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  1. Thank you for finding them, Robert. They look realy interesting.
  2. Since Rodney posted the 1998 Actors at: https://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46023 , I looked into an old A:M screencapture and found out there was another folder, which included "Anime" actors, and was seperate from the "Actors" folder itself. At first I wanted to use the "Seira" model, but later I thought there might be other A:M users, who are interested in Japanese animation and might like to use the other anime models too (if someone would like to upload them). And again, as they'll be mostly for inspiration and nostalgia decals and materials will not included, they can be uploaded if requested. Thanks!
  3. Hello. I just returned to the A:M Forum because something weird happend to my 3D viewport. A red font apeared on my screen (I don't even know what I pressed, but it suppose was a big mistake and I know it has to do with keyfreaming). I think this is a very stupid question but how do I get that off? I would be glad if you could explain to me. If I'm not very clear, here's the thing Im talking about.
  4. Thanks for the tips, Rodney. And I always loved the idea of translating my favourite 2D characters in 3D! When I'll do it again next time I can post more!
  5. You're welcome! Nice, Rodney. But one of her eyes (right side as you see the image) that eye looks from the wrong direction. Please, rotate it more from the (left side as you see the image) and the results will get better. I can help with that. Note: I did some mistakes in the first picture of (where she looks).But realy, why does she have black dots near the mout and up in her head in your image? "unedited version of your image looks cleaner to see what I mean". You should upload the image you created in the "Stills" page (because it's your own image)! And I wasn't the only who modeled her, but also some others worked in this too : Thom Falter: Body David Simmons: Hands Me: Head and Rigging
  6. John, I'm Here to help you with your project! Please, accept me! Eggiton posted more models on their website and I downloaded some for you. Please, use them! And an older rabbit version that would make a better plush toy "in my opinion". Please, tell me your opinion and I hope you'll like them! Have a good luck. CartoonElephant.zip Cartoons_2.zip Car.zip Other_Cars.zip
  7. Thanks for posting!
  8. I realy loved this Buzz Lightyear model ! It was quite amazing.
  9. Whoops ! I previously forgot to upload her! But now I remembered to upload the file. have fun!
  10. The "One Upon A time..." show, where 2D french series that were educational and fun for kids to watch! The "One Upon A time... Life" as part of the "One Upon A time..." show (runing from 1986-1987) talks about the human body and how it works. If you don't heard about them you can see the theme of it! : If you are curious to see the show feel free to watch it. Back in 2013, I created a 3D version of Globin the red blood cell. ABOUT THE CHARACTER Globin is a red blood cell, Hemo's friend, with whom she carries oxygen and carbon dioxide in the human body. Half Pierette, half Betty Boop, she has big innocent eyes, but she is smart for two! NOTE WHEN SHE TRANFERS OXYGEN USE ''Globin Orange.mdl'' FILE AND WHEN SHE PUTS OUT CARBON DIOXIDE USE ''Globin RED.mdl'' FILE. WHAT'S NEW IN V2? 1)Fixed mouth curves for better lip snyc. 2)Better eye look. 3)Better splineage I know she's supposed to have green eyes, but I think blue eyes would be better for more beautiful apperance. ENJOY ! GlobinRedBloodCell.zip
  11. JackDrama

    1998 Actors

    Perfect! I wish they should be back in the CD along with the new ones. I use v1.11d+ and I want to use them along with the COOL GUY "by Rich Lovato" too. That would make a big collection of actors! Please, Rodney add them (only the ".mdl" files) in a ".zip" file.
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