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  1. pixelplucker

    v19.0f1 for Mac v19.0f for windows

    Cool, just curious. Thanks
  2. pixelplucker

    v19.0f1 for Mac v19.0f for windows

    Roll back to a version that apply decal planer works or is there a fix coming out soon? Thanks
  3. pixelplucker

    v19.0f1 for Mac v19.0f for windows

    When I apply a decal the program just quits. Possible my intel video can't handle it or is there a bug?
  4. pixelplucker

    Nvidia Titan 12gb Cards ? Any good ?

    I think your right that Gigabyte is the problem. Seems they do things their own way and looks like my system is no longer supported. No more updates to resolve any issues. Luckily I have my little laptop to back me up till I sort things out.
  5. pixelplucker

    Nvidia Titan 12gb Cards ? Any good ?

    I probably am unlucky and have a feeling Gigabytes support toward Win 7 machines is probably the issue. I never oc the machines, just run them with factory specs. The video card runs under 43C when pushed. The big disappointments with my gpu is this is my 3rd under warranty using Gigabytes drivers and bios The fact that I cannot use the latest drivers from AMD without scrambled screens or black screens is a major issue. I am extremely dissatisfied how Gigabyte chose to repair the last card rather than replace it and the refurbished card runs like crap. I was hoping they would give me a new card and I would have sold it on ebay for a good amount since they were selling for $800 or so. I could have put that towards an Nvidia maybe even a mid ranged Quadro and not have the hassle. As far as the motherboard goes, I have issues with the USB and in in particular usb drives and memory sticks where programs will not close out on them and write corrupted data. So far I lost quite a bit of $$$ on corrupted jobs and time to re-create. Again I have the latest bios for the machine as far as I can tell according to Gigabytes garbage updater. I never ran into any problems with Nvidia drivers and various brands of Nvidia cards where they were proprietary. An Asus, PNY or what ever all used and were compatible with drivers directly from Nvidia. I have no idea if this is unique with Gigabyte and their AMD line of gpu's
  6. pixelplucker

    Nvidia Titan 12gb Cards ? Any good ?

    I have the latest bios for this system from Gigabyte. As far as the video card this is the 2nd one under warranty. First burned out in less than a year, this one was repaired instead of being replaced by Gigabyte and the performance on it is horrible compared to when I first got the rx480. I have the latest drivers from Gigabyte on it also and the latest bios for this from Gigabyte. I can't run the newest ones from AMD because I get trails, scrambled screen and black screens. For a machine that has so few hours on it I have to say AMD is junk. They let companies do their own thing with drivers and not always compatible with the ones from AMD!!! Maybe your just lucky on your machine but this is certainly the last AMD rig I will ever get.
  7. pixelplucker


    Cool, looks like the headlamp has inverted normals making it transparent.
  8. pixelplucker

    Nvidia Titan 12gb Cards ? Any good ?

    I would recommend an NVidia over AMD. AMD has horrid drivers. I have an RX 480 that has been rma'd twice. I find the AMD machine I have for a desktop to be too unstable for work. It is fine for gaming but I had issues with the motherboard and external drives on usb bus writing garbage and creating gobs of corrupted data. It could the drivers and the fact the machine has Win7 but in any case, last AMD product I'll own. I know Fuchur swears by AMD, no offense.
  9. pixelplucker

    Nvidia Titan 12gb Cards ? Any good ?

    I ran AM with a few Quadros and AM found a desktop card or good gaming card does just as well. Workstation cards typically offer double precision which is not necessary for AM so you will never realize any difference. Get a half descent gaming card that runs cool and has good drivers like a 1070 or so, even a 1060 will do just fine. Would be nice if AM takes advantage of the real time ray trace down the road. That would be cool
  10. pixelplucker

    Left third of AM not working

    Does your Macbook use Intel video? My laptop has Intel video, though I can access everything fine, when I try to move or dock menus their outline is not inline where they should be. Though Intel is getting much much better their older gpu's had always had quirks in some program.
  11. pixelplucker


    Crashes here too
  12. pixelplucker

    Couple Cloth questions

    Still same thing...
  13. pixelplucker

    Couple Cloth questions

    Ahh, i'll give that a whirl.
  14. pixelplucker

    Couple Cloth questions

    I did jump to the last frame and chose the model in the chor and exported as an obj. I got the correct model but it was just flat and not deformed. This also happens as mdl as well.
  15. pixelplucker

    Couple Cloth questions

    Thanks, I knew i was forgetting something. Bummer I can't export the deformed object on a per frame basis. I end up with an obj file that is in it's original form.