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  1. Should we move the forums to Two Factor Authentication? We can support 2 options Authy and/or Google Authenticator I'm not sure it's needed because the data we store is not much and really if someone logs in as you here, the worst they can really do is spam users. But if Yes wins, I will install it.
  2. @robcat2075It should have not showed 'email' as a approved log in, it's from covering the image gallery. Now it should support email log in. @Rogerwe do not store any real data(Back Cards, Addresses or things like that here). I can force a timed password reset, but since we do not store data like that I don't think it's needed. As for people using the same password here as there bank or stores DO NOT DO THAT YOU ARE A BAD PERSON!!!!!!!!! Here is some reading on passwords. I'm in no way saying what password manager you should use as we were using Lastpass and are now moving to a new one. This is a lot of work and a lot of reading.
  3. Hello All, on about 02/07/2023 at 11:59pm pst. The forums log in will change from user name to email. Before you ask 'why are you doing this?, I'm to old for change' haha There is security risks in people being able to use your 'display' name to sign in and the forums is bugging me about is. and before you ask 'If this is a security risk why didn't you change it before?' It was answered in the 'why are you doing this' line because I didn't want to hear 'I'm to old for change' hahaha Thanks for understanding all Jason Simonds
  4. @modernhorse I have updated the 'get hostid' program to include win10. I did not know it was not working. I'm sorry. PM me here the file it makes and I will set everything up.
  5. @GratienI sent you a PM and your serial code it's something to do with paying in other currencies I will look into it. But I may forget as this has only happened one other time in the life of the store. Sorry for the delays getting back to you.
  6. Can I get an XP compatible A:M version?

    I've sent messages multiple times over the past few months to various contact emails listed on Hash.com with the typical response being to contact a different email with no specific "Yes" or "No" answer to my request.

    I know there was a server/system crash around March which backed responses up. The last response suggested posting here on the A:M forum and here's the post.

    I want to purchase the newest A:M version that's compatible with Windows XP (v17?). 

    Had v12 or v13 years ago and need an XP A:M again if possible.

    Why XP? I have another design program that is no longer available beyond XP I used with A:M back then to speed up workflow and want to do so again.

    It's too troublesome to import/export files from a newer A:M version on one cpu into this other old program on the cpu running XP. Same story with running a VM since the VM would have to run on the XP cpu since all the needed peripherals are also on the XP cpu.

    [Also created as a post in case it gets a faster response assuming you're always busy with work]

    1. MAYAman


      You can find XP compatible versions of AM on Ebay every day.  I still have all my CDs going back to 96.  :)

      Tons of CDs out there.

    2. AmXP


      Jason Simonds did a great job of getting this resolved since v18 ended up working on my XP machine.

      Jason helped walk me through the install process that I kept tripping over (H/T: place the final install master file in the program folder on your C drive).

  7. Hello, I just found out that after an Office365 update there is a problem with the forums email. I switched the forums to another email method for now as a patch. But this may mean the forums emails go to spam for a bit as it's using forums.hash.com as the email server not a registered email server. For people in the 'know' I know this is not really what's going on but it's a good way to describe it. I will be working on it tonight, but I have had bad luck with smtp and office365
  8. The server is not down... The store was for a bit but it's fixed now. The short version of the problem. The store uses a different version of the php and I did not know that because of the way this version php loads the version php uses a different configuration file than the standard version and I did not make the needed changes in the correct file sorry.
  9. There was a few users while all the updating was going on, I had to re-add but I think everything is working. Now I need to fix the 'download plug-in'
  10. Hello Everyone, After a major update to the Hash, Inc Store. Users can now look up activation codes and serial numbers again. Sorry this took so long. We use a plug-in for serial numbers that was updated, the developer changed how the data is stored, it took me some time to convert the 'old' data in to the new data type. @robcat2075 if you want to log in to your account and check if it worked since your order was right at the change it's most likely to be effected. But I can not see all orders as they should be displayed. I had to use excel, google docs, and text editors to get the data moved over
  11. There is a problem with the store right now and the serial keys plug-in after the update. I'm working on it now.
  12. Here is the links: https://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/misc/Data.zip https://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/misc/edu_dvd.zip https://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/misc/LittleData.zip htps://www.hash.com/ftp/pub/misc/LittleData.zip
  13. Hello, I know what the problem is but I can not fix it when one my 'work' laptop' the store ran out of keys but for some reason did not email me. I'm traveling right now with spotty at best internet. I will get this done as soon as I get to my computer about 9pm pst today.
  14. I cannot get to my computer until later today in a few hours. You should be able to look up your activation code at this link. https://store.hash.com/index.php?route=account/login
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