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  1. Rodney

    The Hash, Inc. Store

    I likely messed up your test on my end... I wasn't able to login. I did opt for resetting the password and was able to login after that. I'll check again after any roll back.
  2. Rodney

    Fall 2018 Image Contest! Dec 16 Deadline!

    You can't fool me. That's an image modeled and rendered by Rodger Reynolds!
  3. Rodney

    Dan's Newer Stuff

    Maybe put the whole scene inside a box so that the rays bounce back into the scene more quickly so you can ramp up the settings even higher. I would imagine that could be a scene that you set to render at the start of a trip away from home so that you can return to having it finished much much later.
  4. Rodney


    Of course there is a point at which using Boolean cutters might be less of a cheat. For instance, if we need to easily change the texture inside the cut out space. This is not what is needed in your case. Your approach looks perfect!
  5. Rodney


    You all are dedicated modelers. I am reminded of why 'faking it' can be difficult. I thought I'd throw together a column with Boolean Cutters and there were a few issues with rendering... Some of this is because I was lazy and didn't close off the ends of the cyclinder shapes used to cut the gauges our of the columns. Some of this is beacause I was lazy and applied all three textures to the column planning to disappear the textures I didn't want in the Column's choreography settings.. Here's the render in question.
  6. Rodney

    Damn 5 point patches!

    Internal patches are causing you pain. In preventing us from modeling with internal patches A:M is saying... "I really can't put a 5 point patch here... that wouldn't be wise." Removing the internal patches immediately adjacent the 5 point patch potential areas allowed me to assign the areas as 5 point patches with one exception. That except appeared to be a potential 5 pointer adjacent another 5 point patch that itself had an internal patch on one side. Removing that spline (thereby removing the internal patches on that side allowed that 5 pointer to be restored as well as the first one that didn't want to work. There are still a lot of internal patches in this model but at least they aren't problematically preventing 5 pointers. (See attached) eyelids_V3a.mdl
  7. Rodney

    Welcome to the forums new home!

    Since the early days of the forum there has been some custom code (set in place very like by the highly esteemed Will Pickering) that parsed through some things and formatted them in specific ways. I will guess some of that custom code is no longer connecting in the exact same customized way. Some of this might simply relate to the new IPB forum software not having the same code routines as prior versions of their software. Some might relate to a specific process simply being turn off, in which case we just have to know what that process is and turn it back on.
  8. Rodney

    Welcome to the forums new home!

    Regarding the search... the forum is reporting that the search index is rebuilding/reprocessing. Theoretically once built it will have all the forum indexed for searching. Because some of the lookup button (ex. All Activity) very likely rely on search functions they too will come up short until the search index is fully processed.
  9. For those of you that like to point your phones at things and just be taken to the site immediately perhaps you might be interested in a few QR codes to get you there. If your phone doesn't have a QR code reading app... you might have to download one. This one should take you directly to the main page of the A:M Forum:
  10. Just checking new site 

    1. Rodney



      Things are improving around here.  :)

  11. Rodney

    Welcome to the forums new home!

    Looking into the various options now. MP4 would appear to be the ideal upload format. door.mp4
  12. Rodney

    Welcome to the forums new home!

    Looking very good thus far Jason!
  13. Rodney

    "Live Answer Time" Saturdays Noon CST

    I've added the weekly 'Live Answer Time' to the Community calendar: https://forums.hash.com/index.php?/calendar/
  14. until
    On Saturdays from Noon to 1PM Central time I will be available on Google Hangout and attempt to answer/solve/demonstrate any A:M question you may have. 1PM-2PM Eastern time 12 Noon to 1PM Central time 11AM-12 Noon Mountain time 10AM-11AM Pacific time 5PM Saturday Greenwich Mean Time (while US is on Daylight Saving Time) You will need your Google account and a microphone. You don't need a camera, I don't have one either but we can show each other what we are doing with screen sharing. To access the Google Hangout, click on the link provided in the first post of the Live Answer Time session topic. You may need to load or enable a Google hangout plugin. It may work better for you in Chrome. Link to topic: If possible, please add an avatar image to your Google account so you may appear as something other than a generic icon. The sessions may be recorded for posterity.
  15. Rodney

    Flocking and Particle settings

    My guru status is diminishing.... Sorry I wasn't here for you kem but glad to see you got everything sorted. Good things we have lots of guru types hanging out around here. Not that it matters much for you now.. .but for others looking in....the number 1 reason most flocking fails is that the user forgets (or doesn't know) to turn particles on. I'll guess the number 2 reason is not understanding the process of setup such as how to drag/drop the model to create the flock. For older computers it can be useful to set the flocking setting 'Draw as Dots' to 'on' until absolutely needed. Nowadays with more RAM on the average computer that's less of a problem so 'Draw as Dots' can usually be left off..