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  1. Hi guys! I saw that my name was mentioned and wanted to give you an update. Thanks for mentioning me by the way I currently work for a ship simulator company in Norway which requires me to use different 3d software than A:M. At the company I make different 3d assets used in the simulator ranging from big ships to smaller containers and cargo. At home I do play around in Unity and use A:M sometimes for smaller projects. I became a father for the second time four months ago, and since my first born is still a toddler, my amount of spare time is very limited I do visit the A:M forum almost daily Best regards Stian
  2. Also, A LL image contains a lot more information, since a Light Probe image compresses the information along the the edges
  3. Latitude-Longitude will do the same job as a Light Probe. And since the HDRI file already is Latitude-Longitude there is no need for two separate files. That is why I never generated Light Probes. I think you was able to convert a LL into a Light-Probe with the free version of http://www.hdrshop.com/, but it doesn't look like it is available anymore
  4. Right Click the file and select Open With -> Choose default program?
  5. Here is a sample of some bolts and nuts I have printed at 100 Microns. In theory it is possible to print your example, but it would probably require a few attempts and some tweaking
  6. agep

    Anteater Mascot V18

    This is an awesome piece of work. I especially love the cloth texture, hair and lighting. Well done my friend!
  7. Congratulations to the winners! Worthy winners Indeed!
  8. I've just submitted my entry It is reuse of an old model though..
  9. I guess you need a filter/plugin that does "edge padding" or a "dilation filter". I dont know what filter you are referring to, but hopefully you are able to use the search terms
  10. agep

    Project "KM Bismarck"

    Thanks guys. It is actually not so long ago since last time I worked on this project. Last year I think. I had to brush up the model to be used as book illustrations again Haha, Of course Robert
  11. agep

    Santa drawing (1987)

    Thanks guys! Wow, great stuff John. Funny to think it is almost 20 years old Huh, I thought h.264 in mp4 was naitive format for the iPad? I don't have one, so I doin't know though My mom showed this to my grandmother. She really enjoyed it, and was impressed that something like this even was possible My mom had to play it ten times or so for her. haha
  12. I kind of missed the deadline here, but I didn't get back to my computer before the end of the Christmas holiday visiting my parents. So this ugly thing has been decorating my grandma's Christmas tree for the past 25 years. I drew this thing when I was five years old. I bet that if it could talk it would probably whisper something in the lines of "please kill me...." Anyway, just for the fun of it I had it scanned, made a simple model for it in A:M and added the decal. Also added a simple rig and made it move for a few seconds. It would be fun to collect all sorts of children's Christmas drawing and make an small animation out of it, guess I have to search my parents attic before next Christmas I hope I don't give you any nightmares julenisse_walk_720p.mp4
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