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  1. Here's a proof of concept for animating the biases of a four Control Point lathe to have it morph from circle to square. In this case not directly moving into the shape but changing size and delaying the shape change a little. Project File attached as well. square2round.prj
  2. I'm a bit late to the party. It's great to see you @mulls! If it is an option I've found that leveraging patch images and then manipulating the splines to influence the shape of the image works quite well. Then the 'text' can be created either inside A:M or another program and then the splines... dangling splines often working best... can be manipulated to gain whatever curvature is needed... to include curvature created via lathing (as Fuchur describes). The image/text can then be updated easily to change font, style, color, etc. without concern for adjusting the path.
  3. The black outline is typically an indication of premultiplied alpha channels... and perhaps especially if/when the process of premultiplying the alpha channel has been done more than once. Contrast this with a white outline which is an indicator that images are being used that are un-premultiplied and need to have that process applied in order to lose the outline. Interestingly, this can go a lot deeper and even touch upon our favorite topic of... gamma correction! This wikipedia article provides some of the math involved: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_compositing
  4. I am sure to have nightmares after seeing that. Probably just needs the wings and all will be fine. hehe
  5. I hear there is now a free deluxe mega multi powered copy of 'Birds-Eye-View-Queue' with every purchased copy of Animation:Master! Now look what you've done Mr. Robert Holmen... you've convinced me to update my subscription to A:M! (Disclaimer: I have heard rumors to the effect that the B-E-V-Q offer is not available in some specific galaxies and black holes and where otherwise prohibited by law) Translation to the above: Thank you Robert for the excellent reminder of the Birds-Eye-View-Queue. I have mentioned this feature to some folks that have never used
  6. Robert mentions the book on Villains by Thomas and Johnston (and their 'Illusion of LIfe' of course is well known to animators) but their other book 'Too Funny For Words: Disney's Greatest Sight Gags' provides good insight into how to 'write' animated sequences without words. The concept of 'the gag' has largely fallen out of favor but the underlying idea of entertainment and humor is still just as popular. Something I find interesting is how Disney got the entire staff involved in coming up with good storytelling visuals and some even made some extra income by submitting gag
  7. Mesmerizing. It reminds me of some of those old lead ins for TV and movies back in the 70s that didn't have a lot to do with the show itself but did the job of setting the mood and displaying the talent involved via credits... but yours much much better.
  8. It's great to hear from you Teresa! And good to get caught up with what you are up to. Here's hoping you make the transition to whatever will be smoothly and without too much disruption.
  9. Rodney

    AM Films

    A:M FIlms has been disconnected for many years... both the old (classic) A:M Films as well as the updated one. You'd likely be the exception to the rule if it was working for you. There is a youtube channel that contains most of the content from earlier A:M Films (although not strickly those that use to be found via A:M FIlms): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClx0zURG5-KTOzQewFRpASg/videos There is also the Hash Inc FTP site that has quite a few videos.
  10. There is an Animation:Master discord but... it never really took off: https://discord.gg/jtZmXvc Please feel free to drop in and make suggestions to inject some life into it. Link updated!
  11. Just days ago I found myself wondering what Disney might end up doing with Blue Sky Studios which was part of their recent acquisition of 20th Centry Fox. Even before I got a chance to google it... into my news feed came the reports that Disney would be shutting down the Studio. Several old time Animation:Master veterans work there... a few since the very early days of Blue Sky Studios... and here's hoping they make the transition well. I saw in a separate report via Linked In that one Blue Sky Studio animator in particular, Teresa (Nord) Storhoff has recently been promoted to Train
  12. Congrats to all the winners! That was a fun contest.
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