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  1. I'm liking this. Can't wait to see it in an animation.
  2. Here is something I mentioned that I would post while on Saturday's chat. 😊 The 3D effect is another great feature of Hash even if it is rarely used.
  3. I second that. It's work like yours that keep us inspired!
  4. Made with Hash Animation Master, of course. Only the best for us! Hope you like it. SMF 2 Chapter 1 - The Squirrel's Nuts - YouTube
  5. Lovely! No longer in the buff, Thom is now officially family friendly.
  6. Lol! Thanks Robcat.Glad you like them :-)
  7. Thanks, Fuchur! That's wonderful to hear coming from long time experts like you. Much appreciated
  8. Garlic. It's good for the blood! Thanks and Happy Halloween!
  9. Impressive! Wishing you the best of luck on that. I think you will do quite well.
  10. Thanks but my ideas bounce around all the time to. Too often I'm working on three episodes at the same time! 😆
  11. Thanks. Yeah, I knew her for 32 years. It was pretty ironic that she had such a great voice for this character. We made six episodes together before she passed. Currently, a friend is doing her voice. she sounds quite different but she is working out well.
  12. This one is actually a project that my late girlfriend and I started almost ten years ago. she played the voice of the fox and since she passed almost three years ago, I put it on the shelf for a while. My brother convinced me to finish it as a tribute to her.
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