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  1. Hey buddy Its always good to talk to you. Is it support@hash.com for Jason?
  2. Hi Folks It been a long time. I got the latest version of Parallels for my mac. But can't get Am running. It says an internet connection is required and I have one I can access the internet but I guess the app ca not. Any ideas?
  3. never mind, simple right click and export.
  4. Hi Folks Its been years since I've been on the forums in a contributive way. I have a question. I made a cloth, dropped on a model with a deflector in a chor. Its great. Now I want to create a model from the cloth that was simulated in the chor, from a specific frame in time. Said differently. The original cloth was a flat grid. After the cloth simulation, the flat grid is now deformed by the deflector model, and that deformation changes through time with each frame. I want to take the cloth from frame 4 and export that model as a new model so I get a new model with the new deformations from frame 4. Im, sure there is a way to do this. I tried copying the splines data from the chores action for frame 4 and then paste it to the splines in the original flat grid model but it didn't take. Thanks for help.
  5. Hi folks Happy Turkey Day!!! I know its been a while. I still use AM. Mainly for my 3D printer. I was thinking of upgrading to V19. Is there a list of the new features that make getting V19 worth the investment?
  6. "Having lost faith in myself, I separated from the situation, left programming forever, and tested my meddle & intelligence in other fields. Turns out, I'm still brilliant: one of only 20 people in the world with doctorates in science, medicine & law; traveled to 100+ countries on 7 continents; wrote books & magazine articles, produced podcasts, developed a philosophy, and showed that it was always me who was the special one, everybody else was a hanger-on. And you know what? I also gained wisdom enough to not care. So what if I lost back-in-the-day? It was still a good ride: achieved my big goal of making-movies, got recognized by newspapers & magazines; and did something noteworthy with my youth. So now, after a decade away & regained self-confidence, I can look at Hash & Animation:Master, and see how excellent they are. I want to get back acquainted with tradeshows, customer art, and the forum community." A lot of personal intimate information in there. I really appreciate you sharing that with us. I believe without question that you are brilliant. I say this with respect, love and appreciation for all that you have done for us. For me particularly I have used your software in multiple commercials. I can't help but feel after reading the above that there is still some mental emotional cancer ailing you. Perhaps I'm wrong but if not I highly recommend going to an UPW event. I bet my life it will clean out whatever is left. Despite any preconceived notions, you might have it has the effect of a je ne sais quoi. Being as brilliant as you are I suspect you may believe there is a possibility of something new and great in yourself you have yet to discover.
  7. Hi Version the mac download is V 18.0n not version 18.0O
  8. its not looking good. Out of 900 views on my kickstarter video only 11 backers so far.
  9. Hi Friends Thanks for the kind words Ill be posting videos showing some of of I did what I did with AM. I used image based lighting for the hero shot of the cube with 5 colors. I took stills from the set and just plugged them into AM. The animation from the Android character was done with Ipi soft. I just took the info it gave me and set a few constraints in AM to my character Funny part is I only needed to do a few shots so the free demo worked fine. Shot4T6_export05_.mov Shot4T6_export05_.mov
  10. All CG in this video was done in Hash AM http://www.cleanercube.com
  11. Wow thank you so much Jost, Gerald and Robert. I really appreciate the offers and results. Its amazing that I could feel like im in a jam and the next day when I log into the forum all my fears are set aside. If any of you ever need help let me know. I would like to return the favor.
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