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  1. There is a hair emitter property for jitter. This setting renders the hair in subframes so you could lower the density. This may help you with the motion blur issue.
  2. All objects in the chor have a chor range, which may have taken on the range of the image sequence, so you need to reset their range. Luckily Steffen added a chor property to "Shrink Length" to set the chor range to the last keyframed object in the chor. Not sure how to do it on a mac, but if you right click on the chor in the PWS, you can choose to "Shrink Length" of the chor, on a pc.
  3. Ok, first thing, the bones in the face need to be renamed with Right in their name, not Left. Also, move the base of the lip bones to the right of center. As for the fan bones not mirroring, that usually means you are not using the correct settings in the mirrorbone plugin. Most of the time it's not using a capital R in Right and a capital L in Left in the plugin dialog. I also see some of the spine bones are being mirrored, which they shouldn't. Check the spine bones to make sure they are set to 0 on the X and Z axis'. (start and end)
  4. If you use muhair or kajiya-kay shader, you lose bow and face camera.
  5. Oops, forgot to check the roll handle on the root bone. Just set the z rotation to 0 in the bones properties. You don't need the pose off to move the model bone, so you can actually animate the models positon to give it even more randomness.
  6. Try this John. I added a root bone to the dynamic chain and set the expressions to that bone. Now you can move the model anywhere in the chor. (bones with expressions can not be animated) I also set the poses to "not set" in the user properties of the model. This is the only way to turn OFF expressions, this can not be animated in the chor. If you want to animate the pose, another bone and pose will be needed. (new bone, same hierarchy as root bone, expressions set to that bone instead. new percentage pose, root bone "translate to" the new bone with expressions) rbird_fix.mdl
  7. Do you have a version of the model before you ran the install rig plugin? It looks as though something was scaled wrong during the leg installation.
  8. I changed the expression to Rand()*300 and Rand()*-300 for the magnitude in the forces. I do vaguely remember something changing with fan forces at some point. Don't forget, this is a v12 project.
  9. With the manipulator properties panel open, select both cps turn on the scale manipulator. In the manipulator properties panel, set the X pivot to 0 then set the X scale to 0. You need to use the scale manipulator for it to work properly. The pivots only show when a manipulator is being used.
  10. Really? So does that mean that if I want to install the A:M 2008 rig into a character model then I really don't need to interact with anything at all except the geometry bones as long as the FK settings are "On" and the spine controls are "Off"? Or does that depend on installing the rig as the directions instruct first and then making adjustments later on? The only place that I see where it would be an issue is the hands and maybe the balance set (which no one probably uses). The reason for the install bones is to help position bones easier. There are a few parent and target bones that are hidden during installation, but if the manipulators are used to reposition the geometry bones, then it's probably not an issue. IK arms, IK legs and all the spine controls are positioned during the export when they are all turned Off. The geometry bones are the FK setup. Will, here's a model with the 2008 rig and a proto face rig. Or were you referring to Mack's rig? JD_face.zip
  11. I've made more progress. For the most part, I have it setup to autowalk when the model bone is translated in the Z axis in any direction or constrained to a path. There are a couple glitches in the expressions, but it's minor. Now that I got the expressions working, for the most part, I'll be able to update the suspension rig to work the same way (have a crazy workaround for it to work right now). I wasn't able to do this before, til Steffen added the boolean operator functions.
  12. The 2008 rig does the same thing. If you readjust the geometry bones, all you need to do is set all FK modes On and all the spine controls Off in the user properties, and then re export the model from an action.
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