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  1. OK...Added Duel Colts for more "Trustee" protection.
  2. I modelled a "Makeshift" Holster for my character in order for him to wield it properly. I'll probably copy it to the other side so he can have two.
  3. Nice looking render there RC. Cool.
  4. It doesn't have any stamps or fancy textures. just the basics.
  5. Be gentle with me though. I free handed it from just a few reference images. The round cylinder chamber was the hardest pat to work out. Someone with better modeling skills could easily do a more appropriate job on it.
  6. OK. Well... It's much more under developed than it may appear. Hopefully someone can take the basics and turn it into a really nice model. enjoy!! detbear Colt Peacemaker A 2023.mdl
  7. I purposefully didn't use any materials other than the "Basic" properties.
  8. If any of you'all might have use for this Colt "Peacemaker", I may upload the prop. Let me know. I'm going to finish this project first though. One of you who are better at mechanical modeling could improve the thing a whole lot better that my contraption. The intricate parts of the gun are not accurate by any means. I just eyeballed a few reference pics and threw it together the best I could. detbear
  9. So I decided to make a Colt "Peacemaker" for one of my Flagship Characters. Today I decided to model it myself. Hopefully it will provide Ol' Roth Hasgood with some trustee protection.
  10. Hey RC......About how long are those renders taking?
  11. I think I did this in the past, but it's been a while. I think that's worth a try. Would save you sooo much time.
  12. So I've been working to publish my sci fi book. Along with it is hopefully my animated version of some scenes from the book. I've been working on these for several years now.
  13. I like TSM2 best of all. But that might be that I've just used it a bunch. I have also used the "Saucy rig" as well. One issue that I ran into with the Saucy rig was that the main hip position always ended up high on the character. Above where I thought it should be. This was probably my error somehow. One thing I liked a lot about the Saucy rig is the way the fingers worked. I like the Saucy rig's finger system a lot better than TSM2's. TSM2 also allows you to install separate body part rigs. I like having that flexibility. TSM2 is much easier to install....In my opinion. But unfortunately you must install A:M V.15 now to use it.
  14. Hey Steve!! Thank you soo much my friend. That means a lot. I'm way out of practice. This is one of 4 projects that I'm hoping to get finished someday. How's your film project going??
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