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  1. I was messing with cloth attached this morning, trying to do something I saw on 'iClone' web site, this is video on a moving cloth. started getting frustrated enough to pull my hair out but since I am bald I decided to stop and go back to it later. Well finally figured it out. So here is my version of cloth with video. What do you think? videosheet.mov
  2. Jason, I saw the tut. you did above back when you first posted it. I am trying something and was going to look at it again but now I can not find the link to it. I tried the film section and have looked through your other tuts. Can't find it. Since I got this new Mac I seem to find little mystery things so I checked on my older Mac and still can't find it. I sure would like to look at it again, HELP!
  3. Running ver. 16 and have been trying to add video to cloth sheet. (cloth not added to model yet) I import my image/animation, now when I go to apply it to the model I am unable to find 'Add Decal' I see 'Add Image'....... Any way when it is applied to the model it looks like below. Why is it placed in each section? Why is it flipped, flopped, right side up and upside down? Maybe I never noticed it before?!?
  4. Best I can remember that was it. I just used a box then applied the first image of a tga. sequence to it as a decal.
  5. Well if I could remember how I did it I would try. At my age I have to wear a name tag at work so I don't forget who I am. I really need to save these things as projects so I will have them for later.
  6. THis is very short and not to impressive but I was curious one day and did this from something I saw on TV. Any way I added some of my video to some blocks to see how it would look. test2.mov
  7. Ok got it......Removed entire program. Restarted, Installed again, works now......
  8. No sure didn't Rob. Had to completely clean and reinstall operating system, so after I installed AM and got the errors I looked for that master0.lic but did't see it. I just checked again not to be found.
  9. Hi Folks I had to reinstall AM v16 on my system (Mac) got these. Any suggestions how to get my code back in? 1.tiff 2.tiff
  10. ok looks like the iris decal didn't load . sorry
  11. If anyone can use it, hopefully I saved this right so it all together. For some unknown reason the model looks like part of it is missing but it's not. It should have pose sliders with it also. Alien_Eye.mov AlienEye.prj
  12. I have had the same problem a few times and get so frustrated I could scream. In the Tools I have gone from 'use camera settings' then to other settings, and I think that is where the confusion is. In the PWS you can choose settings for the camera, but in the Tools if it set to something else it seems to get confused. So I shut it down have a cocktail, go to the boys room, (if no boys room available use a girls room) when I come back later.....tada!!!..... all is normal. Either way it does get done.
  13. I doubt that, you have done some great stuff here to help us folks. Bet you'd get a lot of views with them too. Congrats!!!!
  14. Welcome to the Gang I just started about 3 yrs ago and I have to say that these folks here are wonderful. You just ask and someone will be there to help you through it. These are good folks. So welcome and enjoy!
  15. That was freakin' Great for only 4 mos. learning. Loved it! Keep it up.
  16. Hi Florian80 I had the same problems, The gang here pointed me to this. On your render window turn the Alpha Buffer to off. Hope that works.
  17. Thanks Brainmuffin, something new to play with.
  18. What Nancy say Huh? I failed French twice in High School, Spanish too and barley got through English. It is impressive anyway.
  19. I use QT Pro, ($29) worth it for me, I have it on my Mac and PC.
  20. Rob you need to put all you training stuff on a special disc for people to buy ( but free is good to) lol. it's ALL great stuff. You has helped me so much. Thank you
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