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  1. if you like a dancer I might be able to post him/her here
  2. found this on old cd VWBugA.mdl
  3. These were a great pair when starting with AM Rabbit.mdl Shaggy.mdl
  4. zip file has decals etc for the dex Dex.mdl dex1.prj DEX.zip
  5. Not sure if I posted this earlier found this model on old AM CD Wookie.7z
  6. Not something I can try but if you download monster truck you might be able to modify it
  7. thought this might be of interest Monster Truck.7z Tank.7z
  8. Tarzan Walk.act Tarzan.mdl Jane Walk.act JANE.mdl eye.tga eyelashe scookie cut.tga WOMAN EYEBROWS.tga woman2 hair decal.tga woman2 ponytail.tga
  9. some old birds still moving around...... Pigeons.zip
  10. The 60's had some great characters Sir_Nigel.zip
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