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  1. Merry Christmas, Hashers! I have been way-layed (is that a word?) with other projects that have pulled me away from Hash-land, but always keep it in the top-drawer of my toolkit as a 'go-to' solution that can't be beat! Looking forwards to 2019! -John BigBoote aka Matt Campbell
  2. A lot of things are just taken care of and not apparently adjustable, but upon further inspection you find it. Like I found with the render image size setting.
  3. I think user Kevin Detwiler (DetBear) is a Carolinian...
  4. Very cool! Surprisingly easy to get a quality render... if only they could bring render times down and add animation!
  5. What? Wow- can't wait to play with this--- I am on a deadline now so as soon as I free-up some time! Great!
  6. Hey- Malo is on to a great idea there... with Rob's help... how to automate an TSM rigged 'minimal-character' to ANY high CP count character's proportions by placing Nulls at the critical junctions... (ankles, knees, hips, spine base, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, head top.) Then, use the 'scale to reach' feature to size the TSM bones...And then you are able to use Rob's Transfer_AW rigged in 60 seconds feature to do the rest...!
  7. I am SO floored by the quality of the prizes Rob makes for this forum- really heartfelt! I look at my medallion and plaque on the shelf all the time and think - a LOT of time went into that! Priceless.
  8. Robcat says it is a logged bugg... I am jumping back and forth between 18 and 19 now...
  9. I am crashing upon applying a decal... png or jpeg... alpha or not. Steps to reproduce: -Open A:M -Make new model -Make 2 point spline horizontally -Extrude spline so you have a patch -Import image -Drag image onto model window -Choose decal option -Position decal over patch -Apply
  10. That is the way I was going to try... I was setting about making a simple prj but every time I go to apply a decal I crash?!?! (19.0F)
  11. I don't think so... I am just referring to when you export your obj and you can choose between 1,4,16,64 etc polys-per-patch... 1 being just each patch being exported as a polygon- 4 splits/smooths it 4 ways etc. It is too bad that it is a '1 size fits all' approach because my models have parts that are sparse and parts that are already quite dense and I feel it unneccessary to further densify it...
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