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Community Answers

  1. Impressive work as always Mark! And very entertaining.
  2. Nice one John. Here's a rabbit fight right back at you!
  3. John, Since you already have previous release loaded with license file all you need to do is copy that master0.lic file into the v19.5 program directory. v19.5 should then automatically find that license and run. (Edit: What @robcat2075said!) CONGRATULATIONS on the release of v19.5!
  4. Woah. Adventure cat has been missing in action. Rumor is he's been out doing R&D... Until we an find out more, here's a 2D/3D ruff rig thingy:
  5. Congratulations! You guys made that look like a lot of fun. One of perhaps the funnest things is surely rising to the challenge of not being concerned that neighbors, family or friends seeing you perform will think you've finally... if not inevitably lost your minds! Hehe! More please!
  6. Congratulations! I thought I knew what was going to happen and you surprised me all the way through. Nicely done.
  7. Count me in. Sunday night will work fine for me. I would like to avoid the 6pm-7pm central time slot but otherwise can adjust as necessary.
  8. Assuming it did create that play... I like it. It is however just the start. And as such... the simpler the better... which in it's current state... this play certainly is. I can easily envision where now the play (in this simple form) needs to have an overlay of character development. How do these characters performances contribute to a compeling story? How do the character interactions interplay? Is there space for the introduction of intrigue on the part of opposing parties... those that wish the tank to be done away with... those that have motive for keeping it? Is there a villain of the piece? Is there additional layering of Shakespearian stylisms that can improve the sense of theatre? Can the presentation be augmented by using cartoon characters... or ultra realistic filmmaking? What if any twists in the story might be added to keep the audience glued to their seats? I'd love to see a play like this overlaid with the antics of... Lair of the Lizardmin.
  9. Robert, Immediately after deparing the hangout I noticed the swf files for the composite Tech Talk were created in Camtasia. As i still have Camtasia I felt confident I should be able to open and convert the presentation and... done. Wish I had thought of that last week! As other demos of Animation:Master are likely created with Camtasia this should make quick work of any conversions needed but I especially want to get more info out on ExR capabilities. The Tech Talk uses the Norlock project file and not the Leopard Queen but similar content is covered. Kudos to Eric Webster for the Norlock project which is on the A:M Extras CD. Thanks also to Noel Pickering for the Tech Talk. I'll double check on artifacts appearing in the MP4. Not sure how that snuck through. Composite EXR Tech Talk.mp4
  10. Glad to hear you've found success John. And... given that a new wookie has appeared on 'Book of Boba Fett'... sorely tempted to try to modify that Chewie model to fit the newer character.
  11. If you upload an exmaple of the STL file you wish to convert that will help assess the best way forward. Also, depending on the tools you have at your disposal there are a number of different approaches. Most of us as Animation:Master user will say you'd likely save time just using the STL as a reference and model from scratch with splines and patches.
  12. Attached is the orignal Project file as it was/is directly from the A:M Extras CD. As many A:M users may have the Extras CD the project can be found thereon at: AMExtrasCDVol1\Data\Projects\Image-Contest\Sci-Fi-Fantasy\Leopard_Queen Leopard_Queen.zip
  13. Robert and I were discussing the EXR format and I wanted to share the project file based on Jim Talbot's Leopard Queen image. The project was demo'd at SIGGRAPH 2005 by Greg Rostami. I must assume it is called Boris becuse of the artist Boris Vallejo whose style is captured in the image. Still haven't found the video of the demo yet but perhaps it isn't far away... maybe even on one of the Hash Inc SIGGRAPH cds. Update: I may have found the composite video. It is in .swf format so am attempting to convert to MP4. The CompDemoProject file attached only includes the EXR file. Will also upload the the Project file (which should also be on the A:M Extra CD and DVD. CompDemoProject.zip
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