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  1. There's no post effects folder
  2. Does anyone know where to access the "Post Effects" for V.19? I thought that there was a folder with them, but when I looked I didn't see them anywhere.
  3. OK.... Found out.....There is a temporary action file created when you make a new pose. You must select "show more than drivers" Then select "Stamps" Then select "Image" itself. Then select the images "Timing" folder. Then use the "Frame" number there to key the frame you want in the Pose slider's percentages.
  4. Hey Everyone.... Either I never did this, or I have forgotten the process. How do you place an image sequence onto a model and key it to a pose slider?? Thanks Bunches!!! Detbear
  5. MORE ON THE WAY!!!! Hopefully real soon here.
  6. Once you add those higher density meshes, you have to do more tweaking and work on the images? Right? Seems like that's where the process becomes cumbersome. But it is certainly doable.
  7. What method are you using to control the placement?
  8. Robert did a wonderful job on that sequence. Great acting choices. I think I had set up the shots with moving cameras in the animatic phase. That left the animator with the framework to work in. One of the cool parts was the horse/ leg tapping him on the back. That was a cool addition by Robert. Another important R&D portion that Robert added to this shot was his rig and image stamping of the "Knight's 101" book. The pages turned great for the shot and they had writing on both sides of the mesh. At the time, I was still using Vue for backgrounds. Unfortunately, Vue is a render
  9. That's such an awesome use of cloth Robert. Looks Great!!!
  10. Since I have little Mocap experience in A:M, I don't know if it ever worked(Obviously). But I appreciate you guys checking into it. Back in 2009, I worked on 3 projects as a mocap animator and mocap cleanup artist....But they were using the BIPED rig in max. You could drop a bunch of BVH files onto the character and it worked much like "drag and drop" actions in A:M. So I was hoping to get the Lego Character in A:M set up somehow to accept at least a number of BVH files. MOCAP files are created differently, so many of them are on different scales. However, many of them are create
  11. Hi, I was trying to renew. Never had problems in the past. My virus protection went off two separate attempts. Here are the error messages. I can't get up and running...How do you get past this? Is there really a bug in it? Thanks
  12. If it were possible, a "Floating" license would be ideal. With most other apps, that only requires internet access to boot the program up. So that you can work on any computer as long as the software is installed on that system. If I'm not mistaken, this is called a "Floating" license by a bunch of App companies. They normally offer several purchase options. The software can only be used by one person or computer at a time. However, it can be used on as many computers as you have it installed on giving you the ability to work on a laptop, home, office, etc. Unfortunately this requires a
  13. I've tried all those things in tweaking the groups, but none of it has worked so far.
  14. It doesn't work in Lumion. So that doesn't help me.
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