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  1. Congratulations to the WINNERS, Dan-Steve-Charles! and as always to Rob for the organization, medal creation, and getting dressed in his 'Sunday-go-to-meetin' suit for the 'scratch-off' prizes video... LOVE the production value! I hope to be able to participate in the next contest... so let the trash-tawkin' begin!
  2. Is'nt there a 'like' button here? Anyways... like!
  3. Wow- coming in late on this one... I coiuld never really get displacement to work so I will need to read your technique, Rob. Very cool!
  4. Try a render without SSS on... if you still have the glitches try a render without SSS and the AO. Also- if you are using multipass, try the standard render- and vice versa.
  5. ALSO- are you using a 'render as lines' group? I'll bet if you get rid of the render-as-lines group the dark-rendered 5-pointers will render right.
  6. Hi Shelton- Nice model! Which AO feature are you using? (A:M has 3 that I know of...) -A:M's AO feature which is pretty slow to calculate. -A:M's GPU aka 'Screen Space Ambiant Occlusion'-or SSAO, renders swiftly but is a faked effect which works nicely. -FastAO which is a 3rd party plug-in that may have been outdated by SSAO- renders swiftly but is a faked effect which works nicely.
  7. I see that- it does a pretty good job automatically... you just lose a degree of- control.
  8. ProRes? Trying to figure-out how Apple ProRes is involved... I see the text file as a layer in AE, but reading it is gobbleddy-gook to me- so I won't mess with it. I have my light buffers and specularity and shadows buffers now and playing... fun! That ProEXR is the catch!
  9. Too bad there is not a way to add A:M's SSAO into the mix as a buffer, I know you can add it by rendering a separate image file with SSAO on and SSAO effect only activated- perhaps this would make a nice feature request.
  10. Yes- I get the text file... I updated my entry from above- I had discovered that I was using A:M's normal renderer and when I used MULTIPASS things started to go better with exr's... I am seeing all the buffers now... there is almost TOO MANY which is powerfull stuff!
  11. Then I searched our AM forum and saw Rodney's link to this: https://sourceforge.net/projects/mrviewer/ EDIT- Major breakthru... I was rendering with the regular A:M renderer... then I tried MULTIPASS(x9) and things started working better!
  12. Here is an exr rendered in A:M and opened in Photoshop CC with EXR-IO importer. It gives me an 'A' layer- which is all white... an Alpha.A layer-which is all white... the RGB layer which is the normally rendered frame... an alpha.RGB layer- which is quite colorful but I can't see a use for it... a Depth.Depth layer which is all white but I can get the info by playing with exposure/levels filters... and a Normal.XYZ filter which I can't see a use for. MISSING would be the light buffers(I tried it in all 3 settings- 1) Single 2) Light Buffers objects 3) Each light in its own buffer. The exr file imported back into A:M shows the same way though. SHOULD'NT the exr file have another buffer(image/layer) for each light? Is this broken? THEN- I went and googled 'exr and after effects' and found this(attached Vimeo link) for free plug-in ProEXR... but after installing and watching the 'how to' video... still the same 4 channels are all I see, no light buffers.
  13. Well- once installed it gives you this nice option box when you open an exr in Pshop...
  14. I am grabbing it... as well as update 19.0i... will play and see how/if it works with A:M. It might be the bridge to getting more A:Mer's to use EXR file format.
  15. I cringed at 25:20 as guys are spray painting laquer colors onto the cars... no masks... probably every one of those guys died of lung cancer!
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