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  1. Sorry to be a little off topic but as far as I remember from my DreamWorks days ALL rendering was done on HP intel based pc blade server thingy's with linuxOS. I don't remember anything about G5 render machines! Mac and PC are just as good as the other on most things and different in other things. Not so much better or worse just different. I LOVE PCs and I am absolutely falling for MACs (bought one for my wife this past x-mas). I hope to god MACs do more with intels because I am interested in a possible switch, depending on a lot of things. The programs I need mostly run on PC but A:M, $$Maya$$ and ToonBoom products run on MACs so things are looking good for a switch. We'll see!!! -Dimos
  2. Ok, I haven't read this post for a while so I re-read the entire thing and here I go..... I would totally do this. Especially if it lowered the price. I think it's only fair. At the moment I can't really say exactly when I plan to use any rendering services, just that I am in the process of getting myself to the place where I would need these services. Like Vern said I really like having the option but don't need it right now. This would be more than a good idea. At least it will help explain the basic needs, demands and/or wishes of all concerned parties, I guess. I like this idea a lot. As far as bartering goes, well for any personal projects I'd be happy to see what I can do (can't make any promises), but for commercial work I can't see this as being done due to copyrights and so on. Just my 2.43349 cents CAD (equivalent to 2 cents USD, and yes I had to look that up) Dimos
  3. Not yet, but I know in the future (hopefully soon) I would probably need assistance in this area. Dimos
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