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  1. That's very cool John. Very cool indeed. I'd never seen any of those before today.
  2. I've voted, good luck everyone.
  3. Yeah, it's like it remains totally consistent from 30 degrees rotating through to -30 degrees and then because some of the bumps become mostly obscured by other bumps it can't figure out how it should look. Which is pretty fair when you consider that it's working from a flat 2D image.
  4. I updated a new (well new to me) laptop on Christmas day from 7 to 10 using the upgrade path and it didn't ask for any new activation code. It might do if you try doing a clean install though.
  5. Happy New Year, Robert and same to the rest of the Forum crew. Here's to it being a great one.
  6. Aww that's cute. I need to experiment with AM's 2D capabilities. Happy Christmas John!
  7. "You think it's funny to cover a guy in red and white paint? HUH! Just because I have tiny arms! WELL WHO'S LAUGHIN' NOW!!" Happy Christmas, Robert. Hope it's a good one.
  8. And a very Happy Christmas and New Year to you too, good sir.
  9. ^ This. It might be worth importing the model into Blender and using its Tri's to Quads functionality. Would save a lot of time removing and reorganizing splines.
  10. If you don't "mind" migrating to windows 10 you could use the upgrade path and select keep programs and files. I think that was a thing when I did it on my old laptop. Then at least all your stuff will still be installed. Most software from the past decade can be run in compatibility mode as well I think.
  11. No problem at all, John. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I just sat down to try and figure out why it wasn't working and saw that you had sorted it. Glad it worked out in the end. Good luck with the rest of the tree.
  12. Looking at that model, John. I'd say you'll run into just as many resource intensity issues by having so many CP's (Extrapolating an entire tree from that one stem) that you would have by using hair. I had a little stab at making a transparency map for the image you posted at the start of the thread. If you apply the first one as a decal and set it to colour, then add the second image to the same decal (Right click on the images folder in the decal and select add image) and set that to transparency it should cut out the white area and leave just the coloured portion.
  13. If my mum mentions something to me when we're talking. Facebook gives her an ad about it. Yet they swear blind the phones aren't listening to us.
  14. Made a little Christmas animation for the Youtuber I did the Yoshi on a Rocket animation for.
  15. There's some lovely body roll on the go there Roger.
  16. Looking good so far, Robert. Very nice and light head mesh.
  17. Well lets be honest with ourselves. It was never a matter of 'if' I would disappoint the forum and always a matter of 'when'.
  18. If it's a good picture isn't centered properly?
  19. Heck yeah! thanks for the tip off. $25 US for around a $1000 worth of software? Don't mind if I do.
  20. That's pretty awesome. I love when people make cool things using something totally not intended to be used for what they've done.
  21. Have you tried clicking on Help and then reset setting. Then close and relaunch A:M
  22. Thanks Jason, I appreciate your hard work. Also had a wisdom tooth removed last October and that was no fun so two must suck royally.
  23. Speaking of the store, are we ever likely to see things like A:M paint back on there? I asked (in a direct message not on the main forum) a little while ago and you (Jason) said you'd look into it but it hasn't reappeared so I just assumed that it wasn't. Just thought I'd ask.
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