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  1. Lol. Found that fix just as you were writing that. Thanks Robcat!
  2. FIXED! The C++2010 didn't install properly. Redid it and now everything is good. Thanks for the help guys!
  3. Version 19 64 bit - The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Version 18 32 bit - MFC100.dll not found Version 17 32 bit - MFC100.dll not found I just bought this laptop brand new. I can't be the only person having these problems.
  4. None of those worked. I'm going to try Robcat's idea next.
  5. Got a link to previous versions? I'm going to try them all.
  6. I just purchased a Lenevo ideapad 3305. Purchased another license for hash AM but I've got nothing but problems trying to get it to run. Currently, the issue is "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b) - Does anyone know anything about this issue? I'm running Windows 10 on 64k
  7. I wanted to follow Robcat's suggestion on showing this in a video, but I don't have a camera, so I will try to explain it is simple and best I can. None of the sound files were working yesterday morning after loading them into Hash. They did not work when I played them in either the project workspace or the choreography. After rendering the scene, they would work in the final video, but we need to match up the mouth movements in the choreography. By default, the volume is set at 100%. I found that by dropping it to 99%, it would play normally. For the record, before I discovered this, I reinstalled hash and rebooted several times. I don't believe it's an issue with AM but rather another Windows 10 update. Hope that helps!
  8. This morning I noticed a new problem getting audio to work. After consulting Robcat2075 a bit and doing some trial and error, I found that by turning the volume setting to 99% (default 100%), it would play in the choreography. If any of you run into this problem, give this a try.
  9. I'm currently having the same issues. When I attempt to import an animation, I keep getting the message "The file does not contain a video stream".
  10. Distribution could be handled through a variety of online sites. I sell my animations through E-Junkie. There is a very low monthly fee and no charge per download. You can either give away content or sell it. A to do list is an excellent idea. I'll work on some odds and ends.
  11. I'm wondering if there will be a new one. I'm constantly finding myself making or looking for new scenery, especially buildings. I for one, would be happy to contribute some models. Is there enough interest in the community?
  12. Robcat, tried your advice on version 18 and it's working. Thanks so much!!! I can stick with this till the problem is solved. :-)
  13. With toon render, that shadow on the ground looks fine but the shadow on the sphere has a golfball dimpling effect. Also, most of my models can't ne opened in version 17, since I've updated them or created new ones over the last year or two.
  14. Thanks Robcat. It worked as shown but I need to tweek it for toon render. Will post back :-)
  15. I'm currently getting that in version 18 as well. I believe it started after a Windows 10 update last years.
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