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  1. Thank you Mr detbear, for take your time to share your tips, tricks, advices and workflow... it is really valuable for people who is learning like me, and thank you for encourage me to advance in this wonderful art.
  2. Mr detbear, How much time it took you to complete this GREAT animation short? I really would like to have a living doing animation shorts, one after another one, it would be plausible to monetize this kind of work, and time spent, to make a living of this... and be like a "little Pixar" making little "productions", one after another one, and making money from it, at least for a "simple living" not a "celebrity one"? --- That really would be my ideal work in life... (Of course with a very "optimized" Workflow, to have a living apart of this... ) Great work again!!! Great Animation!!! Mr detbear.
  3. Thank you everybody for your comments... And Thank You So Much to * Brian Prince * to stop by here and let us know about him and his projects currently... really great to know about him!!! "Modeler of The best photorealistic landscapes made in A:M, so far" Anyone else has something to share about some of this "Legends"... hehe Have a Good Day Everybody!!!
  4. Hello Admired, Inspiring and Appreciated People of this A:M Forum, my best wishes for you all!!! ******** I was writing this topic, because is kind of interesting to me know a little bit about the current lives of this "Great Heroes" of the History of the Great "Animation Master". ******** Especially when I see that Jeff Lew in his website "killerbeanforever dot com" says that is "OUT OF BUSINESS". It is for me a little sad to think that a Great Talent and Ability like his, can't find a place and a long and profitable career to make a happy living in the CGI World. Also I would like to know about Stephen Millingen (and his currents animations, if any), Jim Talbot, Dusan Kastelic, Shaun Freeman, Stian Ervik Wahlvåg (Agep), Brian Prince, Ed Lynch, William Sutton (any advance in his Zandoria's animation shorts?)... etc And also perhaps a little bit about those studios that worked with A:M in the past... Anzovin, Avalanche, Eggington, Reel FX, Momentum, Soulcage, Will Vinton's ... etc So, if anyone has any Information/curiosity/update about them, It would be great if you could share it here,,, (by the way, sorry for any error in my english) Thanks, and you all, have a good day!!!
  5. Hello, detbear Great Cinematic!!! Could you explain, which tools did you use to make it? and why?, and how you normally integrate your other tools with A:M? Thanks
  6. Thank you all for the reply... Rodney, I was reading the review of "Stop Staring: The Art of Facial Animation" of Jason Osipa and it seems very good, I'll try to buy it... Fuchur, for a lone animator the quest for a faster way (with acceptable quality), never ends...
  7. Hello everybody... Perhaps you have seen this video before on Youtube or perhaps not, anyway I want to share it here cause may be we can make use of this idea somehow... If anyone has a comment or knowledge about this technique... Perhaps it could be implemented in A:M with some Mouse Motion Capture and something else... Note: It's interesting what is written in the description of the video on Youtube... Good day, bye
  8. Good Luck Sir... Your dream is my dream... Remember to record a detailed "making of... " I wish you success !!!
  9. Hello appreciated people of this forum!! I was researching about Anzovin's Training Videos here in the forum, and I read they are free to share here in the community... so I was wondering if they were uploaded somewhere... and if not, I was wondering in they could be uploaded in Low Quality for someone here, at least, to have the information they are teaching there, no matter if they wouldn't look so good... I have been compressing some videos with a software called BENCOS, and it compresses a lot the videos without take off too much quality... I've been compressing with a relation 1Mb / 1Minute video + size of audio track at 32 kbps, that's to say, a video of 60 minutes would weight about 70Mb (60Mb videos + 10Mb audio track), and the videos look acceptable... what you all think about?.... Well, I hope something could be done about this, BENCOS software can be found here: http://code.google.com/p/bencos/ thank you... ----------- Post Data: I wanted to say also that the "A:M Start Up Videos" are GREAT!!... If could be made a "A Complete Course" with that style about all the features of A:M, it could be understood easily and very very very fast, and they would be the main resources for new users or "bad trained old users" to become Advanced users, they are very well made. Thanks to their creators, and I hope they take in consideration my opinion.
  10. Hello Everybody... Is there anybody here who could tell me where to find Newton plugin for v12, please? or someone who could upload it from his own files? Thank you
  11. Hi everybody, I have a chance to buy a second hand (version, copy, license) of an old A:M, but I don't want to fall into the error of "divide a license" cause that would be illegal... and plain piracy... The seller is not the original owner but a "second hand shop" then, He doesn't know all about the origin of that copy... So my question is, is there a way to know if a license was "divided"? is there a sign, a mark or something on the CDs that could help me to know?, Hash's people would get angry if I ask about the status of a license with the serial number, and even more, of an old version? Thank you ... a little question more, A:M was always sold in its box? or sometimes was sold the material and CDs without a box? Thank you again.
  12. Sorry, is there a DVD copy? I thought they weren't selling the software that way anymore...
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