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  1. agep

    Modeling and Rigging a Spring

    Awesome tutorial as always Robert
  2. agep

    Rocket Launch!

  3. agep

    Rail of Light

    Quick test tube1.zip
  4. agep

    Rail of Light

    Ah, yeah. create an action, animate the light within eg 16 frames. put the action on the model in the chor and set the cycle lenght to 1 frame. I'll do a test and see
  5. agep

    Rail of Light

    Hmm, that didn't work.. I have forgotten how u did this trick
  6. agep

    Rail of Light

    Like a fluorescent tube? How about animate the light from one end to the other end within a frame and render with multipass?
  7. agep

    Cupid's Sick Day

    Nice progress
  8. agep

    Ford GT-40

    Very nice improvement! Currently the skirt looks to be way to flat, I think it should curve inward at the bottom
  9. agep

    Ford GT-40

    Ten minutes of work and I already have a sense of the shape I have attached the project. This was quick and dirty (I'm at work), and I therefore didnt to much effort into it where I put the cp's. Load the project and rotate around in the modellingwindow to see what I mean about the sense of the shape ford_gt40.zip
  10. agep

    Ford GT-40

    Nice start. Here is something I sometimes do when working with a shape like the GT40. Try to draw as many lines viewable from two or more bleprints. Take the wheelwell as an example. From the sideview its straight forward. Draw the spline but once you look at the frontview you see that it curves inward very much, try to match that as best as you can. move the spline inwards to matc the front blueprint Do as many of these as possible (outline of the headlights, windows, outline of the rear, the groove on the hood and so on), then you can start bridging the parts. Hope this helps Best regards Stian
  11. agep

    thought I'd try

    Very nice progress Mark
  12. agep

    Cupid's Sick Day

    Cool! I'm looking forward to the thread
  13. agep

    Cupid's Sick Day

    She looks great!
  14. agep

    What I'm working on...

    LOL! That was great! The stuff you and Mark achieve with rigging has always impressed me a lot. I have always struggled when it comes to rigging..
  15. agep

    Whitetail Deer, Buck

    Very nice model!