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  1. When you installed it did you have to enter your new serial? Sorry if that sounds like a silly question but if you just re-installed the software over the top of your current install your current master.lic will still be in effect. Usually, when I renew the subscription it has completely expired. Then I delete the master.lic in the animation master install folder. The next time I launch the software (because it can't find master.lic) it asks for a serial number. Then I enter my new serial and it generates a new master.lic in the A:M folder and the new subscription takes effect. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Congrats to all the winners and great job on the video, Robert. Loved your used car salesman jacket.
  3. I'll second this. I posted a vid of a hair simulation and it won't play.
  4. What happened to "do no harm". If you present to an ER with bleeding you can't stop then while it's not my arm has been severed serious, it's still something that needs looking at. What if it got infected?
  5. Could you not just make an action that has it rotating around its Y axis and then loop it however many times you need?
  6. This might sound stupid but is the rig flipped? Or rotated 180 degrees? Like is it designed to be installed on the other side and then mirrored?
  7. This one sounds like it might suit. 4gb of Ram, 128gb emmc (like an ssd just not as fast), quad-core at just under 2ghz, detachable keyboard and a touch screen with a stylus and it comes in at $356.99 US. I might be biased coz I love being able to draw right on the screen. https://www.amazon.com/Transformer-T103HA-D4-GR-Touchscreen-Quad-Core-keyboard/dp/B07CHLD8M8/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1547069973&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=Asus+T103HA-D4-GR+10.1”+Transformer+Mini%2C+2+in+1+Touchscreen+Laptop%2C+Intel+Quad-Core%2C+128GB+SSD+Slate+Grey
  8. Yeah, sorry. By copy I meant a 2nd model.
  9. If you were pressed for time you could just put a copy of the model slightly in front of the first and fade the copy out. gradual_gradient.avi
  10. Hi Lee, I got this clear plastic effect by making the lid 85% transparent and setting a white specular with the specular size set to 25% Then I added a 5% roughness and got this
  11. Stonemasons all sitting together in a pub and some loudmouth know-it-all at the bar shouts "Fluting on the pillars can only be straight," Stonemasons: Hold my beer
  12. I had to do something similar for the trim around the base of my train carriage (That you'll probably not even be able to see in the final image, but ya know, I'd know I hadn't done it if I hadn't done it 😏) My solution ended up using 5 point patches because I thought it would crease otherwise. But your solution seems to work perfectly well.
  13. You've inspired me to update my profile picture. I was sick of looking at my ugly mug.

    1. largento


      Looks awesome, Dan!

  14. Daaaamn, that reminds me of a much worse version of the screen from my old HP Touchsmart TX2. The nib of the stylus wore down and there was a piece of scratchy metal beneath.
  15. I'm sure one of the more techie guys here will jump in soon, but have you tried installing one of the older versions of A:M onto either machine (just copy your master.lic file into install directory and it'll activate it) to see if the problem persists in the older version?
  16. I'm not sure how you mean, but I've been using bitmap plus to texture stuff for ages and they've always animated and deformed as I expected them to.
  17. Awwwww, Kibibytes sound adorable.
  18. Rodger, I honestly doubt I will ever cease to marvel at the stuff you put out.
  19. Done. Didn't realise there was a whole other thing you had to sign up for to submit bug reports, but done.
  20. Copy and Pasting an object with a decal still doesn't copy the decal and just creates a blank copy.
  21. Not entirely the same thing, but I've (and no doubt others) got a similar result by turning off all the objects that move in a scene and then rendering out everything that doesn't move. Then flipping the active and inactive objects so the moving things get rendered separately. Then I just layer them over each other to make a complete scene. Saves the renderer having to render everything for every frame.
  22. Not wanting to discourage you Adam, but I've found DarkTree materials can add some serious time to a render. If you can get the same result using textures, colour, bump, normal etc then you might be better off. Having said that my computer isn't exactly a beast in the power department and a more powerful rig might not even notice a difference.
  23. I'd just bought Infinity 3.0 about a week before they announced they were cancelling it.
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