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  1. you´re right, you suck at this i did a quick fix, i don´t have the time to redo them completely right now... it´s mostly about the spacing, sizes and arrangement. you don´t need a 12pt font size on a post card, this will look like page of a childrens book. i reduced it to 10 pt, that´s still too big though IMO... don´t use so much colors for headlines and stuff, that kind of stuff starts to look cheap very quickly. also try to leave much more space between elements, and more space to the edges, it doesn´t need to look squeezed in if you have that little information on it. v18_buss_card_bk_V2.psd v18_buss_card_V2.psd v18_Postcard_Back.psd v18_Postcard_Front.psd
  2. that´s not what a:m is for, if you want a software that any school kid can master, you should download iTeddy or something like that. any app that gives you the freedom of creativity will require some effort from your side, and a:m is one of the most easy to learn 3D packages. there are plenty of tutorials out there that will show you how to model, texture and rig a character.
  3. since he obviously has a working internet connection it´s very likely that if he´d want to be here, he´d be here
  4. i´ve made two seperate on/off poses, one for the euler constraints, and one for the dynamics. then i just re-ordered them in the characters relationships folder, this works as well...
  5. thanks, robert... realtime looks fine, didn´t render or bake yet, we´ll see how this goes...
  6. i have a robot with joints that have euler limits, they just can move in one axis. i want to add a dynamic constraint, but want that constraint to also accept the euler limits... right now the dynamic chain works, but in all directions. any ideas?
  7. in my experience this may take a while, usually a couple of days.
  8. here´s a thread on the mac-issue, this will clear things up for you i guess... mac / mavericks issue since v18 the open/save dialogue can be cancelled with cmd-Q, before you had to hide a:m and then go back to it, to make the dialogue box active again. sometimes you have to try to get the dialogue box working several times, before it actually does. this is quite annoying, but apparently there is no easy fix for that. i think the reason might be stated in the thread above. a:m always worked full screen and hid the dock, that´s just something you´ll have to get used to. but the dock is still available, just move your mouse to the very bottom (or right, or left, depending on where your dock is), and it´ll show up
  9. that´s very cool! i often had the same problem rodney has, feeling the need to adjust some geometry and bones after i´ve rigged a character. sometimes you just notice this stuff during the actual animation process when your character is completely rigged and weighted, and you don´t want to go back to your installation version and redo all the finetuning again. (i know the correct way would be to do all the finetuning before actually exporting the model, but some things always tend to slip my mind ). i mostly ended up adjusting the gemoetry bones, the control bones and any other bone involved in the ready rigged model, and this can easily end up in a nightmare before everything works as expected again, if you have no clue what you´re doing. that´s what i miss the most in a:m´s rigging process, the ability to adjust proportions and bone placements in the ready rigged model without having to adjust a bunch of bones, eventually reset relationships and so on. in some other apps you have the ability to switch to adjust-mode, where you only have to move some simple controllers to adjust the proportions of your rig, and all the related bones and setups automatically adjust to that... so here´s my thought: it would be cool to have some controller-nulls in a hidden folder which you could unhide, adjust, hit an update button of some sort, and all the bones and those related to them move in the correct newly defined place. no going back to the installation version, no need to re-export... this would also be great for making differently proportioned versions of one character (for instance for populating a scene background or something like that) without having to re-rig and re-weight...
  10. nice. but i wouldn´t base my rigging on those drawings, he always drew the hips too low, this would look very funny if you´d try a 90° thigh bend...
  11. nobody said you can´t carry on using it for now... and i suppose the fix will work for v18 as well, so of course, mac users can use a:m for another year or two. but after that it will be gone as it seems...
  12. thanks, steffen... much appreciated... i can understand your frustration and even not wanting to maintain the mac version any longer, as sad as it is... i´m sure you have a life outside of coding a:m, it sounds very time consuming... again, thanks for all the effort and keeping it alive for so long.
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