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  1. great ideas will have to remodel my model As it is I tried to animated it and realized I am a bit rusty my slime and fire breath not working as I was planning
  2. Have not done much modeling lately decided to try a virus character idea (wonder why ?) Tell me what you like or don't like before I decide to try animating it monster1.prj
  3. Decided to look at some new textures and found this one interesting test1.prj
  4. How come your birthday does not show on the forum page   

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    2. robcat2075


      Thanks, John!


    3. Wildsided


      Is it your Birthday Robert? If so many happy returns of the day good sir. 

    4. robcat2075



      Thanks, Dan!

  5. Could see many ways to use the idea
  6. Found this wav file and asked Thom if he would like to dance or something like that thomamplitudedance.avi Vacation.wav thomdance.prj
  7. Playing with alpha channel to get a sprite ended up with this test if interested will post project and sprite 9 copy.tga Martians.prj
  8. For fun did a fish FISHY.prj
  9. decided to play with the 3d fonts again I like the way you and choose any font on the computer and make it 3d Project1.prj
  10. sounds interesting but not sure if my 71 year old brain can undertake this adventure
  11. Put this together for the 14th if there is interest will post project/sprite
  12. Thanks not that familiar with what type it was just found it on a 2009 dvd from a 3d magazine and thought It might be fun trying the conversion in AM not planning to use it pretty sure it was copyrighted
  13. Will keep that in mind ...this was done just to see how the import would work and the model on the dvd looked interesting
  14. Found an old dvd from a magazine that had some obj files on it so decided to test AM and import obj It took almost 30 minutes to import and the model in unbelievable with hundreds of splines I did a quick render
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