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  1. thanks nancy, the 2 scenes with the waves at the end are made with a rig a little bit similar to our ocean rig, fractal noise patterns drive the deformation of the mesh. one can adjust several parameters, noise types etc and then animate a controller to control the flow of the wave. the lava and some other water scenes (everywhere the liquid has to interact with geometry) are liquid simulations, they take a lot of tinkering until the behaviour fits ones needs. the smoke and most other fx are simple particle systems. the mist is just volumetric lights with fractal noise patterns. rodney, go ahead and "ape" as much as you want, i didn´t invent cinematic jungles either
  2. in case some of you have been wondering what i was doing over the last 6 months: https://vimeo.com/104251702 some of you might have already seen this on facebook. it´s not made with a:m (although it could have been), so i´m posting this in the off-topic section. rodney, if this is a problem, simply please delete this post.i just wanted to share it with the people who taught me the ropes of 3D. i hope you´ll like it.
  3. nice... love it... i think it´s 3D though...
  4. you´re right, you suck at this i did a quick fix, i don´t have the time to redo them completely right now... it´s mostly about the spacing, sizes and arrangement. you don´t need a 12pt font size on a post card, this will look like page of a childrens book. i reduced it to 10 pt, that´s still too big though IMO... don´t use so much colors for headlines and stuff, that kind of stuff starts to look cheap very quickly. also try to leave much more space between elements, and more space to the edges, it doesn´t need to look squeezed in if you have that little information on it. v18_buss_card_bk_V2.psd v18_buss_card_V2.psd v18_Postcard_Back.psd v18_Postcard_Front.psd
  5. that´s not what a:m is for, if you want a software that any school kid can master, you should download iTeddy or something like that. any app that gives you the freedom of creativity will require some effort from your side, and a:m is one of the most easy to learn 3D packages. there are plenty of tutorials out there that will show you how to model, texture and rig a character.
  6. Heh. There are so many things wrong with that view I won't even try to convince you otherwise. Adobe has lots of competition but consumers (in the guise of customers) have defined the conditions of the marketplace by consistently holding a gun to their own head saying,"more features... new tech... better quality... now... free... or else". Oh, I forgot, corporate monopolies are peachy keen! Yes, I should be saying how much I love Adobe for buying Aldus and Macromedia and discontinuing some of the applications I spent years learning. And you know what, I can't tell you how happy I am that I spent years becoming a master of Quark Xpress only to have Adobe force them out by bundling InDesign as part of the Creative Suite. I love, too, that I can't get a job in the industry without knowing and being up to date on Adobe's applications. Yesiree, bob! My viewpoint that Adobe has their customers at gunpoint is clearly wrong wrong wrong (plus bunches of other wrongs, too many to count.) Yes, when I say, "Hey Adobe, I'd love to buy the three apps I need to be up to date on so that I can get an agency job!" I LOVE it when Adobe says, "no can do, you have to buy ALL of our apps!" I say, "But I don't need or want those other apps," and they say, "Tough, kid. We own the industry. Take it or leave it." Yep, that's not like having their customers at gunpoint at all. you´re absolutely right. there´s no way for a professional graphic designer to get around adobe. in total they are not completely free of competition, but for a certain rather big customer group they are. i´m curious when they will get into 3D, and which package they will buy. i hope maxon will stay independent, i´m really enjoying c4d, and i´m really glad i didn´t switch to some autodesk product. my condolences to all SI users, this must really suck.
  7. since he obviously has a working internet connection it´s very likely that if he´d want to be here, he´d be here
  8. i´ve made two seperate on/off poses, one for the euler constraints, and one for the dynamics. then i just re-ordered them in the characters relationships folder, this works as well...
  9. thanks, robert... realtime looks fine, didn´t render or bake yet, we´ll see how this goes...
  10. i have a robot with joints that have euler limits, they just can move in one axis. i want to add a dynamic constraint, but want that constraint to also accept the euler limits... right now the dynamic chain works, but in all directions. any ideas?
  11. some of might have seen this before, i posted it also on facebook a few weeks ago. this is the most amazing piece of animation i´ve ever seen. i did some research on how he did this, i also watched it like a hundred times frame by frame, turns out he just animated every single object in there, no effects and stuff, which makes it even more impressive. sit back and enjoy: Land
  12. in my experience this may take a while, usually a couple of days.
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