inbetween frames I'll have for the hand drawn parts. But that's a good point. For now this is the only segment where frame rates would need to "match up".
  2. Here's a rough render of the scene, mostly pencil sketches. But the ground animation part is done for now, though I may tweak it a bit yet. I rendered only every tenth frame to keep the look of the hand drawn elements. verse07Test2_h264.mov
  3. Thanks for the looks! Robert, that was something I was mulling over...decided against it for now, but I'm not ruling it out. I do have a question though, where are the toon lines settings for thickness, color, etc. Been poking around but can't find them.
  4. No, everything's good! Here's a quick-and-dirty test of what I was after. The artwork is just a pencil sketch but the final art will still be hand-drawn calendar pages in keeping with the look of the animation. In fact I may just render every fifth frame or so, as the smoothness may also be a mismatch with the style I'm going for. LandscapeTest4_h264.mov
  5. Thanks Simon! That's exactly the workaround I couldn't remember. However importing a .tga worked fine.
  6. Thanks for the test, John! I think I need to look around for another solution. May be time to renew my subscription! I just tried a second time to put a link in my post for "Sexy Texie" on Vimeo,but it doesn't seem to want to let me include a link.
  7. Hi everyone- This is a great response! Thanks so much for these. Johnl3D to answer your question, yes, like a drone flying over a landscape. Robert, I don't think I have any versions that will load up on a Mac with OSX. Back in the day I did almost all my AM work on the pc at work. I did a little work on the Mac but not much. Mark, that's a good fix! I may mess with 3D in After Effects. Rodney, nice solution. I'm not so worried about the time frame or precise months/dates. I anticipate drawing the calendar grids to maintain the hand-drawn appearance. I just want to suggest calendar pages. Robert, I like your test. If the position of the horizon can be maintained and new hills appear in the distance that would be ideal. maybe a different depth of field and a hilly landscape (or arrangement of objects) that is curved so that it turns toward the camera. Here's a sketch:
  8. HI everyone, it's been awhile I guess! As some of you may know, I put computer animation aside about four years ago after learning and working in A:M for over ten years, to focus on learning traditional cel animation. I've got one project, "Sexy Texie", that has been making the rounds of film festivals for the past year. You can see it on Vimeo. I tried to add a link here, but the post got wonky! I'm working on a new one, a poem about an eight year old boy who builds his own hydrogen-powered race car to enter in the big race. They won't let him enter because he's only eight, but he decides to enter anyway. I've got this one shot that I'm unable to draw by hand, and Robert Holmen invited me to stop by here to see about some bit of help. It is, as he says, the kind of shot that CG was invented for. I no longer have any CG software on my computer. The shot is a rolling, hilly landscape that we are flying over. The landscape is actually calendar pages, that I'm using to indicate the passage of time. I'm attaching a video of the rough shot, and a still of the way the calendar pages will look. It's all pretty rough but I think the intent is clear. It's fifteen seconds. I can provide hand drawn calendar art for a map. If anyone could take a crack at this I would be eternally grateful! RollingHillsTest_h264.mov
  9. A little late to the party, but happy birthday!
  10. I'm glad to hear he's been improving. Thanks for the news.
  11. that is very tough news to hear. I hope through hard work, smart doctors and luck that this is resolved for the better for Gene. Please keep us posted on his progress and if you speak with him again please tell him we are all pulling for him.
  12. Great plug and article Will! Good luck with your new endeavor!
  13. Hi Tom, nice to see you here!
  14. Another very nice tut, Robert. I haven't looked at visping's model, but my comment is that I don't think you can set up a constraint like this in a model, it would have to be done in an action or chor. I wonder if that's the problem here.
  15. wouldn't let me play it in Firefox, I got an error message that I needed the latest of either Chrome or Safari, even though I *think* I just updated FF like last week. EDIT: It did work in Safari on a PC.
  16. Here's a test of the entire tree growth, though it won't be shot this way in the final; there will be closeups and other camera angles. TreeGrowthFinal_h264.mov
  17. I *would* post a comment, but really I've run out of superlatives.
  18. Thanks folks. It's working, it just isn't looking as much like a reflection as I'd like. I'm messing with the settings but with everything else going on in this piece it may not matter too much. I'll try to post some images tomorrow.
  19. Using an environment map in v 17 and it looks like a color decal instead of reflections. I can't tell if I'm missing a step but I recall it was pretty straightforward. Is there an additional *something* I need to do to get the reflective quality?
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