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    Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 on water cooled. 2Gb Crucial BalistiX DDR2 Ninvidia GeForce 7800GT pci-x. 360 GB total on two SATA drives. Asus motherboard. Antec 650w pwr supply. And I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate.
  1. That really sux. I may end up using some type of animated decal. Thanks anyway. Perhaps this is something Hash should look into. Being able to key frame a decals position would really come in handy.
  2. I need to animate the edit for a decal. I have tried all of the ways i could think of. Show drivers in the Chor, Key framing the position of the decal, Even tried to use a avi of basicly what i needed but got no where. After i loaded the avi it wouldn't even show up. Even tried "animating" a projection material. If someone could show me how to move a decal from point a to pint b in a chor on a model it would be a huge help.
  3. What i am looking for is information. I am trying to find a way to rig a models head to some form of target. I need the head to stay focused on a point that I define. Yet the only thing I have found is rigging it to a null bone. But that only angles it like the null bone. I want it to be able to follow the target that I set. Any thoughts?
  4. Let me first say this. I do think that asking for help with any software "8 years old" is a bit much. But I will say that the people that moderate these forums don't like any criticism. I just think all points of view are valid. Just because its not shared, doesn't make someone or there ideas wrong.
  5. noober

    Soft Rendering

    The son is from Daft Punk and its called "around the world, better faster stronger". And yeas the 1, 360 of the car with AO took 150 hours. I just looped it in post.
  6. noober

    Soft Rendering

    I have used it for a short 5 sec animation of my ferrari spinning a 360. 5 sec took at 1 hour a frame, took 150 hours to render. Thats why it left out of most animations. But for stills its perfect. http://hostileninja.cgsociety.org/gallery/ here is a link to my portfolio... It will open the render i was talking about. The AO render took 150 hours, the wire took 50 min. I then keyed out the wire background so that the AO shadows could still be under it.
  7. noober

    Soft Rendering

    Try using Ambient Oclusion. I bet is what your looking for.
  8. noober

    Newbie Questions!

    yes, click the render to file button, then set the range to whatever. it needs to be on a decal or as a rotoscope. Some imports are allowed... but you will get geometry problems.
  9. What AMD is running at 4.2ghz? The fastest I see is the 6400+ at 3.2Ghz. If you overclocked, are you on air or have you switched to water?
  10. You can also highlight your project name in the Project workspace. Then in the properties window you can set the frames per second to anything you want. Up to 1000 fps that is. This was helpful for me when i animated a burning object with smoke, fly past the camera. It seemed master emits particles per frame. So it looked clumpy. By increasing the frames to 600 per second. It looked much more fluid. Then I converted the range to 30fps in post. worked like a charm.
  11. We are an animation and design company that is looking for clients. We are capable of producing high end animation, rigging, and modeling. We are also fully capable in producing graphic design work form letterhead and business cards to company identity. We are available to talk to you about pricing on an individual basis. Please feel free to contact us with any question you might have. We can be reached though email at RadiacAnimations@yahoo.com. Shane Perkins Radiac Animations
  12. Well i worked o it some more and with one of the guys from work. He showed me that it had to be set to add. Problem solved. Ill post the video in the WIP.
  13. Well I'm rather new to this aspect of Master. I want to animate my car sliding and turning. I have sliders for the steering and an action for the tire rotation. The sliders are animated. Then when i add the action it overrides the steering and only spins. Any thoughts?
  14. noober

    New tutorials.

    Well I looked at the link you sent, and though it is a great resource. I was thinking of doing more architectural and mechanical. Maybe some basic exercises for beginners and move from there.
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