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  1. Thanks for the observations and advice Darkwing I have always had trouble with eyes and mouths so that a cheek will look right. I'll do some adjusting and move forward. Thanks Organics are tough to do for sure, to make them look right.
  2. So I guess from Capt. Kirk that I have to many splines on my girl here too. Also have the hair questions, have tried the HAIR plugin but that seems so tedious trying to shape hair one hair at a time, have hair modeld for this one but just doen't look right, just sayin'.
  3. A Great Spleenamation! Great stuff as usual and A Awsome song.....Loved it.
  4. Got mine this past week, Thanks! Great job.
  5. Just ran into that problem myself, finally figured out that it was the hooks, all is well now.
  6. Go to Tools Options Global here you can control your start up Hope this helped
  7. I've played a lot with this and first you need QuickTime or After Effects or some kind of program where you can export your video as a image sequence like Xtaz said above. Import your first image as a Animation/Image Sequence into Images folder in your new Project. Create new Chor. On the camera right click and New Rotoscope, select the file you imported. It should appear in the Chor. window. Now you can place what ever models into the area. The problem I ran into is that the camera (most times) has movement so when you place your model into your chor. it may not move as you want with the video in the background. Thats where you need something like Syntheyes or Icarus to do camera tracking. Can't help much there I have been trying to figure that out for a long time now. Luuk Steitner has done work with this and maybe these links will help. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...1&hl=Icarus http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...1&hl=Icarus crussingtest9a.mov
  8. ok thanks Fuchur I will re-do some of my settings and give it a try. Ya she probably did think she was going to look stupid, thats why it won't be my lovely model but a new and exciting Super Hero!!! WooHoo
  9. I think the .pre file won't work that I sent so am redoing it. I am getting closer to what I am looking for...... spinVeda1.pre
  10. Well after finally figuring out something this morning, I don't quite know what. Here is what I think Rob needs and a example of what I would like to do. From what I did this morning I see that the settings in the tut. will be way to fast. (nothing but a blur) So I have attached a little Wonder Woman for your entertainment and as an example of what I want to do. spinVeda.pre WonderWoman.mov
  11. Hi Rob I think this is what you mean one from the Options the other from the Render button
  12. http://www.hash.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;hl=propellor Ok Gang, I have an idea for the new forum project and need to get the above (MUFOOF) info to work. I have worked on this for several days and when I go to render all seems to be fine and the window says 2-3 hours. After 5 hours I go on to bed and in the morning it is still rendering.....stop it This morning started it with new settings at 7am just got home at 5:30 same results, ran all day still rendering....stop it The object is to have a model spin around blurring then stopping for something else here is the project Hopefully one you folks can look at it and see where I have messed up or what I have set wrong. spinVeda.prj
  13. Don't know if this helps but I am running on a iMac ver.16a With the settings you had I kept crashing. So I took the model with the long skirt and set the cloth settings by one of my cloth projects. I am not sure why all the stuff at the bottom of the dress so on her right side I took out a few splines and tried it again. check the settings in the chor. Plugin/Simcloth and the new groups and the cloth settings, also the deflector change from 16 to 4 Hope this helps some...... cloth_test1.prj
  14. That second one could pass for a photo, great job.
  15. I'm good to try anything. I have a bunch of small things I work on but no direction. Just a lot of piddling. ( ooppps that didn't sound good ) Need just one thing to focus on instead of a lot of little things.
  16. Always had this idea about a little homeless boy that lives under a bridge. Other neighborhood kids think he is a Troll, they pick on him. One day after heavy rain he rescues one of the kids from a flood and they see he is not a Troll but another kids like them, just alone. Toby's Not A Troll
  17. Walter Baker

    My new website

    That silver ball is awesome. Wish I knew more of what thats all about but I'll get there one day. NICE JOB!!!!
  18. Well thanks to everyone for the above info which will help me but I always did it the hard way. Use the manipulator properties button on the top of the window Click on the correct one, right down the X,Y,Z cord. the click on the wrong one and type in the numbers but be sure to do a negative when needed. You will see quickly when you do it. Ok back to cooking supper.
  19. Ok, now that is freeky looking but cool!
  20. Looks like the tornadic activity that hit here yesterday afternoon.
  21. I forgot to change settings for the video, I did notice it was large and took a long time to load, will fix it. The cloth was a first test and I didn't have many cp's . On the second test I trippeled the count and the cloth was much smoother but the movement was way to fast, you could hardly see the video.
  22. I was messing with cloth attached this morning, trying to do something I saw on 'iClone' web site, this is video on a moving cloth. started getting frustrated enough to pull my hair out but since I am bald I decided to stop and go back to it later. Well finally figured it out. So here is my version of cloth with video. What do you think? videosheet.mov
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