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  1. oops

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    2. robcat2075



      Go up to the envelope icon at the upper right of the forum page. Click on it and choose "Compose New" to start a new PM.
      Put "Jason Simonds" in the "To" box


    3. ruscular


      finally got it install back on my new HD

    4. Jason Simonds

      Jason Simonds


         Every time I think I'm going to get on top of email something happens now everything is burning


  2. How i can get key for am trial i download from site?

    What i need to do than if i decide to buy it?
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    2. Jason Simonds
    3. victor.bokarev@gmail.com


      hi Send me pls the second trial key the previous one was wrong because of me) regards


    4. victor.bokarev@gmail.com


      i send my new request yestarday


  3. So I'm back, kind of.. I was writing a post about how I'm back and work has slowed down.. And I got a call that it has not. But most of the things keeping me from having anytime outside of work have been cleared but getting certbot working on my new server(not Hash, Inc.)
  4. I'm back on top of email today.. But if I missed you PM me here and I will get it.
  5. I think I got it figured out.. Sorry for all the delays
  6. Installers: Windows: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Mac OS X 10.13.6 or earlier: Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 SDK: v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Changed All Particlesystem Streak and Blobbie there is a new Boolproperty "Color change over lifetime" , this controls how the color is changed as default the color is changed over the lifetime from each particle, if it set to "Off" the color change is done for all particles equal Fixed All 7011 Particle systems should only display modifyable properties Fixed All import plugins if peaktolerance is set to 0 , all cp's are peaked ,usefull for importing mechanical models if peaktolerance is set to 360 , all cp's are smooth New All obj import plugin dialog changed added option for displaying the info messagebox (default the messagebox is displayed)added option for open a frontview for the imported model after the plugin has finished Fixed All 7010 Selecting a spline by "Spline select" with Mirror Mode on and hiding everything else results in a different selection Fixed All 7012 Crash , when loading a obj file created from blender Fixed All 6827 Changing Decal parameter turns all light off Fixed All 7008 Crash when activation pose slide (on/off) in Action Fixed All 7006 Editing Toon Gradient causes freeze Fixed All 7009 Crash when rotation STL-Prop in Chor Internal Dumpfile for unhandled exceptions has now a new naming scheme "ApplicationName_DayMonthYear_HourMinuteSecond.dmp" Dumpfiles deleted , when the Master / Master_64 starts Dumpfiles now enabled in release builds and netrender Posteffect Frameburn changed added PercentProperty "Opacity" -> control the text opacity Default : 75% (as before) Min Value : 1% Max Value : 100% added BoolProperty "Display name" -> display the filename Default : True (as before) if it set to False, only the framenumber is burned the default font is now "MS Sans Serif" Windows only added BoolProperty "With shadows" -> display the text with shadows Default : True (as before) if it set to False, only a white text is displayed (better readable in my opinion) Changed All Stampview , "Plugin properties" not longer displayed , makes no sense in this context (if You have one let me know and I revert this change) Changed All for groups in a choreography fixed a crash , when a object in a named group was deleted from the chor removed properties, which makes no sense in this context added the possibility to add other objects to the named chor group(select the chor group -> than Shift + LMB Selection objects can be deleted with a Dialog (RMB -> "Remove From Groups...") popup menu only displayed menu items , which make sense for this type of group
  7. The way 2020 is going, maybe we skip this year. haha
  8. So my Hash, Inc. email sent out some emails to like 50 people or so. They were not sent using IMAP so I can not track down everyone it was sent to. But this has nothing to do with security with Hash, Inc. or our mail server this was 100% user error. That email account has had the same password for YEARS AND YEARS I know better and it was not super secure at all because when I set it, you had to remember your password yourself.(see that sounds like a good excuse right?) I have updated my password and it's now secure. I'm sorry about this and I should have known better, This maybe Kama for all the times I made fun of Martin for picking a bad password, then when that password was found just adding 1 to it.. Sorry again sorry, and do not open that link.
  9. I think I fixed the pending thing. I picked pending because of online notes but I think that was not right for our store.
  10. I'm on call but off work today. Getting through some tasks. I think I fixed gift card checkout in the store. Getting on top support email. getting backup of hash, inc to work more reliably .
  11. The installer is right but the splash screen looks like it was not updated. Sorry
  12. So I'm behind on support long story short, Work was killing me 12+ hour days and 6-7 days a week for a bit. Then right when we got on top of the work load I got sick. I'm starting to feel better today. But after releasing v19.0k my brain in losing it. I don't think it's Covid-19 but I can not get tested. So I have to treat it like it is. I thought that would get me on top of my projects. But my brain is just not there jet. I have been sitting up for an hour and it's like I rain a mile. My hope it tomorrow I will get to email, but I fear it maybe one more day.
  13. Installers: Windows: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Mac OS X 10.13.6 or earlier: Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 SDK: v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Changed Back Windows AVX only version removed Fixed All 6981 upon loading v19.0g and higher get an error on Enhance:AM .atx and .trb files Fixed All 6982 Click in PWS causes crash Fixed All 6985 crash after undoing Lathe Fixed All 6987 Moving CPs with cursor does not "dirty' PRJ Fixed All 6990 Infinite Loop error message after deleting material Fixed All 6993 Crash on simcloth retry Fixed All 6994 Simcloth works in v18 but not in v19 Fixed All 6999 "Exception thrown" on Revert Fixed All 7000 Crash on cloth simulation Fixed All 7001 AM Backup can't backup Fixed All 7002 SSE4 not installing? Fixed All 7003 Netrender can't access Slaves.dat Fixed All 7005 Rename renames wrong name
  14. I'm behind on support email, I'm going to get back on top of it this weekend.
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