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    Intel Pentium D CPU 2.66GHz 1,5GB RAM
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    I m 14 yo so i have to finish school first
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    I want to be an animator
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  1. Hello. I just returned to the A:M Forum because something weird happend to my 3D viewport. A red font apeared on my screen (I don't even know what I pressed, but it suppose was a big mistake and I know it has to do with keyfreaming). I think this is a very stupid question but how do I get that off? I would be glad if you could explain to me. If I'm not very clear, here's the thing Im talking about.
  2. I once heard you could download Jeff Lew's "Learning Character Animation" (his 3 character models) from his wbsite, without having bought the DVD set. As his website is closed (I think), I'd like to know if someone has a coppy of them. could you plese send those 3D models to my pofile? Thanks!
  3. In 14/5/2 I finished working in this short film. I hope you'll like it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77455331/Destroyed%20Neighbourhoods.AVI
  4. Unfortunately, nothing worked at all. Even at the simplest scenes I get the same problem!
  5. If anyone remembers the short film I was working on in 2013, I'd like to inform you that it's finaly finished (14/5/2). I hope you'll like it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/77455331/Destroyed%20Neighbourhoods.AVI
  6. 1) That's what hapened when I pressed "OK". Is this a bug report or what? 2) There are also the render settings I used.
  7. Now I also tried to have ".TGA" image sequences but again It didn't work!
  8. Practicly I'm using 18.0b SSE4 now. But yes i used (uncompressed) but it didn't work. Weird, isn't it? By the way, I had almost 3 whole months to render videos. I suppose that's the problem. And yes I do have RAM.
  9. For some reason, when I rendered the scene in ".Avi" A:M was crashing a lot! And so I felt I had to ask you what's wrong in that. I also posted a screenshot of a frame I captured inside the software (using Render Mode "Q").
  10. Rig: http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?act=SF&s=&f=136 Great! Hope somebody gets a kick out of it. And hey, if you do rig the model, upload it here, so other folks can play with it.
  11. Very nice model retopology, but : Scupltress? Don't you mean Sculptris?
  12. That knight is "GOOFY"!!! "yaaaaaaa-hoo-hoo-hooey!". Great job there, Simon. You made me laugh at the ending.
  13. John, I'm Here to help you with your project! Please, accept me! Rodney posted some characters we miss from older versions of A:M http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=46023 I think Sally would make a prefect doll, Spikey's eyes "with the eyebrows" would be useful for your charaters "please, use them (you are also free to modify the eyes the way you want)" and the characters you must use are "Galoop, Critter, Spikey, Flim Flam, Sally, Gurgle Glug, Billy, Ted, Professor, Tea Lady, Prinsess, Gent". Now, he also posted some A:M EXTRAS characters: http://www.hash.com/amtutes/X_Vol001/Menu/ Please, use "Mika in a Dress, Chameleon, Howie, Mick, Ricky Rat ,Neutron and Female B". I think Buzz, Marvin the Martian, the Skeleton, Gnome, Thom, Gala, Ms. Goodbody , Rabbit (2002 version), Wookie, Kee Kat, Old Man, the Alien with the blue shirt and Eddie "in my opinion" can't make very perfect toys "for your project". You can re-rig the old ones and all of them with the 2008 rig "if you want, please.I realy want to see them (the 1998 characters) back in action, because they're my favourite models ever! Anyway, Eggiton posted some more models on their website and I downloaded some for you. Please, use them! Cartoon Elephant Cartoon Saucer 5 cars (I think) And an older rabbit version that would make a better plush toy "in my opinion". WARNING. YOU MUST ALSO GIVE TYPES OF TOYS AND FEELINGS TO EACH MODEL: Fish (from 1999): Plastic Galoop: Plush Critter: Plastic Spikey: Plush Flim Flam: Plush Sally: Doll Gurgle Glug: Plush Billy: Ragdoll Ted: Plush Professor: Plastic Tea Lady: Plush Prinsess: Doll Gent: Plush Mika in a dress: Figma Cameleon: Plastic Howie: Plush Mick: Plush Ricky Rat: Robotic (press his arm and he will move) Neutron: Plastic Female B: Plastic Yetti: Robotic (press his arm and he will move) Red Robot: Metal Little Furry guy: Plush "CartoonRabbit1.mdl" : Plush Cartoon Elephant: Plastic Knight: Metal Shaggy: Puppet Cars (all of them): Plastic (with moving tires) Hope I helped! Anyway, I hope you will like the models. Car.zip Other_Cars.zip CartoonElephant.zip Cartoons_2.zip
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