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  1. I still have the 15 cd and it works ok on my Win10 laptop BUT it is not as stable as 19. Having both I would recommend the sub on 19 as it has better stability, much faster rendering and has some new features.
  2. I actually had a congo african gray (all black beak) and a timna african gray (tan upper beak). Congo had a mean streak, the timna was about the friendliest bird. not that it even matters but just wanted to randomly blurt that out. Most don't know there are different types. Cute story the timna picked up the door knock sound perfectly and the congo would hollar out Hello?!. Drove us crazy.
  3. I used to use Network Solutions but they sold out and are now one of the worst. Trouble is GoDaddy wants to drive customers to use their web based tools and those are pretty limited unless your making really simple sites and stick to their templates. Anything beyond that they want to sell development services. I just use them for email and have it for unlimited data which seems to have a limit as it hangs after 500 messages or so. Let me know who you find if you find a better host.
  4. I can't tell you how many times I yelled at them for screwing up my site and email. Those code kiddies need to stay off social media and do their jobs. Went to renew my domain and they expired my pw and didn't tell me. Hopefully I can just reset it without getting on the phone with those brats. Sadly not many good choices for hosting out there. I feel your pain!
  5. I use an i5 intel laptop here with built in video and the only issue I have is if I use any desktop scaling as it will make moving pallets look offset until you let go. The OpenGL on them is pretty good now and only drawback seems to be the shared memory.
  6. Sounds good but think I just don't have the enthusiasm to dive into this at this time. May change my mind and will let you guys know. Thanks for the invite though.
  7. Background you can use an image. I like the model you have so far. Looks great.
  8. Too bad Adobe can't be broken up for monopolizing amongst other nasty things they do. State of CA already sued them and won on some other issues. I really dislike the company for the poor security they had on my info that caused me to get endless spam mail and phone calls for over 2 years along with needing to change my business debit card. Other thing that bothers me is how they do data mining and the big security hole they have with typekit.net. This is where sites that use Typekit fonts retrieve the fonts used but the scary part is where Adobe can send and receive data from the viewers machine where it may be enabled in their code. People squawk about Google and Fakebook but understandably that is their business model. After all Google is in the data business but they don't plant mal ware on the users system and neither does Fakebook.
  9. I tried the Borland book and couldn't get past page 32 with Hello World without falling asleep. Be nice if you can make plugins. Maybe make LSCM plug for AM for texture mapping?
  10. I agree, especially since Mac's use resource forks and don't need to rely on system level file association or was that changed in some obscure system update?
  11. Depends on the resin and the uv inhibitors used along with if there are added pigments that can cause stepping to be more or less evident. Also dwell time is a factor. Dwell time is achieved by the lasers speed. Slower will increase dwell causing surrounding resin to expose or bloom beyond the lasers spot size. Trick is to use a balance on speed and intensity. Too fast the resin may not react in time, too intense may cause burning on the PDMS layer (clear rubber pad that the layers are formed on).
  12. Did you have a software update or install any other software that might have changed the extension? My FormZ changed associations on a couple of file types on me but I'm just too lazy to change the them back.
  13. How big is the model and is it hollow? SLA printers usually have the least noticeable steps. Most of even my tiniest prints are done at 50 micron and sometimes 25 micron. I could try to print it for ya I have black resin I am using. I won't print a solid shape but if it is hollowed out I can give it a go and pop it in the mail for ya.
  14. If those files were compressed as zip at one time then renaming the extension won't decompress them. I would copy one to the desktop and fix the extension back to zip then extract the file and take that extracted file and toss it in the extensions folder. See if it shows up.
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