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  1. Jason Simonds

    The Hash, Inc. Store

    So I broke something else. Since mine works..
  2. Jason Simonds

    The Hash, Inc. Store

    When are your password at the old(working) store last updated?
  3. Jason Simonds

    The Hash, Inc. Store

    There is no way to mess anything up. But If you get the chance log into https://store.hash.com/ and see if your log in works, If it does not work, see if it works at https://www.hash.com/store/ if it does not work on the new store let me know.
  4. Jason Simonds

    The Hash, Inc. Store

    you logged in at http://store.hash.com ? You can not buy anything yet?
  5. Jason Simonds

    This is a test

    They say that 3 java folders had there rights changed to www-data(the webserver) but I'm not sure why.. I hate that.......but it's fixed
  6. Jason Simonds

    This is a test

    Hello, This is a test.
  7. Jason Simonds

    Server Move

    Ok so I do not remember what other categories were in the gallery but the gallery is stable now. So if admins/mods want to start adding them they can and they will not be removed anymore.
  8. Jason Simonds

    The Hash, Inc. Store

    Hey Everyone. I need some people to try and log in to http://store.hash.com and see your log in works? If you do not know your password there is no reason to log in as soon they will be rolled back to the ones stored in hash.com/store. I need to work on a few more things but It's getting close.
  9. Jason Simonds


    And look I did not have to blank out any porn sites in my address bar.! HAha!!!
  10. Jason Simonds


    So it's working and putting our fresh new server to work.
  11. Jason Simonds


    So I'm working on converting old videos, but the site is back. You can reset your password. And the hope is less porn. https://amfilms.hash.com
  12. It took a ton of work, but it's done. A:M Stills is now here and almost all of the images where saved. I'm going to look in to if there is a way to users to 'claim' the image. But I have a lot of work before I can do that I think it will have to be done in the DATABASE it's self. But enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!11 https://forums.hash.com/gallery/category/7-am-stills/
  13. Jason Simonds

    Welcome to the forums new home!

    The short version of this problem is until I can finish at A:M stills import with out errors search, history and activity will be messed up. After each import even if it doesn't work I have to rebuild the data that powers that.
  14. Jason Simonds

    I currently need Activation support

    I got all of the support emails out this week. Please PM me here your activation code or order number and I will send you the file it should have written
  15. Jason Simonds

    Tonight Tonight Tonight!!

    I'm getting somewhere on the store http://store.hash.com/ Old Passwords are not working yet, but I'm getting there!