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  1. Looking at areas I had not played with earlier prim.prj
  2. Thanks will check it out ..need new tinkering idea
  3. thanks for the help here is test NEWTEST.prj
  4. trying to flower to randomly grow with random function have done it before but can not get to work now...want to make a field of flowers randomly growing once I get this working NEWTEST.prj
  5. thought it would be great to have random control of pose ....after talking with Robcat got the basic idea and this is my use on random pose control sprinkle.prj
  6. I wanted to start off simple but had thought about making more "puzzle looking" pieces ...something to try later
  7. Thought it might be fun to animated a puzzle getting together ,,,granted this is very simple but it was first attempt on the idea TURKEY.prj
  8. while transferring files to new machine saw this model dated 2008 anyone recognize it Robby_Final_2.mdl
  9. Found a project while moving to new computer not sure I posted it before my_spring.prj
  10. found these in my Hash folder do not know where or how they got there
  11. bday.mp4 used amplitude to control the pose ....need to improve my recording bday.mpg bday.mp4 Robin.mdl
  12. quick trial of Idea suggested from previous post appear.prj
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