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  1. After a few hiccups with amplitude I am ready to have more fun,,,, Liberty.mp4
  2. weird can connect with chromebook but not PC


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. johnl3d


      found problem did what you said no change   disable bitdefender  virus protection and no  longer a problem I 

    3. johnl3d


      had that on along with  AVG  so good for now


    4. johnl3d


      Bit Defender was causing the issue I had it on with avg

  3. was thinking of using this idea with the easter bunny distributing eggs just have to get the idea working using the bunny model in AM
  4. just tinkering around quick trial of idea reflect.prj
  5. Just tinkering around import.prj SPINDOTS.TIF
  6. Starting to tinker again so here is a simple one https://youtu.be/a7k88ZpoWJE
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