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  1. Is N official  because I down loaded it  and it said it could not find a lot of HXT files 64 bit version

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. johnl3d


      Hopefully the issue can be fixed ...thanks for the update ....

    3. robcat2075


      You can still load assets into your project through the normal directory process, however.

    4. johnl3d


      yes just thought it strange when the library was blank


  2. Playing with sprites again neb.tga Projectgood.prj
  3. Found my Studio 45 cd with basic bones and relations from 2002 ,,,with have tore view what I forgot gif is 4 frame quick trial of tiger used on cd
  4. saw this link (adobe.ly/2JjoYLA) on face book and tried a simple animate version in AM Desktop.zip
  5. Detail of what was on this package about the AM cd
  6. The latest date on the box giving credit for included items showa 1997 if you want can scan the part
  7. Just decided to tinker some more Project1.prj
  8. Thumbs up on that idea
  9. Anyone else remember this character found old disk with 1998 stuff Who_KB.MDL
  10. I guess so wonder if sprites can be made to fly slower will check put up adjusted image
  11. trying out ideas for tomorrow...repaired ahappynewyear.prj Hands.tga
  12. Been doodling lately had decided to doodle in Animation Master here is my first attempt a little rough flatcat.prj
  13. yes found it last night thanks
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