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    iMac 3.2 Ghz intel Core i5, 8 GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce GT 755m
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    Create animations
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  1. hahaha.. thats pretty cool Robert, didn't notice that 🌜
  2. Some progress on the modeling, changed some colours to match my original concept more. Will be work on the texturing next. ( looking forward to playing with A:M Paint for texturing. )
  3. Geez 120 hour week!!! here I thought working over the weekend was bad... Wish you a good launch and rest Paul
  4. Welcome back! Wish I had more free time to help out, sounds like a fun project. What have you been working on if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Fantastic Robert!!! Great to see animated radiosity done in A:M
  6. Thanks Robert! It's common for buddha statues to have what looks like spherical tight curls but the story goes they are snails that covered his head to protect him from the rain.
  7. Was reworking a 3d print version of this bust the past week. some day I'll have to get back to finishing the original I made in A:M. the wavy hair and a few other details were added in zbrush for the print. but I'd like to give him the snails on his head fix the crazy topology and give him a body... I have the green keychain hanging in my cars rearview mirror.. I thought it would be something to inspire a sense of calm during traffic jams (which was a daily occurrence when I drove into the office.)
  8. Blocked in some more shapes, will work on refining some of the shapes and poses of the hands/fingers. .
  9. Aww shucks... I guess a good reason to attend Live Answer.
  10. Interesting Robert! Do you have a video of what you demonstrated?
  11. It was seeing my old A:M CDs on my bookshelf everyday while working from home, that got me interested in checking out A:M again. yeah my bookshelf is a total mess.
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