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  1. Hi guys! I saw that my name was mentioned and wanted to give you an update. Thanks for mentioning me by the way I currently work for a ship simulator company in Norway which requires me to use different 3d software than A:M. At the company I make different 3d assets used in the simulator ranging from big ships to smaller containers and cargo. At home I do play around in Unity and use A:M sometimes for smaller projects. I became a father for the second time four months ago, and since my first born is still a toddler, my amount of spare time is very limited I do visit the A:M forum almost daily Best regards Stian
  2. Also, A LL image contains a lot more information, since a Light Probe image compresses the information along the the edges
  3. Latitude-Longitude will do the same job as a Light Probe. And since the HDRI file already is Latitude-Longitude there is no need for two separate files. That is why I never generated Light Probes. I think you was able to convert a LL into a Light-Probe with the free version of http://www.hdrshop.com/, but it doesn't look like it is available anymore
  4. Right Click the file and select Open With -> Choose default program?
  5. Here is a sample of some bolts and nuts I have printed at 100 Microns. In theory it is possible to print your example, but it would probably require a few attempts and some tweaking
  6. I guess you need a filter/plugin that does "edge padding" or a "dilation filter". I dont know what filter you are referring to, but hopefully you are able to use the search terms
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