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  1. Hi Myron! It's been great seeing your avatar/icon appear in the forum... and your recently shared animation. That takes me back. I haven't been very active myself in the A:M Forum of late so maybe I need to reintroduce myself too! I'm looking forward to what 2020 brings and am excited to think of diving deeper into A:M again.
  2. Ah, this takes me way, Way, WAY back to the good ol' days. Thanks, I needed that!
  3. If you have the image sequence in the Project... - Open Project Workspace (PWS) - Right Click on Image sequence icon - Save As Animation Please see attached image of menu:
  4. Myron, To easily convert a image sequence into a video (or video to image sequence) via Animation:Master: - In the Project Workspace (PWS) listing load your image sequence via Right Click on 'Images' - Once loaded into Animation:Master Right Click on the item you wish to convert (also via PwS) and Choose 'Save as Animation' - I believe the default format will be AVI but you can type in the format extension of any supported image format. Note the Compression button next to the filename (if AVI is the format). This will allow you to select the codec/compression (or no compression). Regarding rendering to AVI... You might check the setting in render dialogue that shows the codec/compression being used (similar to the button mentioned above but now in the Render dialogue). That may be why you are having trouble. Resetting that to another codec (or no compression) might resolve the issue. Aside: To convert to formats not supported by Animation:Master I recommend FFMPEG (or any utility that uses ffmpeg) as there is a very broad range of supported formats.
  5. It can help to take an approach of using an even number of splines. This will not only help in avoiding 5 point patches but also 3 pointers... as well as chart a course for dividing larger sections as they get refined into (optimally) 4 point patches. One of my favorite approaches... where the model will never leave Animation:Master... is to fully embrace 3 and 5 point patches and even leverage them in innovative ways. For instance: intentionally creating a 5 point area so that it can be capped as a 5 point patch. As a general rule, anywhere in a unibody mesh where there will be appendages (or orifices) there will be a requirement for a special patch (3 and 5 pointers being most used). In the 'embrace the problem' category: Another useful and old school approach is to hide the area in question. For instance, we might hide 'eyes' behind a pair of glasses. We might extend troublesome areas out of camera view... move them around to the side or scale... way... way down... In the case of scaling it might be possible to leave a 5 point patch area completely open and it now be seen in the final rendering. It might not be 'air tight' but... no one will know it isn't. How about the 'grid based model with decals' approach? Here a basic grid of 4 pointers in modified into a shape and details that would likely require 5 point patches... added via decals. Then there is the 'fix it in post' approach where a troublesome areas is obscured, blended, blurred or otherwise tossed out. For something like the current contest... which rightly places emphasis on using A:M for modeling and rendering... I'd say the embrace the 3 and 5 point patches approach would be the easiest approach rather than spend too much time trying to convert them into 4 point patches. There are some considerations of course with decaling and texturing and so those cases will need to be tested. If not seen in the final rendering though... you'll have more time to refine other elements of your contest entry.
  6. Robert, Instead of running in Debug mode change to Release and that will build the executable.
  7. It's now 9:40PM. It's still not too late to post to this topic. If only I could have gotten you to do that.
  8. I didn't realize I've had a Pinterest account (with nothing posted) since 2006: https://www.pinterest.com/rbaker2006/animationmaster/
  9. Down at the bottom of the screen forum members should start to see social media icons for various platforms. With those icons, A:M Users should be able to share the posts here in the A:M Forum with all their friends and relatives. Please let us know if you have any issues with that feature and we will investigate.
  10. Due to recent update of forum permissions some are experiencing lack of access. It is reported that logging into and out of the forum is resolving this issue.
  11. Of all the people... I was counting on you Dan!
  12. This topic has been modified and will now close at midnight on 20 Oct 2019. If you have anything important to say... now is the time to say it. Do not say you have not been warned...
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