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    Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 on water cooled. 2Gb Crucial BalistiX DDR2 Ninvidia GeForce 7800GT pci-x. 360 GB total on two SATA drives. Asus motherboard. Antec 650w pwr supply. And I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate.
  1. noober

    Animating a decal.

    That really sux. I may end up using some type of animated decal. Thanks anyway. Perhaps this is something Hash should look into. Being able to key frame a decals position would really come in handy.
  2. noober

    Animating a decal.

    I need to animate the edit for a decal. I have tried all of the ways i could think of. Show drivers in the Chor, Key framing the position of the decal, Even tried to use a avi of basicly what i needed but got no where. After i loaded the avi it wouldn't even show up. Even tried "animating" a projection material. If someone could show me how to move a decal from point a to pint b in a chor on a model it would be a huge help.