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  1. Gerry

    It's me again!

    Hi guys, I'm still moving toward this goal but got a lot of "life" coming at me for the next couple of months. We are going to start mortgage-shopping and will be buying our first home and now that we're retired it seems like it's about time! Also, Vicki is looking at some knee surgery in the near future, which may or may not intervene with our house buying plans, so we are taking it slow, and I'm putting off a lot of things that are not pressing, like moving forward with this project. However on the plus side, as you probably know we moved to Tulsa a bit over a year ago, and for all its faults, there are some genuinely amazing plusses. One is the Tulsa City-County Library system, which is truly world class. Great hi-tech website, lots of community outreach, lots of meeting rooms at every branch, and there are lots of branches, all brand new, shiny and well equipped. the reason I mention this is that in a couple of branches they have full blown Maker Labs, including vinyl cutters, sewing machines, sound recording equipment, and...3D printers that you can get trained on and book time on, you just have to supply your own raw plastic material whatever it's called! So I'm going for an orientation on the 12th just to get familiar with it, though I won't be upping my AM sub until the important stuff is taken care of.
  2. Gerry

    It's me again!

    thanks for your comments and suggestions everyone!
  3. Gerry

    It's me again!

    Hi Hashers - I hope you are all well! I see some new faces, some old friends, and Martin is back too, so it's nice to be back. Once again I am back to accomplish a specialized element of a non-cg project. Some of you remember last year that I needed an animated rolling hills background for my otherwise-drawn-by-hand short, "Martini Bombini O'Feeney Moonay" which I've been entering in film festivals. So I rolled up my pants, renewed my AM license, and got exactly the results I needed for a key shot. You can view the whole thing, about 6 minutes, at https://vimeo.com/241706968 if you like! I've been developing a French-language table game for a couple of years, and with Martini off my plate, I am reworking a key part of the play environment, essentially a rack for holding two decks of cards side by side, but with some specific rotational elements. I've been trying to mock up a prototype out of foam core board, but I think I may need to go to 3D printing, of which we've got some good local ones. So it looks like I'll be renewing my sub again, and I will be back with questions about creating an .stl file and all that that implies! See you soon and Happy New Year.
  4. Thanks Simon! That's exactly the workaround I couldn't remember. However importing a .tga worked fine.
  5. Well said, Will! I hope I didn't step on any toes in posting here.
  6. Hi folks, just popping in to highly recommend checking out Mike (Luckbat) Stamm's Kickstarter. It's a worthwhile cause! I've been watching his team's progress for a long time and it would be great if they could finish it. They are currently 40% funded with about twelve days to go. Also, since I've been away I *should* catch you up on my doings! I've been working hard at learning hand-drawn animation (of a kind) and currently creating a music video for a song I wrote for my wife Vicki called "Sexy Texie", about a gourmet chef on the run from the law. It's not full cel animation by any means but it's all hand drawn and I'm having fun with it. When it's done I'm going to enter it in some film and animation fests. We'll see how that goes! I've completely gotten away from cg animation; I missed drawing with a pencil and paper and that's what I'm doing now, but I may go back sometime.
  7. A little late to the party, but happy birthday!
  8. I'm glad to hear he's been improving. Thanks for the news.
  9. that is very tough news to hear. I hope through hard work, smart doctors and luck that this is resolved for the better for Gene. Please keep us posted on his progress and if you speak with him again please tell him we are all pulling for him.
  10. It's been awhile since I've stopped in here, for a number of reasons. The main one is that I'm focusing back on drawing, as in pencil-and-paper, and moving away from CG as a means to bring my ideas to life. One of the main areas I'm developing is new Sister Mary Dracula comic strips, which are taking a slightly different angle from the graphic novel. I had actually sat down a few weeks ago with the express intent of working on two projects: coming up with a storyline for a SMD sequel story, and developing a pitch for an animated show about a little girl who won a medal for having the Best Imagination In The Whole World. But as I sat there trying to come up with ideas, I started getting strip ideas for the good Sister, and as I jotted them down I kept getting more and laughing myself silly. So now everything takes a back seat to this! I've started a FB page for Sister Mary Dracula and been posting strips there twice a week. A few folks from here have already "liked" the page, but if you'd like to see a somewhat different take on Sister Mary, come on by! It's at https://www.facebook.com/sistermarydracula
  11. I agree, it's key to keep track of the ones you've already watched. I simply started renaming the videos I'd watched, adding "watched" to the file name! but I still haven't gotten through the whole set. I guess I watched about 20 or 30 of them? I still haven't downloaded the whole set, it's an enormous undertaking, but completely worthwhile.
  12. Gerry

    Hi all

    Hi Tom, nice to see you here!
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