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  1. Worked as it should, the decal did not jump. Using a AMD gigabyte 5700xt 8gb
  2. https://youtu.be/1WSxujQAmxM Hey folks all the CG was done in AM about 5 years ago. I used BVH mobcap for the Animation which worked great with AM. Im actually going to start selling the tubes shortly because of the corona virus. I still have 30,000 tubes in my basement. 004.mov 003.mov 001.mov 002.mov
  3. Cool the 1st 2 frames came in at 1:14, but the last frame was 1:15
  4. Did I do it? DO I have the All time fastest record? AMD 3970x 32 core 64 threads 256GB DDR4 3200mhz ram ASROCK TRX40 Creator motherboard 2x Gygabyte Radeon 5700xt GPUs
  5. But if you use bootcamp to partition your drive and dual boot into windows, AM is very stable.
  6. Hey folks So after testing a little bit more AM is unusable in parallels on a mac. Sure you can render and the render will be fine, but its chalenging to do anything else because the shaded modes do not display properly.
  7. wow AM bench test results. 2013 mac pro trashcan Same system but booted into windows 10 (not emulated) AM 19j win version render time 2:00 min even. Same system but booted into mac using parallels running win 10 Am win version 19j render time 2:04 seconds Conclusion Emulation is basically as good as booting into windows on a mac with a dual boot machine. In the passed when using am I generally liked to boot into windows because at that point its a real pc with no compromises running AM, and it's taking advantage of the full power of the system. But the downside is that I'm locked out of my mac while rendering something, meaning I can't answer my mac mail and do my everyday mac related tasks while rendering booted into windows. Now with these parallels AM bench test results showing almost no performance slow down I have eliminated this issue having my cake and eating it too. Well with 1 downside, If I want to render an animation I need all the cores and threads which in parallels are decided up between the mac and the windows, but if its just 1 frame no issues.
  8. Hey buddy Its always good to talk to you. Is it support@hash.com for Jason?
  9. Hi Folks It been a long time. I got the latest version of Parallels for my mac. But can't get Am running. It says an internet connection is required and I have one I can access the internet but I guess the app ca not. Any ideas?
  10. never mind, simple right click and export.
  11. Hi Folks Its been years since I've been on the forums in a contributive way. I have a question. I made a cloth, dropped on a model with a deflector in a chor. Its great. Now I want to create a model from the cloth that was simulated in the chor, from a specific frame in time. Said differently. The original cloth was a flat grid. After the cloth simulation, the flat grid is now deformed by the deflector model, and that deformation changes through time with each frame. I want to take the cloth from frame 4 and export that model as a new model so I get a new model with the new deformations from frame 4. Im, sure there is a way to do this. I tried copying the splines data from the chores action for frame 4 and then paste it to the splines in the original flat grid model but it didn't take. Thanks for help.
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