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  1. Did you bring them ALL into the images folder? You only need to import the first one of the sequence, everything next will be there. In the Chor. the camera New Rotoscope and the imported image should show, select it and all the other frames should be there as well.
  2. This is a video (tga sequence) as rotoscope here are 2 shots one is unrendered the other is rendered, notice the one has transparent ground with a shadow from the rabbit, this is my objective. My settings are as follows: In Object folder: Ground: Options: FPT off FS off CR On CS off RS On SOnly off CO On In the Chor: Ground: Options FPT On FS On CR On CS Off RS On SOnly off CO On Been piddling with it and think I have hit on something, it has to do with the lights......Will post later when I get it figured out. Thanks to you all for the help.
  3. Rob to answer your question, yes. They are regular chors. with a tga. sequence as a rotoscope. 4x4 grid under model, transparent, and still shows shadow. The new project is tracked with PFHoe and opened, has a ground with it. Tried all the settings I could think of and even duplicated them from other projects but still does not become transparent or show the shadows. Then deleted the ground and used a grid primitive and still does not work like the other projects. Rodney I have used these settings, In my last attempt I got close but had different settings in the OBJECTS, model settings...than I did in the chor., settings. Attached is the Embeded prj. file which I hope I did right and you can open and have a look at. Dance_Corrected5_mov.prj
  4. Just got PFHoe and have tracked a clip. It opened fine in A:M and have been trying to get models and (shall I say) a floor into the chor. I finally have the model, but the ground that was created into the project does not respond the way it should. (transparent but will show shadows of the model) I have done other chors. where I put a grid under a model to create shadows, but with this new stuff I am having a hell of a time and wasting way to much time trying to figure it out. I just upgraded to LION on my Mac and am wondering if that could be the problem. I know some of you folks have used PFHoe before and hope you could point me to a tutorial or some other stuff on the importing into A:M. Would appreciate some suggestions.
  5. Is it possible to copy the settings from one of my older projects into a new project Have a new project where that was tracked in PFHoe and, I could not get the ground to have shadows on it. I imported a 4x4 grid that I used many times before but still can not get shadows. So I found one older proj. that does work, Thus my question. Can the Grid settings from the old Proj., or Chor., be imported to the new grid?
  6. you can also use 'MPEG Streamclip' http://www.squared5.com/
  7. Ok books! I'm out of the running. Have a hard time reading my mail it ends up in the trash. But will keep watching , really curious now.
  8. I have done a few of these and 'detbear' has what I do QT Pro, save as tga. image seq. When you import your image sequence just click the first in the sequence and all the rest will go with it. then in your Chor. on the camera ....Import, Rotoscope and choose the file BAM There it is. At least that how it works for me. As for sound , I have no clue...never tried that yet!
  9. My Girl friend thinks the main ship in 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' If she is right I will never speek to her again.
  10. I like that, always wondered how to a block and white. Nice job.
  11. Your welcome, I googled DARKWING PRODUCTIONS and was wondering if this is where you work? Do you do lots of video stuff? Curious. Was going to send you a message but for some reason I am unable to.
  12. Hi Darkwing, I caught some training on YouTube about just that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XEjAOFsDVQ http://vimeo.com/10325573 http://www.squared5.com/ Hope this helps.
  13. Several years back, (when I drove a chariot to work) I worked in the art dept. of a rotary screen engraving company. The hardest thing for me to grip in my head was masking, the positive and negative of things. With my limited capacity to absorb things, I think -alpha channels- are like that, so I don't really understand that business yet. I have seen in Adobe After Effects that cutting or cropping out items is possible but I just started messing with FC so I will be on the look out for it. I remember that Rob did a chromakey thing a while back with his dog but couldn't figure out how he did it. (hope one day he might do a tut on that....hint....hint....hint
  14. Been working a lot with video for Christmas gifts for family and got to thinking, Oh ya I bet AM will work with it. I made a few animations in AM, did a green background and then chromakeyed it out in FinalCut. It seemed to work fairly well. What do you all think? Sorry the files are a lil big......... ChaseUFO1.mov DinoRabbitscaled.mov
  15. Walter Baker


    Nice Gene, looks good.......think I saw him in a movie once.
  16. Now that is the awesomest!! Great stuff!
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