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  1. Thanks RC. I missed the "export all frames." Thank you. Detbear
  2. Hey You Guys, I need to export a short obj sequence. There was a way in the past, but I seem to have forgotten how. I exported each frame as an obj, but every obj has the same mesh shape. There are no differences. So I need to figure out how to export a short animation with each frame as a seperate obj. Anyone know how this is done? Thanks, Detbear
  3. Not sure how 4800 x 1200 or less would attempt it.
  4. So For instance, I have a small HP 2700 printer. My print doesn't have to be the most pristine......I just need it to print it physically at the same width/ height as the models dimensions. I found this about my HP 2700......
  5. Thanks RC. I will investigate this.
  6. Hey all. I have a design that needs to be printed onto paper. It is a pop up book. But I have never actually printed a template out from A:M. I have an idea as to how to approach it. But I didn't want to waste any time on a method that doesn't get the desired results. Main thing is that I need to print the same physical dimensions as exists on the model template. So if something on the model is say.....3.5 inches on the model, it needs to be 3.5 inches on the physical paper print out. Has anyone tackled a template printout from A:M??
  7. Awesome Robert. That was exactly what I was looking for!!!
  8. Nice Work Shelton. Looking great!!
  9. I always did it in an exterior editor like After Effects, Premeire, or something similar. Some people use others like Davinci Resolve which has a free version still....I think.
  10. OK...Added Duel Colts for more "Trustee" protection.
  11. I modelled a "Makeshift" Holster for my character in order for him to wield it properly. I'll probably copy it to the other side so he can have two.
  12. Nice looking render there RC. Cool.
  13. It doesn't have any stamps or fancy textures. just the basics.
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