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    Interests? What are those? I have 3 kids and they choose my interests. Currently employed as a Vizualization Coordinator In the AEC industry
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  1. whats up lee! hit me up at gfree69@gmail.com

  2. Hey Rodney! I think you just might be one of the nicest guys I've never met :) Aside from some TWO shots here or there, I haven't seen any of your work. When are we gonna see some Rod-ster action? :)

  3. Happy Birthday Lee!

  4. Thanks Mark, that was it! There's no good excuse, except that I had used 2001 before and wanted to go through this quickly. Hey Mark, thanks...maybe I'll try it next time Here's the finished Fett--to be appearing on an ExtrasDVD near you! Lee
  5. Thanks Dhar! That's a start... Back in the days before the 2001 setup you'd rig a hand like this: But now, which bones do I assign to which joints? Do I assign the bones circled in red and then move the bone circled in blue? I'm just not sure which bones to assign. Auto assign wouldn't be a good idea because I have the rest of the model rigged so far: Thanks for the help! Lee
  6. Hey Hash-folk! Well, I know I should be using the Squetch rig, but I just wanted to get this done (rigging is by far my LEAST favorite part of the process). Okay, so I'm ready to rig the hands...but I'm not sure where to start! Okay, obviously I need to line the fingers up first...but then what? What bones to I assign where? And once I get them assigned how to I animate them? I've tried a few things but I'm stumped... Here are some pictures: Oh yes, and I'll be donating the model as soon as I'm done Lee
  7. Yes, that would be "safe than sorry". But you're excused if English isn't your first language. Carry on. lol...maybe that's what he meant. You're safe until you're caught and then you're sorry I'm excited to get started, I also just started a model that could benefit from this! Lee
  8. This does sound like a great idea Mark! I'm sure you wouldn't mind if we used our own models to follow along with you right? Lee
  9. You are good! Jimmy Kofka was that guy/s name. I thought it was Caushca for a long time, though. When I found it wasn't I made up my own character named "Caushca". The question is, what does J-Man mean?

  10. LeeAnderson


    Lighting Challenge I think these would be great for our community. I'm not sure about A:M specific tuts though. Have you checked the ARM?
  11. LeeAnderson


    Alright Caleb, I got a good 'un for ya I had several "aha" moments while reading this one. I love it! Light- a detailed tutorial EDIT I did a link to part 4, but all parts all great While on the subject, I think that we should do Lighting Challenges like on the CGtalk forums. I have a detailed model of a set I'm making right now for this purpose, would there be any interest there? Good luck Caleb! Lee
  12. aight hey man working on one right now whats your e-mail ive got to stay i touch with!

  13. Hey Connor, how's it going man? Got any cool projects in the works? Jimmy is a character I created, real name is Lee, you can call me whatever, though :)

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