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  1. It's now 9:40PM. It's still not too late to post to this topic. If only I could have gotten you to do that.
  2. I didn't realize I've had a Pinterest account (with nothing posted) since 2006: https://www.pinterest.com/rbaker2006/animationmaster/
  3. Down at the bottom of the screen forum members should start to see social media icons for various platforms. With those icons, A:M Users should be able to share the posts here in the A:M Forum with all their friends and relatives. Please let us know if you have any issues with that feature and we will investigate.
  4. Due to recent update of forum permissions some are experiencing lack of access. It is reported that logging into and out of the forum is resolving this issue.
  5. Of all the people... I was counting on you Dan!
  6. This topic has been modified and will now close at midnight on 20 Oct 2019. If you have anything important to say... now is the time to say it. Do not say you have not been warned...
  7. There is nothing significant relating today to Charlie Chaplin. Which if fine but it'd be a better day if there was at least some connection.
  8. This topic will automatically open on 10/20/2019. No autoclose date or time is set.
  9. It's good to read through older posts from time to time. I just saw the one where Roger had spotted the one pass Bokeh effect. It seems familiar but I have no recollection of reading that post previously. Interesting. In other news: I spotted (and now have used) a method of video screen capturing. I currently have it set up to run via batch file to capture approx 2 minute quick draw sketching sessions. I'd now like to investigate turning it into a more solid c++ driven utility. In the interim I hacked the batch file into an .exe file via a randomly downloaded batch to exe application. The settings for now mostly have to be ran at the outset and not interactively but the FPS and duration can be set and it can target specific windows or the entire desktop. For good measure I made the MP4 video output intially have a static name (so the most current output can be targeted by other applications but then also datetimestamp copies so each is preserved when the capture is launched again. After the storage of the capture I then have it played back for the user to see. For use with A:M, say to record video tutorials the primary thing needed after the recording would be determining how best to crop the image to leave out say... the icons at the bottom of the screen. The recording size (even over multiple monitors) can be customized; that size initiates from the top left corner of the screen(s).
  10. I've seen a few more optimistic reports outside of the doom and gloom scenarios with Mac Catalina. This has me wishing I had a Mac to test with. Here's a link worth reading: How to Run 32-Bit Apps in macOS Catalina Additionally, it is reported that ALL executables have to be run at least once via the Finder/terminal before they can run 'normally'. While something of a pain I find this to be a nice security feature. Then you'd mainly have to be on guard for someone trying to trick you into installing a nefarious application.
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