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  1. Windows or Mac? I do not have that error at all in windows.
  2. This J not I, I miss Typed. Well more like Auto Fill messed me up. I started the post but realized the upload was going slow so I saved it. But some how having 2 post open messed me up haha
  3. Installers: Windows: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Mac OS X 10.13.6 or earlier: Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 SDK: v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: Fixed All 6975 partially transparent geomtery disappears Fixed All 6962 Action Keyframes lost when Action window closed Fixed All 6971 Keyframes lost after closing Chor window Fixed All 6972 v19j CP weight editor creates double entries and unwanted weights. Fixed All 6969 32-bit version freezes on render Fixed All 6968 Putting cloth defelctor in Ground causes Ground to fall Fixed All 6966 Request: More subdivisions possible on Simcloth "deflector"? Fixed All 6959 Particle Opacity Over Lifetime doesn't work
  4. until
    Hello All, but I'm going on Vacation and not bringing my laptop(well I may bring it) but I'm not using it for work. So Hash, Inc. support will be closed.
  5. I'm not under standing the problem? The software is crashing?
  6. The plan was to have all 4, but they we really stuck I guess and since I take the last appointment of the day they decided not to go ever time. I have been told for years to have them removed since they are so tight but the plan has always been once they cause a problem get them all done but that failed haha.
  7. I will add testing that to this weekends list.. I forgot but I will usually(note the word usually) check my old check list posts before starting a new one.
  8. And the question becomes what is it?
  9. Today check list.. Update the forums(will cause a small outage) Fix cards on the store(this has been plaguing me) I have a email to the plug-in support team Fix shipping on the store(this has been plaguing me) I think it's best to get one thing working before I move on to the next in case it's the same error. Get on top of support mail(I have worked 128 hours in 2 weeks and had 2 wisdom teeth removed) I guess not many have questions in the summer haha Start a Animation Master install page to link with software orders(at least get the first draft) Not going to happen tonight Not punch my computer Try to get to sleep at a normal time If you want you can check out what I'm listing too. https://music.jdsimonds.com/rss.php
  10. Note this is to my server not my personal machine, as is in the steps above.
  11. I think I see what is going on. You need to share the folder that holds the project and the the project will render too. All my projects are in a folder called "AM_Data" Right click the folder select "Properties" click on the sharing tab(Your use name for windows should be in the box as owner). Your name should be all you need if that is what you log into every computer on your network as the same log in name. But if you log in with different names on other computers you need to add that name too or "everyone"(There is risks to using everyone anyone on the network can over write or delete with out logging in) Now hit share This will give you a path to the folder(this is mine) \\jason-gaming-pc\AM_Data Now when you open a project on render server user that path. \\jason-gaming-pc\AM_Data\so\data\Act III\Seq03-Departures\Sc03 When you set the save path you also need to do the same thing. \\jason-gaming-pc\AM_Data\so_render\Act III\Seq03-Departures\Sc03
  12. I meant to not renew with godaddy ssl this year since this is the 2nd time something like this has happened. But since we paid for it we are going to use it. But i'm making sure next year to move it off them.. Last time the renew endded on the same day as before, but at least the order was not broke so I could just install then new one right away.
  13. Go daddy says it will be upto 72 hours until the main page ssl is fixed. It was renewed but now it's not.. I tried for a simple fix, but https: is in coded into a lot on the site so it's not an easy fix Sorry all!
  14. Hello, The old SSL certificate for https://forums.hash.com expired today. The new one was installed last night but it looks as if some people may need to clear their browser cache to have your browser download the new SSL certificate.
  15. Installers: Windows 32Bit Windows 64Bit Intel Mac v19.0 Intel Mac SSE4.2 v19.0 SDK UpDate Change Log: New All it's now possible to C&P viewportsettings from one window to another one open the "View Settings" dialog for the source window , push "Copy", open the "View Settings" dialog for the destination window, push "Paste" Minor Fix Bullet Soft Body -> Advanced Options -> Subdivide this property is now only displayed, if no Hooks or 5Pointers in the model(before it was still ignored at simulation time) Fixed All 0006961 Font Wizard Freeze Fixed All 0006960 Crash on DXF Export Fixed All 0006957 Crash on quit Fixed All 0006956 Patch images don't render Fixed All 0006871 Drag decaling in Action View dragging a image into a action view or over a model in a action, has now the same behavior as doing this in a modelling window Fixed All 0006951 PushCPs doesn't PushCPs Fixed All 0006955 Crash on PRJ Save Fixed All 0006953 Crash after Render Fixed All 0006946 Polygon export creates faulty polygons fix can have sideffects for other export plugins too, external developers should check this Fixed All 0006952 Crash on Bullet Simulation Fixed All 0006938 Bullet simulates with stragne results Fixed All 0006948 Crash if "Clone CP Weights" used twice Fixed All 0006945 Crash after CTRL-Selecting bones in Chor Fixed All 0006943 Render>Show Bones, Show Grid not working Fixed All "World Space" button working again (has only effect in chor or action and not for Rotate Manipulator)
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