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  1. Xtaz

    Hey there

    Welcome aboard...
  2. Xtaz

    Grass doing insane things

    Do you really need this patches density on the landscape ?
  3. Very nice and intuitive system...
  4. Xtaz

    Ummm, not sure how to describe this

    my attempt is to animating them individually until they join together... and then to use a new model created and rigged with the joined robots
  5. Xtaz

    Self steering car

    Amazing... really great job.
  6. Xtaz

    I'm Martin, and I'm Back

    This is awesone....
  7. Xtaz

    I'm Martin, and I'm Back

    Welcome back Grand PoohBah ! I'm glad to see you here again...
  8. Xtaz

    Coming soon...

    well, after I watched and re-watched GIF several time now I'm officially dizzy.
  9. Xtaz

    Cars ... and cars....

    Sure... do it.
  10. Xtaz

    Cars ... and cars....

    Here is it, a ZIP file with 5 cars that I modeled: - BMW X5 - CAMARO - PEUGEOT 206 - BEETLE - SHELBY GT500 https://www.patchwork3d.de/am-models-197-en
  11. Xtaz

    Cars ... and cars....

    Nice model... If you want to avoid creases, you must use a more fluid splinage solution... bike.zip
  12. Xtaz

    Cars ... and cars....

    Hi... I'll try to fix download page next weekend...
  13. Xtaz

    Any good tree tutes?

    I modeled a lot of them to Anything Goes Contest early in 2012, I used treez plugin to trunk ( displacement map as texture) and hair to leaves...
  14. Is C4d that does the job.... once imported you can render it using any engine ( native, octane ) and with a little adjust in the material when using Arnold (other amazing engine). just change render engine in the render to file button (there you can config a lot of specs related to Octane)
  15. I live at my farm surrounded by a lot of birds species, it is a nice place to model, sculpt, read and write... you can even listen the horse at 11:18 In fact I didn't use Riptide to import OBJ, I used the native OPEN tool... Riptide imports as well as it... and It's true the model isn't UV mapped but It works as if it were. Perfect, this is why I named OBJ with a 16... I can exports the same model with others setup 1, 4, 16... For each one I'll need to create a different MDD with the same polygons per patch showing Octane engine power https://youtu.be/kgQ2sEarQLM