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  1. trying out an idea with a cartoon like lightening bolt here is first attempt lightening.prj
  2. after Robcat helped steer me into using a pose to control displacement it did not look very good but nice to know its possible so I tweaked what I had and am posting the results using the earlier method I posted Untitled.avi
  3. Cleaning up book shelf by computer thought this might be of interest
  4. heard this song found the sound file and put this together with amplitude controlling the mouth pose red.avi
  5. did a quick test of your request rocket.avi rocket.prj
  6. Inspired by grandkid drawing Set Amplitude to control mouth sunny_mpeg2video.mpg
  7. i' upgraded earlier and the only problem I've had was all the updates that came after the initial major update. The last one installed then said it could not update some program (not named) and then uninstalled itself. Last night I checked and it said I was up to date
  8. Hashy New Year fun for all year long !!
  9. Let me know if my sample is okay

  10. Thought about Amplitude had not played with it awhile Basic steps (simple example) Set up model and pose to be effected by sound in pose window right click on pose select plugins wizards then amplitude which gives you choices to set up how sound will effect the pose in volume and frequency then render If you have further question post a note here I check here daily beats_mpeg1video.mp4 beats_mpeg1video.mpg amplitude.prj Electronic-ambient-background-beat.mp3
  11. Decide to try another flat animated idea worked out even in toon mode dancingflatguys.prj
  12. Thanks but since it works fine now I'm happy
  13. Tried out latest version in a flat mode just for fun and limited time before family christmas begins flatsanta.prj
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