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  1. Great character. I love that sway back.
  2. Guys. we just got word we have family coming tomorrow and staying for a couple of days. I am in a dilemma. We just got power on day before yesterday and I have been cleaning up this mess. It was significant storm. They said at first straight line winds but now they are saying that two tornadoes touched down and one was 1 mile north of us. We got debris from trees being thrown. Everyone meet tomorrow and what I think of if it is ok, on Tuesday, Robert we can meet for our animation and review of week one and two C++ and then next next Sunday I will be back to my regular schedule. I will have the next two up for review and will be caught up. Sorry about this, there visit was supposed to have happen before we started C++. They postponed and now here they come. Cindy is running around trying to figure where everyone is going to sleep. Probably have to put some in a hotel. Anyway you three meet and I will work on my stuff when everyone is in bed.
  3. My world is upside down today. I will leave the house in a few minutes and will be gone until Thursday. I am sorry I will miss this week. I was looking forward to this evening even bragging a bit. I will be back in touch later this week.
  4. Wow, I missed this. Robert told me to look. Very nicely done! I love the style and the movement of the chararcters.
  5. I saw it on YouTube before seeing this link... Very cool and thanks for uploading it.
  6. Welcome back!! Cant wait to see that bear dance around!
  7. Ok finally, Hans is now rigged with TSM2, weighted, and ready for the contest. Video was horrible so I will reshoot this weekend and try to get started applying the video to the character.
  8. Through the years I have created 60+ characters, animals, props, autos, buildings, landscaping and trees, mythical creatures, and many other models. It has been a fun adventure using AM. Here are some of my favorites with Tornado.
  9. I had created a number of Supers for the Cupid Sick Day Mythos Agency. Mythos is the staffing agency for super heroes when they can not work. Here is one of the supers, Tornado. Being from OK, I thought he was appropriate for the theme. He was rigged with the 2008 rig and this is without weighting.
  10. This rig has kicked my butt. From starting over twice to duplicating bones, to goofing up the concept to flat out giving up a couple of times. Robert has encouraged and coached all along the way. Add in travel and illness, a house that flooded from a washing machine malfunction, family events, I have forgotten how I did a lot of things. For now the rig has been a valuable lesson but it is time to get the contest model ready, I am watching several helpful videos to complete the contest but for now enjoy a happy Hans.
  11. Here is an update. Rig has been flipped and weights still have a long way.
  12. So, to say things have been chaotic is an understatement. But I will say coming to the computer and getting away from the world has been a blessing tonight. I have worked on Hans and have created a hybrid rig from Barry Zundel's rig, David Simmon's Squetch Rig, Mack Chappell's Saucy rig and a little of Robert Holmen's ideas and my own. I have just about half the rig in place and about 40% weighted. I am getting Ready for the motion capture contest.
  13. The last 4-5 weeks included a trip WDW and then work at a part time facility turn into overtime. Mix in two weeks of tooth ache followed by oral surgery, a little dash of flu with a pinch utter fatigue and don't forget an ear infection that lasted 4 weeks. I have done nothing except watch a few animation videos. I did tweak my old man slightly. But now that I have decided to move forward and feeling better
  14. We made it back from a trip to WDW. Came back feeling exhausted so I slept in this morning and this evening started back on AM. worked a little on several things. Finished the grumpy man's body and clothes
  15. Just a little more belt buckle and loops
  16. Not much progress tonight was out of pocket today. Just socks and shoes.
  17. Robert leads the Saturday live answer time, Sean. Check out his link in his signature. alot of great information and help is given! Welcome back!! Steve
  18. He really is top heavy! Here are a few more shots
  19. Robert That is the results I was getting as well when I tested. That is wonderful results!! The video card will be mailed by this weekend as well. Steve
  20. I saw a hand drawn character several years ago that I always thought would translate to 3d. I have tried to recreate what I saw but of course put my spin on things. Here is one that took a couple of evenings to create.
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