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  1. Hi everyone just wanted to let you know why its been so quite from here, we've just sold our home In Maine and we'er packing up thirty years of east cost and relocating in chula Vista San Diego California. But I'll get back to the movie, it may take a few months to get settled but I'll be back. So all you creators keep creating kat
  2. congratulations Mark! i had never heard of duplicators you could run a class. your so talented.
  3. Hi Mark, I do think about what I'll do when the movie's done, it's been like a old friend, I remember the empty void that occurrs upon competition of a long project. Wizard Galvin is there, I didn't add it to the clip I posted, trying to save a bit of the mystery. Thanks for commenting, I know you have your hands full with the completion of Wobbling Dead, which I can't wait to see.
  4. Thanks Steve, still here, just get lost in the production, and the confusion of it all. Nice to hear from you.
  5. Hello All, Been one of those winters. As you can see by the two pieces, still working in the witch's house. getting close to end. Hope everyone is well IN_THE_MEAN__TIME_welcome.mov
  6. Take it slow, mind the doctor otders, so glad your back at home, look forward to some more fun animation. Good luck Jean.
  7. Ahhh, Jean that's terrible, hope your going to be alright, and recovery comes swiftly.
  8. Hi Jack you have amazing cast and background scenes I'm looking foward to 2014 to see you story. I'll be looking foward towards it's completion.
  9. Great intro Wildsided, I love the camera shots, music really dark, fits so well.
  10. Merry Jolly Christmas to all. Lots of things happening inside witch Lena's house, here's a tiny clip. I've added more to my web site, kathrynwhitaker.com (fantasy creation) with more to come, check back often. as always thanks for watching, Kat CHANGE.mp4
  11. O yes she fits perfectly ..wildsided..ghostly weldone
  12. Hi Nancy it's not French, I named my leaf fairy that because they all had thier own leavies. My working pc just stopped working.So I'm on my kindle fire. No editing from it. But when I get it back from the pc repair I"'ll do some editing love your suggestions thank you always Nancy
  13. Thank you largento, I love your site. and the Wobbling Dead any critic will help Mark,
  14. MyThanks Rob, my eyes are so blurry from reading all the things I need to add and fix.
  15. HI All I have been developing my web site, had one before, but It was managed by someone else, so this is a first for me, you can check it out with http://www.kathrynwhitaker.com it's a work in progress any advice cool thanks kat
  16. Congratulations first place,great concept beautifully done. And Congratulations second and third place, both are superb All the entry's were wonderful.
  17. yeah Dpendleton, you know how it goes in the cartoon world, their all made of tough stuff.
  18. "There were a few single frames right before he steps on it that were confusing me." you have such a good eye as you can see in this original clip, the spear was laying in the wrong direction. it was something that i had over looked. i think if i cut the clip to just before he puts his foot down. That should clear it up. Thanks again robcat spear_flipped.mp4
  19. "Does he step on it by accident or is he intentionally stepping on it?" He steps on it intentionally, kinda like he saying bring it on, "yeah I smell a waylay" while he steps on the spear, breaking it. I forgot how to make that quote work, so I just use the quotaton things .
  20. Does he step on it by accident or is he intentionally stepping on it?
  21. Hi all, The original Goblin Caves was one i that i had taken down, in 09, So i thought id share the edited version of Goblin caves, with a new close uo of Mac Flin The leprechaun. character's names Mac Flin, leprechaun, Elf Jam, Eppen, Elfin, Trell, Goblins , Fairy Bree. This piece takes place just before Goblin Drums. GOBLIN__CAVE_1_T.mp4
  22. i prefer your toon setting. nice bright colors
  23. Awsome, Spleen, makes it worth all your hard work.
  24. She's beautiful, Mark the hair is gorgeous. Can't wait to see her done.
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