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    Windows Vista 64, Quad Core 3.0GHZ, 8 GB Ram, 500GB System Disk, 2 Terabytes Internal Storage, NVidia Dual Head with 1GB Ram, Sony 32" plasma X 2! She rocks!

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  1. Outstanding work! Can't wait to see more...
  2. Rich have you been holding out on us? -vern He's not holding out.. HE'S GETTING PAID!
  3. I agree. AM is a capable program. I use most all depending on the project that I am creating. Maya, 3DS Max, Lightwave.. Am is excellent for this type of character animation and I prefer to work with the AM user base. LOTS OF TALENT OUT THERE! Too bad EVERYONE is working on TWO!
  4. The model is in progress.. all we have is a lipsync test and a textured example. The rest is coming when I create the full motion tests.
  5. Yes.... This is a new Hasbro product.. this test will determine if they proceed with a full blown product line including action figure, DVD and more.
  6. Hello all, I have been a little slow in getting this post out. I have been REALLY busy. Many of you do not know me. I am not really very good at AM! I grew up on Lightwave but have always been amazed at the power and capabilities of AM since version 3, my first version. I saw it at SIGGRAPH but when I got home with it and tried to use it, I wanted to kill everyone! Needless to say documentation has been lacking for a while now! Anyway, I tried again at version 5. Same results.. so I continued doing my work in Lightwave and Maya. Then I got a wild hair and decided to try it again... version 11! Last year I produced and animated a direct to DVD project for Hasbro Entertainment. Unfortunately, they also dictate what program you create the work in because they want not only the finished product, but the models, textures, scene files and your underwear! This time around I got lucky and finally was able to launch another project for them but was not held to the fire on method. I chose AM. Quite risky since I don't know a ton about AM but have always been impressed with the people out there working with it. Seems like the underdogs are always the poeple who go one step further. yeah, I'm talking about you guys! I received a response from my executive producer at Hasbro today, the comment is as follows: "Tom, I am sorry for being so late in my reply to you. The work looks fantastic! It is amazing how quickly you guys get this stuff out and with such incredible quality. I can't wait to see the motion tests!" I must say that I had little to do with this praise. I did do the textures and lip sync animation for this model but the real credit goes to others, not me. RICH JACKSON I must say that I have never had such a great experience working with anyone as I have with RJ. He jumped in with both feet and never hit the ground! Never questioned anything and worked on this as if it was his own project. His talent stands along side of his work ethic... If it were not for his assistance, I could not have done this. You're the best RJ! While I was not able to use everyone who responded to my post, I would like to thank all of you that remained in contact with me and I am hopeful that I will keep you all VERY BUSY in the months ahead! I just needed to get these tests out of the way first but it seems clear that I will create this project in AM when and if I get the green light from Hasbro. (My doubts are few) I will be posting work in progress on my server. You are welcome to visit often should anyone care to see how we are progressing. http://www.tomrennen.com/hasbro Thanks for taking the time read this (if you really did!) All my best! Tom Rennne Intelliegent Light LLC www.tomrennen.com
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