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  1. I agree, especially since Mac's use resource forks and don't need to rely on system level file association or was that changed in some obscure system update?
  2. Depends on the resin and the uv inhibitors used along with if there are added pigments that can cause stepping to be more or less evident. Also dwell time is a factor. Dwell time is achieved by the lasers speed. Slower will increase dwell causing surrounding resin to expose or bloom beyond the lasers spot size. Trick is to use a balance on speed and intensity. Too fast the resin may not react in time, too intense may cause burning on the PDMS layer (clear rubber pad that the layers are formed on).
  3. Did you have a software update or install any other software that might have changed the extension? My FormZ changed associations on a couple of file types on me but I'm just too lazy to change the them back.
  4. How big is the model and is it hollow? SLA printers usually have the least noticeable steps. Most of even my tiniest prints are done at 50 micron and sometimes 25 micron. I could try to print it for ya I have black resin I am using. I won't print a solid shape but if it is hollowed out I can give it a go and pop it in the mail for ya.
  5. If those files were compressed as zip at one time then renaming the extension won't decompress them. I would copy one to the desktop and fix the extension back to zip then extract the file and take that extracted file and toss it in the extensions folder. See if it shows up.
  6. That was odd where they looked like folders, no wonder they didn't work. Was there an update that nerfed it? Sometimes the programmers for Apple and Microsoft should take up piano lessons so we can slab the keyboard cover down on their fingers so they don't "Fix" things for us for a while.
  7. If it isn't a permissions issue blocking the hxt files from showing then maybe just a file structure issue? Is there a 64 bit and 32 bit directories on the Mac like Windows has? Maybe the hxt folder should be in the other folder ie if its in a 64 bit then move or copy to a 32 bit folder and point to that instead. Has to be something stupid as the people that write the os on Mac and Windows do some really stupid stuff. Can't tell you how many times I get a Windows update that hoses a function in a program. My last couple updates hosed my ability to copy paste text from my email in Edge into Corel as well as I can't use the new snipit tool as it doesn't have a compatible clipboard even though the image is a F@#$$%!!! jpg!!!
  8. Formlabs SLS simply uses the new high powered violet laser diodes commonly found on the inexpensive cnc/laser marking machines. Their SLA is limited to just nylon. I have a Formlabs Form1+ though It is a nice machine Formlabs as a company is not a reliable business partner because they build in obsolescence on their equipment and try to force people to upgrade. If you looking for a solid SLA printer check out the Peopoly MOAI. You can put your own together for $1300 USD. They use a slightly simpler design with the laser to galvo unit aiming directly up to the resin vat rather than adding another large mirror. Machine is just a little taller to compensate for the focal length. As far as supports on the FDM that is interesting and I never thought of the different expansion of dissolvable and abs. In that case does it make sense to print supports manually added similar to ones uses in SLA and DLP printers? If that works then that makes shopping for an FDM much cheaper hehe. Good SLS can fuse metal directly without the need for a polymer carrier that needs to be fired off. This makes dimensional accuracy better since there is little or no shrinkage. Those machines are in the $250k mark and higher.
  9. Does Mac OS run into permission issues like Windows sometimes does? Wondering if it is a profile issue rather than an actual program bug. I had other programs react weird under Win 7 when security patches were applied. Really screwed up my Corel Draw and drove them crazy trying to fix. Just a hunch as this seems to be on one persons machine and not everyone with a Mac. If possible can you login as an Admin on the Mac and do the install and test?
  10. Right click here my wizards are under plug-ins. Wild guess but did you lose the directory in the preferences for the plug-ins? Open the preferences and see if it is listed in the folders tab. That's my edumacated guess.
  11. SLA so I use supports to take care of overhangs. Takes a little learning and orientation is very model dependent. I had looked into an FDM to make fixtures and gadget but think a dual extruder be good for dissolvable supports. Wish I had an sls that could do metal but way out of my league.
  12. Toss me an obj of that file and let me see if I can fix it.
  13. All the slicing software out there is finicky. I usually use obj format if the printer can take it simply because obj supports multi mesh models whereas stl only supports single mesh models. More and more slicing software can parse the multi meshes and combine the objects on a slice level with fewer errors. Robcat has made some really nice models that parsed pretty well when we were making the medallions. Think there was only one error where Thom's shorts turned into a onesie but that was easy to fix :)
  14. Intersecting objects and objects that are not closed are always problems for 3d printers. The FDM and SLA printers use tool paths and literally draw each objects outline and then do a fill. Having a shape that intersects with another can cause a hollow or void in some slicing software, other oddities is when surfaces just touch causing co-planer faces (seen in games that flicker) will cause iterations across a surface until they hit an edge. In these cases where it isn't practical to make a single mesh all booleaned together then name each mesh body and export out an obj. Hash does export out meshes in their world space so it is possible to Boolean them together in another program. If meshmixer isn't cutting it you can try to snag a copy of Hexagon that Daz is giving away now for free. OR if you want toss the file over and I can try running it through my Formz Pro and see if I can fix it.
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