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  1. I definitely recognize those cats. I'm pretty sure they made it on to the Extras CD and are very likely the work of Alain Descrochers.
  2. John, I had to download a codec in order to view the video. This might be problematic if shared with others that don't have that codec. Cute bird!
  3. Free... if willing to build from source. Nominal fee for current builds to fund development (available via gumroad). General use: Drag/drop obj into viewport. Paint. https://armorpaint.org/index.html Online manual: https://armorpaint.org/manual.html On Windows the application is portable (no installation required) and approx. 10MB Also runs on Linux, Mac and iPad. Even if only used to create decals via proxy model the application might allow A:M users a pipeline to use PBR materials; generating the various texture maps/decals required...
  4. Because Robert's test deserves to be seen easily... Here it is as a gif animation:
  5. Note the filename from days gone by...
  6. He be.... Jean Chrétien PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA Linkage: https://www.google.com/search?q=canada+politicians+Chretien&sxsrf=ALeKk02X40CUqhnVvdK0V8z5ufQGg36ZxQ:1587861774112&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=fggDxlw7fKVcUM%3A%2CaJ9Or8oFtxZaIM%2C%2Fm%2F0k0y0&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kTjReqwOrHz20kkkbh7GiUdlGsmxg&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjY8v2H7oTpAhXLKM0KHUKJCRAQ_B0wFnoECAUQAw#imgrc=fggDxlw7fKVcUM:
  7. I'm afraid I don't know my Canadian coinage and cannot recall the location of the discussion. I am fairly certain it was here in the forum where the truth came out.
  8. Fun factoid: This guy plays George on A:M TV but... he's actually a Canadian political leader! The originator of the model created him to satirize Canadian politics but when A:M Users saw the character they automatically thought it was George Bush. So, fast forward to the making of the Extras CD and the team renamed/repurposed the model.
  9. We skipped last year... which is what allowed us to get into sync with years/versions. Now we are at that once in a lifetime alignment of the stars. This reminds me of a very old conversation with Martin where he was talking about dropping version numbers entirely and just going with yearly designations. My how time does fly... that was well over ten years ago.
  10. Random thought... I hope we can move to v20 for 2020. It'd be a lot easier to remember the version if it is aligned with the year. It doesn't have to have any big bell and whistle new features... just increment the release number along with the year.
  11. Yikes! I haven't posted here in the Tuckertown topic in almost exactly two years. The other day I thought I'd model an unfolded cardboard box and rig it so it could be folded... and ended up doing a little more.
  12. Yikes. Scary stuff Robert. Since we are feature requesting.... Maybe a ball of hairy particles on his back? Virus.prj
  13. Maybe he looks a bit too friendly John? Not sure how scary you want him to be though.
  14. The digital download approach would be really nice. Hopefully Jason can make that happen. **Yes, notice how I volunteered Jason!
  15. That easily makes the top 10 list of TaoA:M 'The Door's Stuck' exercises. Nicely done Elm!
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