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  1. Rodney

    Try out this test Contest poll

    That's exactly what the third parties are doing. When I say 'not worth pursing' I'm mostly approaching that from the standpoint of my personal capability and authority. Although I am bonded to the A:M Forum in many ways one of the golden rules I try to follow in administration of it is 'this is not my forum'. As such connecting databases to it has to go through Jason. Additional thoughts related to this: If we have visions of a highly customized forum I would suggest downloading and setting up a test bed IPB board and diving deeply into the workings of it. This is the recipe for success in my estimation as well as a useful education in optimizing IPB forums. Then with 'what success looks like' ready for implementation we just update the Hash Inc forum to the desired state (as approved by Jason/Hash Inc of course. There isn't much of a limit to what we can do with the forum. We just have to build, test and publish... as well as maintain it. A question we might ask relative to this is how much might it be worth purchasing a survey/polling option designed specifically for use with IPB forums versus building one from scratch? There is no doubt in my mind that survey/polling that would allow for contest voting will be useful and as such the idea of having that capability here directly in the forum is worth considering. As an example of that... currently the Galleries have some basic capabilities in that general direction. We might probe to see how far those capabilities go and what is lacking. Added: I mention Galleries for a number of reasons to include the fact that if contests polling and results could be conducted therein it would then be trivial to present the results and archive them later without transferring the contest data into the Galleries... because all the data would be there already.
  2. Rodney


    There is some activity that I wouldn't strictly consider 'posts' but that might just be semantics. Activity is the broader category that includes all manner of forum postings. We'll leave it as is until someone suggests otherwise.
  3. Rodney


    Done. As that tab reveals forum member customizable streams to include posting to Galleries and Clubs would it be appropriate to title that 'Recent Posts / Activity'?
  4. Rodney

    Try out this test Contest poll

    Nothing that would be worth pursuing I would think but you'd have to work with Jason on that. There are always additional capabilities from IPB and third party vendors willing to add to IPB forums though... for a price. I'll guess that lack of control/capability is what moved Jason and Hash Inc to stick with the website approach to managing contests.
  5. Rodney

    Good Choice For a Laptop to Run A:M

    I haven't read all of the responses but when I saw 4GB RAM that caught my attention. That pretty much cancels out any benefits gained elsewhere. I wouldn't want a computer with less than 8GB and would prefer 16GB... the more RAM the better-er-er-er. I've never understood the issues with Intel graphics as they've worked better and more consistently for me than higher dollar cards. It's a good foundational card that every application should be able to run well on. It's not cutting edge or fancy but it gets the job done. An additional note on RAM: Be careful about systems that state they have x amount of RAM as not all RAM is treated equally and the advertised RAM may not in fact be what is needed. I'll let the experts weigh in and explain more about that.
  6. Rodney

    Try out this test Contest poll

    If forum membership is the issue we can set up a forum where guests can vote. To insure anonymity we might make it so that only guests could vote. (should test that but originally as a test the Open Forum was set up so anyone... even non members of the forum could post) As for the stated goals: -Can integrate pictures into choice list. Check. Forum posts can use html to include images. -Each voter must choose three images. Should be possible. We'd just have to determine how to implement. Mitigation could be to disqualify any response that did not include three votes. -Anyone can vote... but just once. In the past contests (using Hash Inc's site, PHP etc.) I think this validation was done via voter supplied email address. With guest voting that wouldn't be possible. I suppose a mitigation for that shortfall might be to disqualify/nullify duplicate votes from the same IP address. The 'vote just once' goal might be the deal breaker in using forum polls as that would likely need to be managed manually.
  7. Rodney

    Try out this test Contest poll

    Robert, I wonder if this forums polling might do as well as Survey Monkey. A few years back I tested that but I don't really recall the details of what I discovered. It seemed to be adequate but regardless it might be good to test it and know for certain that it is adequate or not. Added: The two poll options that are currently off in the forum admin settings are: - Users can change their vote - Users can see results before voting (I just now turned this off) The other two settings of general interest are: - Maximum questions per poll = 50 - Maximum options per question = 50
  8. Rodney

    Try out this test Contest poll

    Train, plane and face.
  9. Thanks for putting your videos online Justin. There's great content in there that others need to see. I passed the link on to some folks that aren't into 3D/CG but so many of the points you hit apply across the board whether to 3D, cutout or even traditional hand drawn animation.
  10. Rodney

    I am a new member

    This is definitely the place to learn about computer animation.
  11. It's great to see this on youtube. Nice!
  12. Rodney

    "Someone" notifications

    See if you can't view the author of a 'Like' now.
  13. Robert, That is an image that deserves a story.
  14. Rodney

    Hello from Sweden

    Welcome to Animation:Master Han!
  15. Very nice entries. Nicely done everyone!