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  1. Original pumpkin model looked to okay but after a long Halloween test he changed a bit.......pumpkin.mdl
  2. Had a thought about Fall contest so for fun I came up with this rough idea
  3. Just checking new site 

    1. Rodney



      Things are improving around here.  :)

  4. johnl3d

    Halloween idea test

    Glad to hear that ...sorry for all the weird names I converted the animation with a program I had and did not notice the double mov added
  5. johnl3d

    Halloween idea test

    Not sure why this is not showing
  6. test.prj blob copy.tga hallotyest.mov.mov
  7. johnl3d

    evil Thom

    Evilthom_mpeg4.mp4 Meows.tga Meows1.tga eveilthom.prj
  8. Thanks I should have done that but it was late....
  9. Painted a blob image to use as a decal for thom here is first attempt rather rough but just trying an idea Thom0.tga info on blob image program http://www.screencast.com/t/lGRL08IBfWB
  10. johnl3d

    Hi guys, I'm new here

    Lots of information and ideas shared here!!
  11. johnl3d

    Image Contest?

    Thanks it was a nice surprise I had almost forgot the contest....
  12. johnl3d

    Superthom getting better

    Thanks Robert will check this out... did a quick trial and that seemed to help with a larger air drag
  13. johnl3d

    Sprite writing test

    This was a rough test having a small model with sprites follow a path .
  14. gif file click to watch
  15. johnl3d

    Coming Back

    Welcome back