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  1. this is looking really good so far... but 70% occlusion sampling??? are you sure you need it to be that high?
  2. good job... i like the first render better.
  3. bravo... i love the lighting and almost everything else... great job! for future projects you should consider rendering depth maps and adding DOF in post, a:m´s built in DOF needs way too much passes to get smooth or even smooth-ish... a smooth DOF blur would make your stop motion look even more believable. i guess i said something similar before in a comment about your previous project, but that was really the only thing that bothered my eye, so i had to say it again
  4. you´re right, you suck at this i did a quick fix, i don´t have the time to redo them completely right now... it´s mostly about the spacing, sizes and arrangement. you don´t need a 12pt font size on a post card, this will look like page of a childrens book. i reduced it to 10 pt, that´s still too big though IMO... don´t use so much colors for headlines and stuff, that kind of stuff starts to look cheap very quickly. also try to leave much more space between elements, and more space to the edges, it doesn´t need to look squeezed in if you have that little information on it. v18
  5. that´s not what a:m is for, if you want a software that any school kid can master, you should download iTeddy or something like that. any app that gives you the freedom of creativity will require some effort from your side, and a:m is one of the most easy to learn 3D packages. there are plenty of tutorials out there that will show you how to model, texture and rig a character.
  6. i hate to say this, but i liked the old one much better, since he was more cartoony and somehow funnier in my opinion.
  7. it´s that time of the year, on wednesday starts the prolight & sound exhibition in frankfurt and i made an animation with the cameo mascot. this year it was extra fun for me since the theme was led-bars, and i had the idea of using an led-bar as a light saber. i rendered 4 passes, one for the color with shadows, ao, reflections and everything, one for the shadow, one for the depth map and one for the alpha channel. the bridge was made in c4d, exported as an obj and loaded in after effects into element 3D and repeated endlessly, the actual 3D object is just a short segment. this
  8. since he obviously has a working internet connection it´s very likely that if he´d want to be here, he´d be here
  9. A+ for your interpretation, gerald right on the spot.
  10. i´ve made two seperate on/off poses, one for the euler constraints, and one for the dynamics. then i just re-ordered them in the characters relationships folder, this works as well...
  11. thanks, robert... realtime looks fine, didn´t render or bake yet, we´ll see how this goes...
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