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  1. Thanks David, Attached is the project that has the woman model and a modified version of the male model. I also put the Skylights that I use for rendering. I get good results using them and it's pretty quick. 36 passes in 4 minutes on an old computer. Initially both models were just faces. I quickly modeled the bodies for rendering purposes so they are gonna be a mess. I added the porcelain to smooth while I am modeling. So if someone does not use it the models will have severe creases. I don't give any thought to any kind of organization either lol. If something is missing from these projec
  2. Here are a couple of characters that I have been working on. The dad from Family Dog and another character I made yesterday. There are issues with models but I'll upload them if I can clean them up.
  3. A few more unfinished faces. I used porcelain on all of them so they will have creases. boy11.mdl sface.mdl sface21.mdl
  4. I thought the latest version of A:M only ran on Windows 10. Maybe I'm wrong.
  5. Ouch If the 5 point patch won't close, there usually is a hook next to it. I detach the hook and close the 5 point patch. That sucks... For stubborn 5 point patches I select the points, press H, select all and that usually works or I select them all in a different order.
  6. Thanks Rodney Yes it's particle hair. I downloaded Holmslices hair tutorial and it had dreadlocks in the zipped folder. The lights are skylights and a 5 point light setup.
  7. Working on this one. Decided to add a Disney background and a blue light.
  8. Thanks Nice work, I like they topology. Especially the hook and 5 point patch placement.
  9. Looks good guys! Would you mind showing a front and side view of the face wireframe?
  10. I'd like to see them. I have problems creating teeth and ears. teeth.mdl
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