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  1. Thank you my dear friends.... that is my life, before anything I'm an artist, lives is an art.
  2. Xtaz

    Real time render

    And it's absolutely gorgeus !!! And my Video card is an old one GTX 480 2019-02-22 11-40-15.flv
  3. Xtaz

    Real time render

    It's fully functional at C4D... the standalone app synchronize itself to C4D viewport and render in realtime.
  4. Xtaz

    Real time render

    Nope... it´s just a system/hardware test. If it renders that scene the system is ok
  5. Xtaz

    Real time render

    It didn't work in my notebook... today I'll try it in my PC
  6. Xtaz

    Real time render

    I really like this note that opens some possibilities... "U-RENDER uses OpenGL - so it is GPU based. As it makes use of the OpenGL API it can utilize any graphics card that supports OpenGL 4.5 or later"
  7. Xtaz

    Real time render

    Do you know U-Render ? A real time render that work in both processors Nvidia and AMD... https://u-render.com/ To the gurus...How does it work ? Could A:M use this tool ???
  8. I'm working in some projects using Agisoft Photoscan to generate point clouds of my sculptures, my intend is 3d print them in other scales. The big problem is the zillions faces created by cloud points that must be resolved using retopology. I'm in the first step creating good cloud points then I will export them as OBJ and retopology them at A:M.
  9. Xtaz

    Hey there

    Welcome aboard...
  10. Do you really need this patches density on the landscape ?
  11. Xtaz

    Bronze bust

    thank you John... his name was Ulysses Serra and he was a founder of Brazilian Academy of Letters. It was my first commissioned work. Clays, silicons, casts and bronze cost US$ 1600 and all proccess was done in 3 months. And yes I've heard about Charlottesville and Durhan... a very complicated matters. here is "his" new home:
  12. Xtaz

    Bronze bust

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJsAFLM0RWk [media]
  13. Xtaz

    Bronze bust

    basically the process consists of 8 parts: -modeling -silicon molding Then Lost Wax Process -wax cast (a hollow piece with walls of 0,6 centimeters) -plaster mold -bake in the oven (800ºC) for 4 days until the wax evaporates. -then fill in the empty spaces left by the wax in the plaster with melted bronze -brake the plaster -Some chemical baths to color
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