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  1. Here comes 'JohnnyBigboote comes lately'... always the last one to the party. I had stumbled upon Godot in my searches and have been wowwed by it, and yes- a LOT of people are looking into using it as it is extremely lightweight (25mb) and uses its own proprietary GDscript programming language which is (said to be- as programming languages go...) rather quick to get up and running with. One thing I got snagged on- being free and user-programmed like Blender they stay away from formats that cost money to implement... so the FBX file format is not supported- BUT(!there's always a big BUT in bigboot-land!) it does support the COLLADA file format(.dae) which we can get to similarly to Gerald's '.X to Unity' method. That method employs using the .X file format from A:M(you save your model as a .X file and then attach your actions to that model's .X file additively so 1 .X model can have several actions within it.)Then, using Ultimate Unwrap- you would 'Save-As' a collada file which Godot can import... I am learning. Good snag, Rodney! I was just coming to the forum to see if Godot had crossed anyone's radar and there you are 4 months earlier! MY goal... wouldn't it be great to have your A:M animated character 'live' within a beautifully-rendering game engine? How about an entire scene complete with dynamics and physics? It's where I thought we were heading 15 years ago with Arctic Pigs.(alright... HA:MR) Here is a WONDERFUL 'getting started' 2 part series to get your feet whet in Godot:
  2. I cringed at 25:20 as guys are spray painting laquer colors onto the cars... no masks... probably every one of those guys died of lung cancer!
  3. Good question. I am working-up the nerve to approach Unity... or Unreal... or whatever is the latest-greatest game engine. I would probably say 'no' because A:M's constraints live within A:M, hard to constrain to something down the line. That will be answered in that arena- not Sketchfab, which is a great viewer and tester... it is becoming a marketplace for 3D models as you can buy/sell if you are a 'premier($) user'.
  4. A detail I glossed-over... in the Sketchfab FAQ's and in Gerald's A:M to Unity Tutorial is that the number of bones should be kept minimal... 'bare bones' so-to-speak. Well, I threw caution to the wind and used an old TSM2 rigged model- and the Anzovin TSM system uses LOTS of bones but it seemed not to make any difference- it does not load too slow, and plays just fine. I do notice there is some 'feet-slipping' around on the floor which does not appear in A:M tho... I need to try putting the legs into FK mode see if that helps. I had to switch the arms from IK to FK in the 'gun shoot action' so that the constraints that hold the gun to the hand bone would work better... so IK/FK is all working in SF. I have not noticed yet or tested to see if SmartSkin makes it thru to Sketchfab... I know all the bone weights I set are working. I now have real-time SSS on the skin and Screen-Space-Reflections on the floor which look cool but are in no ways accurate or ray-traced... but c'mon- IT'S REAL-TIME RENDERING IN A BROWSER! I'm digging this! https://skfb.ly/6K66F
  5. I added a gun shoot action... and embellishments- I noticed that Sketchfab does not take any of my spline actions in poses- they all need to be bone based so I redid some facial poses with bones... too bad, I like the muscle-motion stuff! https://skfb.ly/6K66F
  6. COOL! I would like to see that, Gerald!
  7. OK- that took some Rnd...! After speaking with Rob and implementing his sage advice... suddenly NOTHING worked- as far as getting my baked textures thru to Sketchfab. After about 20 iterations of 'what am I doing wrong'... eliminating EVERYTHING and trying over again and again... I finally figured-out that I seem to have been crossing Sketchfab's naming conventions which DO NOT allow for spaces or special characters... and A:M's Bake Surface feature uses an underscore for each plate (character_color...character_bump...) so I need to rename the files outside of A:M and then relink them back-up within A:M. Here is my test now with 4 animations(look, walk, run, punch) https://skfb.ly/6JVUP Here is a higher subdivision (4 quads from every hash patch in the .X exporter.) https://skfb.ly/6K66F BUT- Rob's advice on using the 'margin' worked, things look a little better in Sketchfab now- Thanks Robert! (used a setting of 3)
  8. Thanks- I wondered what that setting did... will try! Timely answer!!!!
  9. Hello esteemed Spliners! I am working on getting 'game-ready' assets out of A:M- hoping to get them into Snapchat, and have made good use of Gerald's(Fuchur) 'A:M to Unity' video tutorial where models and actions are exported from A:M to Ultimate Unwrap via the .X file format... and as always I figure that Sketchfab is a great place to view, test and share your UU exported FBX file. However- I am finding that when I employ my 'Bake Surface' option in A:M- it looks good there but in Sketchfab I see overspill or some anomoly that I would like to lose or lessen. Take a look here at my Sketchfab model with animations: https://skfb.ly/6JSDM Latest rev: https://skfb.ly/6KtZW You will see what I am talking about... lots of lines everywhere especially around the mustache area. Is there a setting or trick to get better UV mattes when I Bake Surface?
  10. FUN! I just grabbed a random photo (of my fav band the Stones) and painted my own depth map image following the near-is-white and far-is-black rule and the results are pretty eye-catching! Of course- I can't show it here, you have to see it on my Facebook page- what fun!
  11. Thanks for the tutorial, Rob- good to know you can do this ALL right from A:M without a pitstop in Pshop/Gimp. You are correct in assuming most people will just see this on their phone, and these things are REALLY EYE-CATCHING as you scroll-thru FB and the depth parallax happens.
  12. Hey- anyone noticed the 'depth images' that are all the rage on Facebook right now? Here is a instructional sheet (not mine) I found regarding how to do it, and of course my first thought is... we can do this in A:M really easily with the depth map render! I am out the door for the weekend or I would whip one up... anyone else that wants to be the 1st- HAVE AT!!! The Facebook depth effect is an image that as you scroll over it... on your phone or desktop, appears to have a multi-plane that is driven by your scroll. The image is built by Facebook as you load-up 2 images... your RGB color image and a depth greyscale image.
  13. We had a small flier in our window, with the snapcode and instructions on where to stand and where to look... but I've since took it down because, it's just a test, nothing fancy. My idea is for festivals, like we have here in Royal Oak. You enter the scene and see a snapcode sign that says 'check out this snapcode for festival information'... so you scan the code into your snapchat app, and begin to look about with it. You will see landmarks of the festival you might want to visit... 'drinks' 'bathrooms' 'food' 'bandstand 1' 'exit' 'vendors'... etc with big arrows that correspond to the titles and point your way. Also, a button would bring up a small video that would show the history of the event... another would have a welcome message from the mayor... and another would list the sponsors and band/event schedules... Another idea is to have a 'snapchat' treasure hunt with multiple snapchat locations each with hints on how to get to the next... Ideas abound. Thanks for the explanation of snapchat, Gerald. My impression is it is something for a busy parent to pull-out to occupy her kids while waiting at the doctors... taking silly snaps of themselves with fuzzy ears and bear noses... hearts floating about. Totally underuses the tech but I think that is snapcode's fate.
  14. Yes- first, you need to scan the QR code- or in snapchat terms... the 'snapcode'. This gives the user the programming for a 48 hour license. Then, when the app senses the correct imagery- in this case a building- it will unlock the content (video, 3D animation, gif animations, still imagery, sounds...etc) and 'lock-it' to the scene.
  15. Another cool thing... when I was testing this animation out on the street, I was able to walk up and under the 3D animation... looking at it straight UP from a true 'bottom view' or numpad 0 if you will. I've never interacted with my own 3D like that before... my jaw was on the ground and passersbys must have thought I had flipped. More tests to come.
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