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  1. Exciting times... prehistoric times even!
  2. I see a 'Follow' option, which if we hover over the link the tooltip says, "Follow this content". Is that an equivalent to 'subscribe'? That option was there at the top right of this topic before I posted into it.
  3. Thank you! Wasn't expecting that. Sweet.
  4. EXR IO 2.0 for Photoshop has been released. This won't do much for those without current Photoshop/Adobe CC but for those that have it... Among other things, EXR IO is said to extract all channels from an EXR file and place them into separate layers in Photoshop. For features and download see: https://www.exr-io.com/features/ Disclaimer: I haven't tested this with A:M's EXR files yet.
  5. Not to distract from the current C++ studies but those not engaged in that might wish to lean forward even further and explore the world of quantum computing. Microsoft and Google/Alphabet are hosting a free course. For details and registration of the online course: https://brilliant.org/courses/quantum-computing/
  6. Well, one year and four months earlier but who is counting. The guy that I followed to Godot links is Jeremy Bullock (Turtletooth) who is a teacher and programmer. He burnt himself out on Opentoonz development and headed to the territory of open source gaming to recharge his batteries. Jeremy has some video tutorials dedicated to Godot on youtube worth checking out. His is a four part series with an additional video addressing questions raised from viewers. This is Part 1: Good luck in your exploration Matt!
  7. Thanks for the heads up David!
  8. Justin, We definitely missed you. For your movie reference I will guess... "Tron". My movie reference: INTERIOR: OTTO'S SMITHY SHOP FRIAR: Now see here you, you evil flint hearted... SHERIFF: Now, now, now, now. Save your sermon preacher. It ain't Sunday ya know.
  9. Welcome back Michael! oooo color me intrigued!
  10. I'll be more careful next week. I blame changing from Central to Mountain time for my confusion. Apparently I arrived too early and then waited to long to try again. While waiting I was playing with C++ code so all was not lost.
  11. hmmm... Did I log in to the wrong Hangout? Sorry I missed you guys.
  12. Checking in and up to speed on instructions thus far. Curious about what we'll standardize on for compiler and IDE.
  13. I am wondering if in the process of learning C++ we might also be able to identify those obstacles that would prevent use of Visual Studio 2019 in the pipeline. I'm sure Steffen would be the one to point out the major issues therein. The thought from my vantage point is that it would be ideal to target MSVC 2019 if/where possible rather than 2015 and leapfrog over 2017 in the process. Is this possible? Practical? Ideal? Not sure.
  14. Gah! I'm on pins and needles!
  15. Strangely captivating. I did keep imagining Warner Bros characters in action while listening. So there is that connection I suppose.
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