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  1. Gerry

    How to import Images into Mac?

    Thanks Simon! That's exactly the workaround I couldn't remember. However importing a .tga worked fine.
  2. Gerry

    How to import Images into Mac?

    There, that's better!
  3. Gerry

    Happy Birthday Mike (3DArtZ) Fitz

    A little late to the party, but happy birthday!
  4. Gerry

    Fresh Spleen Update:

    I'm glad to hear he's been improving. Thanks for the news.
  5. Gerry

    Spleengene in hospital again another stroke

    that is very tough news to hear. I hope through hard work, smart doctors and luck that this is resolved for the better for Gene. Please keep us posted on his progress and if you speak with him again please tell him we are all pulling for him.
  6. Gerry

    Hi all

    Hi Tom, nice to see you here!
  7. Gerry

    More ipad misbehavior

    At the time I attempted to post an image of the "broken" icon I see when I try to view videos on this forum. However I don't get the "Flash player not installed" error message or the like. I've never seen the icon anywhere else, it's a triangle in a circle, with a diagonal bar across it. I've always just assumed it was because of some video conversion going on in the background, and Flash is usually the culprit on the iPad. I'll try to dig up that thread.
  8. Gerry

    More ipad misbehavior

    I was able to get a screen grab but I can't upload from here, and for some reason when I try to email it to myself to upload from the desktop, it just sits in my outbox. I 've tried it about five times already and nothing. I'll try again later.
  9. Gerry

    More ipad misbehavior

    Well dang Mark, that's one handy key combo! Yep rodney, it appears I can get a screen grab. Will try that now. But the failure of uploaded videos to play is something I mentioned like three years ago when I first got my iPad. The forum software converts everthing to a flash file format for some reason.
  10. Gerry

    More ipad misbehavior

    I'm curious whether you've had a chance to see it on an iPad, Rodney. I think it's fine in regular browsers. If it's any consolation, Facebook is total crap on the iPad.
  11. Gerry

    More ipad misbehavior

    Forum pages are once again pushed to the left, apparently because of the width of the scrolling image strip at the top? The same problem came and went when Rodney was tweaking the redesign, and it's back now, just fyi.
  12. Gerry

    Surface constraints problem

    Another very nice tut, Robert. I haven't looked at visping's model, but my comment is that I don't think you can set up a constraint like this in a model, it would have to be done in an action or chor. I wonder if that's the problem here.
  13. Gerry

    Happy Birthday Bruce Monahan!

    Happy Birthday Bruce!
  14. Gerry

    Exposure Sheets

    Very nice test, Simon!
  15. Gerry

    Environment Map in V17

    Thanks folks. It's working, it just isn't looking as much like a reflection as I'd like. I'm messing with the settings but with everything else going on in this piece it may not matter too much. I'll try to post some images tomorrow.