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  1. Ok the update starts now, then the server restart
  2. Haha, Next time Next time. The back ups are taking a bit more that I planed, but the forums update is starting soon.
  3. Hey all, Tonight 05/11/2019 I will be backing up and updating the forums, updating and restarting the server, working on the store, and a few other small tasks that may/will cause outages. This will start about 10pm pst tonight. So anyone drinking must and I mean MUST have a shot of 18yl + scotch or Grey Goose chilled since I can not.
  4. until
    Hash, Inc will be closed from about 10pm 04/25/2018 till about 8pm Sunday 04/28/2018. I'm going to Seattle to see Avengers End Game and hang out with a friend for the weekend. Have a good weekend all!
  5. The forums does support gif images as an attachment/upload. But now you can search for them
  6. A small note search if re-indexing so search may not work for a few hours or so
  7. Hello All, Sorry about the update with out notice.The new update system is really easy to move forward but I was not sure how to go back. Changed in 4.4.0 Changed in 4.4.1 current version I'm not sure how I feel about 4.4: Animated GIFs but we will see. Not that I think that people will spam them, just I fear that every reply with be a gif not text haha.
  8. Is Stefan needs a Mac hash Inc is more than willing to get him one. I use a Mac VM for testing and also could not update at this time. As for 64-bit Animation Master on Mac OSX. I do not think that is an option for Hash, Inc. with current staff, resources, add Mac user percentage. I'm sorry to say.
  9. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Fixed All: 0006942 Audio in Chor doesn't play Fixed All: 0006941 Crash on Decal scaling New All: for chor new entry in the menu -> "Bake and Remove Bullet Constraints" bake simulation data and remove than the Bullet Constraints from the models If the Shift key is hold while clicking this entry, a simulation run is first done for all Bullet Constraints New All: for objects new entry in the menu -> "Reset Main Bone", set the main model bone back to the default values (helpfull for simulation with bullet constraint, if the main bone not at default , unexpected behavior can occur) Fixed All: 0006934 Bullet "Bounce" parameter has no effect Fixed All: 0006938 Bullet simulates with strange results Fixed All: 0006820 Specular highlights not working on transparent surface. Fixed All: 0006931 Magnet Mode distance handles disappear Fixed All: 0006935 Rotoscope disappears if resized Fixed All: 0006933 32 bit version crashes Fixed All: 0006928 AI-Wizard crashes A:M Fixed All: 0006932 Explode/Rebuild doesn't work Fixed All: 0006937 Crash on adding Null Fixed All: 0006936 Crash on Save Fixed All: 0006895 Depth of field doesn't work Fixed All: 006894 Scale keys lost after save Fixed All: 0006914 NetRender: Corrupted surface on first frames Fixed All: 0006927 Final render darker than previous versions Fixed All: 0006926 Decal Image name lost after adding non-loca material. Fixed All: 006921 Crash on dragging Groups in PWS Fixed All: 0006919 Crash after selecting CPs Fixed All: 0006912 Netrender: Can't expand "Time" Column Fixed All: 0006913 NetRender: Disabled slave Prgress precent freezes Fixed All: 0006925 endless loop for complex undoing operations Fixed All: 0006920 Pose slider made by Push_CPs doesn't work Fixed All: 0006855 Soft shadows not soft Fixed All: 0006917 Reordering Groups after making keyframes in Chor causes crash 11 Fixed All: 0006922 Substeps for frame render is always 0:0... Fixed All: 0006811 incorrect real-time and progressive renders on particle image sequences New All It's now possible to show in which group a cp is in.For existing installations the button needs to be add manually. Add the button Tools->Customize->Commands->Manipulator -> "Show Groups, where the CP is included" to the toolbar, or "Reset Toolbars" For new installations it's default in the manipulator toolbar. Works only for single selected cp's. OSX latest supported version is OSX 10.13.6, because my mac can't be updated to a newer OSX version
  10. Once we get the new internal server we will be moving it to a Vmachine so if it's out it's a really big deal haha.
  11. Hello All, Animation Master Community chat server is back. I'm sorry it was down so long I kind of forgot about it in the move. But it's in it's temp home for now but soon(well not that soon... but soon) will be moving to if permanent home. I have a few things to finish both personal and for Hash, Inc. then Hash, Inc. will be getting a new "project" server and Community will move there.
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