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  1. Thanks for the feedback... i tried both of those and a combination of the two, but ultimately ended up animating each bone by hand... (well, in a pose slider) anyway, here is the result! tambourine_anim.mov thanks again Shaun
  2. Hey folks... ive been trying all day to make these tambourines cymbals move dynamically with no success... any ideas?? each model has a master bone for animation, with child bones in each cymbal for movement i made a pose with a dynamic constraint for each of these, but they did not appear to animate as well as they should (heaps of intersections etc) would like to try a spring system or something to this effect, but i need assistance to make this happen any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. still working of the shadow problem... its a hack area-light rig, should look better with z-buffered shadows! here is a v10 render with a bit of smartskin... having issues with porcelain on five point patches near the eyes.
  4. been making this model over the last few weeks, need to smartskin everything and i was wondering about making the shorts dynamic... is it possible and has anyone tried it b4? and ideas?? ta much S
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