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  1. Xtaz

    Hey there

    Welcome aboard...
  2. Xtaz

    Grass doing insane things

    Do you really need this patches density on the landscape ?
  3. Very nice and intuitive system...
  4. Xtaz

    Ummm, not sure how to describe this

    my attempt is to animating them individually until they join together... and then to use a new model created and rigged with the joined robots
  5. Xtaz

    Self steering car

    Amazing... really great job.
  6. amazing caricatures.. I loved the style and appeal
  7. Xtaz

    I'm Martin, and I'm Back

    This is awesone....
  8. Xtaz

    I'm Martin, and I'm Back

    Welcome back Grand PoohBah ! I'm glad to see you here again...
  9. Xtaz

    Coming soon...

    well, after I watched and re-watched GIF several time now I'm officially dizzy.
  10. Xtaz

    Cars ... and cars....

    Sure... do it.
  11. Xtaz

    Cars ... and cars....

    Here is it, a ZIP file with 5 cars that I modeled: - BMW X5 - CAMARO - PEUGEOT 206 - BEETLE - SHELBY GT500 https://www.patchwork3d.de/am-models-197-en
  12. Xtaz

    Cars ... and cars....

    Nice model... If you want to avoid creases, you must use a more fluid splinage solution... bike.zip
  13. Xtaz

    Cars ... and cars....

    Hi... I'll try to fix download page next weekend...
  14. Xtaz

    Any good tree tutes?

    I modeled a lot of them to Anything Goes Contest early in 2012, I used treez plugin to trunk ( displacement map as texture) and hair to leaves...
  15. Is C4d that does the job.... once imported you can render it using any engine ( native, octane ) and with a little adjust in the material when using Arnold (other amazing engine). just change render engine in the render to file button (there you can config a lot of specs related to Octane)