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  1. Very bice! Possibly the best fur example I've seen using Hash.
  2. This was uber useful! Thanks again, Robcat!
  3. Lol. You know that cartoons have no limits!
  4. One of the things I love doing in AM is taking a model I've used for a while and changing it around as the script calls. In this pic, Super Mega Fox gets a bit hulked out, for an upcoming scene. The hard part is redoing so many smart skins. Bulking her up required many more splines and naturally, the old smart skins wouldn't work with that, so I'll be working on this for a bit. Even more, this is only phase one of the muscle enlargement. Phase three should be hilarious, since I was thinking along the lines of Tex Avery, when it comes to overdoing things.
  5. And the chaos continues! It's also time to get a new PC again. Six years goes by too fast.
  6. Hey, thanks alot! That's very much appreciated and I'm glad you're getting a laugh out of these. I just posted a new one a few days ago. Working on the next one right now
  7. I'm liking this. Can't wait to see it in an animation.
  8. Here is something I mentioned that I would post while on Saturday's chat. 😊 The 3D effect is another great feature of Hash even if it is rarely used.
  9. I second that. It's work like yours that keep us inspired!
  10. Made with Hash Animation Master, of course. Only the best for us! Hope you like it. SMF 2 Chapter 1 - The Squirrel's Nuts - YouTube
  11. Lovely! No longer in the buff, Thom is now officially family friendly.
  12. Lol! Thanks Robcat.Glad you like them :-)
  13. Thanks, Fuchur! That's wonderful to hear coming from long time experts like you. Much appreciated
  14. Garlic. It's good for the blood! Thanks and Happy Halloween!
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