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  1. Jason Simonds

    The store is in the new home

    Hello, everyone the store is in it's new home. https://www.hash.com/store we really https://store.hash.com
  2. Jason Simonds

    Emerald City Comic Con

    Hash, Inc. will be at Emerald City Comic Con for 2019. All 4 days Jason Simonds, Heath Hash, and some random friends. We do not have a booth number ye
  3. Jason Simonds

    Hash, Inc. support closed

    I will be in Las Vegas for the super bowl again this year. Hash, Inc. support will be closed.
  4. Jason Simonds


    That should be right.
  5. Jason Simonds


    The links are fixed. I copied it from the last post and forgot to change them back.
  6. Jason Simonds


    Now back to drinking, and enjoying Vegas!!!!
  7. Jason Simonds


    Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Breaking Change: sdk changed, external plugins must be recompiled Fixed All: 0006908: Layer are not visible in chor rendering with Render Lock Mode (green button) Fixed All: 0006899: View Undo, View Redo shortcuts not editable Fixed All: 0006906: Reordering Null in heirarchy causes crash Fixed All: 0006907: Adding one model to another model causes crash Fixed All: 0006904: Cloth object doublesizes and misses deflector objects Fixed All: 0006902: AppHang on Render Fixed All: 0006901: Five pointers and splines disappear Fixed All: 0006903: Duplicator wizard doesn't work. Fixed All: 0006900: Can't Undo after Lathe. Screen redraw stops working. Fixed All: 0006898: UV-Editor does not show any wireframes/CPs of mapped objects... Fixed All: 0006896: Distrotion box in Action causes crash Fixed All: 0006893: Multiple Models on Path not on path and wrong multiple For the second problem (does not insert choosen number of models) a new checkbox "Allow overlapping" is added , then the choosen number is always imported , otherwise a overlapping bbox check is done and this can reduce the number of imported models. Fixed All: 0006887: Pose Sliders do not show current value of Pose Fixed All: 0006888: Image sequence "Frame" settings are ignored Fixed All: 0006890: booleans broken in final render
  8. Jason Simonds

    Update from Jason

    The forums stuff and server updates most of the time is fun for me. Email not so much. I took a break from email and worked/studied around the clock. I did not realize that I had not check email in so long. I'm Back tho. All emails have been returned, and I will get the v19.0 update out tomorrow I have had it for over a week but my test was on monday this week so I did not send it out. I will get it posted tomorrow 12/23/2018 super hung over from my Hotel in vegas haha.
  9. Jason Simonds

    Update from Jason

    So I took some time off, well other than working on the server move. I was traveling a lot for my real job, working 12+ hour days and trying to study for my next licensing exam. I did not until today realize how far behind email was. I'm sorry for anyone that got left, or got missed. I'm sorry that I missed 2 shipping online orders. I'm going to once again try and work harder at keeping on top of email but lately have have just been overwhelmed at every turn. The server move is taking WAY WAY longer than I thought it would, my work is super busy this time of year, I did not pass my exam so I need to keep studying. I was going to take some time off over the holiday but since I forgot about email and orders and so much more I will be working over the holiday. Once again I'm so sorry.!!!
  10. Jason Simonds

    Coming Soon to the forums!

    and https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/44-animated-gifs-r1102/
  11. Jason Simonds

    Coming Soon to the forums!

    So now that the Animation Master forums is on a new server that supports the latest software! the forums will be always in the latest and greatest version. You can read more on what is coming for 4.4 below. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/44-turbo-charging-loading-speeds-r1109/
  12. Jason Simonds

    Hash, Inc Status this week

    I blame you all for my week. Monday was good 8-6:30 I can deal with that.. yesterday 7:00 am till 9pm.. Today I have to go to Seattle and back from Portland, OR.. and the worst travel day. But anyways thurday - sunday I will be working at it non-stop.
  13. Jason Simonds

    Hash, Inc Status this week

    Ok this is a sort week for me at my job. I only have one big projector and that is on Wednesday & all of the testing and main system prep is down so unless I find something that I did not test for(it's simple) so I should be ok. I will have a short week this week. What this will mean for Hash, Inc. the final part of the server move will be this week. I'm not going to report small outages, and local outages(like FAQ, or things like that). I'm just going to get to work. The store is really really REALLY being a pain to get working but that is the last big thing for me to move. I have made the decision that once I get to a point I'm going to just move forward even it means the store being down for a few more hours than I thought. If that happens the store will just just link to a page explaining why it's down and a work around. It's been a bit more work to keep the old store going and the new store in testing. I realized when working on activation how much easier it is just to work on one version. And happy thanks giving enjoy being stuck with your families and and eating to much. And if anyone you complain on the day of thanks I will find your address and mail you farts for newtons birthday.
  14. Jason Simonds

    Animatin Master Activation

    BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Activation is now on the new server and working 100% it took a bit more time than I would have ever thought but it got done. I'm sorry for the log outage (20+ hours) but If I had rolled back to the old server I never would have got it done.
  15. Jason Simonds

    This is a test

    Yeah I stopped on that. I thought I was going to have help on activation but I did not. So I moved on to that project. I'm down to one thing before the finale move getting the new store to checkout. But I'm not sure on that.