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    I had always been interested in 3D modeling and design. In highschool I was super stoked about the Auto CAD class I had, I even taught students about modeling in A:M. In college, 3D modeling was always fun and animating it was even more exciting.
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    Mac Book Pro i7 Core 8GB RAM 500GB SSD
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    New York
  1. Hash got back to me today i got a new license file. But yes it was a Master.lic file. This is finally activated and ready to go. I'm all set.
  2. No, all on Mac. My profile still says windows? I have contacted hash, seems busy, so I felt like I needed to ask the forum. I must be missing something. Originally I installed this on my pc, but then emailed has to remove the license because the mac was better. Then he sent me a master.license file. Placed it in the AM folder as directed and got that error. And my current license key has already been used so I'm not entirely clear as to what happened or what's going on. I really would like to start using my program, it's been about a week already....
  3. Hello everyone, i need help with AM V18 Licensing. I got a Master.lic file from Hash, added it to my AM folder as directed and got this Message Wrong Host for License (-4) Thoughts??
  4. yeah. its a pretty old version... I just got an email from Hash. Im going for a special pricing upgrade.
  5. Hello Everyone, I have a question about how A:M can be like Auto CAD. (if there is a section about this then please let me know or direct me) (sorry) Years ago I used Auto CAD / Inventor and it was the easiest program to use to make any object. I liked how that in the program I can make a basic object and edit it in a breeze by clicking on parts and setting a measurement and it would auto correct and align itself. An example would be a simple Lego piece. I can make a block and add 1 cylinder at a corner. Then I can simply click on the block and type in the measurements to make a rectangle, and then click on the cylinder and input how many to copy/ paste and set the distance between them. PRESTO! A lego block in less the 30 seconds. Now...... Can A:M do this?? If so. How? And Tutorials? I apologize if this is a real dumb question but like I asked in my 3D Printing Thread, It's been since Verion 11.1 I have used A:M and I have no idea what it can do now.
  6. Hmm... You know what. I think Ill probably settle with the newest Version and do the yearly subscription... I dont really want to spend $300 for the program. plus i didnt even get an email back from Hash yet if I can get a discount. lol
  7. Yeah... its not bad... but I rather have the product rather then pay a continuous yearly price.
  8. zandoriastudios, nice work, Yeah I have seen this everywhere. I like your work. Ill have to look more into Cult 3D. I didnt know there was a website for 3D printables. learn something new everyday. robcat2075, that Cant be done link will be useful soon. Fuchur, That A:M print link doesn't work for some reason. Guess what guys! - I found my A:M CD. I'm working with V11.1. yeah. on Windows 7 on a pretty fast Desktop. I need the latest but i dont want to spend $300 on the new Program. V11.1 works ok. kinda glitchy for some reason....its too old. how does V18 look like?
  9. Thanks Robcat!, Im happy that I'm Back. I need to get back to this fun stuff. I like A:M because its very easy. 3D Studio Max is more advanced but thats another chapter.. Fuchur, You blog is pretty neat! Thank You!
  10. PERFECT!!! Thank you very much Fuchur! I have some ideas for a 3D printing and I need to get back into Animation and Modeling. Ill need to look into Net Fab, never herd of it. Maybe when I decide whats going on with my hobby, we can help each other out. Because I dont know a thing about 3D printing. (although i do work with IT at my job that has people using 3D printers everyday). Do you know any websites I can check out for 3D printing for Noobs?
  11. Hello everyone, its been YEARS since I've been on this forum and used A:M. Quick Question(s)... When I make a model, What kind of file can I export it as? How many types of model files can I export? This 3D printer takes STL files. Can I export A:M Model Files as STL too? Thank You everyone! I hope to be using my A:M program soon!!
  12. TRN

    Video reference

    Yes this Helped a LOT. Thanks Rodney and Walter! I will try this soon. Ill reply to this when It works. thank you thank you
  13. hello all you talented animators!!!, You probably herd this 1000 times but can I use a video as a rotoscope? like Live reference and animate it by frame by frame? if so.....HOW? because i think itll be easer to record myself and others and overlap it and animate it.... Can one do this?? THANKS a BUNCH
  14. TRN

    A:M Video Music

    Here is the demo link but its the new one. Ill have to upload the video somehow to show you. maybe ill use youtube or something.
  15. TRN

    A:M Video Music

    I guess nobody knows the songs?
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