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  1. For those interested in such things, I've updated the direct link to the SDK. The forum had that hard coded to point at the v19.0 zipfile. Now points to the v19.5 file. The link at the top of this topic pointed to the correct location so nothing has changed there.
  2. That's very cool @Madfox There are a number of different approaches you might take... one of which I think might be to use Animation:Master's lipsyncing tools... but... woowee... its been awhile since I played with those. A problem here might be the limited number of phonemes available to the lipsyncing tools. Hmmm... Have to think abou this one but if you have all of the animations for each letter contained in one output file (AVI) then you could also find a way to dial in specific frames of that animation. How to do that in time and space across wordings... a bit more difficult. If I were to do this in another program such as Opentoonz I might assign each letter as it's own 'level' (separate sequence or file) and then expose those directly via typing in as exposures. Your AVI as a GIF animation for those interested:
  3. I reordered about a week ago. Instant response as always although I generally don't use any emails. Generally when ordering you can use the email (that for me also arrives immediately) but there is also a message in the store itself confirming order and supplying information/links. You might double check to see if your paypal account (or credit card**) was charged. If not then likely the order didn't go through which in turn would not generate an email. I haven't read all the postings so if you've already confirmed that... press on. press on. (Just now read the part about checking out a guest) **For those using credit card that goes intially through the paypal menu at the store but then we'll (eventually) get the option to change to credit card. I've been using paypal just for ease of purchase lately though.
  4. Couldn't leave this one alone so had to see how easy it would be to assign the groups to words instead of letters... NamedGroupsAppearancingB.prj
  5. I thought of an even better approach... one that probably follows that identified in the Live Answer Time video more closely. I only skimmed the video so am not sure what all went into that approach. The idea is to create and animate named groups (using Hold Interpolation) to turn on/off transparency for each letter (or model) assigned to a group. A benefit is that if something changes (or needs to be changed) it can be done largely by assignment of the groups which then will inherit the appearing action automatically. One of Animation:Master's strengths above all other software is it's ability to leverage Named Groups. NamedGroupsAppearancing.prj
  6. When I first read this topic several approaches to this came to mind... including use of Boolean cutters to remove letters. I tested that and it worked although I was having difficulty making it work as simply as I wanted. Then I thought... black background... colored letters... Why not just move a black colored patch over the letters to 'unhide' them? And that's what I ended up with here: Note that this isn't 'per-letter' as I didn't take the time to make sure each frame only revealed one letter. The final words 'and the' could be revealed just by moving another black colored patch back behind the patch that is displaying the title card (or models). Added the no frill proof of concept project file (see attached). TitleCard RevealA.prj
  7. Visual Studio Code is an entirely different program (also from Microsoft)... so not quite sure what you are referring to here. BUT... Good news. Restarting Visual Studio appears to have resolved the problem!
  8. I knew there had to be an option to keep from having to specifically activate what project runs when debugging in a solution, and there is... Right Click on the solution and open Properties. There you should see an option to run the selected project versus the default 'Single Startup project' that gets updated each time we select and set a specific project as the startup project. Change that option (radio button) to 'Current selection' and whatever project is selected in the Solution Explorer at the time of running debug (or release) should run.
  9. Nice one John! Any time I see 'Shaggy' I am always reminded of when we were working on the Extras CD and Steve Sappington emailed me asking "Where's Shaggy????". He almost seemed to be in a panic. I was pretty sure both Shaggy and Scoobie were on the CD but... the sense of panic didn't seem to equate to the lack of presence of the model on the CD. It didn't take long however to figure out Steve meant 'Shaggy'... as in the character from 'The Art of Animation:Master' that was essential to being present for the 'Where's the Door' Excercise etc. Oh! THAT Shaggy! And yes, somehow he was missing from the files. Shaggy was added and that particular crisis narrowly averted. Go Shaggy!
  10. Impressive work as always Mark! And very entertaining.
  11. Nice one John. Here's a rabbit fight right back at you!
  12. John, Since you already have previous release loaded with license file all you need to do is copy that master0.lic file into the v19.5 program directory. v19.5 should then automatically find that license and run. (Edit: What @robcat2075said!) CONGRATULATIONS on the release of v19.5!
  13. Woah. Adventure cat has been missing in action. Rumor is he's been out doing R&D... Until we an find out more, here's a 2D/3D ruff rig thingy:
  14. Congratulations! You guys made that look like a lot of fun. One of perhaps the funnest things is surely rising to the challenge of not being concerned that neighbors, family or friends seeing you perform will think you've finally... if not inevitably lost your minds! Hehe! More please!
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