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  1. Thanks Robcat I see that now so Looking at the two models from the lib. Gala and Lady Goodbody I noticed the Lady Goodbody has no 'simcloth' or materials that make her dress work yet it does when you do an action so how is this done without deflectors or simcloth? or am I just missing it some where?
  2. ok Looking at two models from the lib. Gala and Lady Goodbody I noticed the Lady Goodbody has no 'simcloth' or materials that make her dress work yet it does when you do an action so how is this done without deflectors or simcloth? or am I just missing it some where?
  3. I agree Robcat it seems to be one of the things, like cloth, that clog my pipes
  4. Greetings All ok I was looking at the 'Lady Goodbody' in the lib. and noticed that some bones have falloff and some CP have rings around them which appears to be controlled by two bones as the attached image shows. If so then how do you do this? The seam in the center of her dress is my point of focus since my model has the same and I am not sure which bone to attach them to.
  5. This is my finished test. The object is for the dark contacts (sun glasses) to open when entering a house, then the eyes to dilate as they adjust to the light then for the contacts to close as she goes out into the sun. Special Thanks to Rob and John for the help. Wally opening_eye.mov
  6. Thanks Rob, You are always the one that pulls all the rest of us out of our messes! You are the Man! Will work out your new info tomorrow.
  7. Ok here is what I found so far If I shift select all parts and rename as 'untitled' or something else when imported into the model I still get the long list of parts as well as the new named one. The problem with 'image 3' where the contact pose opens right through the model is because when I scaled the eye down to fit the model the relationship/pose is still full size to the original-full sized eye. So I assume then I will have to redo the relationships to the new sized eye???
  8. Hi John and Rob Well to bring the eyes into the main model I went to Objects/Import Model, and imported, eye left and eye right (2 separate models). Then dragged each eye onto my main model and placed them where they needed to be. Rob your second question is image 1 the list of groups, the eye models are all individual groups,(iris, cornea, retina, etc) and it makes it difficult to grab the whole eye. each separate part has to be highlighted. Where as if you want the tongue you highlight the tongue, is it possible to group all these parts into one item (group)? Your 4th question is as I call it a contact lens the is outside the eye. I will attach one of the models so you can look at it. Thanks guys Alien_Eye_Left.mdl
  9. Hi All Got several new problems. 1st I created an eye from 'itsjustme' tutorial *the eye has a contact outside it that will open sideways *created a combination pose that will open the contact and will dilate the eye at the same time *at completion it worked perfect I saved it as a right eye, and a left eye (2 separate models) both worked perfect Now I bring them into my model separately place them. Question 1: why do the eye parts appear in the groups as all separate parts not as a unit or model? (image 1) Question 2: why did only 1 set of pose sliders show up in the model? (images 2&3) which only work the right eye? Question 3: why does the pose not work as it did before, it goes way outside the model? (image 3) Question 4: why did I loose my decal in each eye? What I am looking for is for the contact to open sideways and the eye to dilate the to be able to dilate the eye as the light changes separately. Any suggestions? Thanks Wally
  10. Hi Jonathan I found this on the forum and Mark has several others also. Just can't remember where I found them,
  11. WOW, I am surprised at the response in that there is so much more to animating than I was aware of. Not just the tech. work involved but the mental reactions of people. I read over the info of 'the Uncanny Valley' and as I read it I realized that is what I felt when I watched 'i Robot' and I think of other animations I have watched that bothered me but wasn't sure why. You guys have brought me into a depth of thought that my poor sad old mind must now absorb. LOL My objective to create COOL STUFF like you all do. Working on it, gonna be there one day. Thanks Wally
  12. Thanks Rob My main purpose of all I have been working on is to see if my friend that created this comic book would be interested in starting some projects. All that I have sent to the forum I have done just in this past year from knowing -O-. You and several others have been such a great help to me as I am sure to others, so I give a big heart felt THANK YOU to you and everyone. Now what other method is there besides the 'phoneme method' ? More elaborate rigging? I have been trying a little of each of the things that AM offers and still have a lot to go, such as the cloth thing, and Newton Physics, which may be a while yet. This forum is great and everyone should be taking advantage of it.
  13. Let me know what ya think, did it in about 45 min one day during my lunch hour. NevikGreeting2.mov
  14. Ho TRN I have been trying that for this past year, then about a month some how ( with a lot of help here ) it just came together. I took a video clip in QUICKTIME and exported it as a TGA Animation (Image Sequence) The next step I don't remember exactly but I imported either the first image of the sequence or the whole set of clips into AM under 'images' Then I dragged that into my CHOR under Camera 1 as a rotoscope, it worked! WOW I saved it before I screwed it up again. From that I imported a model and just played with it 'frame_by_frame' and it all worked. When I rendered I had to turn OFF the Alpha channel thing so the rotoscope would show. Then I removed the rotoscope and replaced it with a photo and imported another model and have been animation it to match the original model. Hope this helps Wally EvanPindit3BEST.mov Lilufobuzz3Nevik.mov
  15. Hi Rob Ok, now do I do it with the models or in the choro window, and/or with the main bone of each model or some other way? and "offsets" ???? not sure what you mean there.
  16. Hi All Well here is what I have come up with, which will work for now. I am planning to present this to a friend that created a comic book. This is his company logo (which was just a still 2D image) and I am hoping to get him and some friends together, get excited, and to get on with some business. We played around with RayDream many years ago but never got anything going, this time with AM ( which is great by the way) I am going to look for a more fun and adventures to come. It just so happens I have another question. (like you didn't know that was coming) ha I have two models, I am trying to put one into another and to get them to work together, example: person inside a car....car moves but person doesn't. Should I combine them as one new model, use constraints or something else? By the way thanks for all the help and advice! Wally ScatteredMatterlogo.mov
  17. Hi Spleen I think this is where Rob is talking about any way this is what worked for me when I had the same problem Wally
  18. Hi Nancy So does baking have some effect with the alpha channels thing? I am still a bit in training with the alpha thing.
  19. Hi All Thanks John for the files I have looked over your 'transfer prj' and still cant figure out how you controlled the amount of sprites, I did see some differences from the 'form file' you sent above but still cant quite figure out how to make the sprites stop sending. I did notice you have pose sliders in both, can you explain them and the difference? I have an idea but not quite sure. Still working on it. I love this stuff, way to much fun.
  20. Well I got something I did the left side, rendered as a tga sequence, in the system I renamed them all backwards. ( frame 30 as 1: frame 29 as 2, and so on ) opened it in QT and saved a QT movie......looked good Went back to the right side, did the same render but DID NOT change the order. (both attached) So now the next question ha (bet you all hate hearing that one) How to combine both sets of tga sequences together? ScatMatLogo1.mov ScatMatLogo.mov
  21. How do you reverse the footage, been clicking on this for 4 hrs. found all kinds of new things but nothing to reverse.
  22. Goodmorning All John I have been looking over your 'form' file and I do have a few more questions but I have to wake up first. I found 2 of the movies I think I could use; 1st one is yours with Thom and blobbies, you controlled them and they formed another model the second is by Vern where the model is created by reversing the animation to form the model Robcat (above) said to reverse an animation but at 5am don't quite understand what he said. yours" Attached File drip.mov ( 443k ) Number of downloads: 52 Attached File drip.zip ( 38.38k ) Number of downloads: 2 ------------------- this from Vern Attached File drip.mov ( 443k ) Number of downloads: 52 Attached File drip.zip ( 38.38k ) Number of downloads: 2 Will get on with the business once my brain wakes up. Thanks guys
  23. Hi Rob I saw several references to reversing the footage , so how do you do that? ( Ive had a dickens of a time going forward )
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