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  1. mtpeak2

    2008 rig question

    Nancy is correct. All Geom bones are used for animating in FK mode. The reason for this is to minimize the amount of control bone in the rig. As Nancy stated, the extra bones that get keyed are needed for the constraint setup, to allow for seamless switching. The only bone you need to be concerned with are the ones that are visible in the viewport window. Turning switches (poses) ON/OFF will make bones appear and disappear, depending on which mode you are in (FK/IK).
  2. mtpeak2

    What I'm working on...

    Looks pretty good to me, David.
  3. mtpeak2

    Buying a coffee shop

    I've had issues with weighting with mirror mode ON. I've also had issue using the mirror bones plugin multiple times on the same model. I usually hand weight once I have already ran the mirror bones plugin once.
  4. mtpeak2

    random wiggle bone rotation?

    Can't view video on iPad.
  5. mtpeak2

    Modeling and Rigging a Spring

    I'm not having that issue. I can reproduce it if I try to undo it.
  6. mtpeak2

    Modeling and Rigging a Spring

    Hmm, that's odd with the patches, could that be a normal direction issue?
  7. mtpeak2

    Modeling and Rigging a Spring

    I was going to say the same as John. It also has an option to create the bones for you.
  8. mtpeak2

    Cloud fly-thru

    But if the emission rate is zero, what is it trying to fulfill? If the rate of emissions is 1000 and you turn it off, before it finished that 1000, I believe it will continue the emission until it is completed.
  9. mtpeak2

    Cloud fly-thru

    When I did the clouds for TWO I had a popping issue as well. The popping is the sprite when it's being emitted. What I did was to set the opacity at birth so it was transparent and gradually increased it til it was at the opacity I wanted. The popping you see after you turn the sprite system off is the sprites that still need to be generated to fulfill the emission rate.
  10. mtpeak2


    Looks cool Jost! Did you notice the floating car to the right of the building?
  11. mtpeak2

    What I'm working on...

    Looks great David, though the head and neck look a bit too large for his body.
  12. mtpeak2

    Happy Birthday Steffen!

    Happy Birthday Steffen!
  13. mtpeak2

    Squetch Rig downloads

    The auto shoulder was part of something I was working on, the IK elbow (adding it as an option to TSM2 rig and the 2008 rig). That's where the forearm and hand would maintain position and the should/bicep would adjust when the chest was animated. It can be quite difficult to animate, putting the shoulder in ackward positions, if not careful. A full IK arm would be even more difficult to animate.
  14. mtpeak2

    What I'm working on...

    Looking great, David! Looking forward to seeing the final set.
  15. mtpeak2

    TSM2 FK-IK Switch Update

    Well I haven't changed anything in the setup, but you can get it to work, not perfectly though. If I convert the FK arm keys to the IK elbow, things work smoother, though you will get the shoulder animated during the supposed FK animation. I also had to force keyframe the torso, so it didn't have any movement during the supposed FK animation. The first part of the animation is the converted FK, then it's switched to the IK elbow, and finally to IK arms at the end. As I said, there is movement in the shoulder during the FK and IK arms, but that's something I don't think I can get rid of. tsm3.mov