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  1. I wanted to follow Robcat's suggestion on showing this in a video, but I don't have a camera, so I will try to explain it is simple and best I can. None of the sound files were working yesterday morning after loading them into Hash. They did not work when I played them in either the project workspace or the choreography. After rendering the scene, they would work in the final video, but we need to match up the mouth movements in the choreography. By default, the volume is set at 100%. I found that by dropping it to 99%, it would play normally. For the record, before I discovered this, I reinstalled hash and rebooted several times. I don't believe it's an issue with AM but rather another Windows 10 update. Hope that helps!
  2. This morning I noticed a new problem getting audio to work. After consulting Robcat2075 a bit and doing some trial and error, I found that by turning the volume setting to 99% (default 100%), it would play in the choreography. If any of you run into this problem, give this a try.
  3. Distribution could be handled through a variety of online sites. I sell my animations through E-Junkie. There is a very low monthly fee and no charge per download. You can either give away content or sell it. A to do list is an excellent idea. I'll work on some odds and ends.
  4. I'm wondering if there will be a new one. I'm constantly finding myself making or looking for new scenery, especially buildings. I for one, would be happy to contribute some models. Is there enough interest in the community?
  5. Robcat, tried your advice on version 18 and it's working. Thanks so much!!! I can stick with this till the problem is solved. :-)
  6. With toon render, that shadow on the ground looks fine but the shadow on the sphere has a golfball dimpling effect. Also, most of my models can't ne opened in version 17, since I've updated them or created new ones over the last year or two.
  7. Thanks Robcat. It worked as shown but I need to tweek it for toon render. Will post back :-)
  8. I'm currently getting that in version 18 as well. I believe it started after a Windows 10 update last years.
  9. The shadows haven't been working correctly for my spot lights for a while now. I cannot soften or lighten the shodows cast from any model onto another. Any idea what's going on here? I have the shadow softness set to 100% in the project. Spot Test.prj
  10. Still can't get a soft shadow against a surface, no matter what settings I use on a kleig. Does anyone have an idea what may be wrong?
  11. I apologize for the long running thread. I still can't figure out what is going on with the shadows. This is a simple 8 patch sphere in the basic choreography window. The lighting is set as: Light settings - Spot = 90% Fill = 12% Key = 0% I cannot get rid of the harsh shadow cast by the sphere. Have a look at the setting for the spot light. I checked my old choreographies going back several years. The problem shows up in them as well now. Is it possibly a problem with my graphics card?
  12. I thought you ascertained that this was an A:M bug, no? We really need to see an example. There is so much going on here, it's difficult to explain. I recently discovered that part of the problem is part of the Windows 10 update. As Rondey mentioned, the folders that you are saving to must not be set to "read only". After turning that setting off, they immediately set back to read only. This has something to do with the Cloud (which I don't even want). You can turn off Cloud but the problem still persists. The Windows update makes it so Cloud can't be removed. I've been looking around and there are many people having problems with this and quite a number of class action lawsuits going on because of it. I discovered I can render files directly to my desktop and move them to other folders. As far as the shading problems, I have a feeling it directed towards the Cloud as well.
  13. Unfortunately I have no other option other than to purchase a new computer. Are any of you having these problems with these crashes? Also, has anyone noticed odd shadows when using a klieg as a main light source?
  14. Another thing that is probably related, when toon rendering, there are now extremely harsh shadows when using a kleig as a main light source. The shadows remain 100% dark and sharp no matter how you adjust the kleig properties.
  15. Thanks again for the help and reporting the bug. I'm certian they will figure the rest out. Hash on, my firends!
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